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  McMaster: Down, by Phil (14/02/2003)
Killinchy village and parish 1700-1900

  Mongan: Tyrone, by Lyn Docherty (15/02/2003)

  Martin, Doran, Smith: Louth, by Susan Putnam (17/02/2003)
Lookng for Julia Martin born 1838 in Co.Louth. Married William Smith 1864 then came to the United States in 1865. Father Edward Martin was a tailor.

  Cranston, Cranstoun: Unknown, by Rose Cranston (18/02/2003)

  McCombs: Armagh, by Tammi Peterson (19/02/2003)
Seeking information on McCombs Family, from Parish of Keady, Co.Armagh. Samuel McCombs (Brick Mason) born c.1805 in Keady, immigrated to the US in the early 1800s, settling in Troy, NY with a group of other McCombs. Any info. greatly appreciated.

  Kelly, Cummings: Armagh, by Wendy Smith (20/02/2003)
My Grandfather was William Kelly, born 1894 at Ballinahone, Armagh. His parents were Michael Kelly & Mary Jane Cummings. I would like to hear from anybody with any connection to this family.

  Dunbar, Wilson, Gollan, McDowell: Down, by Valerie Dunbar (22/02/2003)
Anybody with any interest in these names in County Down & Armagh, please contact me

  Campbell: Armagh, by John Campbell (22/02/2003)
Robert 1800, married in Armagh & had a son, James. His wife, name unknown, died in childbirth. Robert left his son James in Armagh & emigrated to Simcoe c.1827. James followed at a later unknown date.

  Mckee Mcclatchey: Armagh, by Chris Mckee (22/02/2003)
Samuel Mckee, Anne McLatchey left Portadown for Queensland Australia 1882

  Davies, Furphy, Smart, Cassidy: Armagh, by Suzanne Davies (22/02/2003)
Looking for info. on Patrick Davies from Tandragee & Mary Furphy from Portadown. Patricks father was John Thomas & his mother Mary Jane Cassidy. Marys mother was Mary Jane Smart & her father Patrick Furphy, a postmaster. Her brother George was a goal keeper. Mary was born 1898 & Patrick 1896

  Lindsay: Armagh, by Connie Barber (23/02/2003)

  Andrews: Down, by Stephen Andrews (23/02/2003)
Looking for family tree of Thomas Andrews of Titanic Fame

  Grayson, Gracey, Cuppage, Turkington: Armagh, by Janet Floyd (23/02/2003)
Would like to correspond with anyone researching these names, especially around Lurgan

  Cinnamon, McGinnis: Down, by Avola Rutledge (23/02/2003)
County Down & Antrim

  Cummings: Unknown, by Robert Peck (23/02/2003)
Seeking family of Terrence Cummings, born c.1825, s/o Mark & Nancy Cummings

  Kidd, Morton: Armagh, by Amanda (23/02/2003)
researching Samuel KIDD, who lived with his wife Agnes MORTON in Co.Armagh in the early 1800s. At least 1 of their sons, Henry KIDD, moved to Lanarkshire, Scotland, & ultimately to New Zealand. The family were Lace Clothiers from Belfast.

  Shannon, Hopkins: Dublin, by Evelyne Fairbrother (25/02/2003)
Marriage of John & Mary Carlton Nov. 1853 at Drummully, Co. Monaghan.

  Allen: Armagh, by Richard Allen (25/02/2003)
My grandfather was Richard Allen b.31 Jan.1856 in Armagh, Loughgall, Ireland. His father Abraham, b.1810 Armagh m.Mary Lindsay b. 22 Nov. 1877. Abraham`s father, Benjamin b.1779 d.1863 m.Elizabeth Allen b.1776 d.1845. Mary Lindsay`s parents were William Lindsay & Sarah Wilkinson.

  Brady: Cavan, by JulieSypek (25/02/2003)
Looking for links with Brady of the Townland of Tirlahode in 1850 -1900

  Byrnes, Garvey, Bellew, Byrne, Carrick: Armagh, by Paul Byrnes (25/02/2003)
Researching Byrnes, Garvey & Bellew from Armagh & Byrne & Carrick from Dublin

  Campbell: Armagh, by Pat Seibert (26/02/2003)
Catholic CAMPBELLs left Ireland c.1840 to Pennsylvania, US. Bernard, Patrick, Owen

  Davies, Furphy, Smart, Cassidy: Armagh, by Suzanne Davies (26/02/2003)
Portadown and Tandragee areas

  Cairns: Down, by Elizabeth Jones (01/03/2003)
Any help at all with this name 1890 to 1945

  Brady, Tiernay, Sheridan, Smyth: Cavan, by JulieSypek (03/03/2003)
John & Bridget Brady were parents of my Grandfather Patrick, born c.1854-1862. Emigrated to Australia c.1873. His Bothers were Hugh, Mike, John & sisters Mary, Annie, Maggie, who all emigrated to US c.1880-1896. Bridget Brady the mother left with land which was near Tiernays & Sheridan & close to Kilnic

  Moran, Mellan: Unkown, by Pat Wilson (03/03/2003)
PATRICK born c.1803, BRIDGET his 2nd wife. Poss. Co.Mayo. Knowledge of 1 child born Ireland c. 1840s.

  Cunnane: Unkown, by Colleen Cunnane (04/03/2003)
I was born Ann Marie Cunnane to Mary Margaret Cunnane on 7-2-51 in Salford, England. Any information regarding my mother and/or her heritage would be greatly appreciated.

  Taggart, Hanna, Mawhinney, Dickson, Galloway: Antrim, by Valerie Poole (Nee Taggart) (05/03/2003)
If anyone out there has any information on Taggart from Donegore, Kells, or anywhere around there, Mawhinney from Keady, Co Armagh and then in Jordanstown, Co. Antrim. Also looking for info on an Isabella Galloway who married alexander Mawhinney and lived in Armagh. Infor and or pictures would be a godsend right now. Antrim & Armagh areas. Hope someone out there can help me.

  Heatly, Heatley, Carr, McShane, Close: Unknown, by William Seely (05/03/2003)
Hunting for Edward Heatley & Ellen Carr Heatley, Edward died & Ellen went to England 1881 British Census. Latter 2 from Co.Down.

  McConville, McMahon: Armagh, by Jerry Mcconville (05/03/2003)
James b.1812 and brother John came over around 1847 from near Crossmaglen. Parents were Edward and Mary nee. Meegan.

  McMahon, Liddy, Quin, Cody: CLARE, by Dave Spang (06/03/2003)
Counties Clare, Antrim & Cork

  McConkey: Antrim, by Robyn Mills (06/03/2003)

  Gallagher, Fries: Donegal, by John Gallagher (06/03/2003)

  Moffitt: Unknown, by Tammy Carlson (06/03/2003)
Robert & Bertha, immigrated abt.1844 to U.S., children Margaret & John came over 1846. Family from N.Ireland - all we know.

  Rourke, Power: Dublin, by Deborah (06/03/2003)
Dublin, Armagh & Wexford areas. My gt-gt-grandmother was Anne Power, born Dublin in 1823. Married James Rourke, born Ireland in 1821. They lived at Charlemont, Armagh by the birth of their first son Richard Rourke in 1845 and their son John, born in 1847. They also had Rosina, and James Joseph and James Michael Joseph.

  Ross, McNally, Patterson,Townley. : Down, by Lorraine (07/03/2003)

  Pepper, McGee, Rae, Matson, Sloan, Humphreys: Unknown, by Annette Davis (07/03/2003)

  Flewellen, Brown: Waterford, by Pam Young (08/03/2003)
Waterford & Kilkenny areas

  McKenna, Duffy: Monaghan, by Heather Reid (08/03/2003)
Looking for info.on William and Ellen (nee Duffy) McKenna who married in Ballybay, Co. Monaghan, in 1862. They were living in Edinburgh, Scotland, by 1865 and later that year settled in South Australia. 5

  Farrell, Morris, Leonard: Roscommon, by Margaret Jones (08/03/2003)
searching for my maternal & paternal ancestors. Roscommon & Westmeath areas

  Donnelly, Rocks: Armagh, by Marie (08/03/2003)
Looking for information about the Donnellys of Brootally & the Rocks family from Ballymacnab. Both were living in these areas c.early 1800s.

  Crompton: Louth , by Davie Walker (10/03/2003)
Looking for Mary Ann CROMPTON, 1859 to 1919, died in Manchester area, England. Also looking for any other CROMPTONs in the Drogheda area of Co.Louth.

  Holleran, Heaney, Toole, Lacey, McConemy: Galway, by Maureen Graham (10/03/2003)
Looking for any info on Michael Mcconemy married to Catherine Docherty. Came to Scotland from Ireland c.1850. John Heaney married Ann Toole, children Patrick born 1869 and Festus born 1876, Michael Holleran married to Mary Lacey 1858 Clifden Galway.

  Cowan, Fair, Hasting, Jeffers, Hughes, Mitchell: Armagh, by Jane Teskey (11/03/2003)
Looking for family from 1800-now. Armagh, Tyrone & Monaghan areas

  Green, Garvie, Garvey: Unknown, by Noela Green (11/03/2003)
Ireland to Australia

  Mathews: Louth, by Michael Mathews (11/03/2003)
Looking for info on Patrick Mathews who left Ireland for New Orleans around 1850-51

  Mcconkey: Antrim, by Robyn Mills (12/03/2003)
Hi. Im researching Joseph Mcconkey who married Jane Hodgson in 1857, Belfast. They had 12 children and migrated to Australia about 1882-1889. Lived in Brisbane Queensland.

  Benson, Jackson: Armagh, by Peter J Kiernan (14/03/2003)
Trying to establish information and old addresses on Gt-Gt-Grandparents William John Benson born c.1855 Deryain Armagh. Married Alice Jackson (born c.1854 Rich Hill, Armagh) Married 26th July 1872 Portadown, Armagh. Migrated to Australia via London October 1875 arriving Maryborough Queensland Australia on 01.01.1875. on vessel "Gauntlet". Hope to travel to Ireland in September and wish to look at family roots.

  Delaney, Sullivan, : Cork, by Peg Erickson (15/03/2003)
Looking for grandparents, John Delaney and Agnes Sullivan. In 1929 they were about 25 and 22.

  Kiernan: Cavan, by Peter J Kiernan (16/03/2003)
Trying to find any info on Great Great Grandfather MICHAEL REGINALD KIERNAN born Cavan approx 1857. Single when he migrated to Australia prior to 1884. Travelling to Ireland later in year and would like to look up family roots.

  Condon, Cox, McDonald, Farris, Gunness: Wexford, by Fred J. MacDonald (20/03/2003)
Condon/Cox were from Co.Wexford, the rest came from Armagh. Any info on these names appreciated

  Giffen: Antrim, by Marie Giffen (21/03/2003)
looking for Stephen Giffen born April 1966, adopted so probable name change, born Belfast, Antrim area

  Brandon, Geddes: Unknown, by Shirley (21/03/2003)
Anyone having information on either of these Surnames, please contact me.

  Hill: Antrim, by Judy R.Simmons (22/03/2003)
Hill Brothers owned & operated several Quarries that provided crushed stone for road construction all over Ireland

  Moran, Mellan, McGrail: Mayo, by Pat Wilson (22/03/2003)

  Hurley: Cork, by Sheila Nicholls (23/03/2003)
Looking for any relatives of my Gt. Grandfather, William Michael Hurley whose son Michael Hurley was born in Cork County, 1843

  Meredith: Kilkenny, by Barbara M. Hunter (25/03/2003)
The name seems to be William Meredith born abt. 1820

  Casey: Limerick, by Ros McMullen (25/03/2003)
Looking for Michael Casey, son of John possibly from Glenroe area. Michael had at least 1 sister Mary who married Michael Hanley. Poss. other sibling Roger or Roderick. Cannot find parish or Townland of origin.

  Hughes, Agnew: Armagh, by Barbara Henshall (26/03/2003)
Thomas Hughes and Margaret Agnew

  Farrell, Morris, Leonard: Roscommon, by Margaret Jones (26/03/2003)
Researching my maternal & paternal ancestors from Roscommon & Westmeath Counties.

  Jenny Johnston, Thomas McKibbon: Cavan, by Helen Wyse (27/03/2003)
Thomas McKibbon born abt 1800 in Cavan married Jenny Johnston born c.1816 in Enniskillen. Jenny died in Ontario, Canada in 1832 en route to their new homestead in Renfrew County, Ontario. Thomas settled in Douglas, Ontario with his 4 children, all born in Ireland: 1.Joseph b.1815 m.Anne Marie Lett; 2.Margaret b.1826 m.Peter Foy; 3.James born c.1828 & 4. Jane. Any info. regarding this family greatly appreciated.

  Gilkison, Docherty, Coggran, Obrien, Williams: Unknown, by Paula Krueger (28/03/2003)
Mixed bag of names from my husbands & my family tree branches. Would love to hear from anyone connected to these names. All came out to Australia, from Ireland. Cheers.

  Patteson, Patterson, Pattison: Down, by Glenva Biles (30/03/2003)
Would love to hear from anyone who is researching this family.

  Maxwell, Johnston: Fermanagh, by Joyce Maxwell (30/03/2003)
Need info on ancestors or John Maxwell, b. abt. 1813 & Jane Johnston, b. abt. 1815. Emigration to Canada.

  McCallum Duncan: Unknown, by Shirley (30/03/2003)
Anyone having info on Duncan, James, or John please e-mail me.

  Edward John Magee, Margaret Jan O Neil: Tyrone, by Maureen Magee (31/03/2003)
Married 1873 Belfast, immigrated to NZ. Interested finding parents or siblings

  Wilson, Edgar, Maxwell & Reid: Down, by Peter Collins (31/03/2003)
The above names refer to Boardmills, Killaney

  Haight, Hait: Ulster, by Kerry Robinson (01/04/2003)
Are there any Haights or Haits still in Ireland?

  Irvine: Fermanagh, by Isabel Mather (01/04/2003)
Any info. on Wm Irvine m. Mary Humphries

  Malone, Sheahan: Unknown, by Danielle Carpenter (02/04/2003)

  O Brien: Kerry, by Patricia Geercke (03/04/2003)
born approx. 1815 g/grandfather

  Gleeson: Unknown, by Brittany (04/04/2003)
From Birr.

  Cooney, Mahony: Galway, by Lila Buka (04/04/2003)
Researching the family of Patrick and Bridget Mahony; son Patrick was born in Galway and later migrated to Glasgow, Scotland.

  Mckee, Creighton: Garvagh, by Anne Monaghan (05/04/2003)
can you help

  Ffrench, Kelly, Hurley, Burns: Galway, by Patrick French (06/04/2003)
Burns from Belfast, the rest from Galway

  Lynch, Spencer: Unknown, by Patricia Tharp (06/04/2003)

  McPherson: Unknown, by Andrew McPherson (06/04/2003)
John (poss married Ellen) was apparently related to Alexander Kirkpatrick of Scotland & to Mathias Hammr

  Nally, Cunnane, Acton: Mayo, by Leanne Nally (06/04/2003)
Trying to find Michael Nally had a son Patrick in 1842 at Balla, Mayo. Mother was called Sara, possibly Cunnane. Patrick married Annie Acton 1973 Balla. Cannot find anything on Michael!!!

  McFarlane, McCusker: Monaghan, by Elaine McFarlane (06/04/2003)

  Douglass, Maharry: Antim, by Roland Maharry (06/04/2003)
We are looking for a John Doulass born 1839 in Ireland. We are also looking for anything on the sir name Maharry

  Peacock (e): Limerick, by Andrea Alderson (07/04/2003)
We think born William Peacock(e) 1824, we know he moved to NZ and was awarded Virtutis Honor in the Battle of Rangiriri, all information would be welcomed

  McDonough: Fermanagh, by Mark McDonough (08/04/2003)
looking for info on Bernard McDonough (immigrated to Australia with family in 1841). I believe he was born early 1800s in Fermanagh.

  Brewster, Kearns: Armagh, by Janice (09/04/2003)
Anyone tracing these surnames from Armagh and Dublin ???

  McCooey: Armagh, by Suzanne Corry (09/04/2003)
Trying to find information on McCooey family from Lisdrumbrughas. Suspect they all emigrated to USA c.1900s.

  Sheehan, Cantellon: Cork, by Timothy F. Sheehan jr (09/04/2003)
Families living in LITTLE ISLAND, Co. Cork during1901 CENSUS

  Lendrum: Fermanagh, by Michael Reynolds (09/04/2003)
Looking for any information on Lendrum families who lived in Fermagagh, Cavan, Tyrone, Monaghan counties.

  Mckenna : Tyrone, by David Stretton (10/04/2003)
last Mckenna I have recorded as Patrick McKENNA (1826-1909)

  Carroll: Cavan, by David Stretton (10/04/2003)
last Carroll I have recorded is Susan CARROL (1830-1870) I know her parents were Michael CARROL & Mary MULLINS

  Strain: Antrim, by David Stretton (10/04/2003)
Last recorded STRAIN I have found is Patrick STRAIN (1844-1912). Parents Cornelius STRAIN & Mary LYNAGH.

  Gribben: Antrim, by David Stretton (10/04/2003)
Poss from Rasharkin. Last GRIBBEN I have found is Margaret GRIBBEN (1829-1901) Parents Hugh GRIBBEN & Jane GRIBBEN?

  McIvaney: Antrim, by David Stretton (10/04/2003)
Poss from Rasharkin. Last McILVANEY I have found is Hugh MCILVANEY (1831-1886). Parents Hugh McILVANEY (a soldier) & Mary McNEIL. I have found at least 4 spellings og McILVANEY.

  O Brien: Clare, by Walter Mcpherson (12/04/2003)

  Dale, Mulligan: Longford, by Trevor Jones (12/04/2003)
I would like help in researching any of these families from Granard area of Longford.

  Cullen: Cork, by Ranette N. Kupau Miranda (13/04/2003)
My gggrandfather came to Hawaii from Ireland. Poss Cork County or Meath. He married and had several children. No one else knows anything about him. If he had family that would be great to know. He was born August 15, 1822

  Benagh: Down, by Deborah Lee Benagh (13/04/2003)
Trying to get information on ancestors in Ireland - Samuel Benagh

  O Neill, Rodwell: Tyrone, by Eileen ONeill (13/04/2003)
Charles John O Neill b. 1831 m. Emily Agnes Rodwell b. 1836. At some point moved to Manchester, England. Had 11 children, all of whom supposedly ended up in America.

  Talbot: Unknown, by Larry Talbot (14/04/2003)
Thomas Talbot, Ireland to IL USA before 1850

  Harvey: Tyrone, by Helene Harvey Illsley (14/04/2003)
Robert Harvey , Omagh,Farmer/Linen Weaver 1700

  Ivory: Dublin, by Rita Ivory Nolan (16/04/2003)
Patrick Ivory, a Land Surveyor, died 1867. Can anyone give information Please

  Conroy: Tipperary, by Susan Bruce (16/04/2003)
From Tipperary & Clones

  Ripple: Unknown, by Darlene Kenison (17/04/2003)
My family thinks we came from N. Ireland

  Ford, Murphy: Cork, by Eileen Pearson (17/04/2003)
Trying to locate ancestors of Thomas Ford or Margaret Mary Murphy who came to US c. turn of Century

  McClelland: Unknown, by Ann McClelland (18/04/2003)
interested in the McClellands families in Ohio

  Hogan, DeNien: Tipperary, by Donald J. Reeves (19/04/2003)
Timothy DeNien Hogan, b.11Jan 1844

  Killian: Unknown, by Connie L., Peterson (19/04/2003)
Lee Killian married Cherokee Indian inOklahoma

  Corey, Grimes: Tyrone, by James Corey (20/04/2003)
stepfather to Joseph Corey (James Grimes)

  Kilcommons: Unknown, by Paul Kilcommons (20/04/2003)
Looking for any info on Kilcommons, from Ireland

  Sexton, Brogan: Clare, by Nancy Mcintyre (20/04/2003)

  Carrington: Antrim, by Amanda (20/04/2003)
Does anyone have Carringtons in their family?

  Doherty: Down, by Rosanne Cameron (21/04/2003)
My grandfather Patrick was married in Rostrevor NI in Oct. 1914 to Rose Sherry. He died in Glasgow during the Spanish Influenza (date unknown). looking for any information as this is all I know.

  Patrick Tiernan & Rose McLaughlin: Louth, by Barbara Baldwin (21/04/2003)
From Drogheda.

  O Neill, Malone, Marlow, Burrin, Hannon, Hoey: Dublin, by James Michael Sproat (21/04/2003)
Dublin & Cork areas. Seeking information re: Thomas O Neill, born 1862, babtised Rathfarnham parish. Father: Hugh O Neill, Mother: Bridget Hoey

  Meehan: Sligo, by Courtney Chesnut (21/04/2003)

  Reilly: Unknown, by A Beck (21/04/2003)
Jerry Reilly and relatives. Mary and Fredrick C. From Navan, Bective. Trim. Killmessan

  McCurdy: Antrim, by Robin McCurdy Pittman (22/04/2003)
John & Isabella McCurdy had John McCurdy in Co. Antrim c.1813. Trying to locate Townland or Parish of birth for young John. Religion in U.S. in 1938 was Episcopalian.

  Cunningham, Rogan: Down, by Francis Cunningham (22/04/2003)
Patrick Cunningham, my Grandfather, born 1852 in Co.Down, supposedly immigrated to USA in 1871 and settled in Pittsburgh, PA. Hannah Rogan was my grandmother, born in 1854 - 1857 in Co.Down.

  Greene: Sligo, by Marilyn Greene (22/04/2003)

  Reid, Randall, Simmons, Solomon, Stringer: Unknown, by Rachael Brogdon (22/04/2003)

  Jordan: Tipperary, by Susan Steinbach (22/04/2003)
Searching for info on family-line of Richard Jordan Esq., We think his father was Avary Jordan Esq. We are still trying to form a soild link.

  Gallagher: Mayo, by Marilyn Reid Bird (22/04/2003)
Grandmother born 1870--Maria-emigrated 1886 to USA

  Mallon: Cork, by Eveline McLure (22/04/2003)
Trying to find other members of the Mallon Family for Uncle & Aunt. From Cork/Dublin area.

  Casey, Slattery, Scannells, Duggans, Burkes and Co: Cork, by Irene (22/04/2003)
From Kerry, Cork, mainly Tralee. My gt-gt-grandfather was Charles Slattery, wife Hanoria Corridan. They had a daughter Hanoria (mud) who married J.Casey. They had 5 children, Connie, Eamon, Austin, Marie(May), Kathy(kit) and John(adopted). Connie married my granddad, Michael Scannell (he had brother Jerome & sister Mary Ellen (or Helen). If anyone knows anything that would help me to build up my family tree further, please let me know.

  Moore, Bowden: Down, by Jean McCarthy (22/04/2003)
Any connections to these 2 names, I would love to hear from you.

  Finnigan, Murphy: Monaghan, by Debbie Finnigan (22/04/2003)
Any info on these names from Monaghan & May Counties

  Lapping, Haslett: Antrim, by Pat Lapp (22/04/2003)
Belfast area. any information gladly received

  Rice: Unknown, by James Rice (22/04/2003)

  Hood: Antrim, by Christine Hood (23/04/2003)
Thomas James Hood b 1853, emigrated to New Zealand 1872 on the "Peter Denny". Father, James Hood b.1808, Mother, Sarah Lowery b.1811. Any info would be appreciated.

  Edgar, Bennett, Russell: Down, by Colleen Mavris (23/04/2003)
Kirker & Mary Edgar (nee Bennett) emigrated to Australia c. late 1920-early 1930. From Down & Cork areas.

  McArdle, McNally: Armagh, by Kathy Donaldson (23/04/2003)

  Taney: Unknown, by Mary Jones (23/04/2003)
looking for info about my ggrandmother Anna Lenore Taney b. 1867 that is all that anyone in the family knows.

  Powers: Waterford, by Ken Powers (23/04/2003)
looking for information regarding a joseph powers born about 1679 who may have immigrated to the united states

  Daw, Daws: Unknown, by Carol Layfield (23/04/2003)
at a real loss here.. my Grandparents first names were Helen & Peter.. I know there are variations in the name.. and im not sure what County they were from.. My father has since passed on and he was my only link to knowing anything about them

  Barry, Burke Donegan, Sheridan: Dublin, by Kathleen Brown (23/04/2003)
From Meath Street, Dublin

  Slowey: Unknown, by Lorraine M Hangauer (24/04/2003)
Anna Slowey born in Ireland. Married Joseph Taylor in Ohio USA. Had 2 daughters Roseanna and Margaret.

  Laffin, Laffan: Unknown, by Andrea Laffin (24/04/2003)

  Cairns: Down, by Elizabeth Jones (25/04/2003)
searching for a Cairns family member born 1946/47 father GD Cairns Mother M Cairns we may be related.

  Cunningham: Donegal, by Roberta Bauer (27/04/2003)
looking for info about 3 Cunningham brothers Tom,Robert and Samuel from Donegal or Derry Counties

  Norris, Pennington: Armagh, by Christine Shelmerdine (28/04/2003)
Antrim & Armagh areas. Looking for family of SAMUEL NORRIS / ELIZABETH PENNINGTON. Had a son, SAMUEL in 1849, Baptised in Parish of St. Annes, Belfast

  McConkey, Hodgson, Murphy: Antrim, by Kym Downey (28/04/2003)
Looking for information on Peter McConkey b.1802 d.1881, age 79 in Belfast Workhouse. Occupation: Tinsmith. Found 2 of his children, Joseph b.1833, d.1881 & Peter b.1836? who married Esther Redpath. Also Alice Murphy b.1870 Caher Tipperary.,Her parents were Denis & Ellen (nee Burke) Murphy.

  Downey, Ring: Kilkenny, by Kym Downey (29/04/2003)
Looking for info. on PATRICK DOWNEY & MARGARET RING. Married Sept.20th 1880. Connahy, Ballyaggit, Castlecomer, Kilkenny.

  Dudgeon: Unknown, by Ann stewart (29/04/2003)
Trying to locate birth place of my gt-grandmother Elizabeth Dudgeon. Came to Scotland & married on 18th February 1881. When she came to Scotland, if she had siblings & whether her parents came with her is unknown. Her parents were Stephen Dudgeon, a farmer & Elizabeth (nee) Johnston. Any information on the family most appreciated.

  Jordan, Acheson: Tipperary, by Susan Steinbach (29/04/2003)
Looking for Ancestors from Tipperary & Dublin areas.

  McShane, Orr, Ferris: Antrim, by Marie McShane (01/05/2003)
Trying to trace my Orr family to 1798 Antrim & Armagh areas

  Johnston, Hemphill: Antrim, by Don (02/05/2003)
Searching for links to these surnames in the Dervock, Derrykeighan area

  Morrison, Patterson, Ross, Kirkpatrick, Arthur: Antrim, by Wayne & Colleen Robinson (03/05/2003)
Most were from Dirraw district near Ballymoney, or Kilconway area, near Finvoy.

  McConaghy: Unknown, by Muriel (03/05/2003)
Ireland & Canada

  McKendrick: Unknown, by William M. Howard (04/05/2003)
Looking for McKendricks who emigrated to US in 1870s and their decendants

  Kilgarrith, Garvey: Galway, by Maryelizabeth Hession (04/05/2003)

  Hall, French, Hewit: Antrim, by Tracey (05/05/2003)

  McClenaghan, Robb, Renton, Armstrong, Johston: Antrim, by Pat (05/05/2003)
In Killead area & Connor

  Crossley: Unknown, by Alison Yuill (06/05/2003)
Ballymena area

  Neeson: Antrim, by Marjorie Jackson (06/05/2003)
Info on a John Neeson of Ballybollen. Had a son also John Neeson who married Jane Mulholland in Ahoghill RC Church on 1st October 1887. They had a daughter Rose, born April 1888.

  Garvey, Moran, Ferriter: Unknown, by Myrtle Garvey (07/05/2003)
Not sure of the County, but around Cork & Kerry

  Logan: Down, by Carol Ponak (08/05/2003)
Looking for Samuel Logan and Alice Spence - son David Logan c. 1850. Samuel was born in Limavady, Londonderry. Possibly resided in Ballymena

  Kennedy: Wexford, by Carol Chatten (10/05/2003)
Looking for info. on the late Sarah Taylor Nee Kennedy born April 1912 poss. in Gorey as I know she spent time in the Workhouse there. She had a younger sister poss. named Kitty who died very young. I cannot trace her birth certificate so unaware of who her parents were. Sarah was a very dear Grandmother and I would love to know of any information concerning her ancestors.

  Cinnamon, McGinnis: Antrim, by Avola Rutledge (23/02/2003)

  McKenna: Armagh, by Suzanne (13/05/2003)

  Dunne, Geraghty: Westmeath, by Hubert Dunne (13/05/2003)
from Kilbeggan

  Hill, Hume, Haslitt, Stewart: Antrim, by Judy R.Simmons (14/05/2003)
George Hill born Mullaghawn, Randalstown, Co. Antrim

  McLoughlin, Loughlin, Lochlane: Belfast, by Ann Okeeffe Jones (14/05/2003)
William Lochlane/lochlan/laughlin/laughlin. Believed dropped the Mc when came to England.. Married Margaret Cullin/Cullen @1875 moved to Scotland then down to Cumbria and then to Wallsend North of England.. Children: Elizabeth b.1876 m John Thomas Okeeffe 1897. Catherine b.1879 m.Joseph Glass1903 William b.1882 Martha Jane b.1884 m.Thomas Dent 1915 Ethel May b.1886 m.James/Joseph Carpenter 1906/07. Any info on these names greatly appreciated ..

  O Keefe: Unknown, by Ann Okeeffe Jones (14/05/2003)
John Thomas Okeeffe m.Elizabeth Loughlin in 1897. Believed he was related to Boxing Okeeffes who lived in Lynemouth Northumberland. All parents came from Ireland. He worked as a boilermaker in the North East of England. Died in Morpeth, 1918. Dont know any more he was my g/grandfather.. any info please..

  McCooey, Murphy, Taggart: Armagh, by Patricia McCooey (16/05/2003)

  William Nolan and Ann Tynan: Muchalee, by Marion Whyte (16/05/2003)
Married 30.1.1834. They had a daughter who married a Brennan

  Hayes, O Leary: Cork, by Patricia McCooey (17/05/2003)

  McCombe: Londonderry, by Sue Ambler (17/05/2003)
looking for information on distant relatives who lived in Claudy, Londonderry. They were in the farming community, at Lettermuck, Ballyarton. Name: McCombe, Mary Jane(dob 1867) Alexander Connel (dob 1871), Robert Leatham (dob 1880 ),William Henry (died 1924), Isobella (no detail) these were brothers and sisters. The sons of William Henry were as follows: Thomas (died July 1962), Norman (died Nov 1966), Samuel (died 1963), Robert Ernest (died 1979), William Leatham (Reverend) (died 1982). If anyone has any information on any of the above please contact me. Thankyou.

  Roberts: Down, by Paul Roberts (18/05/2003)
James Roberts 1835-1881. researching my family history from Manchester, England. I have traced my Great-Grandfather back to Ballymacarrett in the parish of KnockbredaBa

  Scanlon: Cork, by Lindsey Scanlon (20/05/2003)
Trying to find family who originated from County Cork, and came to England in the early 20th century.

  McKeirnan: Unknown, by Alan Anthony (20/05/2003)
Catherine McKeirnan was my G-grandmother. Married in Australia in 1881 aged 20. Know nothing of her?

  Hanafin: Kerry, by Liz Nichols (21/05/2003)
Michael James son of Cornelius and ??? born abt.1859 came to England & settled in Kent.

  Roberts, McGuire: Down, by Paul Roberts (22/05/2003)
trying to trace my family origins which has led me to Ireland.

  Waller: Cavin, by David Azevedo (22/05/2003)
Thomas Waller and family went to Canada in 1826

  Grayson, Gracey, Turkington: Armagh, by Janet Floyd (25/05/2003)
My branch of Grayson family left Lurgan area in 1870s

  Moloney: Galway, by Mrs. P.S. Madge (26/05/2003)
Looseaun area, Galway. have my fathers birth certificate which gives me his father and mothers names, would like to find out about my fathers family

  McCosker: Unknown, by Dylan (27/05/2003)
I would like to find out about Ellen Duggan

  McHenry: Antrim, by Michael McHenry (28/05/2003)

  Tulips, McQuillan, Creaney, Skelton: Antrim, by Anne Marie Tulips (31/05/2003)
From Antrim & Lurgan, Armagh. Interested in ancestors of William Creaney/Margaret Skelton and Elizabeth McQuillan/Thomas Tulips

  Keating Families: Kerry, by John Keating (01/06/2003)
Any19th century information would be welcome. From Barony of Iveragh

  McMillan, Robertson, Skimming, Newell: Down, by Jenny Jackson (01/06/2003)
If anyone is researching these names please contact me.

  Barrett, Kavanagh, Crowley: Cork, by Barrett Haight (01/06/2003)
Cork & Wexford Counties. looking for Edward T. Barrett or Mary Hudner Barrett; or daughter, Catherine Barrett

  McBride: Antrim, by Neil McBride (01/06/2003)

  Ferryer, Ferrier: Londonderry, by I.Patterson (03/06/2003)
Any information about this family, looking for g.g.grandfather from Magherarfelt area, married in Scotland.

  McLean, Sheils, Sommers: Tyrone, by Peter Mackie (03/06/2003)
Looking for information. From Co. Tyrone & County Down

  Overland: Unknown, by Shelley Ralston (03/06/2003)

  Graham, Farrally: Dublin, by Margaret Howkins (04/06/2003)
Looking for any info. on Benjamin Graham born 1806 Dublin married Mary Farrally who was born in MayneTown was in England by 1836

  Austin, McDonald, McDonnell, Hadden, McConvill: Armagh, by P Stewart (04/06/2003)
Austins moved to Glasgow circa 1880. Henry Austin stayed in Armagh. No trace of any of them in Ireland.

  Glenny, Scott: Down, by James Glennie (04/06/2003)

  Bradley, McGaghey: Monaghan, by Lindsey Dorothy (05/06/2003)

  Glisson: Unknown, by Marlene Pruett (05/06/2003)

  Cooke, Whiteley, Mccarthy, Keenan.: Armagh, by Audrey Duncan (06/06/2003)
all these people left ireland between 1860 and 1874 from Armagh, Monaghan, Waterford, Westmeath

  McManus, Dolan: Fermanagh, by Anna Marie Schuster (06/06/2003)
Terrence Mcmanus bd 1801 married Rosy Dolan, son Timothy bd 1825, looking for other siblings or death information on Rosy. Left Ireland for Pakenham, Ontario Ca. about 1827. From Fermanagh, Leitrim areas.

  Lennon, Paterson, Lynch: Unknown, by BERYL FLYNN (07/06/2003)
The above named people were born in Ireland & subsequently went to Lanarkshire, Scotland. Some of them were miners. I have a little more info but it is sketchy.

  McLerran: Unknown, by Lela Eckhardt (07/06/2003)
just trying to find out anything

  McSorley, Mullan, Taggart: Antrim, by Rosemarie McSorley (07/06/2003)
My ggGrandparents were m. in Belfast, Michael McSorley m. Mary Taggart. 14 Oct.1854 . They had 4 children in Glasgow ,the first in 1863. So I thought they probably had some children in Ireland . Before they came to Scotland .

  Ryan, Mulroy: Mayo, by Frances C. Dumont (08/06/2003)
I would like to reach anyone who knew of Delia Ryan, or her sister Mary Ryan Mulroy. Delia married Frank Greller and had 5 children.

  Kinsella, Reid: Dublin, by Joan Kinsella (08/06/2003)
Thomas Kinsella died 1918 Belgium f Thomas Kinsella m Ginnie Kinsella.

  Murphy, Farrell: Unknown, by Anna Marie Schuster (08/06/2003)
Beman Murphy married to Bridget Farrell, their daughter Mary Ann Murphy, married Matthew Farrell. Any information.

  Bell-Smythe: Unknown, by Sarnia Thorburn (10/06/2003)
We are researching our Gt-Grandfather who we are sure came from Ireland. He was known as Captain the Honourable John Bell-Smythe. He moved to Trinidad & Tobago, probably in the 1860's to work as a Civil Servant in Port of Spain. He married the daughter of a French Merchant, Elizabeth Ambard, & they had a son (our grandfather) John Ambard Bell-Smythe. He used to visit a place called Springfield in Killiney,(when he was in the UK) which we wonder if our Gt-Grandfather owned?? Any knowledge on our Gt-Grandfather would be appreciated.

  McOscar: Unknown, by Carol (10/06/2003)
James McOscar b ? Ireland died 1859 Scotland.

  Killoran, Kearns, Mullen, Lavin: Rosscommon, by Christi Hash (12/06/2003)
Peter Killoran married Honora Lavin & Ed Kearns married Bridget Mullen. All came to Kentucky. From Roscommon and Antrim Counties

  Bell-Smyth: Unknown, by Carol Millward (12/06/2003)
Looking for anyone who can help

  Cooper: Dublin, by Pam Kelly (12/06/2003)
Interest in Austin Cooper born in Dublin 1854

  Sanaghan/Skiffington : Tyrone, by Cath McQuade (13/06/2003)
John Sanaghan m. Agnes Skiffington 1843, Dungannon

  Quinn: Clare, by John Quinn (15/06/2003)
looking of information on Michael QUINN and his wife Catherine (KEOGH) who emigrated from Country Clare to Australia around 1852-54 and ending up living in Devenish, Victoria, Australia.

  Quinlivan, Burke, Barron, Bleeson, Connell: Limerick, by Barbara Burke (15/06/2003)
Need information on folks coming to Australia in early 1850s from Limerick, Galway, Kilkenny, & Tipperary

  Glynn: Waterford, by Peter Glynn (17/06/2003)
I looking for the birth of Julia Glynn. not sure when she was born - it was in the 1800s

  Leahy: Kerry, by Tricia Taylor (18/06/2003)
My gg father was born in Ballydwyer in Jan.1906, before immigating to Aust. on "SS Sophocles" c.1925

  McLoughlin: Derry, by Frances Quinn (18/06/2003)
If anyone has any information on the late Margaret Mc loughlin of 8 Harvey St. Derry, would they please get in touch.

  Larrigan: Dublin, by Patricia Wheeler (18/06/2003)
Any information

  Gault: Antrim, by Dawn (19/06/2003)
Information on Robert Gault who married Eliza Jane Cunningham in Australia

  Sonier, Sherbourne: Unknown, by Heather (19/06/2003)
looking for any link to a g grandfather....Victor Sonier. No other info at my end. His son(grandfather) is Kenneth J Sonier. He was married to Bernice Sherbourne.

  Melean, Melin & Coleman Marriage: Cork, by AILEEN THYER (19/06/2003)
Does anyone know if PASSAGE WEST CO.CORK existed?

  Boyle, Regan, Cahill, Downey: Mayo, by Susan Hanson (19/06/2003)
Boyle & Regan from Mayo, Cahill from Tipperary, Downey Unknown. Especially want to find records for Winefert Regan, who married Michael Boyle about 1870, before they emigrated to the U.S.A.

  Boyle, Boylen, Hart: Cork, by Eileen Brown (20/06/2003)
Trying to trace great-grandparents details

  Symington, Acheson: Armagh, by Kerrie Seville (21/06/2003)
Looking for any information. From Armagh & Fermangh Counties.

  Coogan, Casey, Leer: Monaghan, by MARGARET MULLEN (22/06/2003)
Hi, Trying to find descendents of G.G.Grandfather, Owen Coogan married Alice Casey. G.Grandad Michael Coogan married Margaret Leer in Clontibret, Co. Monaghan 28/02/1854. Would love to hear from any relations Margaret Mullen nee Coogan.

  Woods, Brennan: Monaghan, by Terry Woods (22/06/2003)
Looking for information about John Woods born 1874 in Castleblayney. His parents were Patrick Woods & Rose Brennan.

  Mackin, Page,Eagan: Unknown, by Dorothy Friese (23/06/2003)
These are my maternal GGGrandparents, maybe from Mayo or Galway

  Ryan, Moriarty, Davison, Crough, Ford, Neill: Unknown, by Joanne Luscombe (23/06/2003)
Came to NSW, Australia

  Lydon: Galway, by Jaqui Lydon (23/06/2003)
My paternal grandmother came from Galway

  Harty: Tipperary, by June Craven (23/06/2003)

  Grogan: Louth, by June Craven (23/06/2003)

  Clements: Antrim, by Carol Sprott (24/06/2003)
currently researching the Clements surname. Some of the Christian names are Robert, James, Joseph, Martha, Alice, Rebecca, John. Most of these people were brothers and sisters. They began migrating to Canada around 1850. Most settled in the Montreal, Quebec area and the Killarney, Manitoba area.

  Burley, Wilson, Emerson: Fermanagh, by Bonnie Burley Hickson (24/06/2003)
Searching the above names. Also Irvine, Egerton and Johnson .

  Cunningham: Tipperary, by Isobel Mac Donald (24/06/2003)

  Lavery: Down, by Mary Butler (24/06/2003)
Anyone have any info on Thomas and Jane from Moira. Thomas died in the 1930s and Jane about 1918. Janes maiden name was also Lavery. The last I heard there were still distant relations of mine living in Thomas and Janes old house, Rose Cottage, Moira. Would love to hear from anyone with any info.

  Barron: Waterford, by Gary Barron (24/06/2003)
Looking for any information of Peter Barron

  Mohan, McCabe: Unknown, by Patricia Mohan - Berger (25/06/2003)
Looking for info on Thomas Mohan and son

  Latchford, Ward: Cork, by John Fletcher (25/06/2003)
Latchford - Summer Hill South District of Cork. Thomas WARD from Avoca, born c1879 moved to Durham, England by 1901. Also Wicklow area.

  Caffrey, Leonard, Glennon.: Meath, by Sheila Shanley (25/06/2003)
Any info on above names much appreciated..

  Crilly, McErlain: Londonderry, by Rose McGillicuddy (26/06/2003)
James Crilly, born Coleraine, Co. Derry 1906 was my grandfather; mother was Annie Crilly. Step family McErlain Family - Patrick, Joseph, ?Louis, and others. Patrick had 3 children that I know of - Ann, Claire & Patrick: born from about 1947 to 1951. Also Down, Antrim Counties.

  Newman, McGonff: Unknown, by Rebecca Vaught (26/06/2003)
John J Newman was in KY in 1880. The census shows a boarder in the household named Patrick McGonff. Both men born in Ireland (where?), both were blacksmiths (where apprenticed?) Both in their 30s. Does anyone know anything about them or their families?

  McDonald, McDonnell, Hughes: Kildare, by Karen Lyons (27/06/2003)
Searching for information regarding William McDonald or McDonnell, b March 1811, d. 1853, m in Daviess Co. , Indiana, USA ,Feb. 1841 to Bridget Hughes born County Tyron 1820, d after 1880. Buried in Glencoe Cemetary, Daviess Co. Indiana, USA. Am visiting Ireland in March 2004 and would like to trace relatives. Also from Co. Tyrone

  Ballagh : Antrim, by Rose Gibbs (27/06/2003)
Counties Antrim & Down. Henry and Samuel Ballagh - emigrated to New Zealand aboard the Mystery in 1861 (from Ayrshire Scotland, but birth place Ireland). Hugh James Ballagh & sister Eliza Ballagh emigrated to New Zealand aboard the Charlotte Gladstone in 1870. (from Down, Ireland) (possible brother & sister of Henry & Samuel)

  Keenan: Londonderry, by Mrs Rachelle Nofz (27/06/2003)
Also from Belfast

  Coulter, Irvine: Fermanagh, by Jennifer Hanson (27/06/2003)
Fermanagh & Surrounding Counties.

  McGeough: Armagh, by james mcgeough (28/06/2003)
My Grandfather was born in Keady, his name was LAWRENCE MCGEOUGH, fathers name JOHN MCGEOUGH. He had a brother, Patrick & sister, Ann.

  Latchford: Cork, by John Fletcher (28/06/2003)
Searching for Great Grandmother, Flora Latchford born c.1874, her brother Francis Victor born 25.06.1876, her sister Mary born c.1870 and their parents George Latchford and Catherine (formerly Beck). From F.V.Latchfords birth certificate he was born at "8 Summer Hill South, City of Cork" and his father, George, was a Teacher at "Model School". Any information on the individuals, their home, or the "Model School" would be greatly appreciated!

  Lynch: Cavan, by Stephanie Lynch Bertani (29/06/2003)
My Gt.Grandfather, Thomas Hugh Lynch, and his siblings, left Ireland around the 1840s for the United States. interested in information regarding thier family history.

  Boyd, Kearish: Antrim, by Peter Weeding (29/06/2003)
Trying to find parents of Hugh,Margaret born1829,1830 respectively, from Bushmills area.

  Bowler, Shea: Kerry, by Susan Boone (29/06/2003)
looking for birth info on Timothy Bowler & Honora Shea, I think both from Co. Kerry

  Danaher: Unknown, by Helen (30/06/2003)
Shanagolden. will share research efforts

  Smiley, Oakley: Antrim, by Archie Smiley (30/06/2003)
Any assistance on tracing my Family History back so that I can also apply for my Irish passport would be appreciated

  Traynor,Trainor, Kirkwood,Campbell,McDade,McShefer: Antrim, by Sean Thomas Traynor (01/07/2003)
Antrim& Derry Counties. Any Traynors or associated families, Ballymoney, Ballycastle, Portglenone, Randalstown, Ballinlea, Culkenny areas

  McNulty, Burns, Byrnes: Meath, by Kaye Graham (02/07/2003)
Patrick McNulty married Ann Burns(Byrnes) at Druncondra in 1858. They migrated to Victoria, Australia in 1859. Cannot find any Marriage details in Ireland.

  Henry, Graham, Deavesor, Deeves: Cavan, by Carol Cacciapuoti (02/07/2003)
Searching for proof of birth of Robert Henry 1787, James Henry 1824, Robert Henry 1826, Simon Henry 1827, Johnson Henry 1831?, William Henry ?, Charles Henry?

  Martin, Hollan, Summers, Coultney, Farrell: Unknown, by Adeline Martin (03/07/2003)
I would like to trace my GGGrandparents my Ggrandfather was Daniel Martin who went to Kelso Scotland with his wife Bridget Hollan in the 1840

  Catherine Farrol: Caven, by Adeline Martin (03/07/2003)
Catherine Farrol born 1780 in Caven married Patrick Summers moved to Kelso Scotland in 1850 after being widowed lived with Grandson John Martin If anyone has any infomation about the Farrel or Martin families I would like to hear from them

  Green: Antrim, by Michael Green (03/07/2003)
William John born 1836, father David, both of Antrim. Settled in England 1870

  McCulla, Lundy, Clarke, White: Armagh, by Carolyn Hansen-Gotelli (05/07/2003)
John McCulla left Markethill for America about 1905. Parents believed to be Samuel McCulla and Mary White. Please help.

  McCulla, Lundy, Clarke, White: Armagh, by Carolyn Hansen-Gotelli (05/07/2003)
Elizabeth Lundy of Pontyzpass married John McCulla in San Francisco in 1907, raised 9 children.

  McCulla, Lundy, Clarke, White: Armagh, by Carolyn Hansen-Gotelli (05/07/2003)
Sarah Clarke married David Lundy he disappeared while working in England. Sarah and sons, William and Samuel went to New York about 1924.

  McCulla, Lundy, Clarke, White: Armagh, by Carolyn Hansen-Gotelli (05/07/2003)
Who was wife of William Henry Clarke? Family lived Pontyzpass and Portadown areas.

  Pilkington, Neville: Antrim, by Karen Gervasio (06/07/2003)
Looking for information on Jane Pilkington born in Belfast, May 1858, married in Co. Cork, March 1881, also her mother Anne Neville, unknown.

  Kernohan, Livingstone: Antrim, by Morag Mccartney (07/07/2003)
David Kernohan married Agnes(Nancy)Ann Livingstone c.1857. Both were born in N.Ireland - had 12 children, one of which was my Gt.Grandfather John Kernohan, born 1871. They came to Scotland ? Both died in Glasgow & buried in Springburn Glasgow Scotland.

  Richardson: Belfast, by Mary L. Richardson (07/07/2003)
John Richardson, wife Catharine, had several children who immigrated to upper New York State. The children that we know were: John, Robert, Thomas and a girl, Salina Catharine. There were many others because we know from a Will drawn in 1898 for Thomas Richardson who listed 25 nieces & nephews unaccounted for. There were 2 heirs listed in the Will, John C. Richardson of Belfast & Thomas Richardson of Moneghan Asylum. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  Mason: Westmeath, by william mason (09/07/2003)
Searching for name Mason

  Madden, Connelly: Amagh, by JJ Drake (09/07/2003)
Looking to connect with these families

  Mara, Marah, McClure, Fuller: Kerry, by Sylvia Lagah (10/07/2003)
Looking for info. on John Marah, married twice, two daughters born Kenmare

  Warner: Unknown, by Chris Tattersall (10/07/2003)
Trying to trace Robert Warner born c1839 - married Johannah ? - moved to Woolwich, Kent some time before 1901

  Kerrigan: Sligo, Mayo, by D Kerrigan (11/07/2003)
looking for Thaddeaus Kerrigan married to Catherine Ward - had twins died and buried in Mass. 1873

  Reckard: Unknown, by Casi Reckard (11/07/2003)
I would like to know about the Irish Ancestry of the Reckards.

  Ryan, O Brien, Ormonde: Tipperary, by Leonie Fromhold (12/07/2003)
3 or 4 Ryan sisters sent to Australia from the Parish of Inch, Tipperary, passage paid, by cousin John Ryan c.1850-60 after death of their parents. One was my great grandmother Julia Ryan.

  Lightle: Enniskillen, by Helen E. Goheen (13/07/2003)
Enniskillen - 1818. Visit - 2003 Sept

  Haslett, Murphy, Walker: Tyrone, by Cheryl (13/07/2003)
seeking any info on William HASLETT who married Mary (Rebecca) ALEXANDER & son Alexander HASLETT m Mary WALKER (1) Caroline MURPHY (2) This would be approx 1800 - 1876 as I need any info for my Family Tree. Also from Londonderry, Donegal. Thanx.

  Daly, Dailey: Armagh, by Richard Dailey (14/07/2003)
Info on Connor, Cornelius, Jimmy & James

  Bradshaw: Armagh, by Clive Bradshaw (14/07/2003)

  Coogan, Casey, Leer: Monaghan, by Margaret Mullen (14/07/2003)
Hi, Looking for Descendents of Owen Coogan m. Alice Casey. Their son, Michael Coogan m. Margaret Leer in Clontibret, Co. Monaghan, 1854.

  Dutton, Ward: Wicklow, by Kim Dutton (14/07/2003)
Could anyone who knows of a George Dutton who married an Elizabeth Ward in Bray, please contact me

  Rush, Finnigan: Roscommon, by Roberta Rush (16/07/2003)
Searching marriage Roman Catholic about 1843

  Moore: Westmeath, by Pat (17/07/2003)

  Crowe, Baker, Stethem, Ferren, Archer, Allen: Unknown, by Erin Crowe (17/07/2003)
I would appreciate any information anyone has. My William Ferren is said to be born in Donegal in 1767. I have a William Stethem that came to America from Ireland, but not sure where, may be Cork

  McClanahan: Unknown, by Tim Johnson (17/07/2003)
Im looking for when Bennett Mcclanahan came to the U.S., and date of brith - this is for my wifes family tree

  Oakes, Roden: Unknown, by Angela Oakes (19/07/2003)

  Culhane, Scanlan, Riddle: Kerry, by Anna Palmer (19/07/2003)
Love to hear from anyone researching the above family names from Kerry & Limerick.

  Doran: Cork, by Linda Ramsden (19/07/2003)
Possibly from Cork.

  Dunn: Monaghan, by Joy Howell (20/07/2003)
searching for information on James Dunn born c.1830 somewhere in co Monaghan . He married Mary Allely in 1858 in the parish of Aghabog

  Liddy, Hassard: Fermanagh, by Joy Howell (20/07/2003)
searching for William Liddy from Co.Fermanagh who married Ann Gibson in 1850 in Enniskillen. Also Francis Hassard who married Catherine Knox c.1850 to 1867.

  Greer, Hennessy, Markey: Dublin, by Laura (20/07/2003)

  Jolly: Londonderry, by Rebecca Vaught (20/07/2003)
Samuel Jolly b. ca 1710 Londonderry, d. ca 1750 Lancaster County, PA md. 1738/39 Bucks County PA to Letitia Nelson in Middletown Friends Meeting. Parents believed to be James & Sarah Taylor Jolly. Would appreciate any additional info available on this family.

  McGinnis: Ireland, by Grace Smith (21/07/2003)
Searching for any McGinnis who lived in New York City on Ogden Avenue.

  O Malley: Ireland, by Grace Smith (21/07/2003)
Looking for any O Malley that came to Galveston, Texas from Ireland.

  Leader: Cork, by Cathy Daly (22/07/2003)
Cork & Dublin Counties. looking for information about the Leader family. The parents were Thomas and Margaret. In particular, interested in one of their sons, Leonard Henry. He was a barrister in Dublin from 1842 until his death in 1865.

  McDonnell: Offaly, by Doreen Cahill (23/07/2003)
Ellen B1864 Bridget 1868 Margaret 1870 Parents Patrick McDonnell and Ellen Scully

  Wilson, McCullough, Smyth: Antrim, by Sharon Francey (23/07/2003)
Researching in the Ballyclare/Doagh/Ballyeaston areas

  Connor, Connel: Wicklow, by Michael O Connor (24/07/2003)
Connel from Glenmal Wicklow, Connor from Rathvilly Carlow.

  Galbraith, Tener: Ireland, by Eve Gray (24/07/2003)
Constructing a free Galbraith database for all Ireland.

  Huey, Houston, Christie, McBride, Orr: Antrim, by Jeanette Finlayson (24/07/2003)
These people lived in the Ballyweaney area.

  Coogan, Casey, Leer: Monaghan, by MARGARET MULLEN (24/07/2003)

  States: Ireland, by Brian States (25/07/2003)
My great, great grandfather Thomas States was apparantly born in Ireland around 1800 and lived at Island Bridge, Dublin and had several children. He was also involved in the property market and the Anna Liffey Fisheries. His brother John States was also born around 1800. In my researches I have found that many of the family come from Ireland, and yet little can be found about them. Could anyone with any information about the "States" of Ireland. please contact me.

  Holden, Gaffney, Usher, Murtagh: Dublin, by George Cullen (25/07/2003)
Would appreciate any info on William Holden born 1847, married to Annie Cunningham. Also his father John Holden married to Anastasia Gaffney.

  Quinlivan, O Connell: Limerick, by barbara burke (26/07/2003)
Tracing Pat Quinlivan & Joanna OConnell , their children coming toi Australia 1850/1860

  Sproule, Gilchrist: Tyrone, by jean barbary (27/07/2003)
Immigrated to Ont. Canada 1881. Any info good

  Moss, McLaughlen: Tyrone, by Janette Lennox (27/07/2003)
Mary Moss was born about 1856. Interested in Cronlygraph Tyrone & Donegal Counties.

  Crossen: Donegal, by Kathy Hotz (28/07/2003)
looking for information on my gt-gt grandfather James Baxter Crossen b. 8 Aug 1938 in Donegal.

  Creevy, Cullotty, Miland, Morris, Morrissey: Westmeath, by catherinemurray (28/07/2003)
If anyone is researching these names, maybe we can help each other. Westmeath & Galway areas.

  Woods, Ferguson: Antrim, by Karen Nelson (28/07/2003)
These two eventually got married. They were both born in about 1870. Robert Woods was the head of the famous Flying Acrobats throughout Europe. These two are my gt-grandparents. They came to America and raised quite a few children.

  Baxter, Crossen, Crossin, Crossan: Donegal, by Kathy Hotz (29/07/2003)
My great-great grandfather, Anthony Crossen or various spellings and his wife Ellen Baxter had a son, James Baxter Crossen b 11 Aug 1838. looking for information on any of them.

  McDonnell, McDonald, Hughes: Tyrone, by Karen Lyons (29/07/2003)
Need info on William McDonald or McDonnell. b 1811, Kildare Co. Died in Daviess Co. Indiana, 1853. Married Bridget Hughes 1841. Died after 1880. Trying to determine whey they came to America and ancestors remaining in Ireland.

  Cornelius: Unknown, by Ilana Bloom-Cornelius (29/07/2003)

  Cartmill: Armagh, by Gwyneth Cartmill (29/07/2003)
Would love to hear from anyone researching this name. I live in Glasgow, Scotland. My g.grandfather John Cartmill came to Scotland from Bessbrook, Co Armagh after his marriage in Killeavy in 1887. Interest in Co. Down too.

  Kidd, Cully: Down, by Karen Kidd (30/07/2003)
seeking information on William or William J. Kidd, b. August 20, 1888, from Banbridge, County Down. Also, any information on his siblings George, Robert, Patrick, Isaac, Annie & Agnes. William J. Kidd married Agnes Cully. They immigrated to the U.S. in 1907 according to U.S. census records. Any information about Agnes would be helpful also.

  Gunn, Donnelly, Smyth, Cosgrove.: Fermanagh, by Toni-maree Kaminski (30/07/2003)
James Gunn m. Alice Donnelly, Newton Butler c.1905. Parents John Gunn & Nancy Smyth, Patrick Donnelly & Ellen Cosgrove. Any info greatly appreciated.

  Darlington, Bain,Blayn: Ireland, by Kathrine Plate (30/07/2003)
Any info on Catherine Darlington b 7-12-1849 d 1927 in Almonte Canada

  Austin, Dwyer: Unknown, by Andrew Austin (30/07/2003)
The Austins have been particularly hard to locate in Northern Ireland. Poss connections with Tipperary

  Austin: Unknown, by Andrew Austin (30/07/2003)
Probably Northern Ireland

  Carass: Dublin, by maggie white (30/07/2003)
looking for a deepsea docker 1920/1957

  Quinn, Sprint, Livingston, Gilpin: Armagh, by Joy Barrette (30/07/2003)
Any info would be greatly appreciated

  Dixon, Dickson: Derry, by Russell Dickson (31/07/2003)
Looking for information on my gt-grandfather, Samuel Wark Roger Dixon/Dickson, Born 1855, Derry, father James Dixon/Dickson, mother Martha Dixon/Dickson Maiden name Roger, Samuel arrived in New Zealand in 1874 on the Invercargill, was 20 years old at time.

  William Sullivan, Mary & Patrick Small: Antrim, by ktlou (31/07/2003)
Antrim & Armagh areas. Anyone with information on these people, please contact me.

  McCarthy, Daly: Cork, by Daniel J. McCarthy (31/07/2003)
Cork & Limerick areas. McCarthy from Sugar Hill, Daly from Tullylease.

  Murphy: Cork, by Sandra Conley (31/07/2003)
Have evidence that great-uncle was baptised in Belgooly - would like to contact Murphys in that area

  Casey, Murphy: Limerick, by Judy Burns (01/08/2003)
Michael Joseph Casey and Mary Murphy Casey, parents of my grandfathr Michael J. Casey. According to naturalization papers, my gt. grandparents emmigrated 1892-1893 from Garryowen,Limerick. My grandfather was 8 mos. old and came over on the "Scythia" with his mother.

  Daly: Cork, by Daniel J. McCarthy (01/08/2003)
William Daly arrived in NYC 1903after leaving Tullylease, Ireland married Mary Healy Christmas Day 1910. Looking for info on him and Mary Healy.

  Ballentine: Ireland, by Les Ballentine (02/08/2003)
John Ballintine emigrated to Canada about 1843

  Mccullough: Down, by Bruce McCullough (02/08/2003)
James McCullough Born 1820 son of Thomas and Jennie Abernethy, Thomas was the son of James and Mary Edoms. James born 1820 married Elinor Moorhead in 1843 at Killinchy Presbyterian Church. James and Elinor emigrated to Australia in 1854. James left brothers and sisters in Ireland namely, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane,Thomas and Margaret. Our family married into the , Jellie, Robb, Moorhead, Bailie families. Any assistance tracing our early family members would be greatly appreciated

  King: Tyrone, by Trish Larson (02/08/2003)
Trying to find Ancestors of Robert King of Coalisland (sp-Charlotte McReynolds).

  Brodie, Brady: Cavan, by Marjorie Anderson (02/08/2003)
Searching for relatives of Thomas & Susan Brodie farming in or around Redhills. Son Benjamin Brady died in 1923 at Redhills whose was Eliza?

  Johnston/e: Westmeath, by Tony Johnston (02/08/2003)
Any info which may help

  Kelly: Kilkenny, by Alice Gavin (04/08/2003)
My grandfather Edward T. Kelly was born in Kilkenny on May 20,1886. Any info on him or his family would be helpful He came to the US as a young boy.

  O Connor: Londonderry, by Alice Gavin (04/08/2003)
Mary Winifred O Conner wife of Edward T. Kelly born in Ireland Have no other info

  Longmore: Ireland, by H Longmore (04/08/2003)

  McKelvey, Gaston: Antrim, by Robin Telfer (05/08/2003)
McKelvey, Ballygregagh, Dunaghy Parish. 1800+

  Mary Margaret Roche, Patrick Joseph O Shea: Limerick, by Henk Karelse (05/08/2003)
Michael Joseph O Shea, born in June 1950 in Hammersmith, now living in the Netherlands, is looking for information on Mary Margaret O Shea formerly Roche, born around 1919, widow of Patrick Joseph O Shea, a master sadler. She had a son an a daughter at the time. They say the family was from Limerick, but Mary lived in London for some years. We have no further information at all, so any piece of information is very welcome!

  Keogh, Gallagher: Gallway , by Eileen Harris (05/08/2003)
My ggg?grandfather Patrick Keogh was born in 1821. He came to Newcastle at some point. He had sons Thomas and John and not sure if there are any other children.

  Flynn: Tyrone, by Elizabeth Bailey (06/08/2003)
County Tyrone or Dublin areas. looking for the family of JAMES, MYLES & THOMAS FLYNN who emigrated to America abt 1839. Myles and Thomas settled in Arkansas. James settled in Pennsylvania.

  Trainor,Kirkwood,McDade,McGowan,McSheffery: Antrim, by Sean T Traynor (06/08/2003)
Investigating Traynor links to North Antrim and varous marriage lines Ballycastlee area. Portglenone. Drumadooey. Ballymoney. Counties Antrim, Derry, Donegal.

  Nugent: Armagh, by Dennis Patrick Nugent (07/08/2003)
Forkhill; Francis Nugent (b.1820)

  Nolan, Brennan, Tynan, Tierney: Unknown, by Marion Whyte (08/08/2003)
Maybe from Thomastown. Please email me in australia if you have any information

  Bodkins, Fitzgerald: Galway, by Dianna Collins (09/08/2003)
Any info on the Bodkins and Fitzgeralds

  Norris: Antrim, by Christine Shelmerdine (09/08/2003)
Looking for the family of Samuel Norris circa 1820-3 from Antrim, Belfast

  McGorry: Ireland, by Ken Howard (09/08/2003)
Have solid info from Liverpool area going back to the mid 1800s. Prior to that have some scanty info pointing back to Co Tyrone and Cavan.

  Staples: Leitrim, by Lindsay Staples (11/08/2003)
searching for ancestors of Samuel Staples 1812- 1892 married in Canada 1849

  Barnes: Antrim, by June Henderson (12/08/2003)
looking for my GGGgrandfather Alexander Barnes born c 1792. wie Jane surname unkown they moved to huddersfield yorkshire,

  Livingston: Down, by Irene Radcliff (12/08/2003)
livingston family leased land from trevor family.

  WILLIAMSON: Belfast, by Janice W James (13/08/2003)
Thomas & Jane Williamson /son John B; 1832? any info of this Williamson family

  Farrell: Dublin, by Beth Kloman (13/08/2003)
Left for Liverpool before 1840

  McCoy, Mason: Galway, by JANICE W JAMES (14/08/2003)
Peter McKoy & Ann Mason were the parents of Thomas McCoy, born Ballinasloe,1832

  Partridge: Unknown, by Ian (15/08/2003)
Unknown at present - born in Ireland - some migrants.

  Leary, Callaghan: Cork, by Elaine Meredith (16/08/2003)
Trying to find way to information to the above names please

  Walker,Mc Lachlan,: Clare, by Elaine Meredith (16/08/2003)
Any advise to get a lead on these people please

  Russell, Fowles: Ireland, by Deborah Ayres (16/08/2003)
Tracing my gggrandparents immigrated to Australia from Ireland

  Humphries: Armagh, by Jack Humphries (16/08/2003)
looking for details of my grandfather Alexander Humphries who lived in Derryadd around 1900 or any of his family.

  Dunnan, Doherty, Patton: Tyrone, by Les Atkinson (17/08/2003)
any info on the names, 1870-1925 please

  Butler: Unknown, by Anne Chung (17/08/2003)

  Lee: Down, by Stella (17/08/2003)
Info wanted re:ROBERT & ANN LEE & son GEORGE (aged 0-3) moved to England from Co. Down between 1855 &1858. ROBERT was a SHOEMAKER.

  Martin, Eyre: Ireland, by Anne Bamford (18/08/2003)
Michael MARTIN was born in Dundalk about 1814. He married Mary Eyre c.1838. Children Mary junior Christened 7th Oct. 1838 Castletown Parish. Anne Jane, Christened 26th April Castletown Parish, Dundalk. Matthew - Further details unknown but born in Dundalk before 1850. Michael MARTIN junior born 1850 Liverpool, England.

  McCord, Pauley, McAteer: Down, by Elaine McCord (18/08/2003)
Jas. McCord, Ann Jane Pauley, Sarah McAteer

  Rourke, Jeremiah c.1700: Kerry, by Elaine McCord (18/08/2003)
Jeremiah Rourke married Catherine Haley/Healey. 3 children ?

  James McCord, Sarah Ann McAteer: Tyrone, by Elaine McCord (18/08/2003)
Jas.McCord, 92nd Regt.Foot, British Army, India

  James Pauley, Jemima Holland: Belfast, by Elaine McCord (18/08/2003)
James Pauley, Jemima Holland had a daughter, Jane m. ? Rankin. Details requested please

  Ann Jane McCORD nee Pauley: Belfast, by Elaine McCord (18/08/2003)
Died after 1910, looking for date/poss remarriage. Poss from Belfast.

  Whelan, Donaghy: Ireland, by Alison Whelan (18/08/2003)

  McCarroll: Unknown, by Jackie Mcnulty (18/08/2003)
Have been trying to find my greatgrandads birthplace for sometime with no luck all i have is his birthyear 1877 in ireland where ? married in glasgow had 13 children and died in glasgow 1944 if anybody has any info please get in touch

  Cornelius Horan: Tipperary, by Daphne Horan (18/08/2003)
Cornelius Horan, his son James, wife Nancy. Probably from Tipperary. Immigrated to Canada (Quebec) 1800-1830

  Barron: Waterford, by Gary Barron (18/08/2003)
Trying to find Peter Barron, b ~1833 in Ireland, poss. Waterford. Immigrated to USA

  Tool or Toole: Ireland, by Doris Webber (19/08/2003)
Family from Northern Ireland

  Coulter, Irvine, Grahm and or Graeme: Fermanagh, by Jennifer Hanson (19/08/2003)
Anything about these names would help.

  Murray: Cavan, by Dianne Connley (20/08/2003)
Trying to locate townland and/or parish (Roman Catholic) of my GG Grandfather, Patrick Murray, born ab. 1817 or 1818 to John and Mary. Patrick emigrated to USA (Cinti., OH) about 1846 or 47.

  Austin, Hamill, Hamil, Johnston, Boon: Armagh, by Ken Austin (20/08/2003)
Armagh & Antrim Counties. My Gt-Grandfather James Austin was Born in Ireland in around 1830. He had 12 children with Annie Hamill. My grandfather was born in Lurgan, Armagh in 1870 and the family moved to Glasgow in the 1880s.

  Hogan, McNamara : Limerick, by Eileen Cully (21/08/2003)
Limerick & Clare Counties Has anybody info on Timothy Hogan of Jonesboro, Limerick or Margaret Hogan., nee Mc Namara of Clare. Ages, date of marriage probably between1900 to 1944, unknown. Doing a family tree.

  Warwick, Murray, Carabine, Tumilty: Ireland, by Colette Maddison (22/08/2003)

  Goodman, Johnson: Armagh, by Sharon (22/08/2003)
Thomas Goodman and Sara Johnson were married in Armagh in 1833. Would like to find out birth place. They were about 17 22 years of age

  Montgomery: Tyrone, by Elish Boyce (22/08/2003)
Looking for Eleanor Montgomery of Pomeroy

  Crilly, St Ledger: Dublin, by John Crilly (23/08/2003)
Michael CRILLY Married Margaret ST LEDGER in Dublin1858 and they had six children,Can you tell me where Michael CRILLY was born and when

  Greer, Armstrong, Blackstock: Cavan, by Johanna Marshall (23/08/2003)
Immigration to Canada 1825 prior dates george,william ,mathew and other male names. Have no frmale names available

  Austin, Hamill, Hamil, Johnston, Boon: Armagh, by Ken Austin (23/08/2003)
Armagh & Antrim Counties. My Great Grandfather James Austin was Born in Ireland in around 1830 He had 12 children with Annie Hamill My grandfather was born in Lurgan Armagh in 1870 and the family moved to Glasgow in the 1880 s

  Kearney: Dublin, by Harry Furr (23/08/2003)
Mary Ellen Kearney, born 1867 - Lived West Temple Street, Dublin, married Walter Furr (a soldier) 1884. Father , John Kearney.

  Boyle, Duffy: Monaghan, by Mary P Ryan (25/08/2003)
Castleblayney area- Laragh/ Dunaree

  Newell, McDowell: Cavan, by Lauren Newell Booth (28/08/2003)
Cavan & Monaghan Counties. Looking for info on Anthony Newell, married Esther McDowell about 1810, have info to share on their children who all came to Australia between 1841 and 1861.

  Magrory: Fermanagh, by Joan Kahuroa (28/08/2003)
Looking for info on John Magrory and his wife Mary Rooney.Also their Daughter Margaret Eveline Magrory born abt 1857 and married in Australia then to NZ

  Griffin, Hagan: Antrim, by Sharon Hattle (28/08/2003)
Antrim & Roscommon Counties. Any info on Bernard Griffin from Antrim, died before 1878 he was a farmer known children James born about 1849 and john born about 1855 only info on Hagan is James Hagan from Kilglass Roscommon, Married to Rose Ann (nee Malaghan ?) not sure of spelling first two children born Ireland Mary and Francis . James hagan I think they called his mother Catherine . James also had a sister called Mary who married a Francis Gallagher? not sure if that is correct spelling) married in Ireland any info

  Vaughan, Rooney: Cork, by Patti Brandle (29/08/2003)
Cork & Clare Counties. Looking for any Vaughan, Rooney searcher . Both families arrived in NY I think about 1860. They went to Mass., PA and on to Missouri. Names were John, Michael Vaughan, Michael, & Mary Rooney.

  Dunnion, Mccartan, Sweeney, Mcginty: Donegal, by Jean Macdonald (29/08/2003)
My Gr.f and Gt-Grandfather were George Dunnion. trying to trace the Donegal link, Gr.m was Elizabeth Mccartan whose family disapproved of her mariage, Gt-Gt Grandmother was Bridgit Mcginty

  Donegan, Neacy: Louth, by Ronald L. Chatham (29/08/2003)
Louth & Meath Counties. John E. Donegan and Catherine Mary Neacy were married in Clogherhead on Nov. 19, 1891. Both were from Drogheda and were married at Hackets Cross Parish. I have been unable to locate any information about this Parish or birth records on either of them.

  Healey or Healy: Kilkenny, by GARRY HEALEY (29/08/2003)
Philip and/or James from Kilmacow to Newfoundland

  Johnston or Johnson: Armagh, by Tom Johnston (30/08/2003)
Three brothers Peter, John & Felix or James and a sister Elizabeth emigrated from Armagh. Peter I believe around 1853/54 and John & Felix around 1866/67. I believe they were from the townland of Dorsy. Trying to find parents/dates/vessel that they emigrated on.

  Ney, Nay: Cavan, by Carl Perkin (31/08/2003)
I have traced the Neys, Nays to Bailieborough in 1849. Marriage of Robert Ney to Jane Bell 4th April. trying to trace Roberts father, George married Sarah Morrison and Georges father Robert Ney who married Hester Wilson.

  Millar, Robert Dawson: Antrim, by Margaret (Peggy) Valiquette (01/09/2003)
Townland Carmavy. Parish Killead. Father, Francis. Mother, Jane Dawson. 1850s. Any info welcome.

  Waite, McGowan, McCaw: Armagh, by Doreen Waite (02/09/2003)
John Waite married Fanny McGowan (2nd wife) 1855. He was a Publican in Market Road. One recorded son John, born 1866. Son William Robert born 1856 but birth certificate not found. He came to New Zealand 1875 and married Nancy McCaw in 1878. Nancy was born c.1857, from Portglenone, who came to NZ in 1877.

  Shannon, McCanny: Londonderry, by Aileen Mennie (03/09/2003)
trying to find out if my grandmother had any brothers or sisters. Her parents were John Shannon & Sarah Ann McCanny. Don't know when/where married. My Grandmother was born 2.7.1911 in Moymucklemurry, Magherafelt.

  Arahill, Harrahill, Harrihill, Heffernan, Murphy, : Tipperary, by Rebecca Arahill (09/09/2003)
From Tipperary, Galway, Limerick, Clare, Cavan & Meath

  Boyle, Boylen, Hart: Cork, by Eileen Brown (12/09/2003)
Trying to trace details of Gt-grandparents.

  Lennon, Comiskey: Monaghan, by Ed Schiller (12/09/2003)
My gt-grandfater was James Lennon immigrated to the US in 1888. He was born abt 1869 in Ballybay parish. His father was Owen Lennon, mother Bridget nee Comiskey. .

  Hopkins, Smith.: Cavan, by Ed Schiller (12/09/2003)
My gt-grandmother Sarah Lennon nee Hopkins was born in the townland of Doon abt 1870. Her father was Arthur Hopkins & her mother was Mary Smith (or Smythe). .

  Hand, McGahey: Ireland, by Linda Bramlett (13/09/2003)

  McAllister, Burnside: Antrim, by Anne Shane (13/09/2003)
Looking for a John or Catherine Burnside

  Lamont, Wylie: Antrim, by Lisa Bullock (13/09/2003)
John Lamont married Agnes Wylie in Portglenone in 1849. Their known children were Mary b.1850 Thomas b.1857 and Margaret b.1865. Johns father was possibly William & Agnes fathers name was possibly John.

  Mullally, Mullaly, Burgess: Dublin, by Rosemary Mullally (13/09/2003)
1863 marriage of Michael Mullally & Mary Ann Burgess

  Layden McNeill Curran: Sligo, by Jacqueline Layden (15/09/2003)
All left Ireland c.1849 from Sligo & Galway Counties.

  Shevlin, Comiskey, Cummiskey and variations: Armagh, by Nancy M. Shevlin (17/09/2003)
trying to find out if there is a "High Street : in both Bessbrook and Newry. Also, is it connected to Orior Upper. A map of Jonesborough and Drumintee .would be most helpful.

  Hunter, Hawthorne, Glasgow: Cavan, by Gael Jackson (18/09/2003)
James Hunter & Esther Hawthorn from Co. Cavan, Ireland. Robert Glasgow was from Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Ireland.

  Moloney or Maloney, Conroy or Conry: Galway, by Mrs. P.S. Madge (18/09/2003)
Any help gratefully received

  Comiskey: Monaghan, by Marilyn McCoun (21/09/2003)
My grandfather Hugh Comiskey was born in or near Castleblaney in 1878. I believe his parents were Patrick Comiskey & Catherine McCooey. .

  Bourhill: Ireland, by Michelle Lewis (21/09/2003)
Looking for my family the Bourhills from Scotland, Ireland & England

  Damery: Unknown, by Elaine Davis (21/09/2003)

  Delaney: Unknown, by M. Delaney (22/09/2003)
looking for my Family origin

  Kilpatrick, : Armagh, by Judy Berndt (22/09/2003)

  Johnston, Fulton, Drake, McBride, Kidd.: Down, by sallyann Pyle (22/09/2003)
Looking for all of above names from either Largymore or Lisburn, Counties Down or Antrim.

  Traynor, Duffy: Armagh, by Mary McGovern (23/09/2003)
Researching grandparents Patrick Joseph Traynor from Cullyhanna Armagh and Mary (minnie) Duffy from Monaghan. Any leads would be most welcome

  McShane, Bowden, Callaghan: Armagh, by Michael Maher (23/09/2003)
Interested in any info on these names, particularly in the Crossmaglen area.

  McGinnity, McConville: Armagh, by Joe Cummins (23/09/2003)
Peter McGinnity married Ann McConville in Upper Killeavy, Armagh, Jan 1857. Left for America by 1860, looking for roots

  Joyce: Armagh, by dsmitymax (24/09/2003)
Looking for information regarding Samuel Joyce, Portadown 1890s. Married Mary Graham from Scotland c1891

  Dunbar, McDowell: Down, by Valerie (24/09/2003)
Looking for any information on either name from 1800 - present. Particular interest in Coomber and Knockbreda

  Loney: Armagh, by Terry (24/09/2003)
Any information on parents of THOMAS LONEY born 1807

  McCulkin, McQuilton: Tyrone, by Jane McCulkin (26/09/2003)
Searching for family members or any information on these surnames.

  Canning , Wallen: Donegal, by Marie Irwin (27/09/2003)
John Harvey Canning born Malin 1831 can anybody help

  Irwin: Armagh, by Marie Irwin (27/09/2003)
Any information please - Bessbrook, Armagh

  Howard, Garner, O Callaghan: Cork, by Nancy Langdon Webb (28/09/2003)
Counties Mayo & Cork. Robert Garner and Mary Howard were born in County Mayo 1840 and 1841. This information taken from 1900 U.S. Census in Pennsylvania. I would appreciate hearing from anyone searching these names.

  McGinity: Ireland, by Judy Bozarth (29/09/2003)
Judy the daughter of Edwin John McGinity born October 16 1916 in Tombstone Arizona and died October 2002 in Placerville California looking for any information on his family My Grandfathers name: Joseph McGinity born June 9 1965 in Browns Valley California and died February 16 1946 in Placerville California He married an Edith FLorert born about 1885 in England My Greatgrandfathers name Patrick McGinity born in County Monaghan Ireland between 1810 1820 and died December 27 1878 in Long Bar Township California He married Norry Green born about 1832 in Ireland and died December 3 1867 in Long Bar Township California My Great Greatgrandfathers Name Unknown McGinity he married a Nancy born about 1780 in Ireland and died April 13 1852 in Peru New York My Greatgreat grandfather and Nancy had 3 boys James born 1808 in Ireland Patrick born between 1810 1820 County Monaghan Ireland and Thomas born 1815 Any information would be greatly appreciated

  Cashman: Cork, by Frances Cashman (29/09/2003)
James Matthew Cashman son of Ann OKeefe and James who died 1844 at Crosses Green Munster, son of William

  McHale, Lawrence: Unknown, by William Higgins (29/09/2003)
From Ballyhaunis, Castlebar. Mary would love to hear from you, she misses you and patsy

  Blair, McBurnie: Donegal, by Helen Kerr (29/09/2003)
Trying to find information on Trinity Presbytarian Church, Letterkenny

  McDaniel, Kyle: Dublin, by Carole Hood (30/09/2003)
Family from Dublin, Tyrone

  Corrigan: Mayo, by Kevin Corrigan (30/09/2003)
Looking for Michael Corrigan who married Ann(e) Cummins(Commons) - Children were Mary, Bridget, Anthony, Thomas, and Francis.

  Broderick, Minogue: Dublin, by Shiloh Durkee (03/10/2003)
Dublin & Limerick Counties. Looking for info on Michael Broderick, born approx. 1850s in Limerick, married to Kathren Maloney and died May 9th, 1913. Also looking for info on Michael Minogue born in Dublin, approx. 1840s-1860s, married to Theresa Kathleen Darragh. Had 6 children with names Sadie Ronnie, Bert, Berniece, Michael and Gerald.

  O Neill, Wren: Cork, by pamela williams (04/10/2003)
Eugene ONeill married Ellen Wren c.1838. 1st child Mary Theresa born c.1839, 2nd Julia Francis born c.1841 in Bristol England. They arrived N.S.W., Australia c.1841

  Robinson, McFaters or Mcfeeters: Tyrone, by Michelle Robinson (05/10/2003)
I would like to hear from people who may be related to me. My great-great grandafather was Robert Robinson who married an Annie McFaters in Co. Tyrone

  McIlduff: Armagh, by Fiona McIlduff (05/10/2003)
Looking for info on McIlduffs who lived in Portadown

  Betlon, McQuade, Turtle, Redmond, McMahan: Ireland, by Bonnie D. Bryant (06/10/2003)
Would love to hear from anyone researching any of the Irish Names listed. From Louth - Cork areas

  McGoey, Gormley, Grimes: Unknown, by kathryn zufall (07/10/2003)
Bridget McGoey & Sarah Gormley or Grimes immigrated to NY USA. Bridget married Louis Zufall, 6 children.. died in NY in 1895...Sarah married Charles J. Zufall, the son of Bridget & Louis. They had 3 died in infancy, possibly buried in Ireland..Sarah died in 1958 in NY...Hope someone out there can connect with one of these ladies..

  Bell Lavery: Down, by Ros Fornaro (07/10/2003)
Looking for the Marriage of Jeremiah Lavery & Elizabeth Dickson c.1812 in Dromore and children from this marriage.

  Price, Moore: Armagh, by Russell Price (07/10/2003)
My ggrandparents Henry Price & Ellen Moore both born 1839 or 1840 in Ireland, married in Keady, Co Armagh, Sept.1862, moving to Australia in 1864. Also aboard the Sirocco David Price, 29, and Mary Jane, 27, with son Henry 3, & William Price, 33 and Matilda, 27. Parents of Ellen may be James & Jane Moore. Any information greatly appreciated.

  Spiers or Speirs: Armagh, by Yvonne Farrer (08/10/2003)
Looking for Thomas, born c.1865, married Margaret Catherine ? They moved to Liverpool.

  Joyce: Cork, by Leanne Joyce (08/10/2003)

  Shipley: Ireland, by Patrick R. Shipley (08/10/2003)
Anything on a Robert Shipley between 1600-1900

  Burke, flattery, Quinlivan, Barron, Osborne: Galway, by barbara burke (09/10/2003)
From Galway, Limerick & Tipperary

  Ratcliffe: Antrim, by ellen gordon (09/10/2003)
Lived in Theresa St, Falls Road pre.1937

  Lynch, Neal, Kincaid amd Doran: Ireland, by Billie Jane Lynch (12/10/2003)
Do not have much information before these families settled in West Virginia. Originally from N. Ireland

  Killoran, Lavin: SLIGO, by Christi (13/10/2003)
Looking for information on Michael Killoran, Nora Lavin and Peter, John and other family members

  Howard: Tyrone, by Barbara Howard (13/10/2003)
HOWARD, Thomas b.1810? James C. Howard b.1830? Both came to USA in 1838? Any help?

  Devoy: Laois, by mary devoy zadorozny (13/10/2003)
My gggrandfather was a Dennis Devoy. His father was also Dennis. I believe he came from Tullamore to America in1822 thru Quebec, Canada. Born about 1802. also looking for Patrick Devoy born in Dublin, Ireland c.1860. He married there and his children were Patrick, James, Denis, Michael, Joseph, Kathleen and Lillian.

  Sefton, Deveney, Kerrigan: Ireland, by Richard J Sefton (13/10/2003)
Tracing ancestors from Meath, Donegal, Armagh

  Bryan: Kilkenny, by Kate French (14/10/2003)
Any family of John George Bryan b. Glasgow

  Power, Newell, Hanna, Skeath, Redmond: Armagh, by PEARL STIRLING (14/10/2003)

  Stirling, McCready, Steele, Johnstone, Wallace: Antrim, by PEARL STIRLING (14/10/2003)

  Kerr, Armstrong, Taylor, Farrell: Louth, by Dotty Cooper (14/10/2003)
Info on family of JAMES KERR, b.1846, Dundalk area. occ Railways, station? Married Sarah, Mariane or Margaret, TAYLOR.

  Connors, Curry: Waterford, by Marjorie Merola (14/10/2003)
Researching the name Connors in Dungarvan

  McKissick, McIlveen: Down, by Carrie Dickson (15/10/2003)
Antrim Belfast area

  Foster: Armagh, by mary foster (15/10/2003)
researching family of joseph who farmed in Ahorey, Armagh c1800 s

  Matty, Barney: Cork, by jacqui peacock (15/10/2003)
Cork-Dublin. Please help

  Bullock: Antrim, by Kim Neely (15/10/2003)
Timothy and Pete Bullock c 1700 operated Linen Factories

  Tynan, Stiff: Ireland, by Susan Ritter (15/10/2003)

  Waite, McGowan, McCaw, Mulholland: Londonderry, by Doreen Waite (16/10/2003)
Wm. John McCAW wed Elizabeth MULHOLLAND April 21 1851. Interested in their family and need records of a daughter Nancy, known as Annie in N.Z., born c.1856 in Portglenone. I have photo of a headstone in Innishrush C.of Ireland with many family names inscribed. From Londonderry, Magherafelt & Portglenone.

  Kelly: Kildare, by Mary Annison (16/10/2003)
trying to trace my gr,gr,gr, grandfather who was bornin Ireland on the 15 July 1815. his Father name was Mark and mother Julia Brennan.

  Matchett: Cavan, by Frank (Matchett) Springer (16/10/2003)
Information on WILLIAM MATCHETT b1800 d1875 Came to Canada at age 15. Possible twin brother named John. Do not know parents name or sure of other siblings.

  Williamson, McCoy , Donnelly: Antrim, by JANICE W JAMES (17/10/2003)
Family info from around 1800 --1850. Belfast & Balinasloe

  Arnold, Long, Adams, Starke, Beattie,: Tyrone, by Robyn Gross (18/10/2003)
Brothers William Arnold with wife Isabella Starke, and Robert Arnold with wife Harriet Long, and their children migrated to Australia in the 1850s. Robert and Harriet and their family can be found on the passenger list for the Reliance which arrived in Melbourne in 1850. Research into BDM certificates has revealed town names, Ardshaw, Cappegh and possibly what looks like but may not be, Strawn Bridge. Other mebers of this famimly went to Canada. Although we can trace the Australlian branches quite well we have no information on their remaining families in Tyrone. Any information will be welcomed.

  Morton, Lovett: Cavan, by Robyn Gross (18/10/2003)
Eliza Moton b c 1835 came to Australia in 1855 as a ladiesmaid. Rearch in the BDm certificates gave her hometown as Belturbet and he mothers maiden name as Lovett. We have no othe rinformation so any assitance would be welcomed.

  Haughey, Begley: Tyrone, by Judy Smith (18/10/2003)
Looking for any information on the family of Joseph & Mary Haughey with children named, James(mine), Patrick, Bernard, Mary & poss Joseph & Elizabeth.

  Kerr, McLachlan, McLauchlan: Donegal, by Judy Smith (18/10/2003)
Looking for any information on the family of James & Cecilia Kerr with children named, John (b.1811 in Ireland) Mary (b. 1825 in Ireland), Susan (b,1828-1836 in Ireland), Frances ( b.1839-1845 in Ireland) , Bridget (mine born 1834/35 in Killaghtee, Co.Donegal, Ireland) & Ann Kerr (b.1841-44 in Co.Donegal, Ireland) . Susan married James McNeil on 25 Jan 1864 in Glasgow. Bridget Married James Haughey on 10 June 1854 in Glasgow, Ann Married Jeremiah McCart(e)y on 22 July 1867 in Glasgow & Frances Married William Sam. Parlett on 12 Sept 1865 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

  Graham, Burrows: Tyrone, by Kathryn Johns (18/10/2003)
Trying to find ancestors of Robert Burrows who married Ellen Graham and died around age 27 leaving two baby daughters, also family of william John Graham who married Gertrude Holtzhousen who was Dutch Africaans, they all lived in the dungannon area

  Price: Unknown, by Maureen M. Sayers (19/10/2003)
Searching for Beatrice Price, she was born around 1876 and all I know is that she was from Northern Ireland. She went to America around 1894 and settled in New York.

  Alexander : Antrim, by Lyn John (19/10/2003)
Thomas Henry Alexander born 1821 approx father Alexander Alexander

  O Donnell and McKenna: Tyrone, by Doreen Barber (19/10/2003)
Came to Canada during famine

  Rowan, Watson & Mcdonnell, Eyre: Dublin, by melanie kyriakides (20/10/2003)
Dublin & Belfast areas. Am researching G and GGG Grandparents. Ellen Rowan married Henry Watson in Dublin (date unknown) - daughter Mary Watson (siblings unknown)b. 14.01.1868 d. 1948 England. Mary married in 1894, Dublin to Thomas Eyre/s/Ayre/s. b.approx 1855 in Belfast, d. 1948 England. - ?He was grandson of George Eyre and Sarah Mcdonnell - father poss name Robert.??? Mary and Thomas Eyre had 8 children, Irene (my maternal nana), William (info found), Robert, Francis, Eileen, Edith, Evelyn and Emily. Thomas Eyre fought in Boer War - cannot find census or soldier records or when they emigrated to UK. Am requesting any information regarding these names.

  Farrelly: Cavan, by Lau (20/10/2003)
Looking for any information regarding Farrelly from Cavan. My late father in law was born there. He was one of eight most of whom moved to England in the 1950 or 1960. Would love to find out more on their parents and descendants.

  Quin, Quinn, McCart, McAttamney, Collins: Armagh, by Patsy Norman (21/10/2003)
Patrick Quin and his wife Agnes Dalton Creenagh Kilmore Armagh and any descendents

  Walls, Gerrity, Gallagher: Tyrone, by Lorraine Travers (21/10/2003)
Tyrone & Donegal Counties. John Walls, born ca. 1806, married Anne ca. 1828. Lived at Castlederg, Urney Parish, County Tyrone according to 1851 census. Their only surviving son, James, born ca 1834 married Catherine Gerrity, dtr of Anthony and Catherine, nee Gallagher, Gerrity.

  Kennedy: Unknown, by Eileen Grow (22/10/2003)
Patrick Kennedy b.1830 Shoemaker,Emigrated to Adelaide South Australia 1856

  Buchanan: Tyrone, by Patty Hopkinson (22/10/2003)
researching all Buchanans in the county

  Williamson, McKoy, Mason: Belfast, by JANICE W JAMES (23/10/2003)
Looking for ane one with these names around 1800 from Belfast, Galway & Ahascragh

  McCarthy, Carty, Walsh: Ireland, by Margaret Reece (23/10/2003)
Looking for Timothy and Ellen McCarthy who had a daughter Mary born approx 3/4/1841. Mary died in NZ Also looking for John McCarthy and Mary Carty who had a daughter Mary who came to Aust and NZ about 1855

  McShane: Armagh, by Angela Hartley (23/10/2003)
My great grandfather was Michael, born around 1840. His father possibly Patrick and mother Bridget.

  Ramsey: Fermanagh, by Bernard Ramsey (24/10/2003)
looking for information on William Ramsey born 1844 in enniskillen,immagrated to New Zealand on the Monarch on 27th.May 1870.

  Johnston, Gregg: Monaghan, by Ruth Johnston (27/10/2003)
researching the Joseph and Jane Gregg Johnston family. They came to the USA about 1858. The father, Joseph, died and was buried at sea. They had 10 children: William, Eliza, James, Sarah, Dorcas, Joseph, Thomas, John, Ellen and Richard. looking for descendants of James Johnston, as he stayed in Ireland or returned after coming to America. We also know that Joseph and Jane were married April 14, 1820 in Clones and that all the children were born in Clones.

  Howley: Ireland, by Karen Howley (28/10/2003)
Tracking down history on my family

  Gregory, Ogle,Kinsella,Ellison, Johnston,Hughes: Down, by Maureen davidson (28/10/2003)
Cork, Galway, Belfast, Dublin

  Hogan: Tipperary, by Dean Anker (29/10/2003)
Looking for information about David Hogan, born about 1775

  Lynch: Unknown, by Shona Smith (29/10/2003)
looking for any info on Peter Lynch born around 1831, who married Susan Orr, also born 1831. They later moved to Leswalt in Wigtown, Scotland

  Hegerty: Tyrone, by Maxine Capezza (29/10/2003)
John and Kathrine HEGERTY left Ireland about 1855 with one son, William, age 3.

  Abbett, Lynn: Cork, by dorothy Mackey (29/10/2003)
Info on William Abbett and Mary Lynn Abbett who immigrated from Ireland in 1850 for New York , USA

  Wood, Orr: Unknown, by Kirsty Graham (29/10/2003)
Looking for any info on George Alexander Wood and his wife Sarah Orr. He was in the army and she is believed to have been Irish. They had a son George Alexander born 27 Dec 1886 born in Ireland

  Quaggan: Donegal, by j.quaggan (30/10/2003)
anyone having this name or knows the origin of it please contact me

  Pecknold: Down, by Sheila Pecknold (30/10/2003)
The family left Newtownards about 1910.

  McConnell: Donegal, by Margaret Corry (31/10/2003)
My Gt Grandfather John McConnell joined the Royal Irish Constabulary c1870 Then left for U.K. I cannot find his parents, certain he was protestant.

  Shanahan, Manning: Clare, by kermashanahan (31/10/2003)
Looking for Jeremiah Shanahan and his wife Bridget Mannig . Who may have left Ireland before 1848. Bridget gave brith to Dennis Shanahan in New York City NY. Around sometime 11-7-1848

  Gallagher: Unknown, by ann gallagher (01/11/2003)

  Hill, Hume, Hazlett & Stewart: Antrim, by Judy R.Simmons (01/11/2003)

  MacGeer,MacGirr,Gearr,Giorr, Mac an Ghirr: Armagh, by geer_family (01/11/2003)
Trying to find link between Eng Geer, Geere and Irish Geer & Geer origins in Ireland

  Cairns: Down, by elizabeth jones (02/11/2003)
Does anyone know the whereabouts of a Chistopher Cairns,born in 1949 in Bangor N.Ireland?

  Angus, Cashel, Cochrane, Collier, Deacon, Godde: Armagh, by Heather Graham (02/11/2003)
From Armagh, Dublin, Clare, & Wexford Counties. John ANGUS was skipper of a 3-masted ship.-- COCHRAN(E) was a Watch & Clockmaker, N.Ireland,-- MORRISON my G.G.Grandfather was a Presbyt.Minister in Armagh then Dublin--TAIT was my G.Uncle also a Presbyt. Minister in Dublin then Kilrush, Co Clare.--Tackaberry was a Methodist Minister in Ireland.--Other surnames were ancesters related to me either maternal or paternal. --Please help.

  Foster: Cork, by Peter George Foster (03/11/2003)
Any family members in County Cork

  James Smith b.1807? Jane Reid b.1811: Unknown, by Nicholla Rich (04/11/2003)
Trying to source any information about James Smith who left Ireland at aged 4 for Scotland. He married Jane Reid who later died in Glasgow in 1877. There is no mention of James when 1861 census was done.

  Curley, Brennan: Roscommon, by Bernard Jones (04/11/2003)
looking to trace links to John Curley b. Liverpool 1870. Areas of interest Roscommon & Cork.

  McKee: Armagh, by Wendy (05/11/2003)
My grandfather, James Archibald McKee, was born in Markethill in 1863, mother Julia Tibeaudo, father John McKee. He had a brother, William Richard Tibeaudo McKee, and a sister, Jane Sinclair McKee.

  Taggart: Antrim, by Wendy (05/11/2003)
My great grandmother Julia McKee, nee Tibeaudo, married David Redmond Taggart and they lived in Carrickfergus. They had several children, one of whom was Mary Olivia Redmond Taggart.

  Tibeaudo: Offaly, by Wendy (05/11/2003)

  Acton, Greer: Mayo, by Laura Julien (05/11/2003)
Looking for any information on Elizabeth Acton born 1809 died 1900 and her husband William H. Greer born 1794 died 1876, Castlebar, Mayo

  O Reilly, Sullivan, O Brien: Kerry, by Anna Riley Brown (05/11/2003)
Cavan, Kerry & Cork areas

  Sherlock: Cork, by Mike Sherlock (05/11/2003)

  Shelly, Roper: Laois, by Connie Shelly (06/11/2003)
Looking for info on WILLIAM THOMAS SHELLY b. 1838 Skirk/Donaghmore area Co. Laois. In 1866 married MARIANNE or MARY ANN ROPER b.1839? or 1844 Mouthrath. They were married in RC Church, So.Dublin. First child, Anna, b. 1867 and they came to USA soon after. ? if related to John Shalloo who married Ellen Nugent in 1845. Trying to find father, also Wm. Shelly, and mother ? name. Father Wm Shelly is buried in Skirk. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated.

  Livingstone: Armagh, by Jackie McGarry (08/11/2003)
has anyone heard or know of sally livingstone who emigrated to australia,do not know her married name as my father joe flower has alshymers is 90 and does not remember

  Vallely: Armagh, by Robert Vallely (09/11/2003)
My family is just searching for our history for fun. If anybody has any information we would appreciate it if you could e-mail us.

  Brophy,Minchington: Galway, by E gardner (09/11/2003)

  Hazelton,Hazleton,Hesselton and variants: Tyrone, by Bill Hazelton (09/11/2003)
Looking for James( 2nd-greatgrandfather) and his brother David Hazelton. Believe David was the one confirmed at Tamnamore,Killyman Parish,Co. Tyrone 12 May 1824. Interested in all Hazeltons and related families in Ulster, Antrim,Armagh

  Leonard, Galliger, Gurry, Merrick: Sligo, by Debbie Borgman (10/11/2003)
Hugh Leonard, Attracta Galliger, Thomam Gurry, Elenoram Merrick

  McGoldrick, Meehan, Durkin, Mulligan: Mayo, by Debbie Borgman (10/11/2003)
Terrance McGoldrick, Katherine Meehan, James Durkin, Bridget Mulligan

  Rafferty, Kane: Antrim, by Jane (10/11/2003)

  Byrne: Dublin, by Paul Byrnes (10/11/2003)
looking for any who has any connection to Patrick Byrne who married

  Greehey, Hanrahan, Bailey: Unknown, by Mary Bittick (10/11/2003)
Trying to find info re: Bridget Hanrahan (dob 1842 ) daughter of Daniel Hanrahan and Johanna Bailey. Bridget Hanrahan married Jeremiah Greehey. I know that at least several of the children of Daniel & Johanna Hanrahan were born in Kilbeheny County Limerick. Any one with info on these names please contact me.

  Hillan, Hyland, Lennon: Down, by Donna Brook (10/11/2003)
Searching for a Patrick, John and Sarah Hillan from Gargarry. John Lennon and Sarah Lennon from Ballygowan. John Hillan and Sarah Lennon married in Banbridge in 1862. Emigrated to Australia about 1863 - 1864.

  Power: Waterford, by Lorraine Power (11/11/2003)
Anyone with any knowledge of the Power family who lived at the Head Off at Butlerstown, Waterford, please contact me.

  Morton: Armagh, by Frank W. Morton (11/11/2003)
seeking info on the Mortons of Armagh Co in the late 1700s

  Hainey, Henney, Hainie: Lisburn, by Linda Gray (12/11/2003)
looking for relatives of Thomas Hainey who married Esther McIntyre 22 September 1837 at Kilbirnie in Scotland

  Gault, Boyle, Cunningham, Wilson: Antrim, by dawn (15/11/2003)
looking for information the given names all travelled to australia from Antrim & Down

  Taggart: Antrim, by wayne taggart (16/11/2003)
Emigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada from Antrim & Londonderry

  Rainey, Rennie, McIlvenna, Erdis: Antrim, by Elinor Rennie Hickey (16/11/2003)
looking for information and family of Charles Rainey,Rennie who married Elisabeth McIlvenna and Matilda Erdis in Ballymena Co. Antrim.

  Kindelan: Kerry, by luke kindelan (16/11/2003)
Kerry & Dublin

  Shan(n)ahan: Unknown, by Kerma Shanahan (17/11/2003)
Found Jerimiah farming in southeastern South Dakota/northeastern Iowa at the turn of the 20th Century

  Fry, Kilroy: Cavan, by chris overland (18/11/2003)
need any info on John Fry and Anne Kilroy, lived in cloncovet,cty cavan

  Coulter: Antrim, by Linda Mitchell (19/11/2003)
searching for information for my grandparents.

  Hurley: Cork, by sheila nicholls (19/11/2003)
Am looking for any information on Michael Hurley born1843 in Cork County,Ireland.He married Rosa Ann Widdow in 1873 in Cheltenham and they had a son Arthur Ernest born in 1879 in Cheltenham

  Glennon: Louth, by Bill Glennon (19/11/2003)
John Glennon was born in 1840 married Mary from Louth & had settled in Liverpool in 1869. John was involved with the Irish Imigration around the turn of the century. I have not been able to identify his wife, or exactly where both lived in Ireland.

  Cahalane, Hurley: Cork, by sharon (20/11/2003)
Town listed for Cahalane is Macroom. Listed for Hurley is Dunmanway.

  Huey, Hughey, Hughy, Nelson: Tyrone, by Dale Huey (20/11/2003)
George Hughey (father James) & Catherine Eliza Nelson (father John) married 1863. Particularly interested in the parish of Termonamongan. Any info greatly appreciated.

  McGuire, Bradley, Kelley: Unknown, by Stephanie Mehlman (20/11/2003)
Emmigrated to Queens County, Nova Scotia around 1840

  Haire, Shields: Armagh, by Randy Fitzgerald (21/11/2003)
looking for any pictures or information on my father-inlaw and mother-inlaw. Moved to Toronto Canada in 1957 from Portadown, Armagh. Any information would be great. James passed away in 2001

  Hourihan,Flynn: Cork, by Daryl Hourihan (21/11/2003)
Anyone hear these names in Scibereen

  Mulholland, Anderson, York: Londonderry, by Vickie Mulholland (22/11/2003)
Robert Mulholland m Nancy Anderson 1854 Maghera Londonderry, Came out to Australia 1855.Roberts parents were Henry mulholland & Maria York.

  McCarron: Tyrone, by Emma Cartwright (22/11/2003)
Searching for ancestors of Robert McCarron born County Tyrone 1806 and parents John & Jane.

  Butler, Hehir: Clare, by Vickie Mulholland (22/11/2003)
My grandmother Kathleen d/o William Butler & Mary-Ellen Hehir born 1902 Garlic Hill Crusheen ,Co Clare. Came to Australia circa 1927-28.William is the s/o Michael Butler s/o William Butler of Bunnahow

  Lundy, Aitken, Parker: Cavan, by Rebecca Lundy (23/11/2003)
My great great grandfather William Lundy came to Australia in 1882 with his parents and family. They came from Bailieboro, Cavan. His grandfather was married to an Aitken. His father was Samuel Lundy who married Elizabeth Parker. Nothing is known of the Aitken woman or the Lundys is Cavan. Can anyone help? It is also known that Samuel had 2 brothers, George and John, who both migrated to the USA - years unknown.

  Brennan: Unknown, by Elaine (23/11/2003)
Margaret/Jane Geneive born about 1864 Ireland (?) married 1898 (Isle of Man), had sisters Anne (married Halpin) Ellen, brother Tom, father Patrick county unknown

  Nason, Mackey: Cork, by THOMAS PATRICK NASON (23/11/2003)
LOOKING FOR INFO ON FAMILY from Cork & Waterford

  Grady: Unknown, by Phil Muzzall (23/11/2003)
Mary Grady my G G grandmother listed as a widow UK 1881 census in Newcastle but born in Ireland. 4 daughters Mary Ann, Catherine, Jane and Helen all born in Northumberland, maiden name may have been O Rourke.

  McNeil: Unknown, by Kirsty Wilkinson (26/11/2003)
Hector McNeil born c.1834, parents Neil McNeil and Jane Obriens,from Ulster.

  Clark, Clarke, Cairney: Unknown, by Nancy Gilbertson (26/11/2003)
How can one determine which county an individual was born in when the only info on census and death certificate is Ireland

  Murphy: Cork, by silvia (28/11/2003)
Any family member in Cork from Mary Ellen Murphy who emigrated to Argentina about (1860-1870)-married with John Carmody..they had 6 kids:

  Foulke, DeCessna: Meath, by Ronald G. Cisney (30/11/2003)
Looking for info on Jean Decessna and his wife Priscilla Foulke. Areas: Meath & Louth

  Wynne, Higgins: Leitrim, by rosemary ames (30/11/2003)
From Leitrim & Roscommon

  McDowell,McDermott,McKelvey,Haire,Topping: Antrim, by Gaynor McDowell (02/12/2003)
From Antrim, Down,Monaghan,Derry & Armagh Counties. George McDowell(Antrim/Down) married Mary Jane McDermott(Monaghan) c1877. Archie McKelvey born c1854 (Derry),Marriage William Haire and Isabella/Annabella/Anna Isabella Topping (both Armagh)c1895

  McLachlan, McArthur: Unknown, by Wendy Pryke (03/12/2003)
Michael McLachlan married to Agnes McArthur

  Wilson: Armagh, by Bill Wilson (03/12/2003)
Researching Sarah Wilson who married William Briggs in Portadown then moved to Australia in 1860s. She then paid for her brothers John Christopher & David to join her in 1865.All born to Michael & Elizabeth Wilson

  Burk, Mcginnis: Down, by Lynn Tyson (04/12/2003)
William John Burk (Sr) married Susan McGinnis in Ireland about 1863 and immigrated to US in 1864

  Richey: Tyrone, by Andrew Streltschenko (04/12/2003)

  Mcalinden: Down, by tom mcalinden (04/12/2003)

  Johnson: Ireland, by robert edmundson (05/12/2003)
first name Sarah Margaret maried Mark Stone from N. Ireland.

  Bogue, Brabazon, Drinan, Callanan, Barry.: Cork, by Michael J. Barry (05/12/2003)
Any information of above names would be appreciated. They came primarily from the Kinsale area of Co. Cork.

  Mcgrath, Garvin, Campbell: Tyrone, by jim mcgrath (05/12/2003)
trying to find any information on michael mcgrath or felix mcgrath who was michael and janes( maiden name campbell) son. felix was born in 1839 and married catherine garvin in 1861 in dundee scotland.thankyou for any help.

  Conway: Unknown, by mark conway (06/12/2003)
searching for brother carmello d.o.b 27/09/70, Lancashire, UK

  Gordon, Murray: Tyrone, by Evelynn Cartwright (06/12/2003)
Looking for ancestors of James Gordon and Susannah Murray, married c 1845. Lived in Aughnacloy area of Carnteel Parish.

  Boyd: Unknown, by Robin Dudgeon (07/12/2003)
Hi there ! looking for a relative with the surname of Boyd. All I know is the fact that he has a son named Robert C. Boyd who was born in Ontario in 1839 and they were a Presbyterian family.

  Marshall: Tyrone, by Dee marshall (07/12/2003)

  Loughin: Antrim, by Timothy Laughlin (07/12/2003)
Looking for the Catholic branch

  Crossan: Leitrim, by William Madden (07/12/2003)
looking for John Crossan family tree in Baltamore

  McClenaghan,McLannaghan,McLannachan, Guiney, Guini: Down, by Nola M. McLenachen (08/12/2003)
Looking for any information on the above families from Dromore District, Co.Down

  Potts: Armagh, by Jane Phillips (08/12/2003)
Any information on the Potts family, living in Drumnott.

  Clarke, King: Cavan, by John Clark (09/12/2003)
trying to get any information I can on my great grandfather and great grandmother.My great grandfathers name was Patrick Clarke he was from kingscourt,Cavan. my great grandmother was Catherine Reilly. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  Steward, Stewart, Dwyer, Hannigan, Condon: Limerick, by Pam Taplin (09/12/2003)
Great need to establish Parish for further records.

  Larkin, Murphy: Armagh, by Elizabeth Fanelli (09/12/2003)
Great Grandaughter of Owen Larkin and Annie Murphy of Meigh, Armagh. around 1878. I believe my Grandmother Elizabeth Larkin was the youngest of 13 children. Born in 1881.

  Young: Tyrone, by Thomas Mc Namee (10/12/2003)
looking for the parents of Catherine(cassie) Young,born 8-9-1899,later married a Bernard Mc Namee,fathers name might have been Thomas Young and mothers first name possibly Ellen,Catherine died in March 1975

  John Falls Oneil: Tyrone, by Loyd Hobby (10/12/2003)
He was my great grandfather and emigrated to the California Goldfields in tyhe 1840s

  Rooney: Dublin, by Anthony Rooney (10/12/2003)
Looking for any info about the following people. John Patrick Rooney born circa 1872, married Catherine/ Kate Crowe who was from Upper Church Tipperary in Belfast Nov 1914. Her father was Jeremia, her mother Winifred Ryan.

  Crowe: Tipperary, by Anthony Rooney (10/12/2003)
Looking for any info about the following people. Catherine/ Kate Crowe born 1888 from Upper Church Tipperary married John Patrick Rooney in Belfast Nov 1914. Her father was Jeremia, her mother Winifred Ryan.

  Dailey: Tyrone, by Mary Dailey Palmer (10/12/2003)
Isaac 1735 John born 1731 Tyrone County death in Tazewell Virginia need their parents and any other siblings Isaac married Margaret Pickens Wilkinson

  Hough: Tipperary, by Dale Mitchell (11/12/2003)
researching Houghs from the Castle Connell Area. Any info greatly appreciated.

  Hynes,Hogan and Higgins: Unknown, by Michelle (11/12/2003)
Gamway, headford

  Jordan, Chambers, McAree, Ballantine, Wilson, Gibs: Ireland, by Anne Oke (12/12/2003)
Most of family emigrated from Ireland to Canada around 1830. From N. Ireland

  O Brien, Condon, Cronin, Corbett: Cork, by john condon (12/12/2003)
any info appreciated

  Bate or Bates: Wicklow, by capaul (13/12/2003)
trying to research past William Bate, born 1640 in Wicklow, wife Mary Ball. If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate it.

  Morrow, Bennett, Fergus, Moorhead: Down, by Grace Morrow (13/12/2003)
From Down & Armagh

  McLaughlin: Tyrone, by Francis McLaughlin (13/12/2003)
Any info on the following. James Joseph McLaughlin b1872. Mary Gormley b1876 Married 1894 Children, Mary Josephine b1895, Teresa b1896, Alice b1898 pollyarnon, castlederg, Bridget b1899. Anything at all would be great as I seem to have hit a brick wall

  McGinniskin: Leitrim, by Stacey Wills (14/12/2003)

  Quin: Armagh, by Sister Nora Smyth (14/12/2003)
Am looking for the date of death for Mary Anne Quinn, between 1890-1895?

  Kilroy: Cork, by Emily (14/12/2003)

  Power, FitzPatrick: Tipperary, by Diane Denning (16/12/2003)
Patrick Power b.1834 Tipperary, married Bridget Fitzpatrick in 1854 Waterford Ireland, came to Australia abt. 1855, Patrick was a carrier both died at Gunnedah NSW

  Vallely: Armagh, by martin vallely (17/12/2003)

  Donnelly: Dublin, by linda nichols (18/12/2003)
looking for info on Peter Donnelly and his daughter Bridget Agnes Donnelly Giles (born around 1832-35 in Dublin). Later moved to Cheshire England -married William Giles and then onto USA.

  Miller, Melville: Tyrone, by Violet M. Cummings (18/12/2003)
Need information about these names and ancestors

  Berry: Armagh, by aubrey berry (19/12/2003)

  Maclaine: Ireland, by Ronald maclaine (19/12/2003)

  Tully, Curtis, Egan, Tansey: Galway, by Virginia Daniell (20/12/2003)
My Ggrandparents, John Charles Tully b. 1822 in Galway and Johanna Curtis b. 1830 in Tipperary, married 1847 and had 12 children, all born in Ireland. They all immigrated to New York, USA, in 1870. Their first child, Daniel Curtis Tully married Elizabeth Egan of Sligo who immigrated to USA in about 1885 with her uncle, James Tansey. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with knowledge of this family. Galway, Tipperary, Roscommon and Carlow areas

  McAlister, Magill: Antrim, by James McAlister (21/12/2003)
My gr gr gr grandfather Joseph married Catherine Magill. Their son John McAlister born 1857? came to Australia from Lisburn before 1884.

  Scollard: Unknown, by ALBERT (22/12/2003)

  Logan: Dublin, by lilly houtz (22/12/2003)

  Hamilton, Millar, Long, Henley, Junken, Armstrong,: Antrim, by n.been (22/12/2003)
Hamilton m Millar Belfast 1924, Long m Henley Cork?1800, Junken m Armstrong. Antrim , Cork and Fermanagh areas

  Ardis, Boyd, Cassidy, Davis, MacLean/McClean, McCo: Antrim, by Ian McConnell (24/12/2003)
Looking for info on the Davis family, originally from Ayrshire but moved to Antrim in the 19th c. Also need info on the Ardis, Boyd, MacLean/McClean families from Tullyvallen and Newtownhamilton, Co Armagh. Have a fair amount on these families so far but need to clarify there places of origin. McConnells and Cassidys of Inver Parish, Donegal, particularly the McConnells. Can trace back to my 2nd gt-grandfather, Robert McConnell, born 1844, but no trace of his parents or siblings. McConnells of Mowhan, Co Armagh.

  Brennan, Tobin, Dwyer, Williams: Kilkenny, by Carole Demers (27/12/2003)
From Knockadeen, Kilkenny to USA. Patrick and Mary (nee Tobin) Brennan m. ca 1808; Children: Thomas William Brennan b. 1809, Ellen (aka Julia) b. 1810. Ellen m. James Patrick Williams, Knockadeen, Kilkenny; Thomas m. Bridget Dwyer 14 Feb 1843, Church of the Assumption, Parish of Paulston. Widowed Thomas & six children, Julia, Martin, John, Patrick, Bridget, Nicholas, imm. to Watertown NY in 1852, via Canada; 1855 moved on to Chatfield, Fillmore County, MN. Any info appreciated.

  Noonan, Cronin: Limerick, by Carole Demers (27/12/2003)
GGGrandparents, JOHN & JOHANNA (nee Cronin) NOONAN m. ca 1843. John was the son of u/k Noonan & u/k Buckley. Children: Margret b. 1844, David b. 1846, Daniel b. 1851, Bridget b. 1852 imm. to Fillmore County, MN. Siblings Patrick & Alice did not immigrate. Any info appreciated.

  Cronin, Hennessy: Limerick, by Carole Demers (27/12/2003)
From Ballylanders, Co. Limerick & Lisvernane, Tipperary. Looking for family of GGrandmother, GRACE CRONIN, b. ca 1834, imm to Illinois ca 1859, per death certificate. In latter half of 1870 m. TIMOTHY HENNESSY of the Lisvernane, Glen of Aherlow Hennessys. Grace died of typhoid pneumonia 28 Dec 1884. Obit stated she was a native of Ballylanders. Had two children born in Chicago: Mary Elizabeth and Michael. Have no other info on Grace.

  Duggan: Ireland, by Ruth Ann Allen (27/12/2003)

  Redmond,Rickerby: Wexford, by Tony Redmond (27/12/2003)
Researching TaraHill,Gorey

  McCurdy: Antrim, by Maggi Biles (28/12/2003)
Bryan, Margaret, Isabella, Boyd, William from Ballycastle, Antrim

  MacCarthy: Tipperary, by Maggi Biles (28/12/2003)
Charles, John, Patrick, Michael from Fethard, Tipperary.

  Heaney: Armagh, by marie fox (28/12/2003)

  Reilly: Armagh, by Sandra Haley (28/12/2003)
Searching for info on John Reilly, who owned a bootmaking factory in Armagh in the 1800s.

  Haley: Ireland, by Sandra Haley (28/12/2003)
searching for info on Thomas Haley, born around 1821, or his father, Thomas Haley, born before 1791 somewhere in Ireland

  Capper, Martin: Armagh, by Martin Capper (28/12/2003)
Armagh, Antrim & Down areas

  Mitchell: Tyrone, by Lori (28/12/2003)
Searching for James Mitchell born 1843-1850 in County Tyrone, emigrated to Philadelphia circa 1871.

  Curley: Cork, by Deborah Whitehouse (29/12/2003)
I have a Thomas Curley born in Ireland in 1842 moved to Boston Mass US sometime before 1864 as his first child was born in the US Thomas married a Bridget W. ?? both were born in Ireland

  Herlihy: Cork, by dan herlihy (29/12/2003)
daniel, born Mallow 1865

  Lehane, Kelliher, Callahan: Cork, by Margaret Fosker (29/12/2003)
looking for any siblings of my Great Grandfather Denis Lehane born in Newmarket, Co. Cork

  Mary Leonard: Kerry, by Mary M. Hoffman (30/12/2003)
From Gillavy

  Byrnes, Garvey, Bellew: Armagh, by Paul Byrnes (30/12/2003)
From Parishes of Forkill and Creggan

  Byrne, Carrick: Dublin, by Paul Byrnes (30/12/2003)
From North Dock Area in Dublin

  Lonergan: Cork, by karen McCoy (30/12/2003)
Paternal Grandfather Michael born 8th Dec 1881 Father Maurice Mother Margaret Grandfather served British Army 29years Died around 1961 in London

  Mcdowell: Antrim, by tom mcdowell (31/12/2003)
searching for clotworthy mcdowell

  Roach: Cork, by Raymond Roach (31/12/2003)
looking for information on a Henry and Littleberry Roach who came to America in or around 1640-1680

  Blake: Cork, by Tracey Ely (01/01/2004)

  Sprint, Gilpin, Laverty, Preston, Quinn, Livingsto: Armagh, by Joy Barrette (02/01/2004)
will gladly share any info I have

  Sinclair, Samuel, Sinclair, James: Tyrone, by Frankie E. Sinclair (03/01/2004)
Samuel is my grt,grt,grt grandfather and his son is James. samuel married rebecca barrett in 1776 in cookstown. Pls contact me if u can help.

  Leckey/Boyle: Belfast, by Paulette Kossiedowski (04/01/2004)
address given 1909 46 Great Patrick St. Belfast

  Mackin, Page. : Galway, by Dorothy Friese (04/01/2004)
My g grandparents were John Mackin and Ann Page, They came to america and were married in Iowa in 1854. Both came from County Galway and were Catholics.

  Conley, Hake, Norton, Harvey, Brintlin: Unknown, by Adrienne Conley (04/01/2004)
looking for information on these families who immigrated to Canada in the mid 1800s. I do not know what county or region these families originated from. Any info. is greatly appreciated.

  Guy: Armagh, by ALISON GUY (05/01/2004)

  Deacon, Hawthorn, Duff, Livingston: Armagh, by Allison (06/01/2004)
Looking for information on the DEACON family from Armagh & the HAWTHORNE family from County Down

  Airlie: Longford, by Anne Elliott (06/01/2004)
Apparently my g.g.grandparents were married in Co. Longford in 1859. They were Michael Airlie and Catherine Welsh or Welch.

  McCarrick, Brown, Doherty: Donegal, by Jenelle McCarrick (07/01/2004)
Searching for the descendants of William McCarrick, stonemason, Castlefinn, Donegal, Catherine Brown, Donegal Ireland, and their children, William b 1862, Dan(Daniel), Neale, went to USA, Charles b 12 Dec, 1869 stayed in Ireland died 1951, Michael, James, Thomas and Margaret. Have not been able to find births in the LDS.

  Dignam, Degan, Donnelly, Carpenter: Offaly, by Patrick Dignam (07/01/2004)
Any information on the above with origins in Tullamore greatly received

  Smyth/McCaule: Cavan, by Albert E. Nickerson (07/01/2004)
Searching for descendants or information on Patti Smyth married to Ellen McCauley. They lived in the town of Arnagh, Co Cavan in mid to late 1800s. My grandmother was their daughter Margaret born 1867.

  Fitzharris, Fitzpatrick, Feehan: Dublin, by Bernardette Feehan (07/01/2004)
Grocers shop in Capel St Dublin, c.1916. Farmhouse, Ballylow Blessington Wicklow. Feehans of Newtownhamilton S Armagh.

  Donnelly: Down, by SARAH DONNELLY (07/01/2004)

  Kedley, Kettyle: Down, by Iain Keddilty (07/01/2004)
My great grandfather Patrick Kedley or Kettyle married Margaret Barry in Mayobridge in 1866. His son Thomas married Agnes Campbell in Loughbrickland in 1895 before leaving and settling in Coatbridge Old monkland district in Scotland. seeking any information about the family.

  Faulkner, Griffen, MacNaughton.: Donegal, by ANNE SUSAN FAULKNER (07/01/2004)
Starting with very little info on Faulkner family decendents. Griffens and MacNaughtons where I think aroud Co Clare, the MacNaughtons are connected to the Quinn family through marriage.

  Mc Aree: Antrim, by Danny Mc Aree (08/01/2004)
Belfast, Antrim

  McMahan, Hadden, Kennedy: Antrim, by Marie Loebig (08/01/2004)

  Cahill, Kelly, Concannon: Galway, by Doreen Cahill (08/01/2004)
Andrew Cahill b.1813 involved Riot 1829 2ith Nephew Brian Kelly. Gaoled in Gort. Mother wrote to magistrate in Dublin for release. Andrew married Sarah Cecilia Kelly had 2 sons Malachy B1839 and ANDREW 1843. Both migrated Australia 1863/66 Joined Police Force

  Yarr: Antrim, by Sandra Turner (08/01/2004)
Searching Jane Yarr b circa 1837, parents John Yarr, Anne Dunigan

  Conroy: Unknown, by Sandra Turner (08/01/2004)
Searching James Patrick Conroy b.circa 1842 Mucklelea, C kilkenny

  Scully: Unknown, by Sandra Turner (08/01/2004)
Searching Julie Scully b.circa 1842 Mucklelea, Co Kilkenny

  Donnelly: Down, by SARAH DONNELLY (08/01/2004)
searching for any relatives of Thomas Celsus Donnelly who was studying to be a doctor. His early years were spent at boarding school at Strawberry Hill.

  Delaney: Cork, by Frances Delaney (08/01/2004)
looking for anyone that might know my great grandparents, Killarney, Co. Cork.

  Mac Muldrow: Unknown, by Daniel Muldrow (08/01/2004)
Most of the Family moved to America before1800

  Cahill, Kelly, Concannon: Galway, by Doreen Cahill (09/01/2004)
ANDREW CAHILL B1813 second wife CATHERINE CONCANNON had son MARTIN b 1857 migrated to Queensland died in 1884. Know nothing of this second marriage.

  Paton: Antrim, by Linda Paton (09/01/2004)
Looking for info on Hugh Paton from Belfast

  Smyth, Savage, McCutcheon, McCoy: Down, by william john smyth (09/01/2004)
any one with info on a malcolm smyth 1870 + or - 10 years

  McElhaw: Donegal, by Tralee Mc Elhaw (10/01/2004)
Searching information on my ancestors from Letterkenny.

  Cahill: Dublin, by Mrs. Jenny Kendall (10/01/2004)

  Nunan: Cork, by William Nunan Pearson (10/01/2004)
Looking for all information re Charles F. Nunan, b 15 Aug 1815 Mallow, Co. Cork

  Cameron, Elwood: Antrim, by John Elwood (11/01/2004)
Cameron of Bally mena and Ballylinney Elwood of Antrim Down or Armagh counties.

  Breadner: Armagh, by Tim (12/01/2004)
Researching Joseph Breadner and earlier from Keady Armagh.

  McCleery: Antrim, by Kim McCleery (12/01/2004)
trying to locate information on a Thomas Dennis McCleery who emigrated from County Antrim, presumably living in Ballymena circa 1865 and his family

  Close, Lawlor: Down, by Wendy Thompson (13/01/2004)
Seeking information on James W. Close b 1873 m Sarah Lawlor b 1878, resided at 6 Susan St, Belfast.

  Cuddy, Waters: Armagh, by Prof John Cuddy (13/01/2004)
prior to 1750

  Mcmillan,Rafferty: Tyrone, by Angela Brass (13/01/2004)
Looking for any connected to these surnames in Dungannon, Tyrone.

  Courtney: Armagh, by Janet Ruzycki (14/01/2004)
Any info on the Courtney name is appreciated.

  Taggart, McAteer & Cassidy: Tryone, by Peter James Oswald (14/01/2004)
John Joseph and Catherine Taggart (nee McAteer) who emigrated from Ireland to Australia c 1882. Eliza McAteer(nee Cassidy), mother of Catherine, from County Armagh and any descendants. Armagh & Tyrone areas

  McCall, Surgenor: Antrim, by Charlotte Theresa Heath (14/01/2004)
Grandfather was connected to a Woollen Mill in Randlestown

  Hughes, Hughs, Husse: Antrim, by Daryl Hughes (14/01/2004)
My gr gr grandfather was Henry Thompson Hughes b.abt 1822 in North Carolina, Usa.

  Given : Antrim, by Jim Graham (15/01/2004)
Any information from Dunloy

  Troy: Unknown, by pat brooks (15/01/2004)
Margaret Troy daughter of Patrick Troy a fisherman. Mary Ann b.1875 London, Father Denis in Ireland

  Lydon: GALWAY, by Jaqui Lydon (15/01/2004)
Grandfather first name unknown, grandmother Katherine or Kathleen, maiden name unknown sister Sarah. Moved to London pre-1946. Any info helpful

  Cordner, Partridge: Armagh, by diane fowler (16/01/2004)

  Long: Clare, by Sandra Turner (16/01/2004)
Looking for Honora Long & family. Circa 1861

  Howard: Galway, by Joan Howard (16/01/2004)
Any information about Edward Howard born 1852 came to Australia before 1881 from Galway

  Dawson: Cork, by Martin Long (16/01/2004)
Dawsons of Bandon

  Langley, Fitzpatrick: Dublin, by Paul Langley (16/01/2004)
Trying to trace my gt-great grandfather, thought to have been born in Somerset, then moved to Dublin, Ireland. Married a lady called Anne Fitzpatrick and had 2 sons, Robert b.1873 and Samuel b.1875. He or his father used to own a fishing fleet or vessel in Somerset, Devon or Cornwall. My gggrandfathers name was Samuel Langley and was born c.1843 - 1849. Sons were born in No 2 Dock Street Dublin.

  Monahan: Offally, by John Patrick MONAHAN (16/01/2004)
Looking for any information on Thomas MONAHAN and Rachel MONAHAN her maiden name unknown. Connections with Shinrone and sons James and John. Both recipients of gifted James version 1848 and 1854 bibles from a church in Shinrone. No further details except that James came to Wellington New Zealand about 1870.

  Kerr: Antrim, by CHARLOTTE THERESA HEATH (16/01/2004)
Owned Mill in Randlestown

  Steen: Ireland, by Ann Jackson (16/01/2004)

  David J. Sinclair: Tyrone, by Gordon Sinclair (18/01/2004)
Grandpa had a Watchmakers shop in Strabane and Father, also David Jack Sinclair attended school there, 1912 - 1917 range, anybody have any detais at all ?

  Parker, Scollon, McGoldrick, McCaffrey: Fermanagh, by Ged Parker (18/01/2004)
From the townlands of Orabeg, Cornacully, Meinarainy in the parish of Cleenish

  McAuley: Cavan, by Ged Parker (18/01/2004)
From the townland of Barran in the parish of Killinagh

  Holmes: Cork, by Edgar Holmes (18/01/2004)
descendants & family of Edward Holmes 1825 - 1902

  Carey: Ireland, by Janet Hall (18/01/2004)
Searching for a Cornelious Carey born c.1836 Ireland. Possibly Cork.

  Cessna, Cissna: Ireland, by sallie catalano (18/01/2004)
Please, searching for John, born about 1691.

  Hendren: Armagh, by Irene Birch (18/01/2004)
Looking for trace before 1848, Agahalee, Banbridge areas, Armagh & Down Counties.

  Graham: Kildare, by Michael Graham (19/01/2004)
Searching for Timothy Graham son of Hugh Graham in Kildare and Cork.

  Callaghan, Ward: Armagh, by Frances Cook (19/01/2004)
I would like to have contact with anyone reaching these names. My ggrandfather was Christopher Callaghan born c.1825 and Mary J. Ward born c.1827.

  Callaghan, Ward: Armagh, by Frances Cook (19/01/2004)
Researching Christopher Callaghan b. 1825 and Mary J. Ward. b. 1827 both in Armagh. Hope to hear from anyone with same family.

  Shannon, Fahey: Cavan, by Sandra Taylor (19/01/2004)
Family from Cavan & Galway Counties

  Mc Groarty, Harkin, Sweeney, McColgan: Donegal, by patricia walker (19/01/2004)
Any information on my gg and ggggrandparents greatly appreciated .

  Goodwin, Campbell, Mcguire, Kindelan: Fermanagh, by Rose Mary Mossop (19/01/2004)
Ancestors from Fermanagh, Donegal and Cavan Counties

  Eagleson: Antrim, by Steve Eagleson (20/01/2004)
Interested in any Eagleson references 1650-1850

  McKitterick: Armagh, by Stephanie Airey (20/01/2004)
Family background

  Griffin, Hunt, Simpson, Kielly: Cork, Waterford, by Tammie Lee (20/01/2004)
If anyone is researching any of these names I would be pleased to hear from you.

  Tomney, Tominey: Ireland, by Phyllis Ponsonby (20/01/2004)
Can anyone help with these surnames?

  Boyle: Antrim, by Deirdre Payne (21/01/2004)
Charles Boyle 1718-1808. Son Charles Boyle 1781-1863, married Fanny Mills

  Dunn: Kilkenny, by Deirdre Payne (21/01/2004)
Michael Dunn b.1825 d. Aug.2,1850 married Bridget Scott b.1829 d.Nov 16,1891. Immigrated to Quebec Canada before 1847

  Grimes, Ryan: Unknown, by Deirdre Payne (21/01/2004)
Michael Grimes b.1798 Ireland married Catherine Ryan (1808) in Ireland Nov 26, 1832

  Ryan, O Neill: Tipperary, by Deirdre Payne (21/01/2004)
Willliam Ryan b.1838 married Charlotte O Neill and immigrated to Quebec, Canada

  Martin: Unknown, by Deirdre Payne (21/01/2004)
From Glen Arm. John married a Kirsty MacDonald from Hilton Scotland, Moved to Glasgow and had daughter Lily, Jamison, Jean and Christine

  Grimes, O Meara: Unknown, by Deirdre Payne (21/01/2004)
John Grimes abt. 1773, married Mary O Meara b.1776 in Ireland c.1795. Son Michael Grimes born 1798

  English, Brown: Unknown, by Deirdre Payne (21/01/2004)
Robert English b. 1831 in Ireland married Margaret Brown b.1835. Son William James English b.June 4 1856

  Clifford, Shea: Kerry, by ruthillingworth (21/01/2004)
before 1841

  Hess: Cork, by Patricia E. Hess (21/01/2004)
Ancestors from Cork, Cavan and other Counties in the South of Ireland.

  Rafferty: Limerick, by Patricia E. Hess (21/01/2004)
Looking for descendants of Mr. Rafferty, Harbour Master,Foynes, Co. Limerick Ireland..

  Connaughton, Gaffey: Roscommon, by Maureen Thorneycroft (21/01/2004)
Ancestors from Roscommon & Galway

  Farrell, Morris, Leonard: Roscommon, by margaret jones (22/01/2004)
Tracing my maternal & paternal ancestors from Athlone, Co Roscommon

  Gannan: Kildare, by jennie sawyer (22/01/2004)

  Goldlie: Kildare, by jennie sawyer (22/01/2004)
any info on Currauch Army Camp

  English: Limerick, by jim childs (22/01/2004)

  Mullan, Fisher, Parker: Down, by donald mullan (23/01/2004)
family from Comber, Co.Down?

  Townsley: Down, by Hans Townsley (23/01/2004)
searching for information on a William Townsley born around 1880 in Comber moved to Glasgow around 1900.

  Jones, Gibbons, Lally, Sullivan: Ireland, by Mary Owen (23/01/2004)
Amy information would be appreciated

  Davis: Longford, by Micael Brian Connor (23/01/2004)
Looking to trace any links to John Davis b 1837, Athlone. Plymouth Brethren ? May have died in India. Wife Elizabeth Richardson. Sons Peirson & James John. , Esther & Anne.Dautrs.

  Davis: Roscommon, by Micael Brian Connor (23/01/2004)
DAVIS. Athlone. Looking to trace any links to JOHN DAVIS, b 1837. Athlone. Plymouth Brethren ? May have died in India. Wife Elizabeth Richardson. Sons, Peirson & James John. Dautrs, Esther & Anne.

  Madigan, Mahony: Ireland, by June Ferris (24/01/2004)
Tracing descendants of Thomas madigan and Catherine Mahony. Some children were baptised in Kilcornan Parish 1830s.

  Glendenning: Ireland, by Ian Abernethy (24/01/2004)
Samuel Glendenning was a surgeon working in Ireland in the 1830s and 1840s. He had a son with the unusual name Epaphroditus.

  McKitterick: Armagh, by Stephanie Airey (25/01/2004)
My grandfather Edward was born in Loughgall in 1867 and I look for family history

  Travers, Riley or Reilly: Leitrim, by Michelle (26/01/2004)

  Madigan,Mahony: Limerick, by June Ferris (26/01/2004)
Looking for any issue of Thomas madigan and Catherine Mahony or if they immigrated to Canada with their children

  Toner, McIlroy, Griffin: Ulster, by Alanna (26/01/2004)
Any ancestors of Denis & Rebecca pre 1907

  Toner, McIlroy, Griffin: Belfast, by Alanna (26/01/2004)
Any information on these connected families please; Mary Toner now in Australia

  Muckian: All, by Michael MacKian (26/01/2004)

  Mc Menemy,Sherrard,Black,Laird,Moore,Logan,: Londonderry, by David Mc Menemy (26/01/2004)

  Black,Mc Farland, Warnock,Ballantine,Lynch,Killen: Tyrone, by David Mc Menemy (26/01/2004)

  Bell, Convery: Down, by Sharon (26/01/2004)
George and Ann Jane Bell of Moira, County Down in 1888. Son Robert James Bell. Ann Jane Bell is listed on the 1912 Ulster Covenant in Moira. John Convery and Saragh McKenna of Dromore, Down in 1888. Daughter Mary Jane Convery.

  Mcfaull , Douglas: Antrim, by colleen mcfaull (27/01/2004)
searching for family members from Bushmills.

  McLaughlin,McLoughlin, Murray: Derry, by Jennifer (27/01/2004)
My g-g-g-Grandparents married in the Long Tower Church, I have found a reference to their marriage in the National Library of Ireland but have been unable to obtain a copy of the certificate of marriage to help me move further in my search.

  Vance: Tyrone, by Ann Morse (27/01/2004)
Ancestors from Castlederg

  Bryan: Tipperary, by c.brion (27/01/2004)
Searching for the family of DANIEL BRYAN born1779 in Carrick on Suir, and joined the Royal Marines in 1797. Any information on the family, or where to look, would be of help.

  Caffery, Egan, Sweeny, Flynn, Scanlan, Ruan: Ireland, by ellan maureen moorcroft (27/01/2004)
To USA/England.

  McCabe: Monaghan, by Fintan McCabe (28/01/2004)
my grandfather was Jack McCabe born 1918, at Latton, Veldons cross, Ballybay. Would be very pleased to hear from anyone with information

  Bryson, Herron: Unknown, by sandra k swanson (29/01/2004)
From Lisburn. David b.May 1821-Elizabeth b.1825. Fathers name William, a farmer--any info would be appreciated

  Henry, Bryan: Antrim, by Pauline Trimmings (29/01/2004)
John HENRY born Red Bay born 1838 and Michael BRYAN born 1824 Townland unknown

  Johnson: Down, by Dorothy Olson (30/01/2004)
Looking for Ralph and Elizabeth Johnson from Co. Wexford and Co. Down

  Toman, Savage: Antrim, by PATRICIA MOLYNEUX (30/01/2004)
ELLEN SAVAGE married CORNELIUS TOMAN in 1866. Belfast.

  Pegum: Limerick, by Belinda Norris (31/01/2004)
Thomas Pegum, his wife Bridget and daughter Ellen came to NZ from Limerick in 1847 as part of the Fencibles. Is anyone else searching these names?

  Dunlea: Cork, by Mary Stella (31/01/2004)

  Cope: Unknown, by Wendy Pusey (31/01/2004)
trying to find information regarding my great grandmother ADELAIDE COPE born c 1865 Ireland. She married John JAQUES (JAKES) c 1887, possibly Ireland or London. the family then moved to Colchester, Essex.

  Egan, Griffin, Pardy: Unknown, by Michelle Shearer (01/02/2004)
looking for any information on James Egan who married Esther Pardy and with at least one child Ellen Matilda emigrated to Australia in approx 1864, Ellen Matilda was born in either 1861 or 1862, they settled in Eaglehawk Victoria Australia

  Griffin, Mulvihill (Mulvahill): Unknown, by Michelle Shearer (01/02/2004)
looking for any information on Michael Griffin who married Mary Mulvihill (Mulvahill) they emigrated to Australia in the mid 1800s, they settled in Eaglehawk Victoria Australia

  Mccurley: Antrim, by graham mccurley (01/02/2004)
My gggrandfather charles mccurley may have come from this area he maarried sarah ocain(okane) ballymena

  Jenkins: Mayo, by gillian lamers (02/02/2004)
william henry jenkins born 1870 fathers named the same from Counties Mayo and Wicklow.

  Cooper: Dublin, by Pam Kelly (03/02/2004)
Austin Cooper son of William Cooper, retired Captain in the Army, possibly in Dublin in 1854.

  Hamilton, Bentley: Down, by joan underwood (03/02/2004)
researching 1800-1850 magheralin

  Dunne: Leitrim, by annemarie dunne george (04/02/2004)
Chales dunne 1901 census widower looking for his parents

  McManus: Fermanagh, by annemarie dunne george (04/02/2004)
Margaret McManus, daughter of Patrick McManus and Margaret Gallagher

  Gaughran: Louth, by Dianne Bray (04/02/2004)
Looking for info on Thomas Patrick Gaughran born abt. 1850. Joined the Royal Navy

  Mackay, McCourt, Moss: Tyrone, by Susan Monaghan (04/02/2004)
Looking for info on Michael Mackay married Anne Dolin approx. 1870 and had a son named James.

  Meredith, Sweetman, Timmons, Rush: Antrim, by john meredith (04/02/2004)
looking for anyone who has info on the above surnames from Antrim & Dublin. Please get in touch.

  Hillas: SLIGO, by Joy Hammond (05/02/2004)
Any information on this family collected

  Fleming: Sligo, by Joy Hammond (05/02/2004)
Robert Fleming of Achonry

  Mealey: QUEENS, by Joy Hammond (05/02/2004)
John Mealey

  Roach: Tipperary, by Joy Hammond (05/02/2004)
Margaret Roach b~1840 parents Patrrick Roach & Kate Meehan m: Thomas DUNN Aust

  Gaughran: Louth, by Dianne Bray (05/02/2004)
My great grandfather was Thomas Patrick Gaughran born in Drogheda in the 1850s. His father was John Gaughran a commercial clerk. Thomas joined the Royal Nay and was later married in England to Elizabeth Munro.

  Nelson: Kilkenny, by Dianne Bray (05/02/2004)
My great Grandmother was Margaret Nelson. not sure of her maiden name but her husmand was a British solider and they were married in about 1849. His name was John Nelson. On the census records it lists Margaret and her daughter Jane Nelson who was born in about 1850 or 1851 as being fron Kilkenny. Can anyone help.

  Rogan: Antrim, by David Rogan (05/02/2004)
looking for info on Bernard Rogan. Had a son called William

  Jacques: Dublin, by Heather McDougall (06/02/2004)
Looking for information on Alicia Jacques born in Dublin

  Brosnan: Kerry, by April Griffin (07/02/2004)
If there is anyone who is researching Florence Brosnan, Farmer, born around 1851 who had a son Timothy born 1876 and who emigrated to England around 1904, please get in contact, as desparate for any information.

  Graham, Dillon, McCabe, Mc Williams: Unknown, by Anthony Graham (07/02/2004)
Looking for any info on these names

  Connelly, Vaux, Buckley, Rice: Armagh, by Danny Michael Rice (07/02/2004)
Info on Henry Connelly b.1656

  McCormick: Down, by Lynne Macmillan (08/02/2004)
I would love to hear from anyone who may have information regarding my family from Killinchy.

  Barr: Antrim, by edie kowalczyk (08/02/2004)
Searching for family named Barr who from Belfast area. My Gd-Mother Rebecca & her brother John came to the US in 1900 thru Ellis Island from Londonderry. Rebecca b.1880, her brother b.1872. Had at least one sibling by the name of Annie who was in USA. My Gd-parents lived in NY, she died in 1935.

  McGorlick/McMennamin: Tyrone, by leslie maynard (08/02/2004)
Looking for anyone with coneections to the name McGorlick from Co Tyrone

  Bain, Bane: Unknown, by mike bain (08/02/2004)
looking for any info on the above surnames they are of Scotch-irish decent

  Nunan, Tarrant, Cootes: Cork, by William Nunan Pearson (08/02/2004)
Primarily interested in ancestors of Charles F. Nunan who immigrated to US about 1851 from County Cork and later married Emily Tarrant whose mother was a Cootes

  Molloy, Malloy: Dublin, by Nicola Cornford (10/02/2004)
Thomas Molloy father of Maria Molloy (Gardener) Can anyone fill in the gaps please...?

  John Campbell: Ireland, by John Samuel Blair (10/02/2004)
From Whieabbey,Co.Antrim, N. Ireland

  Groome: Dublin, by John Groome (10/02/2004)
Trying to track Joseph Patrick Groome, b 1875. His father was Thomas

  Nugent: Armagh, by DEIRDRE MARY JENNINGS (10/02/2004)

  Campbell: Unknown, by DEIRDRE MARY JENNINGS (10/02/2004)
GEORGE DIED 2002 ANY INFO? From Lisburn.

  McCann: Armagh, by Georgina May (12/02/2004)
any information regarding Mc Cann family who migrated to South Australia mid to late 1800s

  Bollins: Ireland, by Denise Fenton (13/02/2004)
Looking for Bollins in Irelamd

  Moloney, Kearney: Clare, by jan (14/02/2004)
descendands of Daniel Moloney b.1815 Tulla, Co. Clare + Mary Hartigan-Moloney also descendands of Lawrance Kearney b--1830-40 = Margurite Keane or Keene -- Kearney of Castleisland, Kerry

  Nicholas Nenna/Sara Power: Unknown, by Jim Henshaw (14/02/2004)
Trying to find the marriage

  Cooke: Kerry, by Gareth John Cooke (14/02/2004)
Looking for a Thomas Cooke who emigrated to Wales at the end of the 1700s

  Irwin: Tyrone, by spagushi (14/02/2004)
Lookingfor information about Nathaniel Irwin (born 1779), married to Isabel (born 1780) and married Margaret Robinson. Father of Stewart Irwin (born 1815) married to Sarah Ritchey (born 1829) and Sarah E Guy.

  Gorman, Vent, McQuaid: Donegal, by John Gorman (14/02/2004)
From Donegal & Monaghan Counties. Searching for info on Hugh Gorman or Jane (Josie) Vent who had a son Michael Gorman born 1829 in County Donegal.

  Boylen, Kelly: Unknown, by Linda Boylen (14/02/2004)
I have got stuck! Iknow that john boylen and catherine kelly are the parents of my Gt Gt grandfather Bernard he was born in1851 in Durham Sunderland birth cert. Family lore says that they originate in ireland but how can i determine when they arrived in england and where any suggestions please

  McDades, Sullivans: Cork, by Eileen Sullivan Tormey (14/02/2004)
From Letterkenny, Co. Donegal & Skibereen, Co. Cork Looking for the parents of James McDade and Elizabeth McClay. Their son Hugh is my maternal Grandfather. Also looking for the parents of James O Sullivan and Sarah Birchall. Their son Timothy is my paternal grandfather. Timothy was married to Nora Collins also from Skibbereen.

  Kavanaugh: Cork, by Colleen (15/02/2004)

  cunningham: Londonderry, by roberta bauer (15/02/2004)
looking for cunninghams,fathers name Samuel.sons Sam,thomas and robert.thomas born 1886.mothers name mary.

  Mahan, Mahin, Mehan: Armagh, by Harold Mahan (15/02/2004)
Need information on two brothers, James and William, who settled in the Virginia Colony (USA) and purchased land from Fairfax in 1766

  Doherty, Murphy: Donegal, by Julie Clabrough (15/02/2004)
From Donegal & Cork Counties. Interested in 2 Doherty families from Legnahoory & Ballyheerin and Murphys from Dunmanway and Newmarket.

  Allen, Gilespi, Thompson: Ireland, by Robert H Posey (15/02/2004)
Interedted in any infor on the Surnames

  Brady, Clark(e): Cavan, by Gail Bjorndal (16/02/2004)
Edward Clark was born in March of 1872 to Mary Gilroy(MacElroy) Clark and Michael Clark. Edward had three half brothers Michael, Patrick, and Owen(brn. Feb, 1867). He also had four half sisters, Rose, Mary, Delia, and Susan. Their mother was Susan Reilly. Edward and four other brothers were born to Michael and Mary. Their names were Peter, John, Bernard, and Thomas. Edward migrated to New York in 1892. Each of his brothers migrated as well. There may have been one half brother that stayed behind. Edward married Rose Anne Brady in New York in 1896, although she was also from Cavan, perhaps Ballyjamesduff. She migrated to the states in 1892 as well. Edward and Rose Anne had five children. Peter(brn 1898), Francis(Mar.15, 1900), Eugene(Oct. 1901), Mary(Jun.,1903-my grandmother) and Bernard(1904-05). trying to make more connections but seem to have come to a brick wall on earlier family.

  Jaques Jacques: Dublin, by Heather McDougall (17/02/2004)
Looking for birth records

  Ginderick, Redmond: Mayo, by Jacque (17/02/2004)
before 1840 nothing else is known

  McCall; Dobbin: Down, by Susan McCall (18/02/2004)
Andrew McCall b c1830 Ireland married Jane Dobbin b c1832 Ireland. They had several children born between 1856 and 1876. Those whose birth records I have seen were born at Holywood, Co. Down. Knockbreda and Castelreagh have also been seen mentioned in connection with the family. The last two children were born 1875 & 1876 in Rutherglen , Lanarkshire, Scotland. The whole family were found in Rutherglen for the 1881 census. Some or all remained in Scotland and England, but I cannot account for all the children after 1881. Maybe some returned to Ireland. Andrew’s job in 1881 was a coalminer. I don’t know if he had a similar occupation in Co. Down. I would welcome any information on the McCalls or Dobbins.

  Weir, Donaldson, Walker, Lamb: Armagh, by John Weir (18/02/2004)

  Murphy: Cork, by Julie Clabrough (19/02/2004)
Richard Murphy born abt 1786 m. Mary McAuliffe. Son William m. Ellen Reardon abt 1838 Newmarket.

  Murphy: Cork, by Julie Clabrough (19/02/2004)
John Murphy m. Annie Cullinane from Dunmanway, children Jerry b. 1855, Ellen b. 1858, Julia b.1860, Patrick b. 1863, John b. 1866

  Doherty: Donegal, by Julie Clabrough (19/02/2004)
Neil Doherty m. Sarah McHugh from Kilmacrenan, children Rose Ann b. 1851, Catherine 1858, Patrick b. 1860, Neil 1861, Sarah Jane 1862, Michael 1863

  Doherty: Donegal, by Julie Clabrough (19/02/2004)
Hugh Doherty m. Bridget Sweeney from Ballyheerin, children Michael James b. 1861, Ralph b. 1860

  Kennedy and Kearney: Unknown, by Catherine Smith (19/02/2004)
Does anyone know anything about a James Patrick Kennedy born in Scotland to James & Teresa Kennedy (Kearney D.O.B. 1909 His parents came from some part of Ireland and he may have been taken back there to be reared.

  Walsh, Flynn, Martin, Ingersoll, Kennedy, Harringt: Unknown, by Karen Walsh (19/02/2004)
Tim Walsh m. Mary Flynn. Both from Ireland (cork?), moved to the US c. 1850. Looking for any info.

  Loftus, Lee, O Flaherty, Folan,: GALWAY, by Noreen Loftus-Spilman (20/02/2004)

  Burke, McNamara, O Malley, Hester, Jordon: Mayo, by Noreen Loftus-Spilman (20/02/2004)
Grandmother and family from Doughmakone

  Shaughnessy: GALWAY, by Noreen Loftus-Spilman (20/02/2004)
Grandfather from Galway b. 1889

  Farley, Reilly: Cork, by MARY ALICE BARBUTO (20/02/2004)

  Callahan: Armagh, by James Connors (21/02/2004)
my grandmother

  Little & Tonks: Dublin, by Dee Mccarron (22/02/2004)
From Dublin & Longford Counties. Searching for information on a Emily Mary Jane Little born 1886 possible Dublin. She married a Enoch Tonks who was from Bolton Lancashire England but he was based in Dublin during WW1. Emily had 3 children who were born in Dublin 1912, 1914 & 1915 address on certificates show address as being 39 Benburb Street Dublin. She Moved to England in approx 1916-1917 and lived the rest of her life there. If any one has information reagarding living/ancestors of Emily please e-mail me.

  Myles: Cork, by Margaret Peck (22/02/2004)
John Nathaniel Myles Any info known to have lived in Queenstown in 1882

  Ware: Ireland, by Eric Ware (22/02/2004)
From N. Ireland. Looking for James Ware, born c1816, also Willaim Ware, born c1822.both shoemakers, farthers name, George.

  Alexander, Fritz, Mills, Hart, Sage, Rutherford: Unknown, by Lowell BUD Alexander (22/02/2004)
The MILLS, SAGE, HART families came to Massachusetts abt 1635. They subesequently moved to CT. The FRITZ family came to NY, in 1709/10 with the Palentines. The ALEXANDERs came to NY and CT in 1890 from Newcastle upon Tyne, Eng. and originated in county DOWN in the early 19th century.

  McCullough, Bradley, McCauley, Higgins: Ireland, by Mary Ann McCullough Harski (22/02/2004)
looking for gggrandparents came from N. Ireland to Phila., PA

  Barrett: Donegal, by Kathleen Moen (23/02/2004)
looking for information on Rev. John Barrett rector of Innisheel Co. Donegal He wrote a will in 1846. Please Email any information.

  Adams: Down, by Moira Gregory (23/02/2004)
looking for the birth of John Adams born somewhere in County Down 1842. His parents I believe moved from either Hampshire in England or else somewhere in Scotland possiblyt Motherwell or Hamilton area.

  Forte, Reeves, Delahunt: Antrim, by Sidney Forte (23/02/2004)
Trying to trace my fathers family who were from Belfast

  McCormack: Down, by FIONA SHARP (23/02/2004)
trying to find out some information on my Great Grandfathers family His parents names were James and Agnes McCormack and his was Joseph. He was born around 1850 in Ballynahinch.

  Grogan: Armagh, by Brenda (23/02/2004)
Seeking info about my gg grandfather, James Grogan, born in Forkhill, 1805.

  Rooney: Monaghan, by Christine Cheesman (24/02/2004)
Trying to trace Patrick Rooney born 1847 and Bernard Rooney his father who was dead by 1872

  Hamill, Robinson: Antrim, by John Shaw (24/02/2004)
trying to find some background on John HAMILL and his wife Margaret ROBINSON who emigrated to New Zealand in 1861 with their sons James and Archibald and their wives Mary McKAY and Sarah HUNTER.

  Shaw : Ireland, by winson saw (25/02/2004)
Shaw of Bushy Park,Dublin

  Craig: Antrim, by linda craig petrovcic (25/02/2004)
Thomas Craig. jr. was born about 1725. Father: Thomas CRAIG sr. b: ABT 1700 in N. Ireland . Family left ireland in abou 1730. Marriage Mary TRUAX b: 1727 in 5 JUL 1748 in Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey

  English, Oakman: Antrim, by lillian mccrimmon (25/02/2004)
William English born 1802 believe Belfast

  Stewart: Antrim, by Nancy Gardiner (25/02/2004)
From Belfast

  McGreece, McGrace, McGrice, Magrice, Cashon, Graha: Fermanagh, by Malcolm McGrice (27/02/2004)
ggggrand father William McGreece m Jane Cashon July 1826 at Tubrid church, Portanoid, Parish of Drumkeeran, Fermanagh. Childn Sidney fem 1827, William 1829 , Anne1833 Alexander 1835 John1838 Thomas 1841 . Partic interrested in Wm and Jane b dates ,c1804-5 and b places, their parents etc. Any leads greatly appreciated.

  Finlay, Sleith, Faulkner: Tyrone, by Averil Finlay (27/02/2004)

  McClinton, Lytle, Torney, Faulkner, Wallace: Down, by Dave McLinton (28/02/2004)
Any information concerning Samuel McClinton and Margaret Torney

  Lansdown: Cork, by L. Coutts (01/03/2004)
b. c1876 Queenstown. GEORGE ERNEST LANSDOWN.

  Taggart: Tyrone, by Peter Oswald (01/03/2004)
John Joseph Taggart born 1855 in County Tyrone

  McAteer, Cassidy: Armagh, by Peter Oswald (01/03/2004)
Catherine McAteer born Poyntzpass c1855 daughter of Eliza Cassidy

  Alexander: Down, by Lowell BUD Alexander (02/03/2004)
I have interest in the Robert(b.1807) and Frances(b. 1802) ALEXANDER along with their children, Matthew(b. 1826), Sarah(b. 1829), James(b. 1833) and Robert(b. 1836) all born in county Down.

  Phillips, Brady: Dublin, by Maureen Cruz (04/03/2004)
Any info.on the above names welcomed

  Kelly: Armagh, by francis kelly (06/03/2004)
I trace edward kelly (Grandfather ) to richill

  John Saunders, Mary Daly: Dublin, by megcollins (07/03/2004)

  Cully: Unknown, by jean hoffie (08/03/2004)
Lawrence Cully was married in Scotland in 1859 but I dont know when he left Ireland or what part of ireland he was born in.

  Rowland: Antrim, by Ms Bridget Taaffe-Finn (08/03/2004)
Am trying to discover anything about the Rowland family of Belfast, in particular an Elizabeth Rowland, prior to 1850. All I know is that Elizabeth was born there in about 1841.

  Payne, McConnell: Down, by Marion (08/03/2004)
Does anyone have anything on the Paynes of Dromore? Hamilton Payne married Margaret/Mary McConnell ca.1844 they were linen weavers. Moved to Scotland

  Clarke, Moffett, Armstrong: Monaghan, by John Clarke (08/03/2004)
any connection in or around Clontibret

  Cole, Bell, Brown, Heatherington, Boyd, Coates, Ca: Down, by Noeline (09/03/2004)
Betty Boyd (born 1792) married to John Cole in Clones. They had 7 children

  King: Offaly, by Chris Earl (10/03/2004)
Looking for family of William King and son Patrick

  Ronan, Jeffares: Wexford, by Mrs Lorraine Watson (10/03/2004)
Ronan family.Bridgetown/Tacumshane area.JeffaresRathanger parish area

  Drummond: Unknown, by PRISCILLA MCEWAN (11/03/2004)
trying to trace roderick drummond (m)margaret bacon 1830s.

  John Smith: Armagh, by Donah Didderen (11/03/2004)
Died 1949. Anybody have any info on my grandfather???Please!!

  Sarah Smith nee Crawford: Antrim, by Donah Didderen (11/03/2004)
Poss. From Belfast or Armagh. My grandfathers first wife??Anyone know any more? Died around 1940, had one son: Albert of Alfred.

  McAuley: Armagh, by Donah Didderen (11/03/2004)
My grandmothers maidenname, would love more info.

  Hunter, Murdoch, Peacock: Antrim, by Audrey Manuel (11/03/2004)
Robert Hunter married Sarah Peacock,they had a son John bn approx 1843 .John married Agnes Murdock and they had ,seven children.They went to Lanarkshire Scotland about 1889 .Where they worked in the steel works.

  Coen: Dublin, by carmel viljoen (11/03/2004)
family of martin&bridget coen

  Corbett, Neilson,Davidson, Allan, Lyons, Poole, Le: Antrim, Down, by poppiegrammie (12/03/2004)
These names are early 1800s back Does anyone have any information regarding them Only Corbett s came to American all others lived and died in Ireland

  Murrough, Murrow, Cook: Clare, by Jo-Anne Clarke (12/03/2004)
Searching for great grandmas family. Emigrated to US, Jean married William Cook and then moved to Scotland. Need to find out about ancestors. Please can anyone help?

  Cairns, Winters, Muldoon: Fermanagh, by Jill Murphy (13/03/2004)
William Cairns born about 1820, son of John Cairns and Isabella Muldoon.

  Cairns, Eccles, Lamont, Patterson, Wylie, Lithgow,: Antrim, by Jill Murphy (13/03/2004)
Interested in Lamonts from Maboy or Gortaheran, Lamont the same, Eccles Broughshane, Patterson Broughshane, Buick married Eccles in Skerry 1863, John Lamont married Agnes Wylie June 1849, Portglenone.

  Murphy, Mannion: GALWAY, by Jill Murphy (13/03/2004)
Looking Edward Murphy married to Margaret Mannion 1875

  Gray, Grey: Armagh, by Christina (13/03/2004)
Looking for Gray or Grey family

  Ireland, Burney: Antrim, by Sharon Burrows (13/03/2004)
Trying to find information on my great-grandparents, Margaret "Maggie" Ireland and Thomas Burney of Antrim, probably Belfast area. Had several children - Thomas , Frank, Joseph, Susan, Eliza Jane, Mary - first child born around 1877 and last ones around 1888. Would like to find out any information that might just possibly be out there.

  Haughey, Lyness: Armagh, by Dennis Haughey (14/03/2004)
Jacob Haughey and Jane Lyness aka Lynas lived in Lurgan and later Armagh City 1850-88. Parents of 12 .weaving industry

  Thompson, Carson: Down, by Sheila Thompson (14/03/2004)
Robert Henry Thompson married to Hannah Carson of Bleary Also any info on a Joshua Thompson married to a Sarah around 1820

  Geddis Geddes: Armagh, by Sheila Thompson (14/03/2004)
ancestore of Andrew Geddis who married Elizabeth Cordner mid 1800

  Lindsay, Harrison: Armagh, by Connie Barber (15/03/2004)
To Oneida Co., NY in 1830s, from Armagh, Cork or Wicklow.

  Hughes, Hanratty, Hickey: Armagh, by valerie hughes (15/03/2004)
From Counties Armagh & Laois. Townlands Freeduff/Aghdavoyle Laois - townland unknown

  Locke: Armagh, by Lois Stang (15/03/2004)
I would like to contact any living descendants of William and Letitia Locke of Drumcree Parish, late 1700s to early 1800s

  Robinson: Fermanagh, by Lois Stang (15/03/2004)
Need parents and siblings of Alexander Robinson, Aghalurcher Parish, early 1800s.

  Williamson: Wexford, by Michelle Steet (16/03/2004)
Any info on Henry, son of Thomas Williamson b. abt 1852 Enniscorthy

  Wilkes, Trebble, Ryan: Dublin, by david wilkes (17/03/2004)
Wilkes from Dublin. Trebble from Dublin. Ryan from Longford.

  Roach, O Hara: Mayo, by deborah hares (17/03/2004)
am looking for any info on the above named they moved to Oswestry Salop

  Mines: Armagh, by Selina (17/03/2004)
Am looking for any information on my GG Grandfather. John Mines left Ireland with a couple of Fitzpatrick brothers and came to USA. He was a Tailor by trade. Born in March 1818 or 1819. Hoping someone may have some information. We have also been told that the name was changed so the last name may not be correct.

  Crowder, Parker: Down, by Sarah Stone (18/03/2004)
My brick wall is as follows. From the 1851 census in Macclesfield, Cheshire, Eng I have William Crowder b abt1804 & Hannah (Parker) b abt 1813 both born Ireland. I have foung a John Crowder in Griffiths Valuations but that is the only other Crowder I have ever found.

  Gilmore, Moore: Down, by Tracey Reed (19/03/2004)
William Gilmore m Elizabeth Margaret Moore abt 1870. Had children in Ballylessan and Bangor, that I know of. Eleanor Crawford Gilmore (Daughter) was born while they were away working /living in Canada in 1874, she is my Gt Grandmother who later settled in Australia.

  McConnell, Berry: Armagh, by Mary Golding (20/03/2004)
b. 1750-60, immigrated to SC in 1800. Need birth information.

  Barnable: Armagh, by Kathleen M. Vitek (20/03/2004)
From Callan. Grandmother one of 13 children, only 3 came to USA want to find my relatives from Kilkenny

  Williiamson, Edgar: Down, by mary ann quigley (20/03/2004)
williamsons or edgar lambeg /tullynacross 19th century

  Wilson, Smyth, McCullough, Millar: Antrim, by Sharon Francey (20/03/2004)

  Greer, Roper, Wilson, Johnston: Ireland, by jennifer hunter (22/03/2004)
From N. Ireland

  Mooney: Armagh, by Joanne Lubarski (23/03/2004)
my gr gr grandfather, Charles C. Mooney who immigrated to the US about 1850. He married Jane Reid of Markinch, Scotland.

  McGovern, Glennon, Hurley: Galway, by FRANCIS MCGOVERN (23/03/2004)

  Costigan, Laffan, Kelly: Dublin, by lita saunders (24/03/2004)
Looking for these names please

  Colbert, Kiely: Cork, by Mike Kiely (25/03/2004)

  Cope: Dublin, by Wendy Pusey (25/03/2004)
Searching for any info on my ggrandmother Adelaide COPE born c1865 Dublin, and married to John Jacques. Living in Colchester, Essex in 1901.

  Mulcahy, Fitzgerald: Cork, by Sharon Cook (25/03/2004)
Enquiries/contributions welcomed. Mostly Buttevant & surrounds

  McConnell: Dublin, by McErlean (25/03/2004)
Looking for any Information on siblings of Philip Francis McConnell bn 1919 siblings Jack/James and Kevin from Cork St, Dublin City

  Grant, Ryan: Waterford, by james grant (25/03/2004)
Waterford & Kilkenny Counties. Trying to research grants, ryans from waterford kilmacow area. grandparents james grant&catherine ryan

  Fogarty: Kerry, by James Smith (27/03/2004)
Any one knows of a James William Fogarty who died in Dec 1950 in Ballybunion please contact me

  Shaughnessy: Tipperary, by Maureen Kenny (27/03/2004)
Tipperary & Limerick Counties. Tracing William Shaughnessy, had five children Mary, Thomas, Kath, Thomas and John Came to England about 1900.

  Buckley, O Rourke, Flynn: Cork, by Peggy (28/03/2004)
looking for ggrandparents, John and Mary Buckley

  Breen: Down, by Treacy Breen (28/03/2004)
looking for any information on Breen. From Counties Down & Fermanagh. RC. Thankyou

  Cassidy, McNally: Westmeath, by Danny Wilson (29/03/2004)

  McNammarra, Fox: Claire, by Julie Fox (30/03/2004)
looking for family roots---

  Gray, Poole, Liddell, Little,Campbell, Weir, David: Down, by poppiegrammie (30/03/2004)
If anyone has information regarding these names or places that I might look to find births, deaths and marriages before 1837. I would very much appreciate it. Sandra

  McKee: Antrim, by lyne wheeler (30/03/2004)
McKee Alexander arrived NZ abt 1880 or earlier

  Kavanagh, Elizabeth and Katherine: Wexford, by lyne wheeler (30/03/2004)
Kavanagh these two sisters arrived in NZ

  Barbour, Graham, Knox, Watt, McNaught,: Ireland, by Michelle Fletcher (30/03/2004)
Ireland & Scotland

  Barr, Stinson: Tyrone, by Carolyn Cameron (30/03/2004)
William and George Barr and Carson Stinson with his family emigrated to Ontario, Canada c 1834.

  Cummings, Shields, Devlin: Tyrone, by Mary Tidbury (01/04/2004)
looking for info on the Cummings family in and around Stewartstown, the Devlins of Stewartstown and the Shields of Coagh.

  Mcilmoil, McIlmoyle, Boyle: Antrim, by gill (03/04/2004)
looking fo information on James McIlmoil who married Eliza Jane Boyle in Antrim. Family settled in Scotland

  Cantley, Kantley, Kentley: Down, by Samuel Cantley (03/04/2004)
Looking for family with links to Terfergus, Rathfriland.

  McConville: Armagh, by Patrick V Garland (05/04/2004)
Counties Armagh & Down. Searching for John, a Customer Weaver, and Catherine McConville, who had a son Edward, born in 1818, reportedly in County Armagh, Ireland. Edward had at least three children born in Dromore Parish, County Down, 1840-1844, and later moved to Lanarkshire, Scotland

  Paul, McAuley, McMullen, Reynolds: Antrim, by Margaret Paul-Banner (06/04/2004)
Moses PAUL b.1806 Ballymena, m. Sarah McAULEY, moved to Canada 1839. Came back for father Moses & brother John I. in 1850. Looking for siblings of Moses & John I. PAUL.

  Keogh and Kelly: Galway, by Sarah Neil (08/04/2004)
Searching for anyone researching the Keogh and Kelly surname in Galway mid 18th century. E=specially the Clonbrock area

  Harron,McCrea family: Donegal, by deb Lane (10/04/2004)
looking for my mothers Irish descendents

  Short: Antrim, by Bonnie Kassler (11/04/2004)
john short married sarah armstrong in1897, looking for any info about short family , need help

  McVerry: Armagh, by Bernie McVerry (12/04/2004)
My Grandfather, John McVerry was born in Drumilly, Co. Armagh on 8th July 1880. He was the son of Francis McVerry and Anne or Ellen Mc Court. John had a sister, Margaret who remained on the family farm in Belleeks until her death in 1940. He also had a brother named Hugh who I believe emigrated to America. However I do not know when or to where Hugh emigrated and I would love to find out any information about him or his decendants or indeed any other McVerry who may be related.

  Hamill: Armagh, by Christine Moore (12/04/2004)
Looking for Info on James Hamil married Sarah Ann Laverty sometime between 1865 and 1870.

  Mellan, Mellon, O Neil, Murphy: Ireland, by Cheryl Mellan (13/04/2004)
N. Ireland. Mellan spelling is used in all instances in Australia have found variations only in Scotland the Mellan and Murphy families were working in the cotton handloom weavers in town of Maybole Have found many Irish families there in the 1841 census if interested look at website for the town of Maybole and census is attached Am I correct in thinking that these families left Ireland due to the famine or was it their skills Are the records relating to immigration into Scotland or out of Ireland Anyone related to these names in Scotland or earlier in Ireland please contact me

  Cronin: Limerick, by Carole Demers (14/04/2004)
Searching for information on family of Grace Cronin b. ca 1834 in Ballylanders, Limerick (per obit). Appeared in Illinois ca 1864. In 1870 she married Timothy Hennessy of Lisvernane, Parish of Clonbeg, Tipperary, somewhere in Illinois. Two children born in Chicago: Mary Elizabeth b. 1871 (m. Dave Brennan) & Michael d. at age 17, 1874 in Chicago. Grace died of typhoid fever, age 55, 28 Dec 1884, Chicago & is buried in Calvary Cemetery.

  Brennan, Tobin, Dwyer, Williams: Kilkenny, by Carole Demers (14/04/2004)
Patrick Brennan married to Mary Tobin ca 1808. Children: Ellen (aka Julia) m. James Williams & Thomas m. Bridget Dwyer. Family lived in Knockadeen, Townland of Castlewarren, Kilkenny. In 1852, widower Thomas & 6 children imm. to Watertown NY & in 1855 moved west to Chatfield MN. Thomas died in Chatfield, MN, 20 Jun 1885. Williams cousins also settled in and around Chatfield, MN. Interested in family left in Kilkenny.

  Hennessy, Cleary, Fahy: Tipperary, by Carole Demers (14/04/2004)
Timothy Hennessy m. Kate Fahy ca 1750 in Lisvernane, Parish of Clonbeg, Tipperary. Children: Thomas b. ca 1750, Peter, ARthur, Michael, Patrick, Mary (m. David Williams) Hanora (m. Matt Noonan). My line is Michael Hennessy>Timothy Hennessy who imm. to Chicago, IL., as did several Williams & Noonan cousins. Timothy Hennessy b. ca 1821, Lisvernane, Glen of Aherlow, Parish of Clonbeg, d. 1888, Chicago IL

  Hughan, Hacken, Hannan, Haughey,: Down, by Linda (15/04/2004)
Am trying to find more info on my g/g/grandmother

  Dunn: Unknown, by James A Gee (15/04/2004)
my gt gt grandparents were Andrew and Rose ( maiden name unknown )both born aprox 1821 left Ireland for Liverpool between 1849 and 1851 with their two children Elizabeth born 1847 and Andrew born1849

  Hughan, Hacken, Hannan, Haughey: Down, by Linda (15/04/2004)
Her 1st name was Sarah from Rostrevor, Co. Down. She emigrated to Australia as a ladies maid, then onto NZ. She received letters addressed to all the above surnames. On her husbands death certificate she is listed as Hughan. Later, on her own she is listed as Hacken.

  Ashwood: Down, by James (16/04/2004)
I need info on any Ashwood who later emigrated to Lanarkshire, Scotland.

  Aken: Unknown, by James (16/04/2004)
Any info on a William Aken circa 1835

  McNulty, McGarvey: Tyrone, by Margaret Burns (18/04/2004)
Rose McNulty born abt. 1836 to Ennis McNulty a stone mason and Ann or Hacy McGarvey. Rose was a midwife who came to Australia with her sisters, number and names not known, in abt. 1862.

  Peter Rabbitt, Bridget Action: Galway, by Margaret Burns (18/04/2004)
Peter Rabbit was a coachman who married Bridget Action in Galway. My great grandmother Mary Ann Rabbitt was their daughter. She was born in Abt. 1856 in Galway and was married in Australia in 1886.

  McWilliam, Benison, Johnston, Kane: Roscommon, by Sonja Harding (19/04/2004)
My research interests are in the north part of Co. Roscommon. Keadue, Boyle, Croghan, Grallagh Beg

  Lynch: Cavan, by stephanie Lynch (19/04/2004)
Update to Earlier Message. Judy, James, Catherine, Bridget & Thomas left Cavan through Liverpool to the US in 1846. Judy was born in 1820, James, 1825, Bridget and Thomas in 1826, and Catherine in 1828.

  Grant, Burns, Megaw, Coleman, Mahood, Hughes: Armagh, by Ella Patterson (20/04/2004)
Armagh & Monaghan Counties

  Cavanagh, Kavanagh: Antrim, by al kirtley (20/04/2004)
Looking for ancestors of John C/Kavanagh, professor of music, living in Belfast 1852-1866

  Thompson, Scott, Wafer, O Hare, Keenan, Carlisle: Antrim, by Gerry Thompson (22/04/2004)
Antrim, Armagh, Down, & Tyrone Counties.

  James Alexander Scott,Joseph Scott, Sarah Jane Sco: Armagh, by Rod Scott (23/04/2004)
Emmigrated to Canada and U.S.1880-1890 from Armagh & Donegal Counties.

  Cummins: Armagh, by Irene Wallace (23/04/2004)

  Sergeant: Armagh, by Irene Wallace (23/04/2004)

  Atchison: Antrim, by kathleen hansen (24/04/2004)
Seeking info on Thomas Atchison, emigrated to Canada approx 1848.

  Price: Wicklow, by kathleen hansen (24/04/2004)
Seeking info on Mary Price of Avoca, Wicklow, emigrated to Canada approx 1848.

  Morgan: Armagh, by pauline brittain (24/04/2004)
looking for info on Patrick Morgan (morganfamily)father also Patrick lived in Newry moved toWarrenpoint when he married mary Havern of Warrenpoint1870

  Cassiy: Westmeath, by Danny Wilson (27/04/2004)

  Coulter, Simpson, McCallum: Tyrone, by Isabel Lefebvre (28/04/2004)
Seeking information on David Coulter m Jane Simpson approx 1854 and John Coulter m Elizabeth McCallum approximatley 1840.

  Elliott, Mcquade: Fermanagh, by robert shepherd (30/04/2004)
G,g grandfather John Elliott marr Mary Mc Quade in Ferman. daughter Cecelia may have marr a James Elliott ?? Cecelia mig. to Australia. first time looking please help.

  Hanthorn: Armagh, by Cathy Gee Nessan (30/04/2004)
James Hanthorn came to Ontario Canada in the 1850s. Can anyone connect?

  Gilmer, Fowler: Down, by Emma Slater (30/04/2004)
Does anyone have any information on Henry Gilmer, he married Isabella fowler and had 2 children Sarah Anne born on the 9th of Decemer 1969 and William John born on the 17th of July 1871

  Arnold, Morton, Long, Beattie, Adams, Lovett: Tyrone, by Robyn Gross (01/05/2004)
Robert Arnold & Hariett Long emigrated to Australia along with their adult children in 1850. Roberts brother William Arnold with his wife Isabella Starke and their famaly came too. Trying to find any information about their origins in Ireland. From Tyrone & Cavan Counties.

  Brandon: Antrim, by vikki Timmis (01/05/2004)
Looking for long lost relatives

  Johnston, Mc Intyre: Ireland, by diana nelson (01/05/2004)
Can anyone help. My grandparents emigrated to NZ in the late 1800s. My Grandmother was Mary Johnston, daughter of William and Rebecca Gamble of Castlederg. William was the son of William Johnston and Rachel Sproule. Williams siblings were Robert, James, Edward, Andrew, Mary, Margaret and Charles.

  Paisley, Pullens, Locke, Dunne, McMurran, Cameron: Down, by Paisley (02/05/2004)
From Antrim & Down Counties. Researching Paisley, Pullens, Locke, Dunn and Cameron families in Raloo, Slimero, Tureagh, Larne and Carrickfergus, Co.Antrim. Also researching Paisley, Carlisle/Carlile in Slatady, Castlereagh, Co.Down, and the Davis family of Knockbreda, Co.Down. Annie and Cassie Davis emigrated to Montreal/Philadelphia, their brother William Davis migrated to Girvan, Scotland. They also had a brother Hugh in Belfast. Annie married i) Joe Gorman ii) Richard Hamilton. Cassie married John Anderson. All family connections/contacts welcome.

  Atchison, Summers, Price: Antrim, by kathleen hansen (02/05/2004)
From Antrim, Down,& Wicklow Counties. Seeking Thomas Atchison b 1837, Co. Antrim, Alexander Summers,b. 1766 Co. Down, and Mary Price b. abt 1838, Avoca, Co. Wicklow

  Curry: Kildare, by mary pauline eddery (02/05/2004)
fathers name raymond curry mothers name may hughes formerly kildare rep of ireland

  Farry: Dublin, by Yvonne Cichon (02/05/2004)
From Dublin & Tyrone Counties. trying to trace my mothers family who I never met.her fathersname was Michael Farryand on her birth certificate he was registeredas resident in county Tyronebut my mother was born and raised in Dublinas her mother died when mum was 3yrs old.

  Farry, Donnelly: Tyrone, by Yvonne Cichon (02/05/2004)
From Dublin & Tyrone Counties. looking for any of my mums family. Her name was Mary Monica Una Farry and she was born in Dublin.Her fathers name was Michael Farry and was registered on her birth certificate as resident in Co Tyrone.Her mothers name was Anne Farry (nee Donnelly ). She died around 1917 when my mum was 3yrs old. Mum was then brought up by an aunt on a farm in Dublin.My mum didnt see her father again untill she was in her teens so perhaps he remarried.

  McGrath: Cork, by Susan Tognela (03/05/2004)
Patrick McGrath born in 1837 in Mitchelstown. He emmigrated to NSW by 1862, when he married Hannah. Their son Jeremiah born in 1864 in West Maitland, NSW

  Paget: Dublin, by Jill Keane (04/05/2004)
searching for a sibling of Frederick Paget b. 1887 probably n Findlater st.

  McShane: Armagh, by Linda Ellis (06/05/2004)
Looking for info on James McShane, no D.O.B. His son was Arthur born Abt 1843, who married Catherine Rogers (b. Abt. 1849, Liverpool). Marriage took place in Liverpool 1871.

  McAtee: Armagh, by David McAtee (06/05/2004)
looking for birthplace of thomas mcatee,b1830 Co Armagh area, his son Peter or any other family members or relevant info.

  Purdin/on,Hollyen: Cork, by Jill Avery (07/05/2004)
Edward/Edmund Purdon father probably Daniel born c1835 wife Bridget born c 1839 in London for the birth of daughter Margaret 31/05/1859. Have you seen these names?

  Molloy & Avery: Dublin, by Jill Avery (07/05/2004)
Alice Avery/Molloy born c 1854 mother Mary Ann Molloy born c 1832. Did she marry Thomas Avery in Dublin?

  Rea, Dudley, Finn, Kelly: Cork, by lesrea (07/05/2004)
looking for the Rea family from Shandon, Cork City and the Finn family from St Mullins, County Carlow.

  Madigan, Mahony: Kerry, by June Ferris (08/05/2004)
kin of Thomas Madigan and Catherine Mahony from County Kerry & County Limerick.

  Rispin, Lyons, Connor: Ireland, by dawn shilson (09/05/2004)
interested in any of the above names moving to lancishire

  Carpenter, Muldoon, Boylan: Cavan, by Liz Carpenter (10/05/2004)
Counties Cavan & Westmeath. CARPENTER Hugh b. circa 1825 - Twice Married - 2nd marriage 1867 to Catherine BOYLAN

  Mohan: Ireland, by Robert J. Mohan (11/05/2004)
John Mohan, my Great Grandfather was born "somewhere" in Ireland in May, 1848. In 1900, he was living in New York city, with an American wife and 4 children.

  McGirr: Armagh, by Larry McGirr (11/05/2004)
Emigrated to US in 1815: James, wife Mary, daughters Mary Jane, Margaret & a son Wm C. born during voyage; family lore says 4 other brothers of James also emigrated.

  McDonnell, Scully: Offaly, by Doreen cahill (12/05/2004)

  Day, Nagle, Hickey, Sullivan: Cork, by Paul Searle (13/05/2004)
Researching these names from the Blackpool area of Cork as well as Cork City.

  Barry, Dunston: Cork, by margaret stamate (14/05/2004)

  Simpson: Armagh, by Pat Scott (17/05/2004)
moses simpson and 2 brothers came to texas.. moses was born 8/15/1811, died 6/29/1890 in texas

  Harvey: Armagh, by sandra (18/05/2004)
Anyone having links to Mary Harvey b.1862

  Calter: Armagh, by Jeff Calter (18/05/2004)

  Stanley: Cork, by Clarice V. Stanley (18/05/2004)
Probably be in Bandon or Ballymoney Area

  Davidson: Down, by stuart McHugh (19/05/2004)
Gr Granfather James Davidson b 1839 then to Australia m sarah White then to NZ--

  McCormack: Louth, by catherine jolley (19/05/2004)
i have written to the church in darver but not had a reply my grandfather thomas and his brother joeseph are buried in that area my grand father was born in 1860 i do not know joesephs d.o.b my grandfather was buried there 1935 to 1939 their fathers name was patrick can

  Warnock: Down, by kathy bowles (19/05/2004)
anything on the warnock or warnocks?

  Earl/Earls: Wicklow, by Anona Robinson (22/05/2004)
Any info on Thomas Rufus Earls bn Arklow c1845/8 parents unknown but could be Thomas and Mary. Other names, Heatley,Emma, William All Earls from Rathdrum/Redcross Arklow.

  Ryan: Tipperary, by Phil (22/05/2004)
1830 / 1840 from Roscrea.

  Johnston, Waldron, Keane or Kane: Cork, by Grace Morrow (22/05/2004)
From Leitrim & Cork.

  Kelly: Cork, by Grace Morrow (22/05/2004)
Came from Mitchelstown Parents were Thomas Kelly & Susan Barry C1838

  Morrow, Bennett: Down, by Grace Morrow (22/05/2004)
Came from Saint Feild Parents were Martin Morrow & Sarah Bennett C1835 Martin we have lost wondered if he remarried and went to USA

  Fergus Moorhead: Armagh, by Grace Morrow (22/05/2004)
Looking in Particular for Moorheads from Portadown maybe Seago Parish

  Hickey, Mahoney, McCabe: U.S.A., by Bill Hickey (23/05/2004)
Thomas Hickey 1840-1880; Mother-Mahoney

  Swanarton/Swanerton: Unknown, by pauleen (23/05/2004)

  Dickson: Londonderry, by Brian Dickson (23/05/2004)
seeking information relating to Thomas Dickson, Coleraine born about 1854 and moved to Port Gladsgow Scotland

  Rea, Finn, Kelly: Cork, by Lesrea (25/05/2004)
Any family info concerning the above names from County Cork & County Carlow.

  Hunter, Robertson, Logan: Unknown, by Cathy Logan (26/05/2004)

  Gannon: Unknown, by E.GANNON. (26/05/2004)
Searching for birthplace of Gt.Grandfather Edward Gannon. Born circa1861.

  Gannon: Unknown, by E.GANNON. (26/05/2004)
Searching for Patrick Gannon (Weaver).Father of Edward Gannon (Born c.1861) who emigrated to England circa 1881 to work on farms,Ormskirk,Lancs

  Mullholland, O Neil: Antrim, by Meilan Lam (27/05/2004)
Randalstown, Toomebridge area

  Coulter, Simpson, Mc Callum: Tyrone, by Isabel Lefebvre (28/05/2004)
Seeking information on John Coulter born abt 1820 and wife Elizabeth McCallum. Also David Coulter born 1826 and married to Jane Simpson born 1834.

  Kelly, Kelley: Cork, by Michele Kelly (29/05/2004)
Looking for Benjaman Kelley relatives

  Kerr: Down, by joanne fay (29/05/2004)

  Carley, Kavanagh: Wexford, by polly stuart (30/05/2004)

  Whiteside: Armagh, by terrence whiteside (30/05/2004)
looking for family or relations . sarah jane whiteside born 1909 corfehan. +elizabeth born 1912 armagh workhouse immigrated to nz

  Robinson: Armagh, by terrence whiteside (30/05/2004)
looking for annie whiteside +formally annie robinson, from Armagh, Tynan area

  Whiteside, Robinson: Armagh, by terrence whiteside (30/05/2004)
david whiteside born 1841 widower married annie robinson at tynan 1905. children born james 1905 francis 1907 sarah ann jane born at corfehan 1909 elizabeth at workhouse armagh 17 sept 1912. immigrated to nz ? sarah jane married at new plymouth to melville charles jeffries born 1899 nz .parents charles+ellen jeffries 4 children james 1930. frank + one boy and girl. maraige ended 1947 divorce. charles died 29 dec 1969 at foxton nz. sarah re married to norman hunt in hawera nz 7.feb.1948. elizabeth married walter christie age 52 born isle of man1901. 16.nov 1953 church of england mt maunganui tauranga nz

  Talbot: Kerry, by Larry Talbot (01/06/2004)
Looking for Talbots who had family members immigrate to Illinois, USA, 1830s to 1848.

  Flinn: Sligo, by Ena FINK (01/06/2004)
Searching for family of Michael b 1831.Fr Edward Moth. Cecily Mulany. Michael mar. Fanny Dudley. Michael died in Australia in 1871.

  Shire Shier: Limerick, by Rosemary Ryden (01/06/2004)
Looking for confirmation of birth and ancestors of Robert Nicholas Shire b c 1856 Co Limerick. Father Robert Shire/Shier farmer

  Sanaghan: Tyrone, by Cath McQuade (01/06/2004)
Only Irish info. I have : John Sanaghan married Ann/Agnes Skiffington, Dungannon abt. 1843, HELP!

  Geddes: Monaghan, by Barbara Geddes (02/06/2004)
Robert Geddes maybe spelt Gaddis or Gaddes, son of George Gaddes and Agnes Wandrum.

  Anderson: Tyrone, by Barbara Geddes (02/06/2004)
Interested in William Charles, Parents Henry and Rachel nee Stockdill.William Charles born 29 Aug 1867 in Ballymagran District.

  Reavey: Armagh, by Sean Reavey (04/06/2004)
County Armagh & Down. researching the Reavey family whom I believe originated in Co Down and them some of them moved to the Whitecross/Newtownhamilton area of County Armagh. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  Braniff, Tracy: Cork, by Sharon (05/06/2004)
looking for family.

  Grogan: Cork, by Roger Gibson (06/06/2004)
any info appreciated

  heade: Dublin, by claire heade (07/06/2004)

  Cummins, Carty, Cunningham, McAvoy(McEvoy): Tipperary, by Bruce White (07/06/2004)

  Love, Burne: Tyrone, by Maureen Love (07/06/2004)
Tyrone & Wexford Counties. looking for Joseph Love (has a brother named James), born in Clones Parish, Monaghan County (?) or perhaps Tyrone around 1788. Married Elizabeth Burns at Ferns Cathedral in 1816. Elizabeth was born December 27, 1796 in Ferns Wexford.

  Sloey, O Connor: Cork, by Anthony Sloey (08/06/2004)
Cork & Kerry Counties. Any Info on the Sloeys (my name) & The O`Connors my grandmothers name ie what area of Ireland did the names originate

  Loughran, Markey, Mallon, Brennan, McCool: Armagh, by Maura Foster (08/06/2004)
Loughran and Gribben from Armagh City, Markey and Mallon from Loughilly-Drumnahunshin/White Cross. Brennan from Maghera- Upperlands/Tirgarvil, McCool probably from Maghera area

  McCormick: Cavan, by William H. McCormick (08/06/2004)
Looking for parents, siblings of Andrew McCormick b. Jan 3, 1846.

  Finnegan: Armagh, by Martin Finnegan (09/06/2004)
Looking for info about my Grand-Uncles Harry (b.1885) & Tom (b.1887)& their father Denis T.(b.1834) who taught at Tullyvallen school

  Abbott, Heney: Monaghan, by Barbara Wilson (09/06/2004)
Any information on Abbott or Heney families of Anaghadoo Cty Monaghan welcome

  McAdorey, McAdory, McFall, McFaul, McMullan,Black,: Antrim, by Liam G. McFaul (09/06/2004)
Main interest is Larne or Glenarm and Feystown but extra information is welcome

  Hurley: Kerry, by Kevin Hurley (09/06/2004)
Seeking the descendants or relatives of Mortimer and Julia (Moriarty) HURLEY of Kerry, married Kilcummin 1844.

  Mangan: Kerry, by Kevin Hurley (09/06/2004)
Seeking descendants or relatives of Cornelius & Catherine (Hurley) Mangan, married Firies 1866.

  Deady: Waterford, by Kevin Hurley (09/06/2004)
Seeking descendants or relatives of Richard & Bridget (Wells) Deady, married c1860/

  Kirkpatrick, Browne: Antrim, by michelle samson (09/06/2004)
browne family info back to 1829 joseph & margaret married looking for their parents. kirkpatrick william father james found on IGI searching his parents these two families lived in belfast

  Wilson: Antrim, by Susanne Boyle Turcotte (09/06/2004)
Looking for descendants of Sarah Cheel? and William Wilson who lived around Ballymena area

  Cope: Longford, by Wendy Pusey (09/06/2004)
My great grandmother Adelaide Cope was married on 16th September 1881 in Templemichael, Longford to an English soldier John Jacques. Her father was John Cope and he was also a soldier. She was living at Cross Keep, Longford at the time. Any info on this family would be appreciated

  Irving, Cahoe, Canfield: Unknown, by celia osborne (09/06/2004)
all i know is that they came from ireland and trying to find out where in ireland they came from. also any information on any family.

  Johnston: Armagh, by Tom Johnston (10/06/2004)
Trying to find given names for my grt grt grandparents from the townland of Dorsey. Children John 1831, Peter 1836, Felix 1840 and Lizzie 1848Peter emegrated in 1855, and the rest abt 1868.

  Drury,Lyons,Blackstock: Cavan, by Jan Abrahamson (10/06/2004)
Any connection to these names from area of Cavan and Ballyjamesduff

  Bateman, Legear: Limerick, by Elizabeth Smith (10/06/2004)
Lokking for Sarah born approx 1856 Glenosheen

  O Hara, Duddy, Shelly, O Connell, Ballard, Vaughn: Londonderry, by Francis A. O Hara (10/06/2004)
currently seeking the birth place of John O Hara. Derry or Tipperary Counties.

  Rossiter: Dublin, by Lisa Verachtert (10/06/2004)
Wondering if anyone has info on this name?

  Mcmillan, Rafferty: Tyrone, by Angela Brass (10/06/2004)
Looking for information regarding a James Mcmillan married Sarah Rafferty about 1860

  McKiernan: Cavan, by Peter Kiernan (11/06/2004)
Family of Hugh Mckiernan and Catherine Reilly Migrated to Australia

  Knox, Graham: Fermanagh, by Moira Ronalds (11/06/2004)
Thomas Knox m Catherine Graham early 1800s. Son James b 1847 in Enniskillen abt emigrated to NZ abt 1880.

  Mitchell, Mcmonagle, Mclaughlin, Mcdevitt: Tyrone, by deirdre mcmonagle (11/06/2004)
From Tyrone & Donegal Counties.

  Cassidy: Antrim, by Michael Cassidy (11/06/2004)
Looking for connections to the Cassidy family living in the Falls Road area Belfast between 1938 - 1960

  Kerr : Antrim, by Michael Cassidy (11/06/2004)
Looking for connections to the Cassidy family living in the Falls Road area Belfast between 1938 - 1960

  Hunter, King: Antrim, by GLENDA DICKINSON (12/06/2004)
From Antrim, Tyrone, & Cork Counties. John Hunter (police superintendent 1850s), Edward Hunter born 1854 Fernagh, Fanny Eliabeth King (father Robert - Co Cork)

  Brugha, Bean: Dublin, by Chris Cooper (12/06/2004)
Any info regarding the wider family of Cathal Brugha from Dublin & Waterford Counties.

  Creighton Henderson Buchanan Johnston: Fermanagh, by Robert Hales (12/06/2004)
I have researched my wifes family Creighton back to 1800 with William Creighton who married an Ann Living in England I cannot get to the area and would be interested in any assistance on the Creightons in particular the other names are of wives families

  Earl, Earls: Wicklow, by Anona Robinson (12/06/2004)
Any reference to the above names in Arklow,Red Cross, Rathdrum would be appreciated. c 1800 to 1920

  Earl, Earls: Unknown, by Anona Robinson (12/06/2004)
Any school registers which are available covering 1845 to 1895 for Arklow , Red Cross, Rathdrum

  Tunney, Grey: Roscommon, by christine tunney (13/06/2004)
Who was Martin Tunney, and Dominic Grey married to? John Tunney married Mary Grey in 1869, at Arigna. I cannot find any further info on my gggrandfathers. Can you help?

  Clarke, Cunningham: Armagh, by Victoria Wallace (13/06/2004)
Would like any information on Clarke or Cunningham families from Bessbrook, Co. Armagh. Especially Thomas Clarke who emigrated to USA in approx. 1920.

  Kelly, Mitchell: Armagh, by Oriel Barnes (13/06/2004)
Jane Kelly from Portadown and William Mitchell from Lurgan migrated to Australia approx 1872

  Walsh,Rafter,McNallen/Nallen: Mayo, by Kathleen Foster (13/06/2004)
Most lived around the Ballina/Bonniconlon area, Mayo and Sligo Counties.

  Clotworthy and Rankin: Antrim, by Robert George Sydney Clotworthy (13/06/2004)

  Carpenter, Muldoon, Boylan: Longford, by Liz Carpenter (13/06/2004)
Cavan, Longford & Westmeath Counties. CARPENTER , BOYLAN :1867 and before,searching for Hugh Carpenter who married Catherine BOYLAN in Ballymachugh , Co Cavan in 1867. They had 3 children Michael b.1872, my granddad and his 2 elder sisters Mary b. 1869 and Ellen b. 1870.

  McColgan, Harkin, Campbell, Kilty: Donegal, by Jane Kennedy (13/06/2004)
County Down & Donegal. My maternal grandfather was Patrick McColgan born 31st July 1869 at Culdaff, son of Patrick McColgan and Margery Harkin.Two other children I know of are Bridget born 4thMarch 1874 and Dan born 24th May 1877.My paternal gtgt grandparents were William Campbell and Jane Kilty married on 19th Nov.1846 in Killinchy Parish,Co. Down.Any information on either of these two families would be appreciated.

  Holt: Unknown, by Elaine Davis (13/06/2004)
Am trying to find details of Joseph Holt a Farmer who was married to Ann Beattie. Had a son William also born in Ireland but who lived in Glasgow Scotland

  McCarroll: Armagh, by Francis A. McCarroll (13/06/2004)
Francis McCarroll, born 1825, in Ireland, died August 8, 1855 in Mt. Forest, Ontario, Canada. According to his gravestone, he was a native of County Armagh, Ireland. He was married to Julia Kennedy and had a brother named James, also in Canada. He had a son named John. trying to find the connection of Francis McCarroll, who is my gr,gr,gr,gr grandfather.

  Dillon, Tobin, Power, Doran: Tipperary, by Anthony Graham (13/06/2004)
Hi looking for info on the above Surnames 1790. Emigrated to Canada.

  Costello: Dublin, by shirley sweetland (14/06/2004)
Researching my Gt grandmother Emily Costello born 1851c. Married George Sweetland in Dublin in 1869. Her father was Thomas a "car owner". Emily died in Lambeth, London in 1883.

  Jelly, Jolly: Belfast, by Lorna Granville (14/06/2004)
trying to find any information about Wm. Jelly born 1850 to William Jelly and (unknown)

  Orr, Sinclair, Pringle: Armagh, by Judy Woodley (14/06/2004)
Interested in all of the above surnames in the areas surrounding Loughgall, the areas of Ballymagerney & Laurel Hill are of special interest to me

  Saunders: Ireland, by Edward James Seeby (15/06/2004)
Any help or info for Saunders will be appreciated.

  Noddings: Down, by alex noddings (15/06/2004)
From, Antrim & Down. info on rose anne noddings born about 1858 had a child Margaret by Archibald Macallister in 1874. What happened to RoseAnne and the child?

  Hyland ,Trotter: Unknown, by sandra rowan (15/06/2004)
looking for david hyland born1827 and ann trotter born 1826

  Elliott, Houston: Monaghan, by patsy hughes (15/06/2004)
searching for information on my grandparents john elliott and evaline houston. my mothers birth was registered in the district of Dawsongrove in 1915 and I think they were living in Carson in the County of Monaghan at this time. Does any of this sound familiar?

  Barry, Conroy: Clare, by Sandra Turner (16/06/2004)
Looking for information regarding these families from County Clare & Kilkenny

  Holt : Monaghan, by Elaine Davis (17/06/2004)

  Ramsay: Donegal, by Elaine Davis (17/06/2004)

  Hollingsworth,Hepenstall: Wicklow, by Amy (17/06/2004)
Any reference to the above names especially if linked with Earl/Earls

  Chapman, Edge: Wicklow, by Jane Chapman (18/06/2004)
Interested in any info about, or connections with, William George CHAPMAN b.circa1832Newtown or his parents William? and Sarah nee EDGE

  Dale, Warnock. Prendergast, Lett, Elward. Corry: Derry, by Ron Dale (18/06/2004)
We have lots of information on our families in Canada but none on them in Ireland. In particular, John Dale, apparently from Derry, arrived in Canada ca. 1819 with his wife Elizabeth Wilson and children. From Derry, Fermanagh, Armagh, Antrim, Wexford Counties.

  Lemasney: Cork, by L Le Masonry (18/06/2004)
Cork & Waterford Counties.

  Leape: Offaly, by alex smith (19/06/2004)

  Darcy, Kelagher: Cavan, by Agnes Robb (20/06/2004)
1820s onward.

  Rennie, Rainy, Stratton: Armagh, by wanda rennie adams (20/06/2004)
loking for any info on Thomas Rainy and Mary Stratton before 1846

  Jellie, Jelly: Down, by Judith Beattie (21/06/2004)
Looking for family history, thought to live in Belfast area

  McGirr: Armagh, by Larry McGirr (21/06/2004)
James & Mary McGirr emigrated to USA in 1815, 1 son born during voyage Wm. C; Margaret sister to Wm C born in IR. Family lore says 4 of James brothers also emigrated. James emigrated to Allegany County Maryland

  Moir: Armagh, by ann conlon (22/06/2004)

  O Horan: Unknown, by Felix Munoz (22/06/2004)
I want to locate origin of Thomas O Horan who came to Mexico in mid XIX century

  Delaney, Sullivan: Cork, by Peg Erickson (25/06/2004)
Looking for info on John Delaney. Clounshear,Killary St. Co.Cork,age 25 in 1929. Agnes Sullivan ??Delaney. Please help.Ive been searching since 1988. They have a daughter,Mary Theresa Delaney in USA.

  McCormick, Jenkinson: Armagh, by brendan mccabe (25/06/2004)

  Rogers: Offaly, by brendan mccabe (25/06/2004)
Kings County

  McDonnell, Murray, Kelleher: OFFALY, by Doreen Cahill (26/06/2004)
Patrick McDdonnell marr. Mary Ann Murray 1880

  Ryan: Clare, by Joy Todd (26/06/2004)
From Killaloe, Co. Clare. John was a solicitor at Four Courts of Dublin? how can I confirm this? John born 1833 married Henrietta Florence Faulkner

  Thyne, Kerins: Clare, by Joy Todd (26/06/2004)
John Thyne born about 1832 his wife Ellen Kerins born about 1834 any information on places of birth and marriage or other family

  Mahany: Cork, by David John Mahany (26/06/2004)
Cannot find a link to Ireland in the very early 1700, only clue - family coming to England with children called John and Ann they were born around 1720

  Mulcahy, Fitzherald, Mcgeogh: Cork, by sharon cook (27/06/2004)
current research period 1860-1900

  Hooke: Armagh, by Jennifer (27/06/2004)
Looking for info on James Hooke/Hooks born and raised in Markethill, born Nov 26 1862

  Douglas, Sloan: Belfast, by Christine (27/06/2004)
David Douglas or Mary Ann Sloan born around 1860 to 1870

  Devine, Mccarthy: Unknown, by charles henry johnson (28/06/2004)

  Giles: Dublin, by Teresa Rice (29/06/2004)
looking for descend Edward Giles

  Powers: Unknown, by Ken Powers (29/06/2004)
looking for information concerning a Michael Powers who immigrated to the United States before 1755. He was born in 1727.

  Long: Cork, by Jean Saxby (01/07/2004)
tracing my grandmother Jane Long who married Donald Gordon I know that they where in Cork in 1909 because she was Baptised in Cork Cathedral.

  Long, Gordon: Cork, by Jean Saxby (01/07/2004)
Trying to trace my Grandmother Jane Long I know she was in cork in 1909.

  FitzHenry, Hamilton, Nelson: Armagh, by Bev KRONK (04/07/2004)
From Laois & Armagh Counties. Margaret Jane NELSON, d/o William John NELSON and possibly Margaret HAMILTON, born c1861 Armagh, married Samuel FITZHENRY, 5 Jun 1881 Manchester ENG. Samuel was born c1855 Ballickmoyler Queens County.

  McFadden,Odonnell,Gillespie,McBride,McGee, Keelan: Donegal, by Henry McFadden (04/07/2004)
along with associated families, from NW Donegal.

  McClaugherty, Claugherty: Down, by Denise McClaugherty (04/07/2004)
looking for a connection between James and Agnes McGarre McClaugherty who immigrated to America in 1786 and Samuel Claugherty son of James Claugherty who was baptized in County Down in 1721

  Bell-Smyth: Unknown, by Carol Millward (05/07/2004)
John Bell-Smyth born Ireland November 1834. Any information appreciated.

  Ballagh: Down, by Rose Gibbs (06/07/2004)
looking for the Ballagh family of Greyabbey and any relatives. Henry, Samuel, Jane, Hugh and Elizabeth came to New Zealand in 1861, 1868 and 1871. They left behind in Ireland their father Samuel Ballagh and sister Agnes and possibly others.

  Majury, Cunningham: Antrim, by paula majury (06/07/2004)
Counties Antrim & Armagh. My great grandparents, James Majury and Margaret Cunningham married in Lisburn 1863 had 10 children and lived in the 3 counties mentioned above during their lives. Last known residence was Belfast(Shankhill Rd.) or Ballysillan/Legoniel area.

  Livingston, Porter: Antrim, by Leanne Mallinder (07/07/2004)
Researching my Grandfathers family, he was Henry Livingston b 20/3/1906 80 Oldpark Road, Antrim. Father James Livingston, Mother Annie Porter.

  Crilly, St Ledger, Kirwan, Guidera: Tipperary, by John Crilly (07/07/2004)
Would appreciate any information, around the year 1900 from Dublin & Tipperary.

  Kenmure, Kenmuir: Down, by Donia Stick (07/07/2004)

  Rankin: Antrim, by Elaine McCord (07/07/2004)
Searching a Rankin who married Ann Jane Pauley before 1895

  McAteer: Tyrone, by Elaine McCord (07/07/2004)
Looking for Sarah Ann McAteer who married James McCord 1856

  McCord: Armagh, by Elaine McCord (07/07/2004)
From Portadown, Armagh. James McCord b.c. 1835, joined 95th regt. Foot 1854, 3 marriages (1) McAteer (20 Anglo Indian girl in India (3) Rankin nee Pauley, any information greatly appreciated

  Pauley: Armagh, by Elaine McCord (07/07/2004)
From Portadown, Armagh. Searching for Ann Jane Pauley c1862, parents James Pauley & Jemima (Holland), married (1) Rankin (2) James McCord 1895, (3) ?, have details McCord marriage + descendants

  Neill, Orr: Down, by margaret smith (08/07/2004)
any info on william neill flax farmer c 1850 from County Down & Antrim.

  McFaull: Down, by Lisa McFaull (08/07/2004)
Trying to trace James McFaull who married Eliza Wallace in Ireland and had a son Daniel McFaull.

  McNellis, Carr: Donegal, by Deloris J. McDowell (09/07/2004)
Catherine Carr place of birth is listed as Donegal and not sure where her husband FrankMcNellis was born. They were in United States in 1863 living in Pottstown, PA and then went on to Kansas City, MO where they both died.

  Shelley , Cass: Kilkenny, by Deloris J. McDowell (09/07/2004)
Michael Shelley was born in Tullerone, Kilkenny Ireland as was his wife Mary Cass. They came to America sometime between 1885-1890 and settled in Kansas City, MO where they both died before 1906.

  Reid, O Brien: Antrim, by James Reid (09/07/2004)
Just started my research alot of Reids and OBriens out there

  Erls, Earls, Hollingsworth: Wicklow, by Anona Robinson (10/07/2004)
Any references to these names especially Earl/s Hollingsworth marriages.

  Patrick Curley: Mayo, by bernard jones (10/07/2004)
My great grandfather born about 1840. In the 1881 census living in Liverpool and working as a Badge Porter. Wife Maria and 5 children

  Beck, Gibb.Craig,Henderson: Antrim, by beckied (10/07/2004)
David James Beck and RoseAnn Gibb, Parkgate,Antrim about 1850 thru 1905. Looking for any info on this family .

  Hough: Tipperary, by Dale Mitchell (11/07/2004)
Am trying to research family that were from Castle Connell by the name of Hough. Patrick Hough parents names Michael Hough and Bridget Toohey.

  Davis, Graham: Dublin, by Allen Davis (11/07/2004)
My father John Davis , born 1910 , Possibly Blackrock, gf James Davis gm Ray Graham . Please contact if you can help.

  McCrone, Gaughan, Callaghan, Gill, Mackin: Mayo, by kathryn carpenter (12/07/2004)
Would appreciate any help

  Smith; Smyth; Thom; McDonald: Omagh, by Patricia (12/07/2004)

  Traynor, O Hare, Quinn, McPartlon, McParland: Armagh, by Gina Francis (13/07/2004)
Creggan area Catholic. Owen and Sarah Traynor migrated to Australia in 1858 with 6 children. I would like to pick up the family threads in Ireland .

  Sullivan, Collins, from Cork, McDade, McClay, from: Limerick , by Eileen Sullivan Tormey (14/07/2004)
Trying to locate my grandmothers birth location. Her name was Eileen Lynch. She was the daughter of Michael Lynch and Eileen McCurle. I figured her birth year to be 1896 based on the information of her death certificate with a date of 13 Sept 1940 in Glasgow Scotland. She married my grandfather Hugh McDade of Letterkenny on December 15 1923 in the City of Limerick. The marraige certificate indicated that her father Michael Lynch a farmer was deceased. This may mean that she and her mother came into the City after his death. I have inquired about her birth certificate at the General Register Office in Dublin and they were unable to locate her birth records. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

  McCarthy, Fitzgerald, Ryan, Walsh, Connery, Mulcah: Waterford, by Mary-Ann McCarthy (14/07/2004)
From Ballymacart. Owen & Bridget McCarthy(nee Fitzgerald) had several children to date I have been able to account for 6 of these,Patrick,Bridget,John,Owen, Thomas @ Hannah ,looking for descendants of Hannah and any other children.Also require information on their parents Owen @ Bridget, it is known that Owen had sisters who married men with the last names of Ryan,Walsh,Leahy,Mulcahy.

  Peril, Pearl, Perill, Perrill, Perril, Perl, Perle: Galway, by patrick peril (15/07/2004)
Any info on above name, that has any connection with ireland.from anywhere on earth,

  Kennedy, Otterson: Down, by c (16/07/2004)
John Kennedy married Jane Brown early 1800s. Not sure of County, poss Down or Roscommon.

  Garland, Callan, McPoland : Louth, by Patrick V Garland (16/07/2004)
searching for the parents of Patrick Garland and Elizabeth McPoland, who were married in Togher Parish, Barony of Ferrard, County Louth, on Sept 16, 1857. Patrick died in 1889 and Elizabeth emigrated to New York in 1891. Their son, Michael, married Ann Callan, in Kilsaran R.C. Parish in 1887.

  Concannon: Mayo, by Berta Muraglia (17/07/2004)
searching for C/Katherine b1862

  Mckelvey, Johnston: Tyrone, by Gaynor McDowell (18/07/2004)
Counties Tyrone & Derry. Looking for baptism Archibald McKelvey born c1854. Found his parents marriage and youngest sisters bapt in Bellaghy, Derry. Jane Johnston, father George Tamlet Duff, mother of Archibald McKelvey.

  McDowell: Antrim, by Gaynor McDowell (18/07/2004)
Counties Antrim & Down. Looking for birth/bapt William Henry McDowell c1879. Found his brother born 5.7.1880 Belfast Antrim. Parents George McDowell and Mary Jane McDermott McDowell married Banbridge, Armagh. George McDowell was a flaxdraper and resided in Ballymore. His father was James McDowell, labourer.

  Haire and Toppin/Toppping: Armagh, by Gaynor McDowell (18/07/2004)
Looking for birth cert of William Haire c1874, father James Haire, shoemaker. He married Annabella Toppin dau of William Henry Toppin, carpenter, and Margaret Neil. Marriage cert of William Henry Toppin and Margaret Neil probably Derryhale Armagh c1870.

  McDermott, McMath/McMahon: Monaghan, by Gaynor McDowell (18/07/2004)
looking for marriage of Patrick McDermott and Agnes McMath/McMahon c1855 probably catholic.

  Kerrigan, Donnelly,Baird: Tyrone, by Gaynor McDowell (18/07/2004)
Looking for marriage of Christopher Kerrigan and Elizabeth Donnelly c1810-1814. John Kerrigan and Elizabeth Baird c1835-1840.

  Burke, Erskine , McCay, Power: Galway, by Paula (18/07/2004)
Immigrants to New Zealand around 1870-1880 from Galway, Antrim & Waterford Counties.

  Scott, Marshall, McConnel, Riddle: Armagh, by Rod Scott (18/07/2004)
Emigrated to Canada between1847 and 1882 from Armagh & Coleraine, Derry.

  Mcshane, Obrine: Armagh, by Linda Ellis (19/07/2004)
From Armagh & Wexford.

  Cassidy, McVery: Armagh, by Veronica Moore (19/07/2004)
Any light bulbs going off on these two names, please email me.

  Delahunt, Delahunty, Devlin, O Devlin: Tipperary, by Marla Thorburn (20/07/2004)
looking for ancestors who emigrated early 1800s from Tyrone & Tipperary Counties.

  Teggert, Simington,Starrs, McGowan.: Down, by mary miller (20/07/2004)
Searching for ancestors from Co. Down, Antrim, & Derry.

  Stanley: Cork, by Clarice V. Stanley (20/07/2004)
Probably emigrated to New York 1848-1851

  Kellacher: Ireland, by Allan Isdale (22/07/2004)
My grandmother Helen Kellacher came to Scotland from Ireland marrying in1929 to Thos Isdale. All info appreciated.

  Jackson, Docrell: Carlow, by Inga Elisabeth Jackson (25/07/2004)
looking for Peter Jackson and his wife Susan Dockrell of Hacketstown. One of their sons, Jacob Jackson married Mary Frances Paine in 1857 and they became my husband, Brian John Quigly Jacksons Great,grandparents. I hope to hear from somebody "out there"

  Blackstock, Morgan, Hall: Armagh, by karen golding (25/07/2004)
Trying to trace parents of william (john) blackstock b.c.1868

  Larkin: Down, by kevin larkin (25/07/2004)

  Mccready, Murray, Brady, Mcgurk, Thompson: Armagh, by jtmcc (25/07/2004)
County Armagh & Down. Traced family of mccready to bleary about 1865 hit a brick wall for now. most of other research of family in lurgan also the thompsons from keady.

  Meekham: Down, by kevin larkin (25/07/2004)

  McCorkell: Tyrone, by Ronald Thompson (25/07/2004)
bready Family+birthdates+names

  O Keefe: Cork, by Peter O Keefe (25/07/2004)
trying to find my roots my family originate from rathlurk or it could be known as charleyville please help

  Field, Fields: Antrim, by kate revins (25/07/2004)
Bushmills ares. Sammy,s daughter annie cames to youghal approx 1920 and married simon revins she was church of ireland

  Campbell, Mcgrath, Cairns: Tyrone, by eileen cairns (26/07/2004)
interested in the above families from around coalisland

  Kyle, Parker: Down, by trish murray (26/07/2004)
From Clough ballymena areas. Mary kyle my grandmother born 1891 went to NZ 1921 her father was hugh mother mary nee parker

  Sweetland, Carysfort: Ireland, by shirley sweetland (27/07/2004)
Researching the marriage of Sarah Sweetland to Aubrey Carysfort in Ireland 1894c

  Cooney: Longford, by Steve Cooney (27/07/2004)
From Drumlish, Barraghbeg Townlands. Father was John born 1910, his father was William born in 1867, my great grandfather was John born ?

  Wigmore: Cork, by kate revins (28/07/2004)
wigmore mary daughter married a Jeremiah whyte ballycotton

  Field, Fields: Antrim, by kate revins (28/07/2004)
this family Fields were show people travelling Ireland under name of Fields Amusements. Daughter Annie stayed in Youghal Co. Cork and married Simon Revins

  Dinan: Clare, by Debrah Moore (28/07/2004)
Looking for information pertaining to one David Dinan from Ogonnelloe, Scarrif, County Clare...emigrated to Canada circa 1831...settled in New Brunswick Canada and a desendant some 8 generations later. Any one connected to the Dinan line or researching same....would love to hear from you.

  Ramsey: Armagh, by Elaine Newell (29/07/2004)
I cannot find any details of my grandfather in the databases. He was Thomas John Ramsey. He was born in Tartaraghan and moved to Kilmore.He was born on ist October 1880 and died on 9th december 1953. He was married to Ellen Jane Metcalfe who died 0n 26th May 1920.

  Clarke: Louth, by eric parsons (29/07/2004)
researching my great granfather Francis Clarke and before he was born in Dundalk in 1813 if any of his decenants are out there please email

  Hutchinson, Davidson, Walker, : Armagh, by Terry Fielding (29/07/2004)
I have several bits of onformation regarding the above but no complete picture. I know their graves are in St Patricks Cathedral and that they owned land In Allestragh and Ballyrath.

  Brunton, Bumford, Whelan: Dublin, by Viv Griffiths (31/07/2004)
Between 1864 and 1867, the family moved to Liverpool. Family names are William, Frederick,Harriet, Mary, John, Margaret. Frederick born in1840 married Mary Whelan born in 1843,

  Cody, Hanratty, McNally, Harris: Monaghan, by Patrick J. Harris (02/08/2004)
From Monaghan & Kery Counties. Cody/Hanratty is associated with Lurgans. MaNally with Carrickmacross. Harris near Glenbeigh.

  Cody and McNally: Monaghan, by Patrick J. Harris (02/08/2004)
Cody around Lurgans and McNally in Carrickmacross

  Ghee: Longford, by Patrick J. Harris (02/08/2004)
Edgeworthstown area Possably Corboy.

  Harris: Kerry, by Patrick J. Harris (02/08/2004)
Glenbigh area

  Cahill, Concannon, McDonnell, Murray, Kelleher,: Galway, by Doreen Cahill (04/08/2004)
ANDREW CAHILL BC1813 involved riot GORT. From Galway & Offaly Counties

  Cahill, Kelly, Concannon, McDonnell, Murray, Kelle: Galway, by Doreen Cahill (04/08/2004)
Would like to hear from anyone researching these names. From Galway & Offaly Counties

  Shields: Tyrone, by Kathryn (Shields) McCoy (04/08/2004)
Trying to Research my Shield Ancestors. One emigrated to the USA from Altmore, Co. Tyrone in 1822 at the age of 16. His name may have been James Shields.

  Lagan: Tyrone, by Carol Wooley (04/08/2004)
Looking for info on Sarah lagan b. 1827

  Edgar, Darroch, Darragh, McIlroy, King, Bingham, B: Down., by Isabel Douglas (04/08/2004)
Any help greatly appreciated.

  Ross: Armagh, by Katherine Brewer (05/08/2004)
searching for the parents of Willaim George Ross born In co. Armagh January 15, 1881. He had 2 brothers James and Robert.

  Maher, Mahany: Tipperary, by Michelle Garamella (07/08/2004)
searching for any ancestors of my father.

  Joyce, Buggy: Galway, by Jean Joyce (07/08/2004)
From Galway & Tipperary Counties. Any info on John Joyce born around 1855 to William. John Buggy, both come to live in Sunderland in the 1880;s

  Brown: Antrim, by ann farrell (10/08/2004)
my granmother was named jane brown from Randalstown

  Armstrong: Tyrone, by Ken Armstrong (10/08/2004)
Looking for parents of Margaret Ann Armstrong and John Samuel Armstrong from Tyrone, Antrim, & Derry Counties.

  Mcclure, Kells, Mcnally: Antrim, by bert mcclure (11/08/2004)
any info.on mcclure and kells and mcnally family

  Mcglinchey, Kelly, Odonnell: Tipperary, by Joanna Adair (12/08/2004)
From Tipperary & Tyrone Counties. information on Ellen Kelly married to a Frank Odonnell, and their daughter Hanna born abt 1834

  McDermott, Ginty, Geenty: Cavan, by Theresa Jones (12/08/2004)
Edward McDermott married Bridget Ginty in 1840

  McLaughlin, Gormley: Tyrone, by Francis McLaughlin (12/08/2004)
Looking for any info on James Joseph McLaughlin b1872 m. Mary "minnie" Gormley 1894. Had between 12 and 16 children 1895-1919. Any McLaughlins or Gormleys still in Tyrone, please contact me at above e-mail. Cheers

  McGarvey, Coyle: Donegal, by Francis McLaughlin (12/08/2004)
Looking for info on William McGarvey from RAMELTON m Anna (nancy) Coyle abt 1850. Had 7 children. Four girls to US, 2 boys to Scotland. Names are Frances, Nora, Sophia,Patrick, William Annie and Bridget. Any info much appreciated. Cheers

  Finigan: Londonderry, by harold finigan (14/08/2004)

  Wyber, McKee, McFarlane: Antrim, by Anna Wyber Dunne (14/08/2004)
Belfast, Antrim & Co. Down areas. Sam McKee b. 1840+/- , Brass founder, married Mary McFarlane, Daughter of John McFarlane, Soldier in Belfast. Their Daughter Mary, m. William Wyber b. 1868 in Limerick lived in Belfast then Clydebank Scotland in 1900. Looking for Parents of Sam, Mary McFarlane, and families.

  Stephens: Unknown, by Joyce Stephens (14/08/2004)
We are attempting to find a relative who came over from Ireland as a prize fighter, stayed in New York, and then evidently moved on to Georgia. Descendants would have been Isham S. Stephens, Theodocious Courtney Stephens, Quinten Cornelious Stephens. We do not have first name or County location.

  Lehane, Kelliher, Callahan: Cork, by Margaret Fosker (14/08/2004)
Can anyone help please

  Park: Antrim, by Carole Park Moore (15/08/2004)
am interested in info on parents & family of James Washington Park, b.Nov.14,1764. Has older brother, Andrew, b.1754.All of Co. Antrim,Belfast.

  Hamill, Mullen,Donnelly: Unknown, by Bob Taylor (15/08/2004)

  McNally: Armagh, by W T Midgley (15/08/2004)
Looking for BMD of Owen and birth of James Joseph.

  Parker, Mcgoldrick, McCaffery: Fermanagh, by Ged Parker (16/08/2004)
Cleenish Parish- Oragbeg, Cornacully, Meenarainey

  Hyland, Lennon: Down, by Donna Brook (16/08/2004)
Researching John HYLAND and Sarah LENNON who married in Banbridge, Down, 1862. John Hylands father was Patrick HYLAND,HILLAN, Farmer, Gargarry or Garvaghy. Sarah LENNONs father was John LENNON, Farmer, Ballygowan.

  Kearney: Armagh, by Kerry Kearney (16/08/2004)
Searching for info on Anne Kearney left Armagh in 1862

  Knox: Kilkenny, by Harry Knox (16/08/2004)
researching my Knox ancestors who came from south Kilkenny including the parishes of Kilmacow, Mullinavat and Inistioge

  Cleary, Goss, Cogan: Killkenny, by russell yapp (16/08/2004)
looking for david daniel cleary son james joseph cleary ,my grandfather born 1892? moved to London

  Sayers: Mayo, by cassy franklin (17/08/2004)
looking for any Sayers family from Mayo

  Bratton, Gamble, Hutchman, Colquhoun, Rawson: Donegal, by stella (17/08/2004)
From Donegal, Armagh, Derry & Down Counties.

  Mcgaughey, Mcgahy, Mcaughey, Vallely: Monaghan, by Ronalda (17/08/2004)
Looking for any info on these familys who immigrated to Prince Edward Island Canada about 1843.

  Cooper: Dublin, by Pam Kelly (18/08/2004)
Trying to find any detail about my great grandfather Austin Cooper, son of Capt. William Cooper born in Dublin in 1854.

  Quin, Dalton, Quinn, McCart, McAtaminy, Collins: Armagh, by Patsy Norman (19/08/2004)
These are some of the names and while Armagh is the main county at present they could be from other areas

  Robinson: Unknown, by randy robinson (19/08/2004)
looking for information on Andrew Thomas Robinson born about 1820. Not sure when immigrated to canada. He lived near alot of people from county Tyrone so maybe that`s where he was from. He was nick named Jack so maybe his father`s name was Andrew also. Anyone having any imformation, I would love to corrospond with

  Cox, Stewart, Ralston, Boal, Reed: Ireland, by David Salyers (19/08/2004)
Northern Ireland in particular

  Duffy: Roscommon, by Saundra Melton (20/08/2004)
My g-grandmother was Annora or Anna DUFFEY. She was born in Roscommon, Ireland. After coming to America, she married JESSE CASTEEL.

  Ware: Ireland, by Eric Ware (20/08/2004)
Looking for anyone named Ware

  Cinnamond, Donnelly: Antrim, by Lyn Cinnamond (22/08/2004)
John Cinnamond married Susan Donnelly who are their sibblings and parents

  Charles Dunn, Mary Walker: Unknown, by Nilda Garcia Dunn (22/08/2004)
He come with your family to Argentine or Uruguay about 1840

  Kelly, Keogh: Galway, by Sarah Neil (23/08/2004)
especially the Clonbrock area

  Cherry, Hall: Armagh, by Janice Perez (24/08/2004)
Looking for info on Margaret Jane Hall or Cherry

  Emerson: Down, by Janice Condon (25/08/2004)
Looking for the birthplace of my gggrandfather James Emerson born 1838 in County down. Parents were James Emerson & Mary Carlile.

  Mahon, Byrne, Glennie, Hinds, Morahan, Martin, Fra: Ireland, by Michael Mahon (28/08/2004)
Researching for our lost past, hoping to find a link to family in Ireland & Australia

  Mahon: Offaly, by Michael Mahon (28/08/2004)
John Mahon son of John Mahon & Ellen nee Unknown Tullamore

  Bland, Brown, Malone, Melone , Milhouse , Stewart: Antrim, by Jeanette Sullivan (28/08/2004)
Seeking information on families with these surnames that came to the American Colonies in SC USA in the years 1740-1750.

  Clarke, Gore: Galway, by Gloria Hermanus (28/08/2004)
any info helpful. Galway & Offaly Counties.

  Brosnan, Barrett, Donohue: Ireland, by chris brosnan (29/08/2004)
interested in any of the Kerry Brosnans

  Leo, Duffy, White, Clifford, Curran,Scott, Lawless: Armagh, by mary t osborne (29/08/2004)
some were convicts but all arrived australia before 1860 from Armagh, Tipperary, Wexford, Limerick, & Thomastown Counties/areas.

  Martin, Hollan, Dempsey, Farrel: Monaghan, by Adeline Martin (29/08/2004)
From Monaghan & Cavan Counties. Daniel&bridget Martin moved to Kelso, Scotland in 1842 with thier son John, John was my Grandfather & died in Boston U.S.A. in 1927

  Wellwood: Tyrone, by jeanette goudie (29/08/2004)
prespyterians-james b.1810-son william b1832- county tyrone- married eliza johnstone in australia-

  Langley, Fitzpatrick: Dublin, by Paul Langley (30/08/2004)
Im trying to trace any information on my Great Grandfather Robert Langley and his father Samuel Langley. Robert was born on 20th May 1873 at the address No 9 North Dock Street Dublin, I believe his father Samuel was at sea at the time, as Annie (Fitzpatrick) his mother had her sister Maggy Fitzpatrick present at the birth.

  Ballard: Dublin, by Mrs Wendy J. Allen (30/08/2004)
George Ballard married Kitty Marsh in Dublin in 1845 -she was from Devon, they later lived in London. Was he Irish?

  Barry, Ryan, Dalton, Nagle, Crowe, Bogan: Cork, by maree atkins (01/09/2004)
From Cork & Tipperary Counties. ryan from borrisoleigh ellen our ancestor barry from glanworth formerly ballykeating

  Hunter, Boyd: Antrim, by Noeleen (01/09/2004)
My Great Grandfather Samuel Hunter left County Antrim possibly Belfast late 1850s to 1860 for Australia and later New Zealand

  Frackleton, Swenerton, Allen, Phoenix: Armagh, by Clare Bailey (02/09/2004)
Seeking information on any of the above names

  Stafford: Cavan, by Clare Bailey (02/09/2004)
This family moved from Newtowngore to belfast and were very involved in the footwear business.

  Stewart: Donegal, by Barbara Price (02/09/2004)
From Donegal & poss. Co. Down. I have been searching Dunmuckrum and Portnason both are right outside Ballyshannon County Donegal. looking for the parents of a Robert Stewart born about 1802. His parents are suppose to be Robert and a Ann Patterson

  Fitzgerald: Cork, by j fitzgerald (03/09/2004)
william francis born 1937 employment Tailor

  McClure, Kells, McNally: Antrim, by bert mcclure (03/09/2004)
any information. From Belfast area.

  Maccullough: Armagh, by danny maccullough (07/09/2004)
trying to trace family of Henry Denis MacCullough born 1877, posibly in Keady. His father was John MacCullough, a Sculptor

  Dickinson, Gribbin: Tyrone, by Jean Davies (09/09/2004)
tracing my maternal grandfathers parents

  McMullan: Antrim, by Frank McMullan (12/09/2004)
Immigrated to New Zealand mid to late 1880 from Ballycastle area.

  Tobin, Nagle: Unknown, by Renee H (13/09/2004)
trying to find info on John Tobin b. 1858 Cork d. 27 Dec 1913 Gin Gin Qld Australia, who married Mary Nagel b. 1865 Limerick Ireland d. 12 Jan 1936 Gin Gin Qld Australia. Any info on their ancestors would be greatly appreciated.

  Sayers: Unknown, by Jill Greenwood (13/09/2004)
Looking for George Bollar Sayers mid-late 1700s

  Cogger: Mayo, by david cogger (14/09/2004)
castle bar or surroundings

  Crosby, Biggy, Beggy: Meath, by shane crosby (14/09/2004)
From County Meath and Monaghan areas.

  Hackett, Greer, Mccarthy: Antrim, by susan greer (14/09/2004)
From Antrim & Longford Counties.

  Stewart: Antrim, by Margaret Stuart (14/09/2004)
Looking for any information on this family or families related through marriage. 1600s to present

  Morgan, Mayfield: Waterford, by Dr Phil Morgan (15/09/2004)
Felix Morgan, driver, of Waterford and his wife Mary left Waterford for Australia in the 1850s or 1860s. No records found in Australia as yet.

  Lynch, Leary, Neary: Cavan, by Stephanie Lynch (15/09/2004)
Looking for the marriage and children of Patrick Lynch and Sarah Leary or Neary

  Lynch: Unknown, by Stephanie Lynch (15/09/2004)
Looking for Patrick Lynch, Sarah Leary or Neary, and their decendents: Tom, James, Judy, Catherine

  James McGrath: Cork, by James Nolan (17/09/2004)
James McGrath was born in County Cork Ireland in 1828. His wife Bridget Grady was born in Neenah, Tipperary County Ireland in 1822.

  Cosgorve, Cosgrave: Tipperary, by Pauline Millward (19/09/2004)
Looking for my great grandfathers parents Daniel COSGROVE also known as COSGRAVE or COSGRIFF . Dan married Mary HAYES and then Mary STEWART

  McCann and McShane: Armagh, by Trudy Smith (21/09/2004)
researching information on my GGGrandparents, Miles and Margaret(McShane) McCann from Armagh. Circa 1830-1840.

  Bailey: Tyrone, by Sandra Colleen Bailey/Green (21/09/2004)
From Clogher/Aughnacloy areas. Infomation on my ,g,g,g,g,g,g,grandfather William Bailey,his son is John Bailey,born1773,married Kearnes

  Scully: Cork, by Jean Eslick (21/09/2004)
Kate Scully born c1890 Youghal

  Galway, Galloway: Derry, by Lyne Wheeler (21/09/2004)
Searching for Anne/ Annie married Alexander Mckee came to NZ abt 1880 or earlier

  Bell: Down, by Pat McGregor (23/09/2004)
Does anyone know about Robert & Mary Belll who sailed to Prince Edward Island 1850 - 55 children Charles Margaret and John

  Downes: Unknown, by cindy downes (23/09/2004)
Seeking info on Daniel Downes born about 1980 was a stud groom in the 1920 also daughter Anne Josephine Downes born 1922.

  Bell: Downpatrick, by Pat McGregor (24/09/2004)
information please about great great grandfather Robert Bell and wife Mary children Charles Margaret and John. Charles came to New Zealand from Prince Edward Island 1864. The family went to Prince Edward Island 1850 - 55

  Cherry Cherrie: Unknown, by Andrew Cherrie (24/09/2004)

  Graham: Armagh, by Lynn Sedgewick (24/09/2004)
Herbie Graham from Bessbrook my great uncle

  Watt, McBride: Antrim, by Val Duncan (25/09/2004)
Samuel WATT married Elixabeth MCBRIDE about 1836

  Devoy: Wicklow, by John Burgess (25/09/2004)
my grandfathers name was Devoy and i believe he was born in Blessington in Co Wicklow, my great grandfather was married to mary kitley both also from Co Wicklow, i would be eternaly greatful for any information regarding this search.

  McCrone, Gaughan, Callaghan, Gill, Mackin: Mayo, by kathryn carpenter (27/09/2004)
Would appreciate any help

  Kennedy, Parkinson, Moroney: Tipperary, by Patrick Kennedy (28/09/2004)
Searching for records of birth of Edward Kennedy around 1796 and Mary Ryan

  Havern: Antrim, by fred havron (28/09/2004)
Looking for info on a Daniel Havern, ships carpenter 18301850 Belfast

  Devlin: Unknown, by catherine (28/09/2004)
looking for joseph@mary.joseph was first secretary to ira. dead at 30,mary sent to australia about 1910

  Dennison: Tyrone, by Alice Chapin (28/09/2004)
I,m looking for the father and or mother of Hugh Dennison b:1781 and married a Ann in 1808 in Ireland and took his family to USA abt 1830 or so. I would also like to know if he had any siblings.

  Quigg: Antrim, by Judith Wills (28/09/2004)
Quigg-William B-1855-Belfast

  Johnston: Cavan, by Laurie Petto (28/09/2004)
looking for Johnstons in Cavan. specifically Bailieborough or Kilmer. Family left Kilmer in 1908 to go to America.

  McAneney, McAneaney, Mackle, McGarry: Armagh, by Rose (29/09/2004)
Would like information about Daniel and Catherine, nee Mackle, who married 1854 either in Armagh or Belfast as not sure. They went to Sth Africa and then on to NZ, arriving Dec 1864. Parents of Daniel are Daniel and Ann, nee McGarry?. Think Daniel and Ann and children also followed their son Daniel out to NZ. Not sure of spelling as recent generations are using both McAneney and McAneaney .

  Malcolm, Preston: Armagh, by sam stafford (29/09/2004)

  Love, Maxwell, Johnston(e): Tyrone, by Karen Prince (29/09/2004)

  Mitchell Cowan Watchorn Halpenny: Armagh, by skulchyski (29/09/2004)
gggrandfather Allen Mitchell immigrated to Canada in 1846 from Keady County Armagh

  Murphy, McGee, McKey, Rohan, Ronnan: Down, by Mavis Mingham (30/09/2004)
Michael Murphy son of Arthur and Rose Ann nee Mckey migrated to NZ on death of his wife Elizabeth Rohan. Born in Hilltown, his cousins were James and Simon McGee who also made their lives in NZ. I have main descendancy of Murphy but anyone with info on Ireland would be appreciated

  Moloney, Conroy: Galway, by Mrs. P.S. Madge (30/09/2004)
looking for information on Patrick Moloney born 1857 and his wife Mary Conroy born 1873 they had 8 children Catherine born 1897 Mary Bridget born 1899 Michael born 1901 Thomas born 1903 Patrick born 1904 Edward born 1906 John Joseph born 1909 and Richard born 1911 they lived in Looscaun Woodford but I was told they moved to Tipperary

  Jellico, Fletcher: Cork, by Pat middleton-smith (30/09/2004)
Any information on John Jellico born Limerick and,or John Fletcher birth area unknown.

  Scott: Down, by Patricia Greenway (30/09/2004)
Looking for George Scott and family, Hill Street . Newry

  Quinn, Wetherall: Armagh, by joan murphy (30/09/2004)
trying to find two uncles who left portadown for america early 1900,s

  Speir, Speirs, Brock: Fermanagh, by Yvonne Farrer (30/09/2004)
Trying to find birth of Thomas Speir(s), born about 1864, possibly 19 April 1864, and married to Margaret Catherine Brock in Fermanagh. According to marriage certificate he was a farmer living at Cronian Bun. Also looking for James Edwin Brock, living at Sedan Avenue, Omagh in 1888.

  Muirhead: Unknown, by Yvonne Farrer (30/09/2004)
Looking for birth of Thomas Muirhead born around 1840.

  Groggin: Cork, by Stephen Sznajder (01/10/2004)
looking for CharlesMcCarthymarriage to Jeanne Groggin

  Melia, Timmons, Culligan: Ireland, by r.melia (01/10/2004)

  Coyle: Unknown, by Linda Coyle (01/10/2004)

  Pinkerton, Spring, Rumsey, Douglas: Down, by Robert C. Lillie (02/10/2004)
Looking for Francis Pinkerton

  Shields: Tyrone, by Kathryn (Shields) McCoy (03/10/2004)
Lenard D.Shiealds born 1835, a plasterer who emigrated to the United States during the civil war.

  McCann, McQuillan, McCaveny: Unknown, by beryl welsh (03/10/2004)
patrick mccann born & ann mcquillan born about 1842, james mccaveny born 1876

  Harrison, McGimpsey: Down, by William A. Harrison (03/10/2004)
Joseph and Catherine (MCGIMPSEY) HARRISON sold a Belfast business and departed Ireland for Canada in 1820 with 4 children. seeking any Irish connection so as to trace further back in time.

  Chaplin: Clare, by mairead chaplin (04/10/2004)
Any Information would be much appreciated ( Especially from outside Clare)

  Rutledge, Waugh: Tyrone, by George Rutledge (04/10/2004)
Looking for: George Rutledge who married Margret. They had a son named Charles. Dates are about 1800 or so.

  Guest, Kidd: Tipperary, by Glenda Morgan (06/10/2004)
John Guest brn 1831/2 Templemore, father John Guest mother Harriet Kidd

  Nolan: Cavan, by Justine O Brien (06/10/2004)
James Nolan - one of four brothers from Fermanagh, who settled around Blacklion

  Corr: Cavan, by Lorna Dolinska (07/10/2004)
Decended from Peter Corr of Legaginney, any info would be appreciated

  Butler: Unknown, by beryl welsh (07/10/2004)
looking for my Grt Grandma mary ann Butler born approx 1850 Married a Daniel McCaveny about 1870

  Millar, French, McClintock: Antrim, by Robert Millar (07/10/2004)

  Wynne, Gibson: Kildare, by brigid kirwan (08/10/2004)

  McAllister, Rogan: Donegal, by ann peacock (08/10/2004)
From Donegal & Fermanagh Counties. Looking for :Willie, Archie, Ambrose, Bella,Ballyshannon

  Breslin, Boney, Bony: Cork, by jo claire riess (08/10/2004)
From Cork & Mayo Counties. Looking for my family roots.

  Devlin, Burrows: Unknown, by patricia devlin (09/10/2004)
my grandfather henry devlin wife ellen burrows son patrick left n. ireland 1850,s for liverpool settled in birkenhead, occupation given boiler-maker. no information before 1851

  Bell: Unknown, by Saundra Middleton (09/10/2004)
James Bell, born Sept., 10, 1869; emmigrated to US about 1885. Unknown if traveled with family or where in Ireland he had resided.

  Fern, Bennett: Cavan, by Mignon Court (10/10/2004)
Margaret Frances Fern John Jospeh Bennet from Co. Cavan & Dublin areas.

  Temple, Walsh: Unknown, by carole clark (10/10/2004)
Seeking marriage of Thomas Temple to Jane Walsh, pre 1907, and birth of sons Alfred William Temple 1907 andThomas Temple 1910. Family moved to Liverpool between 1910 and 1915.

  Egan: Tipperary, by Jeanne Herberth (11/10/2004)
ancestors emigrated from Tipp. to Ontario, Canada.

  Gaynor, Hayes: Wicklow, by MAY PATERSON (12/10/2004)

  Pegum: Unknown, by Belinda Norris (13/10/2004)
Thomas Pegum born c1827. Married Bridget and came toew Zealand as part of the Fencibles c1848. They had a daughter Ellen.

  Loftus: Dublin, by ELIZABETH LOFTUS (13/10/2004)

  Kilcran, Dalton, McDonagh: Longford, by Melissa Sutherland (13/10/2004)
Looking for ANY info (birth/death dates, parents, especially) for the above people (who are not related to each other). Mary Kilcran, Thomas Dalton, and/or Ann McDonagh

  Doran: Dublin, by finnian brigham (14/10/2004)
looking for any info on Patrick Doran of Great Ship Street Dublin, born july 3rd 1883 in the parish of St Peters, Wife: Christine Kennedy. Son Patrick, and Son John James Joseph (Born April 19th 1913, Baptized in St Nicholas Of Myra Dublin 27 april 1913)

  Griffin, Kavanagh: Mayo, by Sue Lovett (14/10/2004)
Thomas Griffin born 1828/29 & Isabella Kavanagh born 1830/31

  Fahey Burke: Tipperary, by Annie Murphy (14/10/2004)
Looking for Grandparents from Carrik on suir.

  Elliott, Russell: Tyrone, by William Kolln (16/10/2004)
James Elliott (Farmer) married Susan Russell, had a son named William Elliott who was born circa 1867 in County Tyrone, and came to Australia circa 1886. seeking any relevant details for geaneology and family history.

  Clarke, Toal, Hoey, Ruddy: Armagh, by Shaun Clarke (16/10/2004)
From Armagh, Louth, & Down Counties. Looking for information for, my Grandfather, John Clarke, b 23 Jun 1877 in Ardee Bog, Co Louth, Ireland. I believe he died c1925, as the result of an accident with horse and cart, in the Newry area.

  Burke, Fahey: Tipperary, by Annie Murphy (16/10/2004)
Mary Francis Burke born approx 1935 - Her mothers name was Fahey Her fathers Name was Peter Francis Burke she came to England when she was approx 12 we think.

  Gordon: Armagh, by elinor williams (17/10/2004)
looking for nixon gordon and sarah lyons

  Bradley, Mahon, Crawford, Caldwell, Ingram: Tyrone, by roger england (17/10/2004)
From Tyrone & Donegal Counties. Seeking information about the Bradley family mainly, but they are known to be linked to the other names mentioned.

  Lavallin: Cork, by Carol Laflin (18/10/2004)
Looking for Melchior, James, John

  Gaynor: Wicklow, by MAY PATERSON (19/10/2004)

  Clements, Knipe(s): Armagh, by Brent Payne (20/10/2004)

  Willis: Armagh, by Sam Willis (21/10/2004)
seeking information about Christopher Willis and Family of Grange Parish 1800s

  Kelly, O Hehir: Ireland, by ron kelly (22/10/2004)
kelly family arrived australia 1848

  Coyle, Cleary, McGinn: Westmeath, by June Oates (22/10/2004)
Looking for any information on Philip Coyle pre 1872

  Thompson, Rutherford: Armagh, by Juanita Williams (22/10/2004)
Joseph (b.1801?)was the son of John. Joseph married Isabella Rutherford(b.1826) in Ireland.They had nine childrenThe first child was Samuel William(b.1853) He may or may not have been born in Ireland. This family immigrated to Canada in 1853. Any information on this family would be appreciated, especially information on this families Irish roots.

  Fraser: Armagh, by christine settle (23/10/2004)
my great great granmother mary fraser was born in bessbrook in 1838. looking for information about her birth and her parents

  Hamilton: Unknown, by Bertram Christie (24/10/2004)
Christopher Hamilton, born 1825, son of John Hamilton and Mary Thompson

  James Johnston: Armagh, by tony watson (24/10/2004)
Coach builder of this town my G/Grandfather

  Magee, Madden, Dougherty, Savage: Antrim, by brian (24/10/2004)
From Belfast, Ballynahinch areas, Co. Antrim & Down.

  Whitty: Wexford, by Michael A. Whitty (24/10/2004)
Any info on Whitty families in Wexford, especially Oylegate from mid 1700 to mid 1800.

  Reynolds: Armagh, by PAT BROWELL (24/10/2004)
Joshua John, born about 1813 Portadown

  McGee, McGie: Down, by Jaimee Stansell (24/10/2004)
searching for a relative named John McGee. I believe he was born in County Down on February 20, 1781 and later moved to Virginia, U.S. Any information on him or related family members would be appreciated.

  McSweeney: Unknown, by Janet Arui (25/10/2004)

  Diamond, Groves: Ireland, by Maggie Kitts (25/10/2004)
To Canada

  Coyle, Connell: Westmeath, by June Oates (25/10/2004)
Any information on a Philip Coyle, auctioneer, County Westmeath. He would have been my great grandfather. Information required on Peter Connel, OldCastle, Westmeath. Peter was married to Rose Ann Gibney of Dungimmon, Mountnugent.

  Moore, Beatty: Down, by Pam Moore (25/10/2004)
First names of Alexander, who left Ireland after 1832, and John and Betty Beatty Moore, born around 1775.

  Devlin: Unknown, by catherine (26/10/2004)
From douglas, Isle of Man. Looking for joseph, died 1911, married to mary terese, she came to Australia about 1913

  Tone: Kilkenney , by Teresa (26/10/2004)
Looking for information re Teresa Tone b1892/3 Daughter of John Tone of Urlingford

  Wann, Dempsey, Martin, Menary: Armagh, by Susan Wann (27/10/2004)
Looking for descendants of John Wann and Eleanor Dempsey of Armagh 1790 - 1900

  Graham, McClung: Tyrone, by Susan Wann (27/10/2004)
Interested in John and Charles Graham of Clogher.or Dromore. Also Jane McClung of Tyrone

  Keenan, Houston: Down, by Campbell Keenan (27/10/2004)
My grandfather was Samuel Keenan, lived in the clock tower, Bangor, died aged 90 about 1955, sons Henry and Willie, daughter Nora. Need their family tree and any details about their ancestors

  lavery, McKenna, Taylor, McCann, Williamson: Armagh, by Mary Pevie (27/10/2004)
Info required about GGrandfather James Lavery

  Creighton, Jarvis: Tyrone, by Kathy Creighton (27/10/2004)

  McCabe, Gillen/Gillan: Armagh, by Henry McCabe (28/10/2004)
Counties Armagh & Cavan.

  Heffernan/Prendergast: Tipperary, by Fay Butler (29/10/2004)
Looking for descendants of Daniel & Mary Heffernan (Prendergast) who were married 1816 Tipp.Three sons went to Australia, William b 1817,James b abt 1825,Michael b abt 1834.Possibility that Michael returned to Ireland.

  O Sullivan, Coffey: Kerry, by Fay Butler (29/10/2004)
Seeking infor on Eugene & Bridget O Sullivan (Coffey) from Inch,Dingle Co Kerry.Two children that I know of Mary b abt 1844 went to Australia & James b 1840s went to California, USA. Any info greatly appreciated

  McNemay, Sweeney: Unknown, by Fay Butler (29/10/2004)
Desperately looking for anyone who has heard of the surname McNemay could be spelt a number of ways including McNamay,McNamee,McNemee,McNemey etc.John McNemay married Maryanne Sweeney, not sure when they married or when they came to Australia.Their son James born abt 1840 & daughter Sarah b 1840s Sydney Australia. James & Sarah both married in Vic Aust.,not sure if parents went as well.

  Talbot: Kerry, by Mick Talbot (30/10/2004)
Townland of Lahern, Aglish and Aghadore

  Gilmore: Armagh, by Brian Yeates (30/10/2004)
circa 1830 - 47

  Butler, O Flynn, Nestor, and Nestor: Galway and Kilkenny, by Mary Ellen Ditto (30/10/2004)
looking for information about John Butler of Ballinasloe or Hallingston Co Galway who married Bridget O Flynn they lived on either side of the Suck River they moved to St Thomas Ontario Canada in either 1837 or 1839 Nestor my grandfather Michael Nester changed the spelling of the last name from Nestor to Nester and they may have been from Kilkenny

  Lacy, Lacey, McGlynn: Antrim, by Margaret Amson (30/10/2004)
Searching for Charles William Lacey b. 1843 in Belfast and his wife Bridget McGlynn also b. Belfast, married in Liverpool, Eng. 1866.

  Hennessy, Sullivan, Mcgrath: Cork, by phillip croft (31/10/2004)
i have hit a brick wall on 1868. Cork, Lismore areas.

  Brown,Wilkes,Pantridge,Lightbody: Down, by James McTavish (31/10/2004)
Researching members of these families who have a connection to those who moved to Beckwith Township, Lanark County, Ontario

  Anderson, Mulligian: Tyrone, by dpidgeon (31/10/2004)
Ballydawley Area. Thomas Anderson came to Canada and his wife Mary nee Mulligian followed with the family in 1928

  Keane: Clare, by Judy Frazer (01/11/2004)
Looking for descendants of Michael Keane, whose brother Patrick came to Australia in 1889 approx. Believe lived in Mullach/Mulloch

  Hackett, Fisher, Meean Meehan: Tyrone, by Richard Hackett (01/11/2004)
Looking for information

  Leonard, Curley: Unknown, by Kathleen A. Bourque (01/11/2004)
born 1840-1843, married prior to 1869, in Massachusetts in 1870

  Donovan: Cork, by Tom Thorp (03/11/2004)

  Carter: Cork, by michele hitchings (03/11/2004)
Looking for mu great nan in the mis 1800

  Tunney, Grey: Unknown, by christine tunney (03/11/2004)
grasping at straws, they were both in sligo/roscommon in 1869. Prior to that there appears to be no record of them.

  Devine: Mayo, by Mrs.M.F.Pirie (04/11/2004)
From Claremorris. Any info about Thomas Devine appeared in 1901 census at Chorlton cum hardy age 27 ,bootmaker,son of Cormack Devine.

  Peacock: Antrim, by philip peacock (05/11/2004)
Belfast, 1900

  Darcy Kelleher: Cavan, by Agnes Robb (06/11/2004)
Patrick Darcy +Bridget Kelleher c 1820-50

  Crangle, Donoughy, Donaghy, King, Smith: Down, by celia crangle (06/11/2004)
Any information pls Killough, Kilbride, Island Henry in 1700 thru 1940

  Hutchinson, Miller: Antrim, by David Hutchinson (06/11/2004)
Andrew Hutchinson Maried Esther McNeice, emigrated to Australia 1839 on the Garrow. Father, Andrew , Mother, Jane Miller both from Balleymena Ire.. Any info would be appreciated.

  Davis: Dublin, by Val Duncan (06/11/2004)
Joseph 1795 father John, both attorneys

  Gibbons: Mayo, by Christine (07/11/2004)

  Edgar, Nixon, Darroch, Darragh, McIlroy: Down, by Isabel Douglas (07/11/2004)
any one out there searching any of the above mentioned

  Dale, Prendergast, Warnock, Elward: Derry, by Ron Dale (07/11/2004)
Primarily looking for the family of my ggggggrandfather, John Dale who with wife Elizabeth Wilson came from either Derry or Antrim ca 1819-20 to settle in Canada. From Derry Fermanagh, Armagh, Antrim, & Monaghan Counties.

  Winters, McKee, and Curry: Armagh, by Cassandra Martindale (07/11/2004)
Just trying to find some info on these families, Daniel and or James Winters, Margaret McKee, and Eliza Curry.

  Leahy: Clare, by fiona Bolton (07/11/2004)
Looking for any information on Cornelius Leahy who was born C. 1837 arrived Australia sometime before 1858. His father was possibly Denis Leahy. Cornelius married Margaret Manly born 1831 county Wicklow,

  Blakely, Murray, McIvor : Fermanagh, by Janie Blakely (07/11/2004)
From South Fermanagh. Id be grateful for any info on these surnames pre 1850s.

  Carson, Trotter: Armagh, by Shirley Johnson (08/11/2004)
William Carson, Samuel Carson (b. 1824), and his brothers David and Dixon. Samuel Carson married Ann Trotter. Samuel, David, Dixon and parents (William & Ann) all moved to Canada. Looking for info on them or other family members left behind in Ireland.

  Cooper: Dublin, by Pam Kelly (08/11/2004)
Any information relating to Austin Cooper born in Dublin in 1854 - father Captain William Cooper, mother unknown.

  Yard: Limerick, by Val Woolf (08/11/2004)
Robert Yard, Place of Birth St Michaels, Limerick circa 1834/1836

  Mccormick, Jenkinson, Mccabe: Armagh, by brendan mccabe (08/11/2004)

  Arundal Arundel: Cork, by Angela Fisher (08/11/2004)
My grandmother was Margaret Arundal and she had a brother caled Jim or James Arundal. Anyone know of the family who lived near Bantry in late 1800s?

  Cross, Liggett, English, Robinson, Wallace, Warwic: Down, by Doreen Liggett (08/11/2004)
Searching for Samuel Wallace, a farmer from Co.Down. Brought his family from to Mulineal, Co Tyrone pre-1850. His daughter Mary Jane married Robert Warwick, related to Warwick's of Scarva, Co Down, abt 1840. They settled in Cadian Co Tyrone. Her sister Eliza Wallace, married John Liggett of Keady, Co Tyrone at Minterburn, in 1872. Anyone researching these families? I have some info on the Cross families of Killyman Parish, near dungannon, Co Tyrone.

  Blakely: Fermanagh, by Janie Blakely (08/11/2004)
Does any one have any info on Blakelys pre 1870s. Primarily Fermanagh, may also be county Monaghan as well.

  Cooke: Armagh, by audrey duncan (09/11/2004)
john cooke was a saddlemaker who moved to Liverpool England sometime after 1866

  McGoldrick, Cushley, Mackle, Hughes: Derry, by Patrick Joseph McGoldrick (09/11/2004)

  Graham, Kennedy: Down, by john william nightingale (09/11/2004)
my fathers mother was margaret ellen graham born1885 markethill armagh her mother was rachel kennedy father was christopher graham they were married 14 aug 1876 scrava joseph graham christophers father was farmer rachel kennedy father isgeorge kennedy laborer rachels mother might be ellen kennedy

  Karen McSweeney, Marie Cotter, Mother: Cork, by Bridget Friswell (09/11/2004)
Father Ronnie McSweeney trying to get in touch with Daughter Karen, please would you respond to my email thankyou

  Early, Walsh/Welsh, Cairns, Carney: Longford, by Anne Elliott (09/11/2004)
Longford & Sligo Counties. I left a message already stating I was looking for relatives of Michael Airlie, turns out his name was actually Early. He married Catherine Walsh or Welsh daughter of Peter Walsh or Welsh.

  Nunan: Cork, by kathryn whittaker (10/11/2004)
Researching family of Maurice James Nunan, b 1805 and emigrated to Australia in1840 with his wife Elizabeth Johns and their 6 children, Jeremiah, Ellen, Mary Ann, John Johns, Maurice James, Charles. Left either Greenock Scotland or County Cork aboard the ship, BIRMAN on 24/30 August 1840. Unsure of where they originated from. Maurice James was a gardener by trade.

  Rhodes, McClintick: Unknown, by Catherine M. Crook (10/11/2004)

  Heffernan: Kerryy, by ALBERT HEFFERNAN (11/11/2004)

  O Donnell: Tyrone, by Steve Curtis (11/11/2004)
This is the grandfather I never knew. Born about 1893 moved from Tyrone to London where he was in business with his brother Martin in the twenties and thirties, possibly longer. Retired to Margate area.

  Gray, Singleton, Smyth, Gardiner, Philpot: Armagh, by Glen Alderson (11/11/2004)
Looking for any information on the noted surnames in Armagh, Antrim & Belfast areas.

  Keenan, Fox: Tyrone, by Margaret Stephenson (12/11/2004)
Areas around Carrickmore

  Rock: Cork, by Frances Hall (12/11/2004)
Looking for Michael Rock born circa 1840 his wife Margaret their children John, Patrick and Margaret who immigrated to England in 1870s.

  Gavin: Mayo, by Roy Gavin (12/11/2004)
Patrick Gavin, born in Ireland about 1845, moved to the Staffordshire area of England, date unknown, maybe born in County Mayo, married Bridget ? had sons John , Thomas, and daughter Mary. any info please.

  Johnston: Tyrone, by Gordon Smith (12/11/2004)
Loking for birth,marriage or death dates for William

  Orr: Tyrone, by Gordon Smith (12/11/2004)
Jane Orr who married William Johnston of Donaghmore.She taught plain sewing at the local church school

  Forrest: Derry, by Robert Forrest (15/11/2004)
Also interested in Forrest surname in Ulster

  McCune, Johnston, Quin, McKay: Unknown, by Sharon Alexander-Wood (16/11/2004)
Particularly interested in McCune line

  Quinn, Corr: Armagh, by mary (18/03/2005)

  Maguire, Rogan, McLeigh: Down, by mary (20/03/2005)

  Hughey: Tyrone, by Sharon Perkins (20/03/2005)
Would like to hear from anyone with Hughey relatives from the Strabane Lower, Donaghedy, and Aghafad areas.

  Fox: Dublin, by Melanie Ramsay (20/03/2005)
First name Patrick born c1819 married Catherine Horton/Morton c 1838 looking for some sort of census for 1841

  Bellew: Cork, by barry bloy (20/03/2005)
re honora ballew, born city of cork, cica 1838

  Gafney: Wicklow, by barry bloy (20/03/2005)
re michael gafney born wicklow circa 1787

  Gateley: not known, by barry bloy (20/03/2005)
re any info about the name gateley

  Golden: Down, by Hugh Golding (21/03/2005)
looking for any info about these names

  O Halloran: cork city, by michael ohalloran (21/03/2005)

  Sharkey: Donegal, by jenny sharkey (21/03/2005)
trying to trace relatives of william sharkey born in clonleigh circa 1834. was a soldier in the 57th regiment of foot. returned to lifford in 1878. his father wascalled james sharkey. offupation, goaler.

  Lombard, Callaghan, Sweeny: Cork, by Marilyn Blair (21/03/2005)
Searching for James Lombard, Ellen Callaghan, and Garrett Sweeny all born between 1790 and 1805.

  McLaughlin: Tyrone, by sean mc laughlin (22/03/2005)

  McGaughey,Laughlin,Mathews: Antrim, by Sande White (22/03/2005)
Seeking info on William McGaughey (b.circa 1690) parents. Willaim went to Scotland then to America ca. 1738.

  Doolan: Wicklow, by karen hall (23/03/2005)
Looking for relatives of lawrence doolan b.1845 married bridget graham think from avocka. Settled in lanark scotland

  Keenan: Londonderry, by jim sewell (23/03/2005)
marriage date

  Sinnott, Synnott,: Londonderry, by SINNOTT (24/03/2005)
Around Edenreagh, Whitehill, Glendermot

  McCann: Unknown, by Margaret McCann (24/03/2005)
Looking for place of birth of James born May 1868, father Michael, mother Ellen

  Finegan: Louth, by sarah geaney (24/03/2005)
From Dundalk. my ggranfather was john gerard finegan and lived in st patricks terrace in dundalk i think my ggrandmothers name was sarah but not sure.

  Daly: Armagh, by Charles J. Daly (26/03/2005)
My grandfather, Charles J. Daly was from Armagh

  Crothers, Carruthers: Down, by du venage G.D. (26/03/2005)
Anyone interested in above surname please email me. My grandfather left for South Africa about 1900 but rest family stayed in Ballymurphy area.

  Obeirne, Eager, McNabb, Huggard: Unknown, by Kerrie Bessell (26/03/2005)

  Finn: Unknown, by yvonne (26/03/2005)

  Johnston; Johnson: Waterford, by Marion Clare (27/03/2005)
Looking for Ellen Johnston born c1857 in Waterford and her family.

  Clare, Coyle: Wicklow, by Marion Clare (27/03/2005)
Clare family from Tinahealy & Doyles from Kilmachaogh

  Hughes, Chippington: Unknown, by Cherryl Thomson (27/03/2005)

  Herron, Graham: Antrim, by Anne Stenning (27/03/2005)
my grandparents were married in1893 need to know where they were born. John`s father was Robert Herron and Annie`s father was George Graham

  Dundas, Slavin, McManus, Ffayre: Fermanagh, by bev jenkins (27/03/2005)
any names match , contact and will try and link in

  Simpson, Kielly, Donovan: Cork, by Tammie Lee (28/03/2005)
looking for anyone researching these names, principally in the 1850s

  Griffin, Hunt: Waterford, by Tammie Lee (28/03/2005)
looking for anyone researching these names, principally in the 1850s

  McKenna: Tyrone, by Elaine Rae (28/03/2005)
Am looking to trace Arthur McKenna who died around 1910 in Ireland

  Scott, Wilson: Cavan, by Wayne F. Britt (29/03/2005)
Looking for information on Charles and Eliza (nee Wilson) Scott prior to family emmigration to USA in 1874.

  Armstrong: Antrim, by Lynn Armstrong (29/03/2005)
visiting Ireland in May 2005

  Copeland, Mulligan: Down, Belfast, by ken copeland (30/03/2005)

  Brady, Pollard: Dublin, by Teresa Pearcy (30/03/2005)
Michael Brady & daughters that I know of, Emily Brady b 1894 and Brigid Brady. Joseph S Pollard and at least one son James Pollard b. about 1892. Also an Alice. Could be Pollard or Brady. Please contact me if you have any information.

  Johnston: Unknown, by Mary Eilers (30/03/2005)
Looking for Francis Johnston came to Shelby County IL from Belfast with wife Sarah, son Jonathan & son Jacob in 1848 when Jacob was 4 years old. Have not been able to locate anything from what little I know. Can anyone help?

  Neill: Unknown, by Edward Neill (30/03/2005)
Unknown what county. First name would be Achason. He was born in 1855.

  Wilson, Blackburn, Morton: Armagh, by Wendy Urban Rosette (31/03/2005)
Looking for any info on my family history

  Murphy, Ennis: Westmeath, by Paddy Taylor (01/04/2005)
Looking for relatives of Thomas Joseph Murphy , born 1881 to Martin Murphy & Mary Ennis

  Morrissey: Clare, by Elizabeth Griffiths (02/04/2005)
Gggrandfather Michael Morrissey packed up wife Ellen and children Michael, Anne, Patrick, Bridget,Pierce and John and came to Australia from Feakle. There should still be cousins there.

  Claven: Kings, by Wendy Marshall (03/04/2005)
interested in finding info on Hugh Claven & his wife Catherine Minnock who married in the early 1800s

  Wilson, Clark, Clarke: Down, by Maria (04/04/2005)
Researching Andrew Clark and Mary Wilson married in Inishargy

  Ford: Galway, by Maria (04/04/2005)
Researching John and Bridget Ford who emigrated to Durham possibly c1860

  Brennan: Kilkenny, by Maria (04/04/2005)
Trying to find the family of Francis Brennan born in June of 1884/1885, Fathers name is Martin Brennan

  Daley: Unknown, by Maria (04/04/2005)
Researching Charles and Mary Daley, found in Durham in 1881 with one daughter Mary born in Carlisle in 1864

  Dowling, Campbell: Kildare, by Maria Russell (04/04/2005)

  Mason: Dublin, by lindsey caddick (04/04/2005)
Searching for info on William Mason born 1862 and his father Christopher Mason a farmer. William joined the army in 1883 and died in India in 1889.

  Harper: Down, by Bruce Harper (05/04/2005)
my g/g/grandfather James Harper born 1804 co Down.he married Elizabeth McCarthy 1829.She was born 1808. My g/grandfather also James Harper born 1830 .I think all these events took place at hillsborough co Down.the family say he was a twin though i have no proof of this.James immigrated to Nelson, New Zealand about 1866.Trying to find siblings of James and his twin . Also any family still in Ireland. Any info most welcome.

  Lonnia: Fermanagh, by Hazel garton (05/04/2005)
surname may be a varient but would welcome any offers of help in my research

  Hyland, Hillan, Lennon: Down, by Donna Brook (07/04/2005)
Seeking info. for HYLAND/HILLAN family from Gargarry, County Down and LENNON family from Ballygowan, County Down. Farmers by occupation.

  Mooney, Garvey: Galway, by Eileen Stamas (09/04/2005)
Information on Thomas Mooney and Hannah Garvey Mooney 1886 to 1893

  Masterson, Richardson, Kennedy, Doyle: Dublin, by Christina Spencer (09/04/2005)

  Hillis: Monaghan, by tracy hillis (09/04/2005)
trying to find info regarding james hillis born 1838-9 his fathers name was daniel hillis

  Rocks: Armagh, by Kevin Rocks (10/04/2005)
From Ballymacnab

  Bailey: Unknown, by Dr George Martin Philip Bailey (10/04/2005)
trying to locate any information for a Cecilia Bridget Bailey nee Okeefe who was married to Newman Alfred Bailey and arrived in Hounslow Middlesex around 1901 with two children Alfred aged 2 and Edward aged 4 months The mother and children were born in Ireland

  Shilcock, Best: Armagh, by margaret cassidy (10/04/2005)
looking for any imformation on these names

  Hill: Armagh, by Patrick Hill (10/04/2005)
Looking for info on Thomas and Elizibeth Hill, sons John and Robert 1808-1845

  Hagan, McGlone, Quinn: Armagh, by Rod Faulkner (11/04/2005)
Thomas Hagan & wife Mary, his sisters Isabella,Jane,Ann-from Tynan,

  Cobine: Monaghan, by Brian Garston (12/04/2005)
Please contact me regarding knowledge of anyone with this surname

  Turner: Tippary, by Joyce Reeves (12/04/2005)
seeking Esther turner or siblings

  Winters: Armagh, by Elaine Abbott (12/04/2005)
James Winters 1830

  Murrell, Lanigan: Kilkenny, by Gemma Murrell (12/04/2005)
How common are these surnames in Ireland

  Cobine: Monaghan, by Brian Garston (13/04/2005)

  Kennon, Vere Kennon: Kilkenny, by Janette Hill (14/04/2005)
Any Vere Kennons, especially - c1700-1800

  Murphy: Cork, by LINDA MEREDITH (14/04/2005)

  McCrea, Brown, Truswell: Antrim, by carole rankin (14/04/2005)
researching the above names of my ancestors. Charles Brown m Amelia Connolly - William James Mccrea m sophia Truswell, anyone who is researching any of these families, please get in touch!

  Cronin, Cronan, Merryman: Cork, by Donna Whitcomb (15/04/2005)
William Cronin/Cronan DOB 1849 HELP!!

  McCaveny, Mckeveny, Butler, Welsh: Unknown, by beryl welsh (16/04/2005)
trying to trace any of these McCaveny McKeveny Mary Ann Butler James Welsh county not known

  Keenan, Kennedy: Cork, by JOHN KEENAN (16/04/2005)
Looking for births (with location) around 1838 of MICHAEL KEENAN & HANNAH KENNEDY who married @ unknown date (thought in IRELAND) and emigrated to NEWCASTLE ENGLAND & had children MARGARET ANN b. 1863 + ELLEN b. 1865 + JOHN b. 1868 + JAMES b. 1870. - JOHN is my grandfather. Attempts were made by my Aunt JULIA KENNEDY HEPPLEWHITE from Newcastle to find relatives of the family by visiting CORK &/or TIPPERARY.

  Kean, Doyle, Kane: Down, by marycuthbertson (17/04/2005)
My Kean relatives had a business in Newry and my Doyle relatives were from Greencastle,near Kilkeel,Co.Down.My maiden name was Mary Kane b.1949 and I also originally come from Newry.Quite a few of the Keans were at Trinity College ,Dublin and Daniel J Kean was a medical student

  Farrell: Belfast, by michelle kennedy (17/04/2005)
born 1876 24 sept

  Halliday, Wilson, Kincade, Ralston: Antrim, by Peter Halliday (18/04/2005)
Main research - Rebecca Wilson b USA 1872/3

  Birney, Cummins: Armagh, by Martha C. Cummins (18/04/2005)
Cummins and Birney Families Portadown or Old Gilford Road

  Cummins: Armagh, by Martha C. Cummins (18/04/2005)
John Cummins, Portadown, Armagh Landowner, 1876

  McCormick: Cavan, by IRENE CAMERON (19/04/2005)

  Adams, Stewart, Sinclair: Down, by catherine truesdale (20/04/2005)
researching Agnes Sinclair, Mary Jane Stewart

  Cleary: Waterford, by Carolyn Adams (20/04/2005)
Need info on Mary Agnes Cleary born in 1875 in Dungarven, county Waterford

  John Graves McClure Sr: Unknown, by Carolyn Adams (20/04/2005)
Need info on John Graves McClure Sr., born in Ireland in 1715-came to America about 1767

  Maurice & Mauda Cleary: Waterford, by Carolyn Adams (21/04/2005)
Looking for info on above - were in Dungarvan, cty Waterford in 1875

  Allen: Armagh, by Ronald Messenger (21/04/2005)
William Allen ca 1800

  Hunt: Waterford, by Andrew Morrison (21/04/2005)
Robert M. Hunt, lived at Dunmore in 1844. Trying to trace his family. Father Thomas Hunt.

  Adams: Down, by catherine truesdale (22/04/2005)
trying to make a start had relatives in Donaghadeea

  Wilson: Down, by margaret walsh (22/04/2005)
I believe that my great grandfather was a William Wilson born in 1847 in Co.Down. His parent were possibly Matthew and Mary Wilson.

  Brennen, Johnston, Ewing: Tyrone, by herb brennen (22/04/2005)
My grandmother was Nora Johnston and she had a brother J.Ewing Johnston and a nephew R. Ewing Johnston that were veterinarians. She was born in 1881and her brother about 1870.

  Frierson: Down, by Claudia Rowe (23/04/2005)

  Cummings: Roscommon, by Kathleen Cummings (23/04/2005)
Looking for information on John Cummings married to Honoria Westin; children are: John.Mary, Thomas, Patrick,Mark (my grandfather), Edward, Sarah and Honora.

  Carty: Unknown, by yvonne turner (24/04/2005)
looking fo a peter or patrick carty

  Denis Sullivan, Mary Foley: Cork, by Nancy Knox (24/04/2005)
My great great grandmother came over at 16. looking for more information as to where her parents were from. Her name was Mary Sullivan. She came in 1849 at age 16

  Quinn, Gartland: Armagh, by Anthony Quinn (24/04/2005)

  McIlrath, Graham, Boyd, King, Marshall, Morrison: Antrim, by Kingsley Evarts (24/04/2005)
Ancesters of Hugh McIlrath 1699-1772

  Hunter: Unknown, by Joyce Wallace (26/04/2005)
Looking for infor on an Orr Hunter Born in 1828

  McCormick: Down, by Ann McCormick Ganly (26/04/2005)
Thomas J. McCormick from County Down - born in Belfast around 1865 to Thomas and Rose McCormick. Family migrated to Rhode Island in the 1870s.

  Quin, Townsley, Kane, Cain: Down, by Heather Lawson (26/04/2005)
needing information on James Townsley, John Quin both farm labourers and their wives Eliza Cain and Eliza Kane.

  Hearst, Hurst: Cork, by margaret van anen (27/04/2005)
lost mother

  Turkington: Lurgan, by Irene Street (27/04/2005)
a grandaughter in Australia seeking information about my grandmother Alice Turkington (married Joseph Laverty). Alice came from Lurgan and probably died 1942.

  Magwood: Armargh, by Jayne Magwood (27/04/2005)
After many years of researching my own family history I have now started on my husbands family. I have very little information but have managed to establish that the family were in Armargh in the mid nineteenth century. I have a marriage certificate for James Magwood to Mary Ann Rodgers on the 27 November 1851. James father is listed as Robert Magwood. This would be my husbands great, great great grandfather. Do these names ring any bells with anyone?

  Williams: Cork, by gillian baker (28/04/2005)
mary ann born 1847 daughter of charles any info helpful

  Mearns: Down, by Andrew Mearns (28/04/2005)

  Moore: Armagh, by Nancy Watkins (29/04/2005)
Family came from Lurgan. Dunlop Moore had land there in 1839. Have no other information.

  Armstrong: Monaghan, by Catherine Toft (30/04/2005)
Looking for ROBERT ARMSTRONG who married ELIZA HAMILTON on 15 Dec 1847 at Domaghmoyne Parish Church (C of I) and lived in Tullyharnet, Muckno. I would like to know there dates of birth and when and where they died. They died in Ireland.

  Malone: Louth, by Catherine Toft (30/04/2005)
Looking for THOMAS MALONE and CATHERINE (O) REILLY, married 30 Nov 1866, in Killanny Co Louth Parish Records. Four daughters and two sons. Some children went to America and died there. Address was Tullyraine, Corcreagh, Co Louth. Would like to find out they ages, when did they die?

  McMenamin: Tyrone, by maureen chiverton (01/05/2005)
information on john mcmenamin b.1835 Castlederg

  Donaghue: Down, by gerry donaghue (02/05/2005)
searching for a robert donaghue circa 1849

  O Brien, Riley, Monahan: Tyrone, by Donna Beauchemin (03/05/2005)
looking for a Thomas O Brien married to a Margaret with any of the surnames above

  Mckee, Hawthorn, Hawthorne: Armagh, by Gretta Morris (03/05/2005)
John McKee born 1862 Samuel Hawthorne Born 1840 or 1844..believe that both families originated from Scotland during Plantation of Ulster in 1600s. Looking to track them back there

  Kennedy Richardson Masterson: Fermanagh, by Christina Spencer (03/05/2005)
help needed in researching the above names

  Simpson: Down, by gwynne (03/05/2005)
alexander SIMPSON..........born 1813 a militia man who married charlotte pritchard of winchester and settled in burnleycirca 1830-45 anyone any connection?

  Molloy: KINGS , by Elaine Kelly (04/05/2005)
Patrick Molloy Offaly Kings Co 1800s

  Hunniford, Honeyford: Armagh, by James Hunniford (04/05/2005)
One Name study: Hunniford and variants

  Bailey, Okeefe: Cork, by Dr George Martin Philip Bailey (04/05/2005)
Bailey,Update from 11 04 2005 now possibly Fermoy, County Cork, any information on Cecilia Bridget Bailey, nee Okeefe arrived in Hounslow Middlesex England around 1900-1901 with 2 children Alfred aged 2 and Edward aged 4 months mother and children born in Ireland

  Cunningham, Carson: Tyrone, by Barbara Cunningham (05/05/2005)
William Young Cunningham who was born 1828 in Farnaughandrum.

  Coleman, Watts: Cork, by valerie rushton (05/05/2005)
Ellen Coleman and George Watts both born in Fermoy

  Mooney: Antrim, by Jennifer Flynn (06/05/2005)
Looking for Thomas an d Jenny Mooney farmed at Cushendall 1860ish-daughter Margaret emigrated to NZ_ my g-grandmother

  Pollard, Lawless: Dublin, by Teresa Pearcy (07/05/2005)
Joseph Pollard b 1866, m Margaret Lawless b 1860, children..Alice, Chris,Steven,James, Joseph, Thomas, Frank, Sheila and Margaret all born late 1800s Dublin. Please contact me if these names relate to YOU.

  Lusty: Armagh, by robert harrison (08/05/2005)
married to Jackson, c.1820, who was deported to Australia 1820

  Douthitt: Tyrone, by Sandra Edwards (08/05/2005)
Looking for info on Nathaniel and Thomas Douthitt, who are thought to have led a rebellion in County Tyrone between 1760 and 1772, and fled to America.

  James Tighe: Dublin, by Pamela Ann Hunter (08/05/2005)
Looking for links to James Tighe b.1813 convicted at dublin 1832 and sentenced to 7 years transportation in Australia leaving on board Dunvegan Castle 11

  Burke: Galway, by jacqui shepherd (08/05/2005)

  Cooney, Mahony: Galway, by Lila Buka (08/05/2005)
I would appreciate any information on this family; they lived in Galway, Archenden prior to moving to Glasgow, Scotland after 1858. Patrick Cooney was married to a Bridget Mahony.

  O Dea: Mayo, by Melanie Boyles (09/05/2005)
Births to Michael Patrick O Dea and Mary Horan. Also a death date for Mary Horan O Dea

  McAfee: Down, by gwyneth davy (09/05/2005)
looking for information on my mothers side. They lived in Bangor and Belfast. My grandmother was married at St. Enodis Church and I understand she taught at a school with the same name

  Morgan: Armagh, by pauline brittain (10/05/2005)
looking for my gg/father Patrick Morgan from Newry his son also Patrick was babout 1854/58 married Warrenpont 1877 want to know who my gg/parents were ie his mother ?

  Hutton: Armagh, by noel capes (12/05/2005)
father john daughter jane

  Mackey: Cork, by noel capes (12/05/2005)
father john daughter mary imm. to Australia approx.1850

  McCabe: Monaghan, by Joe McCabe (12/05/2005)
Patrick McCabe, b. 1882, Castleblayney; Anyone have info re: parentage?

  Kinsella: Wicklow, by mrs lynda ivison (12/05/2005)
looking for parents and siblings of thomas kinsella born c1835 who lived in bray

  Keogh / Bowen: Cork, by Margaret Baldwin (12/05/2005)
Looking for grt grt grandfather Patrick Keogh / Keough/ born 1826 all we know is County cork . He married Mary Bowen They came to England and settled in Newcastle. Wall Knoll and had four sons Thomas . Bernard. Patrick and John are looking for any known family in Ireland.

  Sparks: Tyrone, by j cousins (13/05/2005)
came to england late 19th century

  Donnelly, Mcguire: Armagh, by Barb Beeson (14/05/2005)
Patrick & Martha Donnelly, James & Agnes Mcguire left Armagh abt. 1860 for Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

  McCusker: Tyrone, by Barbara Barton (14/05/2005)
Need maiden name of wife of Owen McCusker, she was a native of the parish of Dunmore, Co. Tyrone. Marriage about 1839.

  Adams: Belfast, by catherine truesdale (15/05/2005)
researching John Adams=Agnes Sinclair 1790

  Thompson: Derry, by Wendy Thompson (16/05/2005)
seeking information on the family of Robert Thompson and Rachel Livingston, married 1869 at Newton Limavady, had 1 son aware of James Thompson b. 31 Jan 1874 at Drumchose, he immigrated to Canada in 1913.

  Close: Down, by Wendy Thompson (16/05/2005)
Seeking information on the family of John Close b. 2 Apr 1877 at Castlereagh, married a Helen Wilson 24 Feb 1906 at Grovenor Methodist Hall in Belfast, would be interested in any information pertaining to this family. John was a twin, son of James Watson Close and Suzanna Hedley

  Close: Carr: Down, by Wendy Thompson (16/05/2005)
Seeking information on the family of Susanna Close b. 2 Apr 1877 at Castlereagh and Cuthbert Carr b. 9 Nov 1872 in Co. Durham, appears they married 11 Aug 1909 in Belfast. This was the second marriage for Cuthbert Carr, seems he was in Londonderry prior to 1909, and had at least 2 daughters Clementine b. 1897, and Mary Stewart Carr b. 1901. Susannah and Cuthbert had Margaret Moffatt Carr b. 1910, Elizabeth Hedley Carr b. 1912,

  Drum, Fee: Fermanagh, by Gill Paton (17/05/2005)
Looking for information on my grandmother, Mary Catherine Drum, born 15/5/1887 in Mary Street, Enniskillen. Her father was a Christopher Drum and her mother was a Margaret Drum (nee Fee).

  Best: Armagh, by margaret cassidy (17/05/2005)
looking for margaret best

  Savage, Holohan, Fitzgerald, Leary: Fermoy, by Mrs Annmarie Leslie (17/05/2005)
looking for any of the above names of my g grandparents whom I believe were in Fermoy at one timeor another.

  Tracey: Cork, by Vincent Tracey (18/05/2005)
John Tracey, my greeat great grandfather supposedly born in Ireland and came to the US with his sister Catherine Tracey and settled in Pennsylvania. He married Mary Walter about 1825 and had seven sons. trying to find his fathers name or where he came from in Ireland. He was born about 1800.

  Looney: Tyrone, by Frank Lewin (18/05/2005)
May have come via the IOM

  Drummond, Seeley, McGlinchie: Dublin, by PRISCILLA MCEWAN (19/05/2005)
im trying to trace my g/grandfathers family he im trying to trace my g/grandfathers family i think he eas born in dublin in 1832 his father was roderick drummond thomas came to glasgow as a young man and married rose ann mcglinchie after her death in 1883 i think he returned to ireland as i have no trace of him after that was born in 1832 i think in dublin he came to glasgow and married rose ann mcglinchie after her death in 1883 i think he returned to irelan

  Kavanagh, Kennedy: Dublin, by Cathy Daly (19/05/2005)
looking for info on Arthur Richard Claude Kavanagh who was born in Dublin in the 1880s. He was in the Dublin Militia and then emigrated to England where he joined the South Irish Horse. He fought in the Boer War and WW1 and later he married Kathleen Kennedy and had four children. Their daughter died young. They lived in the Manchester area.

  Gillespie: Antrim, by Pat Adams (19/05/2005)
looking for information on my Gillespie ancestors. My GG Grandfather was Henry Gillespie, born in Ireland in 1785. He married a woman named Mary and they had five children: Anne, Elizabeth, Flora, Henry and John. Their son, Henry was my G Grandfather and he was born 05 May 1816 in Belfast, Ireland. He married Elizabeth Martin, born 04 April 1853 and they had the following children: Margarite, John, Anna Mary and William Henry. William Henry Gillespie was my Grandfather and he was born 12 Jan 1867 in Edinburg, PA., USA, and he married Leanore Eperthener. Their children were: Gertrude, Imogene, Donald Jay and William Henry.

  Martin, Bowhannan, Dodds: Monaghan, by Pat Adams (19/05/2005)
William Martin was my GGG Grandfather and it is said that he was born in Drumacrib in County Monaghan, Ireland ca. 1770. He later married Elizabeth Bowhannan also from the same area. Their son, John Martin was my GG Grandfather and he was born 17 Feb 1794, Mullyash Tl. Monaghan, Ireland. He married Margaret Dodds born 17 Aug 1803 also born in the same area. They left Ireland and moved to the US settling in Eastbrook, PA. Their children were: Elizabeth, Anne, Margaret, Mary, James Dodds, William, George, Daniel Cargill, Thomas John and E.G. Their daughter, Elizabeth Martin born 27 Sep 1826 in Mullyash Tl., Monaghan, Ireland married Henry Gillespie, born 5 Mary 1816 in Belfast, Ireland. They had the following children: Margaret, John, Anna Mary and William Henry. Their son, William Henry Gilliespie was my Grandfather and he married Leanore Eperthener born 04 April 1874.

  Clancy, Laughlin, Hickey, Hayes, Ryan, Hall: Cork, by Margaret Clancy (19/05/2005)
Looking for John Clancy B. abt. 1795, Mother was Elizabeth Hayes, Father (Brien?) Clancy

  Patrick Mallon: Dublin, by David Mallin (19/05/2005)
b.about 1848...left for england when?

  Flinn: Sligo, by Jeff Davis (20/05/2005)
Michael Flinn, Cecilia Mullaney

  Kennedy: Fermanagh, by Christina Spencer (20/05/2005)
help needed in my research for my g/grandfather.

  McCann, McManus: Cork, by JANE WOODCOCK (21/05/2005)

  Hogan, Ryan: Limerick, by Candace Hogan (21/05/2005)
John Hogan & Ellen Ryan Hogan need to find in Ireland. Immigrated to USA 1849 John R. Skiddy from Liverpool. Brick Wall

  Monen, Monan: Down, by anne williams (22/05/2005)
grandfather george born 1862 father james a husbandsman

  Purdon: Donegall, by Mark Purdon (22/05/2005)
Trying to trace the parents of Benjamin Purdon, born Lifford around 1883.

  Cleary: Waterford, by Carolyn Adams (22/05/2005)
Looking for info on Agnes Cleary(b. 1875) and her father Michael, both from Dungarvan; Michael(may be wrong first name)had two wives-Mauda Crotty and Mary Curran)

  Hagan, McGlone: Armagh, by rod faulkner (23/05/2005)
Thomas hagan/seragh McGlone-their children left for Australia 1849/1850 from Tynan,Co Armagh

  Steward, Stewart, Dwyer, Hannigan: Limerick, by Pam Taplin (23/05/2005)
Would really appreciate any help anyone can give.

  Trainor, Traynor, Hillen: Amargh, by Nicola (23/05/2005)
William Traynot 1855 catherine Hillen 1857 - would love to find them & their families

  Kingham: Armagh, by audrey (23/05/2005)
William Kingham my G/grandfather dob 18 51 married a Sarah ( maiden mane not know) also born 1851 looking for thier marriage date and info on their parents, I do know the moved to Enland after daughter Edith was born in 1874, to live in Barrow-in-furness, does anyone have any knowledge on this family

  McCann, McManus: Cork, by Kathryn Thompson (23/05/2005)
looking for Thomas McManus (b1851 ? Cork) married to Mary-Ann McCann (b 1853 ? Cork) and siblings of Mary-Ann; William, Joseph; Winifred; Sarah (Sally) and Polly (Margaret) who possibly went on to live in Oldham Lancashire.

  Slavin: Meath, by eugene slavin (23/05/2005)
looking for families of patrick slavin that married rose duff

  Feeney, Conway, McCorry, Graham: Unknown, by mary roy (23/05/2005)

  Donahue, Cosgrove: Tyrone, by Marilyn Cosgrove (25/05/2005)
Looking for info on Edward and Jane Donahue (brother and sister). Jane was born in 1838-39 and they immigrated to the U..S. in the late 1840,s or early 1850,s. Francis Cosgrove was born in 1831 and immigrated to U.S. in l852.

  Cosgrove: Monaghan, by Marilyn Cosgrove (25/05/2005)
Francis Cosgrove was born in 1831 and immigrated to U.S. in l852 . .

  Cosgrove: Monaghan, by Marilyn Cosgrove (25/05/2005)
looking for any information on the Cosgrove families of County Monaghan, in particular my great grandfather who was born around l831 and immigrated to the U.S. in 1852.

  Patterson: Tyrone, by Jim Brown (25/05/2005)
Interested in Robert & Mary from Sixmilecross 1802-1857

  Alexander, Houston: Tyrone, by jan stephens (25/05/2005)
Seeking any information on Thomas Alexander & his wife Sarah Jane Alexander ( Nee Houston) Thomas born 1820 died 1889 Sarah born 1834 died 1898.

  Ray: Tyrone, by Joseph A. Ray (25/05/2005)
Our Large family is descendents from John Ray born March or August 1781 in County Tyrone Ireland died September 5 1865 USA wife Mary Moore died December 1 1855 USA married about 1803 in County Tyrone Ireland having five children of ten children born in County Tyrone More informatiokn to follow

  McConville, Kelly: Armagh, by neka (25/05/2005)
Looking for info on Patrick McConville he married Catherine Kelly

  Burns: Wicklow, by Robert Wise (26/05/2005)
Searching for Burns from Wicklow or Bray

  Reardon, Foley, McKennedy: Cork, by Valerie HOW (27/05/2005)
Any help, Cornelius McKENNEDY seems to be an easier name to start with

  Naughton: Galway, by Mary naughton (27/05/2005)
Seeking information on Patrick Naughton m. Mary Rooney lived in Attymon. West Co. Galway. Died c 1840

  Logan: Down, by Kathleen Logan (28/05/2005)
Henry Logan born January 15, 1883 to George and Sarah Logan (Watt) on Newry St, Banbridge. Looking for information about my grandfather, Henry.

  Wyse, Wise: Unknown, by Patrick J. Wyse (28/05/2005)
Looking for information on Andrew Wyse, born 1811, left Ireland at age 14 as a cabin boy from Cobh, not sure if this is true, birth date could be wrong also, 1811 or 1821. We have him located in Buffalo, USA in 1851, Ontario Canada in 1860, Michigan USA in 1871, where he died in 1893. He was married to Jane Nichols from New Brunswick, Canada.

  Lee: Down, by Stella (28/05/2005)
Looking to find information about:Robert Lee who was a shoemaker married to Ann.They had one son George Alexander Lee born approx 1855.They left to live in Salford England between 1855 &1858.Please help!!!!!!!!!

  Martin, Densmore, and Banks: Cork, by Sherolyn (30/05/2005)
Looking for anything on John, Martin and or Ella Banks and maybe the Densmore name

  Nugent: Tyrone, by Jeannette Akers (31/05/2005)
Looking for information on Catherine Nugent who immigrated to Canada and was married in 1832 in Perth, Ontario

  Buckley: Westmeath, by Jeannette Akers (31/05/2005)
Looking for information on Bernard Buckley who immigrated to Canada and was married in 1832 in Perth, Ontario

  Dempsey: Cork, by kate holloway (31/05/2005)
John was born c1846 probably in Cork

  Holder: Cork, by Sylvia Bushell (01/06/2005)
Great Granda James Holder noted as 21 on marriage certificate in March 1875 and born in Cork on 1891 British census but cannot find him on 1881 census so he is maybe back in Ireland with new wifeElizabeth Ann and first son William born 1877 in Epsom Surrey. Father is William Holder a Bricklayer presumably in Ireland also. Anyone who can trace James and his father and mother in Ireland

  Burns, McCulloch: Down, by sarah chilcott (01/06/2005)
any help with these families from 1900 backwards

  Walsh: Wexford, by anne flack (02/06/2005)
trying to trace my grandfathers parents or siblings. He was John Joseph Walsh. Born 6.3.1882 in Wexford Town. I know he had one brother named James and another Thomas. His father was a ships captain. Grandad was to go with him as mid-shipsman but his mother stopped him and sent him to teach at the Christian Bros instead. He soon left and joined up as deckhand on another ship. He married my grandmother Maryann O Rourke of School Street Wexford in 1905. They moved to Liverpool and had twin girls, my mother one of them. Because of a fall out with his parents we have no further information and as Walsh is a widely used surname its a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. If anyone whe can shed a light on my missing gt grandparents it would be appreciated. now one of the older generation and so there is no on to ask. Anne

  Speir, Speirs, Spiers: Armagh, by Yvonne Farrer (03/06/2005)
Looking for Thomas Speir born about 1865, married Margaret Catherine Brock in Colaghty Church, Fermanagh, in 1888. They later moved to Liverpool.

  Slade: Cork, by Suzanne Bilbrough (03/06/2005)
Looking for Slade family - from I think Co Cork. My family history contains Lot Slade who was in the 98th Regiment and eventually settled and died in Co Durham, England.

  Moloney, Wren: Clare, by Carol Shanks (04/06/2005)
Can anyone suggest how l can find details of birth for Michael Moloney, son of Patrick and Hanora (Wren). He was either born 1840 or 1851. I cant even find details of his parents.

  Dempsey: Kildare, by sally grenfell (04/06/2005)
My great Grandfather was stationed at the Curragh Camp and met my Gt Grandmother Margaret Mary Dempsey, whilst there. She lived with her family on a farm in Newbridge, her dad was called Nicholas. M-M was born in 1883.

  Orr, McDonald, Moore, Walker, McEntee, McIlvaine: Armagh, by Michelle George (04/06/2005)
William Orr and Agnes McDonad left in 1809, John Moore left in 1847, born 1829, George and Elisabeth Walker left in 1849 from Newry, Patrick and Christopher McEntee left in 1889, Sarah McIlvaine left in 1869.

  Drum: Fermanagh, by Jeffrey Drum (05/06/2005)
Researching the family of Patrick Drum of Enniskillen, son of Edward & Susannah. Patrick & his wife Mary & sons James & John emigrated from Dublin on 31 December 1864 on the vessel Dauntless. Any information on his family in Ireland would be appreciated.

  Henderson, Rainey: Down, by diana medcalf (mrs) (05/06/2005)
Interested to hear re the above families pre 1843

  Carroll, Herbert, Broderick: Cork, by Helena Dunlap (05/06/2005)
Looking for information about Maurice Dominic Carroll and/or Ellen Mary Herbert

  Michael Dollard: Unknown, by margaret mulcrone (05/06/2005)
born about 1859 area unknown father william

  Maryann Melia: Unknown, by margaret mulcrone (05/06/2005)
born about 1863 area unknown father michael married michael dollard 1894 in liverpool england

  Wilson: Waterford, by Ngaire James (06/06/2005)
Trying to gather information on my ggggrandmother, Eliza Jane Wilson, born 1844c in Waterford, Cheers from Australia

  Hourigan, Kenny: Dublin, by annette sibley (06/06/2005)
george hourigan born late 1800s and henrietta kenny, his wife.

  Connelly: Donegal, by isobelmccabe (06/06/2005)
looking for relatives of my mother in lay alice connelly born 1904 died glasgow 1997

  Gleeson, McGrath: Tipperary, by BARBARA BURKE (07/06/2005)

  Allen, Gardiner: Antrim, by Vivien Hick (07/06/2005)
Researching Allens and Gardiners of Ballyeaston.

  Watson, Hamilton, King: Down, by Vivien Hick (07/06/2005)
Mainly Loughbrickland area.

  Draper, Armitage, Llewellyn, Gorman: Tipperary, by Vivien Hick (07/06/2005)
These families extend to Queens, Kings counties also

  Neill, Neal: Armagh, by louise (07/06/2005)
any information

  Monahan: Dublin, by Eric Monahan (07/06/2005)
Looking for information on Andrew Monahan, said to be deceased when his son Robert Daniel married Elizabeth Ross in Dublin in 1873

  McConkey: Antrim, by Sharryn McConkey (08/06/2005)
Looking for information on Joseph McConkey who married Jane Hodgson in 1857. 12 children of who James White is one of them.

  McGoldrick: Donegal, by John McGoldrick (09/06/2005)
Trying to find information about Francis c1850s

  Creighan: Armagh, by Kathleen MacKenzie (09/06/2005)
immigrated to Prince Edward Island, Canada

  Mulqueeny: Clare, by margaret darvill (09/06/2005)
Margaret Mulqueeny, born abt 1860, daughter of James Mulqueeny and Margaret Jordan

  Moylan: Unknown, by margaret darvill (09/06/2005)
Edward Moylan, born abt 1856, son of William Moylan and Mary Gillain/Gillaim

  Hall: Dublin, by margaret darvill (09/06/2005)
Annie, born abt 1862, daughter of John Richard Hall and Elizabeth Robinson

  Condon: Cork, by margaret darvill (09/06/2005)
Bartholomew, born 1867, son of William Condon and Hannah Catherine Duggan

  Jessey, Jessie: Cork, by Jeanne Jessie (10/06/2005)
Searching for Martin, b. 1803 and Andreas b. about 1833, Jesse. Martin Jesse and his brothers migrated to Wisconsin from Kentucky, having lived there for about three years. The family had orginally come from County Cork, Ireland, then possibly to Germany for a short time before migrating to the United States. When the brothers left Kentucky, Martin and another brother came to Wisconsin.

  Pickens: Cavan, by Riley Pickens Deichert (10/06/2005)
Will be traveling to Ireland in August. Would like to meet any family members living in the area.

  De Groot: Dublin, by Jane de Groot (11/06/2005)
Edward Stanely b1896 in Dublin, came to Eng.?when, musician, know as Stanelli

  Kilgallen: Sligo, by catherine kilgallen (11/06/2005)
trying to find my roots I have got back as far as my great grandfather Patrick Kilgallen who married Mary Foley who had eight children and following her death in childbith in 1894 he then married a Mary McNay I believe that they moved from ireland County sligo following an out break of anthrax they were cattle farmers and moved to England Wigan to work in the coal mines. My grandfathrr also called partick was married in Wigan in 1904 to a Mary Ann Higham I have the years of birth of my great granfathers brothers and sisters and I believe that MAry Ann Highams brother William was witness to the marriage.

  McCormack: Armagh, by nick mccormack (12/06/2005)
traceing ancestors, churchtown Armagh

  McCormack: Galway, by nick mccormack (12/06/2005)
traceing ancestors

  Duncan, Watson, Connor: Unknown, by Simone Taylor (12/06/2005)
In Liverpool in 1861

  Griffin, Neeson, Darragh: Antrim, by Charlotte Corry (12/06/2005)
Charles Griffin a farm labourer and R.C married Jane Darragh had sons Henry c1884, James c 1886 and Francis c1887. James later married Mary, daughter of Patrick Neeson b 1852 and Rose ? McCrann. They were from the Toome bridge area.

  Geogeghan: Galway, by jim geoghegan (12/06/2005)
thomas geoghegan d abt 1866

  Laird, Laird Hunter, Boggs. : Londonderry, by Bruce Laird (12/06/2005)

  Laird, Moore, Hunter, Wylie : Donegal, by Bruce Laird (12/06/2005)
Carrigawley, Letterkenny

  Masterson, Whittaker: Dublin, by Simon Sheppard (12/06/2005)
Mastersons were butchers, and somehow related to Brady and Hargreaves families

  Neill: Armagh, by louise alexanderson (12/06/2005)
lived there in mid 1800

  O Hara: Down, by Julia OHara (13/06/2005)

  Doyle: Wicklow, by Ciara Faloona (13/06/2005)
my grandmother grew up in Clash Co. Wicklow

  Cougley, Murphy: Cork, by Kathleen Kelly (14/06/2005)
gr.grandfather william patrick cougley b. march 1859 married dorothy murphy b. sept.1857 they immigrated to califori]nia in u.s.a. but returned to cork several times have never been able to find anything on the last name cougley.

  Drean, Coburn, Allen, Wasson, McArthur: Antrim, by Jennie Drean (15/06/2005)
Any information, William Drean-m-Jane Coburn 1819. Thomas Drean-m-Jane Allen 1845. Thomas Drean-m-Annie Wasson 1871. John Allen Drean-m-Jane McArthur 1901.

  Connor: Antrim, by Jennie Drean (15/06/2005)
Joseph Connor born 08 December 1895, Larne. Any information.

  Rea: Down, by Eugene Rea (16/06/2005)
Francis Rea, Kibroney went to Ellis Island 1912, looking for his family around that time. He listed Ballymoney as his birthplace

  Lagan: Tyrone, by Carol Wooley (17/06/2005)
Looking for Sarah Lagan b.1830..mother Keenan

  Geddes, Price, Lindsay, Schambers, Cunningham: Tyrone, by Sherlyn A. Tero (19/06/2005)
looking for info on above family names

  Brownrigg, Twambly, Twamley, Morris: Wicklow, by Sherlyn A. Tero (19/06/2005)
looking for info on above family names

  Pepper: Derry, by tony pepper (19/06/2005)
Pepper fasmily name near magherafelt, Castledawson and Annaghmore

  Mckeever: Dublin, by anthea simpson (19/06/2005)
looking for any information living or deceased

  McGrath: Carlow, by ross thomas (20/06/2005)
Bridget McGrath, my great-grandmother, is a mystery. She emigrated to South Australia around 1850 from Ireland. My research can only identify one person likely to be bridget. She may be the orphan girl of 16 years from Tulloch, County Carlow who was part of the Earl Grey Orphan Scheme and may have journeyed on the Lady Peel.

  Steen: Tyrone, by Judith Koch (Steen) (21/06/2005)
I have traced our ancestors from Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada back 8 generations to Thomas and James Steen B./ 1793 and 1811 in County Tyrone, Ireland. Do you have connections? Please contact me.

  Currie, Crawford: Londonderry, by carol currie (21/06/2005)
Have been trying for ages getting nowhere.

  McConkey: Antrim, by robyn mills (22/06/2005)
looking for any info on Joseph mcconkey who married a Anne Kelly in 1883 belfast

  Henry Kennedy: Fermanagh, by Christina Spencer (22/06/2005)
henry Kennedy he was born in1848 he married a catherine Richardson in Dublin in the year1866 they later lived in Dublin.

  McConville: Monaghan, by kathy (22/06/2005)
looking for information about my G Grandfather Michael Mcconville born 1860, Crossmaglen. Also my GGGrandfather Patrick McConville

  Hess(e): Wexford, by Helen Hesse (25/06/2005)
Researching the HESS(E) line in Old Ross Wexford. Part of the Palatine refugees brought to Ireland by queen anne in 1709.

  Mcgaughey,Vallely: Monaghan, by Ronalda (26/06/2005)
Looking for any info regarding Patrick Mcgaughey and Rose Vallely.Patrick and Rose Arrived in Prince Edward Island Canada about 1843 from thought to be Monaghan.They brought 5 children with them,Michael,Annie,John,James and Margaret,leaving behind 3 older children they never saw again.

  Mooney, McNulty: Cork, by Joan Hope (26/06/2005)
I,am looking for information on Margaret Mooney d.o.b July 12th ?1859/1860 also Edward McNulty, they married and lived on Derby Rd Bootle. they had five daughters

  McLaughlin, McLaughlan, Fairlie, Fidgeon, McNally: Armagh, by Linda McLaughlan (27/06/2005)
having absolutely no luck in tracing any Irish connections.

  Robinson, Haveron: Antrim, by Michael Robinson (27/06/2005)
Ballyalbanagh, Ballyeaston, Glenwhirry, Larne area

  McClean, King: Donegal, by Sue Dacey (27/06/2005)
Researching McCleans from Errity, Manorcunningham, Donegal c 1894

  Irvine, Johnston, Hicks: Fermanagh, by Sue Dacey (27/06/2005)
Researching Irvine family from Maguiresbridge, Johnstons from Fartagh and Dromore, and Hicks possibly originally from Fivemiletown, Ferm/Tyrone

  Curry: Tyrone, by Bryan Currie (27/06/2005)
Curry in particular Samuel born abt 1843 & Jane Curry born abt 1844 Jane Logue set sail for New Zealand in 1874 The family seems to have residied in Newtownstewart parish of Ardstraw Samuel Father John Curry Mother Martha Philips

  McCullough: Armagh, by Elaine McCullough May (27/06/2005)
Searching for further information on the Alexander and James McCullough families who moved from Scotland to Ireland.

  McAran, McCartney: Louth, by Marion Mongiello (28/06/2005)
I know that McCartneys are from Louth but I cannot find where the McArans are from.

  Finn: Sligo, by B Taaffe-Finn (28/06/2005)
Am looking for details of Patrick John Taaffe-Finn born abt 1866 in Ballymote, Co. Sligo.

  Anderson: limerick, by pamela dodd (28/06/2005)
mary and daughter helena, who went to liverpool england.

  Moore, Malone, Bowden, Boden: Unknown, by kathy gray (28/06/2005)
Looking for Matthew Moore b. 1830ish, had a son, Thomas born Liverpool 1860. Also Owen Bowden/Boden who married Mary Malone c. 1850 and moved to Manchester/Salford.

  Gray, Walker, McKee: Armagh, by kathy gray (28/06/2005)
Looking for birth of Henry Gray from Killinchy. Married Ann Walker/McKee daughter of Margaret McKee at the second presbytarian church Killinchy c. 1833

  Kane, Keane, Kirby, Kerby: Cork, by Brenda (28/06/2005)

  Kane, Keane, : Cork, by Brenda (28/06/2005)
Looking for information on James Kane, who left Ireland for the US in approximately 1849.

  Murray Thorpe: Meath, by Bernicekindel (28/06/2005)
left Ireland to Ont. Canada early 1800

  Flanagan: Galway, by kathy kaminski (29/06/2005)
Family lived in an area called Farm in Williamstown near Castlerea

  McCorry, Feeney, Graham: Armagh, by mary roy (29/06/2005)

  McCormick: Derry, by Brian McCormick (30/06/2005)
Looking for information on John McCormick born in Derry around 1830, son of David. May have been living near Maghera (Fallagloon)

  Kearney: Limerick, by Anne Gregory (30/06/2005)
Looking for information on the family of William Kearney b. abt. 1838 Limerick d. 1908 Geelong, Vic., Aust. Parents names William Kearney and Johanna O Gorman. Immigrated to Australia abt. 1858

  Johnstone, Martin, Pakenham, Hall: Meath, by Gemma Washbrook (30/06/2005)
Researching my paternal line. Especially interested in the parents names of Andrew Johnstone, born Westmeath circa 1790

  Johnstone, Pakenham: Dublin, by Gemma Washbrook (30/06/2005)
Researching the family of Edward Martin Johnstone (Rev) born 1827, Corboy. Married Elizabeth Mary Pakenham born Dublin 1837. Marrid in Dublin circa 1858.

  McCutchan, Johnstone: Longford, by Gemma Washbrook (30/06/2005)
Trying to find "facts" regarding the whole Fox, Johnstone, McCutchan saga. In particular any facts regarding Andrew Johnstone Esq, born 1894, Goshen house. This is my paternal line, and it is full of skeletons!

  McCann; Coughlan; Fanning Culcannon; Halligan: Unknown, by Jean Margaret Purdy (30/06/2005)
Searching for birthplace of Peter mcCann B Ird C1818 son of Arthur

  Moffet, Armstrong, Sinclair: Belfast, by susan simons (01/07/2005)
My father had two brothers and 3 Aunts we have not had any contact with any family member for 59 years when my father left to come to australia. Anyone know any member of either family?

  Barry: Clare, by Barry Cornes (01/07/2005)
My g.g.grandfather Martin Barry was born in Ireland c.1831.He emigrated to England and his birthplace in the 1881 census is shown as Hensie. Unable to trace this place. Other records give his birthplace as Ennis Co. Eunice. My Irish friends suggest this could be Ennis Co.Clare. Can anyone help?

  Corrigan: Tyrone, by Jim Corrigan (01/07/2005)
Michael Corrigan born 1791 in County Tyrone, On Dec 20,1816 married Rosina Nugent in Kileeshil parish, emigrated to Ontario Canada approx 1823, Believe he had brothers and sisters but have been unable to pin down.

  Clarke: Cavan, by John Clark (02/07/2005)
Great-Grandparents,Patrick&Catherine Clarke.I Believe they were from Kingscourt Town,Co. Cavan.

  Leonard, Caffrey: Meath, by Sheila Shanley (02/07/2005)
Descendants of Christopher Leonard, Kendrick Street Dublin, and Thomas Caffrey, Ongenstown, Navan.

  Somerville, Wilson: Down, by alison pritchard (02/07/2005)
Looking for possible Great Grandfather John Charles Somerville born 1870, Bryansford, Down. Parents James Somerville and Mary Wilson.

  Cassells: Armagh, by J Cassells (02/07/2005)
Robert Casells b1862 Family in laurelvale 1901 3 Cassells families in village Robert married to a Alice Griffith 9 children 5boys 4girls Other families Hugh and Dawson Cassells

  Trinder, Bolster: Cork, by ALBERT DUKE (02/07/2005)
trinder married into bolster family ,innishannon

  Dwyer: Tipperary, by Elma Dwyer Hughes (03/07/2005)
researching the Richard Patrick Dwyer who was born in Tipperary around 1841. He came to America around 1853 and married Mary Margaret Goggins of Killarney in New Orleans LA on 23 Dec 1870. He owned a grocery store at the time of his death on 28 March 1909. I do not know anything about his parents or siblings. Any information will be appreciated.

  Mussen, Bell, Blair: Unknown, by Trevor Blair (03/07/2005)
Looking for info on parents of Joseph Mussen born Co. Westmeath 1894 married Eliza Jane Bell born 1896 in St Annes Cathedral Belfast in 1916. Daughter Sarah Mussen born 1921 Married Joseph Blair born 1922.

  Bennett: Armagh, by Ian Walker (04/07/2005)
trying to findany information on my gt Grandfather Nicholas Bennett born circa 1862 beleived to come from the Camlough area? his fathers name was John Bennett and he was a farmer Nicholas Died in Liverpool in 1895 his occupation was a fireman mariner.

  Dempsey, Batchelor, Mooney: Dublin, by John Dempsey (04/07/2005)
looking for info on Michael Dempsey, born in 1878 in Rathdown and married to Elizabeth Batchelor. Left for Scotland at the end of the 19th Century.

  Samuel Reaugh, Ellen Queary, Garrett Burns, Margar: Antrium, by Alene Reaugh (05/07/2005)
Samual Reaugh & Ellen Query born about 1727, I would like to obtain records regarding their birth and marriage abot 1745

  McCabe; Lally: Unknown, by Lalita Carlton-Jones (05/07/2005)
Bernard McCabe a farmer his daughter Mary born 1822 married Patrick Grogan in Liverpool as his second wife had a daughter also Mary in 1855. John Lally labourer born c. 1800 married Mary had son Thomas who also lived in Liverpoool.

  Lyndon, Harris: Down, by Joy Carson (05/07/2005)
hoping to find out more about my Gt Grandparents who came to England - All i know so far is that my granfdfather was a shipping merchant or partner in the firm of H.C.Smith in Liverpool c 1854 - 1877

  Garvey, Tobin, Millar, Court: Armagh, by Ann Braben (06/07/2005)
Researching following ancestors: John Garvey, born Armagh c.

  Garvey, Millar, Court: Armagh, by Ann Braben (06/07/2005)
Researching ancestors: 1. John Garvey, born Armagh c. 1841, father James Garvey, farmer. Moved to Liverpool early 1850s. 2. Ellen Millar, born Ireland c. 1860, probably Dublin. Married Henry Robert Wilkinson, bandsman with 8th Royal Irish Hussars, c. 1885/6. First child Margaret born Ireland. Moved to England around 1888. 3. Peter Court, born Ireland c. 1784, county not known. Father butcher, first name unknown, mother Margaret Donnelly. Married Mary Ann Johnston, born c. 1790, in Ireland c. 1809. Moved shortly after to Mochrum, Scotland.

  Morgan, Gilmore, Ferns, Fernan: Armagh, by Mary Pierson (06/07/2005)
Morgan who maybe married a Ferns and moved to Scotland

  Quaggan: Tyrone, by Margaret Quaggan (06/07/2005)
We wish to know more about our surname and where it came from as we have been told it comes from County Tyrone and it could also come from Donegal. It is mentioned in the Manx book but that is as far as we can get.

  Spillane: Cork, by michaelstaniforth (06/07/2005)
information of my late mother kathleen margaret spillane born in 1919, Passage West. Fathers name Maurice Spillane. 2 other daughters one called annie or ann spillane the other ellen spillane. Mothers name was Norah spillane. Came over to late mother was killed in an air raid in london in 1944 aged 25.i was adopted in 1948 trying to find my family from county cork ireland.

  Hamilton, Harrington, Allen: Tyrone, by Gary Allen Richardson (07/07/2005)
Hamiltons in Mullawinney area

  Morgan: Cork, by Sara Boland (08/07/2005)
I was looking up research on some family members.

  Carroll: Tipperary, by Mary Duerksen (10/07/2005)
looking for information of a William Carroll, b. 1841, in Tipperary county.

  Molyneux: Antrim, by Betty Yeager (10/07/2005)
Searching for my Molyneux ancestors in Ballynadrenta, Kilead, Belfast, who emigrated to Canada in the middle 1800s.

  De la Poer, Beresford: Waterford, by Julian Webb (10/07/2005)
Looking for servants of the Marquess of Waterford in 1850s and 1860s especially Pigney and Poor[e]

  McNally: Armagh, by Sharen Hunt (11/07/2005)
Is he my great gread great grandfather

  Russell: Ballymena, by Shellie Hodges (12/07/2005)

  Hasson: Donegal, by eileen lynch (12/07/2005)
looking for a Michael c1890 and his father Patrick who married a Rose Fleming

  Malone: Offaly, by Diane Hinshelwood (12/07/2005)
Traced my gt gt grandfather back to Cloughan. He was James Malone b:1856. Father richard m: Margaret Navin or Nevin

  Jenkinson, Mccormick, Cccabe,: Armagh, by brendan mccabe (12/07/2005)

  Rogers, Coleburn, Flanagan, Donohoe: Offaly, by brendan mccabe (12/07/2005)

  Delaney: Tipperary, Offaly, by brendan mccabe (12/07/2005)

  Flanagan: Waterford, by brendan mccabe (12/07/2005)
michael flanagan from waterford. born about 1840/50s. married Mary Anne Delany [ tipperary ], in 1881. At some stage moved to Banagher co. offaly. Had children:- michael, mary [ polly ], margaret [ mog ], james, and john. Had 4 kids who died very young :- catherine and john. dont know names of other two.

  Cully, Bryans, McMullan: Antrim, Belfast, by Kathy Young (13/07/2005)
Searching for families of Robert Thomas Bryans to left in 1919. He was born in 1898 in Belfast. One of 11 children. Searching for Cully Elizabeth Jane widow to Edward Cully. Left Belfast in 1919 on the Metagama

  McGivern: Down, by John McGivern (13/07/2005)
Any information

  Malloy, Molloy: Down, by janet gregurke (15/07/2005)
Looking for desendants of Thomas Malloy / Molloy and his brother Dugald Joseph Malloy/Molloy. Dugald was born in 26/2/1871. Their parents were Dougald Malloy and Mary McDonald .Thomas was a sailor on the ship Hinmore and came to Australia where he married my greatgrandmother. He may of returned to Ireland as no more can be found of him in Australia

  Freeberne: Unknown, by John Walker (15/07/2005)

  Newell: Tyrone, by Tracy Rolt (17/07/2005)
Eliza Jane Newell, Beatrice Newell, Herbert Newell, Robert Newell, Laura Newell, Sarah Newell, all of Stewartstown.

  Carroll: Cavan, by Ross Crook (19/07/2005)
Thomas Carroll family in Cavan somewhere. Father supposed to be same name Mother and siblings unknown. Thomas born 1847 to 1849.

  Smith: Tipparary, by Ross Crook (19/07/2005)
Looking for any information on Mary ann Smith And Father James and Mother Margaret Nee Keogh left Ballina tipparary in 1834 35.

  Donnelly, Rocks: Armagh, by michael morgan (19/07/2005)
looking for family of Elizabeth Donnelly born Moy circa 1875 her father was Matthew/Michael Doonelly and her mother was Mary Rocks. Her father was Pat Rocks who was an RIC constable in Armagh

  Artimore: Down, by Roberta E Jones (19/07/2005)
interested in finding more about the family of SARA ARTIMORE

  McClelland: Antrim, by Roberta E Jones (19/07/2005)
Robert McClelland b. 1633 Antrim, Robert McClelland b. 1660 Antrim, John McClelland b. 1686 in Antrim

  Vaughan: Tipperary, by Ross Crook (20/07/2005)
Julia Vaughan and Parents Jame and Mary ann Nee Keogh who left Ballina in Tipperary 1834 35 for Australia. Anyone know relations to this family could they please contact me. Ross Crook

  Flanagan: Unknown, by Ross Crook (20/07/2005)
looking for a Thomas flanagan Born around 1840s where unknown anyone with any links I would love to hear from you. Ross Crook.

  Kerney: Dublin, by Mary Manco (20/07/2005)
Believed to be Dublin solicitors

  Gilmore: Cork, by Mary Pierson (20/07/2005)
came to America as a 10 old w/o parents during the time of the famine

  Burns: Armagh, by Mary Pierson (20/07/2005)
was born in Ireland but parents may have been scottish

  McCann, Muldoon, Fee: Armagh, by Hugh McCann (21/07/2005)
Any information on these family names would be appreciated.

  Hannigan, hanley: Cork, by Judy Smith (21/07/2005)
looking for info re John hannigan married to Catherine Lynch approx 1860 ?Ballyhea or Charleville

  Barnes: Tyrone, by Pat Barnes (21/07/2005)
Looking for Robert & Elizabeth Barnes

  Craney: Down, by isabel greenwood (21/07/2005)
looking for info on isabel craney dob 1870

  Tweedy, Strydio, Kyle: All counties, by Barbara Winton (23/07/2005)
searching for information on John Henry Tweedy, Charles H. Strydio, and Jennie Kyle

  Campbell: Tyrone, by Lorena Campbell (23/07/2005)
Paul Campbell & Sarah McKane

  Connolly, Brady: Cavan, by Angeline Toal (23/07/2005)
looking for marraige certificate

  Toal, Darragh, Martin, Hughs: Dublin, by Angeline Toal (23/07/2005)
looking for marraige certificate

  Maginity: Unknown, by Phillip L. Maginity (24/07/2005)
Looking for any Maginity family info.

  McLaughlin, McGinty, Mulhern: Tyrone, by colin dando (24/07/2005)
anyone know of the following from the strabane area

  Jones, Collins: Roscommon, by Doris Warner (26/07/2005)
My g-gradfather James Jones was born in Strokestown, Roscommon in 1867 to Patrick Jones and his wife Julia nee Collins. Any information on their families is appreciated

  McCarragher: Armagh, by Judith Wiltshire (26/07/2005)
Am looking for any information about the McCarraghers who lived at Ballybrocky from mid 1800s - 1920 approx

  Glenny, Glenney ,Glennie.: Armagh, by Thomas Glenny (26/07/2005)
Detaling the above anmes, due to publish by the end of 05. A follow up to the Co Armagh publication/social history/emigration/ and family names. The Pathway From The Door. Availabe from above.

  Barnes: Tyrone, by Pat Barnes (27/07/2005)
Looking for Robert & Elizabeth Barnes approx dob 1832

  Ward: Down, by kevin ward (27/07/2005)
father born in killough moved to england 1938

  Boyd, Shields, Henry, Catheart: Armagh, by lorraine Mary (28/07/2005)
looking for descendants of Agnes Shields & Joseph Boyd 1867+ and Arthur Henry (architect) Mary Catheart 1860+

  O Neill: Kildare, by Mrs J Farley (28/07/2005)
Looking for information on the family of William Thomas Oneill born c.1894 in Killcullen.His brothers Matthew and John Oneill. Possibly one more brother.

  McClurg: Down, by janis horton (28/07/2005)
try to find the mcclurg,s thomas born 1893 lthink came for killyleagh downpatrick

  McEvoy: Carlow, by jean owen (28/07/2005)
im looking for anyfamily of bridget mcevoy dob11322 married name odonnell she may have 3brohters and1 sister

  Reavey: Armagh, by Levi Reavey (29/07/2005)

  Joyce, Graham: Armagh, by dsmitymax (29/07/2005)
Looking for info re Henry Joyce, baker in Portadown in 1891. Also, any anfo on Mrs Jane E Joyce who owned a grocer and spirit shop on West St in 1888.

  Sheridan, McAloon: Cavan, by Greg Rodgers (29/07/2005)
Looking for family members believed to have lived at Cootehill. Francis Sheridan & Ellen McAloon most likely born around 1870. Sons James & Peter went to USA or Canada abt 1918 it is believed, Thomas & Joseph Patrick came out to Sth Australia abt1917, daughter Margaret stayed in Ireland.All children born 1895-1910 period.

  O Donnell: Carlow, by jean owen (29/07/2005)
Im looking friends or family of Bridget O Donnell known as Betty maiden name Mcevoy DOB 11322 she may have 3 brothers Jimmy Paddy and Billy and 1 sister Lilly anyone wiht any info please get in touch

  Cassidy, McHugh: Antrim, by margaret halliday (30/07/2005)
Marriage in Ballymoney in 1854? I have no idea of the parents of Thomas CASSIDY and Margaret McHugh

  Kelly, Glass, Molloy: Offaly, by Judy Chartrand (30/07/2005)
Looking for ancestors of Emily Kelly (father Edward Kelly) of Clonminch. Emily married Robert Glass in Tullamore in 1903. Robert was an RIC constable at the time.

  Seals, Rogers, Collin, Baker: Unknown, by Angela Marie Paye (Peay) Roberts (31/07/2005)

  Magilton, McGilton: Londonderry, by Matthew Magilton (31/07/2005)
My ancestor James Magilton came from near Dungiven in 1843. I also have notes on Magiltons and McGiltons in Down and Antrim as well as Scotland and England. I would like to exchange info with any other Magiltons and McGiltons. Cheers, Matthew.

  Byrne: Lough, by Matthew Magilton (31/07/2005)
This is my mothers family line (I think): Owen Byrne b1739 m1773 Anne Lawless had son Owen Byrne b1783, had son James m Mary Kenny and had sons Thomas and Patrick Hugh Byrne b1838 of Newry Co Down who came to Australia and married Mary Keating. Pat is my gggrandfather. Would like to hear from anyone with a connection to this line. Cheers, Matthew. Melbourne Australia.

  Duncan: Tyrone, by John Burgess (31/07/2005)
I have will of James Duncan c1823-1907 Reskaterriff, Dungannon naming sons Theophilus, James, William David and John, daughters Martha Margaret Duncan and Christian Taggart, son in law Henry Newell and grandchildren Lucy Frances Duncan and Christina Pinkerton.

  Moloney: Clare, by sharon sharpley (01/08/2005)
bridget moloney clare lreland moved to australia she then married james mephan lived in wangaratta victoria had twelve children

  McAninly: Tyrone, by John GOWAN (01/08/2005)

  Devlin: Tyrone, by Brenda Gill (02/08/2005)
James Devlin, Born 1877/78. Known siblings are Henry born 1867/68 and Catherine Born 1869/70. Possibly born Tyrone/Derry border near Ballinderry. Fathers name James. Mothers name possibly Mary.

  Walsh: Wexford, by Anne Flack (03/08/2005)
Trying to trace my maternal Gt. Grandparents. My grandfather was JohnJoseph Walsh born 6/3/1882 in Wexford Town, possibly King Street. I think his father may have been Thomas Walsh. There were at least two brothers, Tom and Jim. I believe Gt. G was a captain of a Wexford vessel.

  McKamish, McCamish: Tyrone, by Lorraine Mary (03/08/2005)
anything about this sure name wouold be helpful . My Elizabeth McCamish/McKamish married Thomas Fulton in Tamlaght 1834. She then married Joseph Hamilton in Scotland in 1846.

  Henry: Down, by Lorraine Mary (03/08/2005)
From Newry. Arthur Henry was an Architect. Wife Mary Catheart ,daughter Annie married David Boyd 1884

  Boyd, Shields: Down, by lorraine Mary (03/08/2005)
From Newry. Joseph Boyd married Agnes Shields 12 March 1864. Joseph worked as a clerk

  McCrudden, McQuillan, Kerr, Savage: Antrim, by catherine anderson (03/08/2005)
my family was based primarily around the belfast, falls road area and some family members are buried in milltown cemetary if anyone has any information about any of these names please get in touch.

  Shields, Muldrew, Muldragh, Glassy, Kidd: Armagh, by PETER SHIELDS (03/08/2005)
All the family names originated from Armagh and became related by marriage in England after 1850, My g.grandmother Mary Muldrew once gave her place of birth as Markethill, about 1849. If you are researching the same name/s please contact me.

  Carmody: Kerry, by Helen Stacey (04/08/2005)
Looking for Family of Thomas Carmody bn 1822 his Fathers name Thomas at some time Thomas came to England and joined the Met police in 1845 retired through ill health 1859 married Ellen Collins 1847 Thankyou

  Gracey: Down, by Robert Gracey (04/08/2005)
Anyone with connections from Downpatrick

  Burgess: Dublin, by John Burgess (04/08/2005)
This Burgess family were coach builders and smiths, coach trimmers and painters, living Summer Hill, Stafford Street, Phibsboro area 1850 - 1890

  McConville: Down, by peggy rumbol (05/08/2005)
searching for James McConville and family . He was born around 1840 in Downpatrick and died in Berwick on Tweed in 1912.

  Barnes: Tyrone, by Pat Barnes (06/08/2005)
Robert & Elizabeth Barnes

  Furphy: Armagh, by JUDY KENNY (07/08/2005)

  Dillon, Reid: Armagh, by Judy Porter (07/08/2005)
researching the Dillon family who lived at 94 Bridge St. Portadown between 1907 and 1919 (approximately). 5 children Edward, Gertie, Mary, David Oliver, and Bertha migrated to America as did parents James and Mary (nee McIlrath). One, Samuel, died 1916 (name on war memorial in Portadown) and one,Lily, remained in the area and married a Reid.

  Preston, Frackleton, McIlrath, Patterson: Down, by Judy Porter (07/08/2005)
My grandfather James Alexander Preston was born in Ballymoney near Banbridge on26/09/1888 to Adam Lilburn Preston and Eliza nee McIlrath. His maternal grandmother was Prudence Patterson and his paternal grandmother was Eliza Frackleton. James siblings were William, Prudence, Grace, Adam Lilburn, George and Samuel. James , Prudence and William migrated to Australia, Grace remained in Ireland and married Theo Mcmullan in Belfast in 1924 and the others died young. Any assistance with information on these families would be appreciated.

  McMullan, Preston: Armagh, by Judy Porter (07/08/2005)
trying to find information on Grace Olive Preston and any descendants. She married Theodore Rainey Drotchie McMullan in Belfast on 4th August 1924. Grace died possibley around 1930 and may have had a child. She was my grandfathers sister and he and the other surviving siblings migrated to Australia.

  Furphy Hare: amargh, by JUDY KENNY (07/08/2005)
any information about Judith Hare, or Samuel Furphy

  McMullan, Preston: Antrim, by Judy Porter (07/08/2005)

  Markey: Meath, by Frank Norman (07/08/2005)
My grandmother, Annie Norman was born in Kells 1860 or 1861. She emigrated to Queensland Australia about 1878. Her parents were Thomas Markey and Ann Yore. looking for past family information.

  Markey: Meath, by Frank Norman (07/08/2005)
My grandmother was Annie Markey, born in Kells approx 1860 or 1861. Her parents were Thomas Markey and Ann Yore. She emigrated to Queensland Australia between 1877 and 1880. Looking for family information. This corrects a previous posting.

  Neacy: dundalk, by kathleen neacy (07/08/2005)

  Trueland: Armagh, by John Finlayson (08/08/2005)
Any info on Trueland welcomed!!

  McIlroy: Down, by Brenda Gill (11/08/2005)
John McIlroy was a Sadler & Harness Maker in Rathfriland in 1870. Any information please.

  Moriarty: Cork, by john moriarty (14/08/2005)
searching for information about dan and nano moriarty who live in foildarrig castletownbere

  McShane: Tyrone, by Crystal Kayser (14/08/2005)
Looking for more information on Fransis McShane Born 2 1717, died 1800

  Barrington, Palmer: Wexford, by Jenny Beacham (14/08/2005)
Connected with Ricardo Palmer and Mary Verena Barrington

  Stringer, Ogle: Armagh, by colin goodman (15/08/2005)
Stringer was a Tassagh, Ogle was Irwinstown?

  Ivers: Clare, by gillian dafter (16/08/2005)
my father is researching our family tree and has discovered that my great grandfather came from ireland and he was born 1822 we think in clare he came to england and married margaret reid and they had a son william they lived in bedlington northumberland i would be interested to know if i have any relatives living in ireland

  Presho: Monaghan, by graham presho (16/08/2005)
trying to trace the name back to 1800

  Barrett, Mackey, Leavy, Drumgoole: Clare, by Carol A Mackey (19/08/2005)
looking to make some connection

  Guilfoyle: Tipperary, by Lesley Miller (19/08/2005)
looking for family connection with Johanna Guilfoyle

  Sheehan: Cork, by mo wallington (19/08/2005)
alice born 1880 , cork ,daniel born 1860 , cork

  Miley: Wicklow, by christine miley (20/08/2005)
Looking for ancestors of Thomas Miley of Dunlavin born 1832

  Morning, Mornin: Antrim, by Alan Davidson (21/08/2005)
Looking for Morning or Mornin family pre 1900

  Hinch, Cunningham, Darcy, Doyle: Dublin, by Christina McEntee (24/08/2005)

  McStanick: Armagh, by edward goode (24/08/2005)
My grandmother eliabeth Mcstanich came to New York city

  Coffey: Cork, by Martin J Coffey (24/08/2005)
Jeremiah J -B-1862 Img-1885-1888 to USA

  Garrigan, Corrigan: Meath, by Kath Michel (24/08/2005)
Thomas Garrigan came to Australia on the Trafalga 1847-9

  Henry Mckeveny: Antrim, by beryl welsh (24/08/2005)
henry mckeveny birth he had a son Daniel Mckeveny born 1823/28

  Welsh: Kilkenny, Tipperary, by beryl welsh (24/08/2005)
Parents of James welsh brn 1836 father was James and they wer both coalminers from killkenny or Tipperary

  Moran: Cork, by Michelle Miller (24/08/2005)
Looking for details of my maternal great grandmother Margaret Moran born in Queenstown in 1837 came to Formby Liverpool and married my great grandfather Henry Aindow. Do not have any other details such as her date of birth or parent details. Can anyone help?

  Dann: Queens, by Mary C Knopp (25/08/2005)
Looking for information about Joseph Dann from Laois/Leix/Queens

  McGraw, McKenna: Tyrone, by William McGraw (25/08/2005)
GGGrandfather emigrated to US in 1848/looking for parents/other relatives

  Ryan: Tipperary, by JOHN ELSUM (27/08/2005)

  Bunce: Cork, by JOHN ELSUM (27/08/2005)

  Traynor: Armagh, by charles trainor (28/08/2005)
trying to find any information on traynor s from cullyhanna

  Hughes, O Hare : Armagh, by Kathy Lindemer (28/08/2005)
looking for 1882 Marriage documentation to find their parents

  Love: Unknown, by Marlene Elliot (29/08/2005)
Searchinf for info about Thomas Love (b: 1833) Married Martha. Son John James Love (b: 1856) Thomas and John James emmigrated to Canada but I not sure that Martha came with them.

  Davison, McCann, Bayne: Antrim, by Patrick Davison (31/08/2005)
We have traced my famil back to Alexander Daviso nwho we believe was born in 1852 in Lenagh (Nr Randalstown) the son of Alexander Davison/Davidson (Farmer) and Ann Bayne. Alexander married Margaret McCann in 1881 and then moved to East Belfast and married Elizabeth Winter/Winters in 1891.

  McDonald, Kelly: Dublin, by mary margaret shaw (31/08/2005)
Would like to trace my family from dun laoghaire dublin

  Douthit: Derry, by Jimmy Ray Douthitt (01/09/2005)
looking for ancestors of Robert Andrew Douthit who was born in Coleraine in 1683. His son John is my direct descendant from Ireland as he was born in Coleraine on May 9, 1709. It is said that John was baptised Presbyterian. I would appreciate any information that you could give me. Sincerely, Jimmy Douthitt, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  Trolan, Troland, Marshall: Antrim, by Shirley Crawley (01/09/2005)
Looking for information re the above surnames.

  Green: Cavan, by Ellen Gray (03/09/2005)
Looking for information on the family of John and Ann (Riley) Green and in particular, their son, James Green ,who left Ireland at age 15 (1865 or 1866) for America. Need name of passenger ship and arrival port. I know he went to live with his brother, Thomas Green who resided in Philadelphia, PA (census of 1870) and eventually both Thomas and James moved to Kansas City, Missouri. Anny information on these Green of Corronary

  Duffy, Haskins, Maloney, Montgomery, Riley: Unknown, by Betty Schanne (05/09/2005)
Looking for info on great-grandparents, born in Ireland early 1800s but no idea of County or town, namely Charles Haskins married Mary Montgomery in USA but born in Ireland 1840. 41, Dennis Duffy married Mary Maloney, also born in Ireland

  Stankard: Mayo, by Sue Guinan (08/09/2005)
Looking for any information about Stankard Family

  Flatley, Riley: Mayo, by Roberta Askew (08/09/2005)
looking for information on parents of John Flatley and Margaret Riley born approx 1815-1830 immigrated to the united states,

  Winter(s): Monaghan, by Linda Winters Vallee (09/09/2005)
Born 1785 in the Township of Monaghan.

  Earl, Doran: Wexford, by Shona Pridgeon (10/09/2005)
Batholomew Earl brn about 1881 Peter father of Bart and Dennis Doran

  Towers: Dublin, by Saul Hudson (10/09/2005)
Looking for Towers Family. Lived near Westland Row between 1920 to 1970

  Burns, Sheridan, Keenan, Hunt: Not sure. Burns from Mayo, by Alyson Allgood (12/09/2005)
Not so far having much luck tracing ancestors who came across to England from the fair Emerald Isle.Michael Burns was the son of Thomas Burns and Bridget Keenan - he married Catherine Sheridan (daughter of Martin and Catherine Sheridan).

  Francis: Wexford, by Jo Cutler (12/09/2005)
Trying to trace Jane Francis born 1808-11

  Webb: Kildare, by spencer preskett (13/09/2005)

  Robinson: Northern Ireland, by Pamela Potts (13/09/2005)
Searching for info re: Michael Robinson b. about 1730-1733

  Breen: Queens, by Elizabeth Buckley (13/09/2005)
searching for any information regarding Breens in or near Maryborough in 18th and 19th centuries. I have Martin Breen b .1841and his son Fintan Francis Breen b.1872. Would appreciate any information.

  Reynolds: Limerick, by Elizabeth Buckley (14/09/2005)
trying to find the Reynolds family in Limerick around1880 to 1910. Father William , Kathleen Mary b.c.1891, Joseph Coleman b.c.1894 RC.

  Coristine: Mayo, by Cynthia Coristine (15/09/2005)
Looking for ancestors of John Coristine (1811-1847) of Ballinrobe, County Mayo

  Malone, Molloy: Offaly, by Zoe Schuh (16/09/2005)
Any information on any family members in the Tullamore area.

  Hughes, Garrigan: Westmeath, by kath michel (16/09/2005)
John Hughes born 1800c, Thomas Garrigan born 1800c, Southport.

  Barnes: Tyrone, by Pat Barnes (17/09/2005)
Researching Robert Barnes and Wife

  McConkey, Hughes, Redpath: Down, by michelle mckearnon (18/09/2005)
researchin above families, particularly Elizabeth hughes who married Joseph McConkey, son of Peter McConkey and Esther Redpath

  Reid, Burns, Whelan: Unknown, by maxine (19/09/2005)
Try to trace William Reid, his Daughter Margaret Reid married in to a Donnelly family later widowed and married James Burns.

  McKernan, Luckey: Monaghan, by Margaret Field (19/09/2005)
John McKernan married Jane Luckey about 1820. Son, William McKernan born 1827. He served with Royal Irish Constabulary 1846-1855. Migrated to Australia in 1855.

  O Neill: Dublin, by Zoe Schuh (19/09/2005)
Jane O neill was born in Dublin c1800 She had a daughter Francis Amelia Willis who came to Australia c1829. She returned to Dublin c 1861 we think to visit her mother. One of her sons was born in Dublin and the rest of the family were all born in Qld, Australia, Names that may be connected are Lynch and Flannigan.

  Healy, Keane, Abraham, Dunlea: Waterford, by Patricia deVarennes (20/09/2005)
Searching Healy family living in Dungarvan @1830-1884, Abrahams (Henry, Catherine/Kate brother, niece to Dr. Wm Abraham, bishop of Waterford & Lismore), Fmaily of Mother Mary Patrick Kean (d.1922) of Dromana (related to Thos Keane, Esq) & Stradbally Convent, & Dunleas (bakers & shipping, Dungarvan)

  Wark, Hegarty, Martin, Ritchie: Derry, by Patricia Willcox (20/09/2005)
John Wark came to Australia in 1852 with wife Martha Jane Hegarty, any info. appriciated

  Bridget & Patrick Henry Burke: Galway, by Patricia Willcox (20/09/2005)
Brother & sister came to Australia during the 1880 arrived through the port of Brisbane Queensland, any info. appreciated

  Michael Joseph Tierney: Limerick, by Patricia Willcox (20/09/2005)
Michael arrived in Australia late 19th century through the port of Brisbane Queensland

  Marron: Monaghan, by Mike Marron (20/09/2005)
My GGP Michael Marron & Mary Connor married in Rutherglen, Glasgow in 1890. They both came from Ireland and were born around 1870-1873. GGGP were Patrick Marron & Mary McEneaney and James Connor & Ann McNaughton. .

  Cassells: Armagh, by James Cassells (20/09/2005)
Robert Cassells b1862 in Tandragee married to Alice Griffith late 1880s Alice b1863 in Armagh

  Woods, Brennan: Monaghan, by Terry (20/09/2005)
Searching for information about Patrick and Rose Woods.Nee.Brennan.They had son called John Woods born 1874 in Castleblayney.

  Duffy: Ireland, by Zena Schaub (21/09/2005)
Looking for a Noreen Duffy born in 1930

  Bond: Laois, by Robert T. Bond (21/09/2005)
My gr gr grandfather, Joseph M. Bond b. abt 1806 Queens County & came to Canada before 1827 from Ireland. Joseph married Henrietta Lake b. abt 1810 County Wexford in 1834 in Lanark County, Ont . They had 11 children all born in Lanark County, Ontario, Canada. Appreciate hearing from anybody with information on these families.

  Windele, Leonard, O Connell, Forde: Cork, by Paul Stott (21/09/2005)
Seeking information on Leonards of Kinsale, Mark married Emilie Windele abt 1850, Catherine married George O Connell abt 1851

  Duffy, McPhillips, Biggen,: Monaghan, by Adrienne Baillie-Carrigan (21/09/2005)
Various members of these families moved from Monaghan to the Bathgate area of Scotland, if anyone has any of these surnames and know that part of the family went to West Lothian I would love to hear from you

  Goodwin-Mcguire-Slane: Fermanagh, by Derek Goodwin (22/09/2005)

  Mooney, Warr, Workman, Kilgary, Blewer: Mayo, by Lisa Howard (22/09/2005)
Just beginning my search.

  Murray: Galway, by THERESA ASSANDE (22/09/2005)
Looking lor information on Thomas Murray owner of glass factory in mid 19th century.

  Toman, Savage: Down, by PAT MOLYNEUX (22/09/2005)

  Toole, Hoy: Dublin, by PAT MOLYNEUX (22/09/2005)

  Moore, Byrnes: Wicklow, by Daniel Moore (22/09/2005)
seeking information concerning my great-grandparents, Patrick Moore and Bridget Byrnes. I believe they were married in Ireland and left for Boston between 1845 and 1849. I would like to know anything about them including how they left Ireland.

  Minehan, Mineham: Unknown, by Bill Purves (23/09/2005)
Michael, born circa 1832, with wife Ellen, moved from Ireland to Manchester, England circa 1860. I have been unable to track down any trace of his Irish origens.

  Flaherty, Brady: Galway, by Laura Flaherty Schulte (23/09/2005)
Need help finding those that came to US before 1800

  Mills: Dublin, by Susan Walker (23/09/2005)
Trying to trace Ernest Mills (d.1915) and his brother Joseph who lived in Merrion Row Dublin

  Mcgorlick, Price: Tyrone, by Debbie Liddy (23/09/2005)
Possible that my great grandfather Thomas Mcgorlick married Ellen Price, daughter of Henry and Ellen Price, in Halifax Canada, 1886

  Walton: Cork, by Elaine Walton (24/09/2005)
Looking for Grandma Mary Walton and son Richard Walton

  Doey, Dowie, Dohey, Dobbin, Fulton, Bovill: Antrim, by Jane Alexander (24/09/2005)
Can anyone please give me any advice or tips as unable to find anything relating to my names

  Brownlee: Unknown, by Pamela J Cox (24/09/2005)
looking for informationabout my grandfather Robert Wilfred Brownlee who was born in Wexford in 1896.He arrived in Australia as a teenager and married Stella Keenan. My mother Violet Eileen Brownlee was born around 1929. I have been unable to find any infomation about Robert Wilfred Brownlee.

  Barron, Pearson: Ireland, by marg putland (25/09/2005)

  Leahy, McKeown: Unknown, by Alfred Jones (25/09/2005)
Patrick Leahy 1796, William McKeown

  Broderick: galway, by Lorayne Mahoney (25/09/2005)
immigrated to australia

  Macfarlane: Roscommon, by Lorayne Mahoney (25/09/2005)
immigrated to australia

  Stubbins: Limerick, by Lorayne Mahoney (25/09/2005)
irish famine orphan immigrated to australia

  Yore, Cassidy, Finnegan: Meath, by Patricia Watson (26/09/2005)
Researching the Yore, Cassidy and Finnegan families prior to 1860s when some members migrated to Queensland, Australia. Great-grandparents were John Yore who married Julia Cassidy. Her father was Owen Cassidy. Areas of interest are Nobber, Kilmainham Wood and Spiddal.

  Walsh, OCallaghan: Cork, by Patricia Watson (26/09/2005)
Trying to find forebears of William Walsh m. 05.02.1837 to Mary OCallaghan dtr. of Callaghan and Ellen OCallaghan, nee Collins at Mallow . Mary, widowed, migrated to Queensland, Australia with sons Michael, William, Callaghan and dtr. Kate in 1862 on the Prince Consort. Searching for Walsh or OCallaghan families either in Cork or Tipperary.

  Brawley, Braly, Brally, Braley, Bralley, OBrallach: Londonderry, by Joyce Brawley (26/09/2005)
Looking for info on the Brawley Family, all spellings

  Richardson: Fermanagh, by Christina Spencer (26/09/2005)
help in researching a catherine Richardson

  Kennedy, Stevenson, Mc Carron/Curran: Armagh, by carmela squires (27/09/2005)
My family seemed to commute between Ulster and Glasgow and finding it very difficult to get documentation on them. Any suggestions?

  Ferrier: Unknown, by Doug Ferrier (27/09/2005)
Looking for info on Robert Ferrier born c1817 to David Ferrier and Margaret McLachlan and married 1840 in renfrewshire Scotland

  Kilroe: Roscommon, by Jeff Kilroe (27/09/2005)
Any info on any Kilroes would be well appreciated and especially links with Liverpool

  Madden: Dublin, by ceri hillier (27/09/2005)
Looking for info on Lilian Madden a daughter of Clara and Denis Lived in Dublin 5 until her death 7 jan 2003 aged 86

  Coffey, Collins, Barlow: Roscommon, by Barbara Proctor (27/09/2005)
Trying to trace a John Coffey who married an alice collins 1857 or up to about 10 years later. Moved to Debyshire England then Manchester. I have no idea which part of Ireland they were from

  Alexander: Tyrone, Belfast, by jan stephens (27/09/2005)
looking for thomas (father) james(son)

  Maloney: Cork, by Jayne Hillman (28/09/2005)
Looking for information on my great great grandfather Michael Maloney born in Youghal in 1839. His fathers name was John Maloney and he was a tailor.

  Garrigan: Westmeath, by Kath Michel (29/09/2005)
Trying to find parents of Patrick Garrigan travelled to Australia as a child 1847 on Trafalgar to South Australia

  Garrigan: Westmeath, by Kath Michel (29/09/2005)
Thomas Garrigan wife Elizabeth nee Baxter. 1800c

  Irons: Unknown, by karen harrison (29/09/2005)
anyone no anything about william hugh irons, father samuel irons mother agnas all i no is that they are from ireland william was born about 1860

  McDonnell: Armagh, by Frank Norman (30/09/2005)
searching for any details of my Great Grandmother, Mary McDonnell, who is listed as born in Armagh approx. 1817. She was living in High Leigh, Cheshire, England in 1851 married to William Norman, who is listed as having been born in Cork.

  Norman: Cork, by Frank Norman (30/09/2005)
My Great Grandfather was William Norman, who is listed as born in Cork approx 1813. He was a cabinet maker in High Leigh, Cheshire, England in 1851 and married a Mary McDonnell (or McDonald) probably 1840-1845, unknown whether in Ireland or England.

  Black, Hill: Tyrone, by Carol Brown (01/10/2005)
interested in finding information on the Black family form the parish of Kildress. I have a few of them from the townland of Tattykeel but I know there were a lot of them spread all over Kildress. The names that I have are Samuel, Alexander, James, John and William. Also interested in the family of Joseph Hill c. 1800. He had ten chilkdren, most of whom emigrated to Boston MA. They came from around Donahenry. I know the family ownerd a bakery in Pomeroy at some stage. Other Hill family names were James, Andrew. Francis, Samuel and Collins. The girls names Rachel, Jane and Sarah Ann.

  Duffy: Cork, by Zena Schaub (02/10/2005)

  Walsh, Furlong: Wexford, by anne flack (03/10/2005)
I have recentlyfound my Gt.Grandmother was Mary Furlong. She married my Gt. Grandfather John Walsh and they lived in King Street, Wexford Town. My Grandfather was born March 1882. Any information about either family would be greatly appreciated. Anne

  Molloy: Kings, by Elaine Kelly (03/10/2005)
Anna Maria born abt 1843 daughter of Patrick Molloy and Catherine Kavangh

  McGuire, Devlin: Unknown, by patricia lennon (04/10/2005)
edward mcguire or maguire married mary ann devlin, they moved to glasgow

  Shaw: Antrim, by kerry dorahy (05/10/2005)
Itrying to find more out about adam shaw b about 1820/30 children were Sarah,james,john,mary,jane,maggie,lizzie, thomas george adam hugh.

  Peoples, Wilson: Antrim, by Maureen Breen (06/10/2005)
Joseph Peoples (b1842) and Elizabeth married in 1863; one son John was born in 1863 before they emigrated to Victoria (Australia). Joseph could have been married before.

  Twamley: Wicklow, Wexford, by Sherry Twamley (07/10/2005)
Interested in any information regarding Twamleys from 1700-1850

  Garrigan: Mayo, by kath michel (07/10/2005)
Patrick Garrigan born Mayo 1836c , parents thomas and Elizabeth

  McDonnell, McCorry: Armagh, by Kim Antonelli (07/10/2005)
looking for any information on either of these surnames.

  Campbell: Cavan, by John Campbell (07/10/2005)
looking for info on John James Campbell born 1885 in Corwillis Ashfield

  Boyle, Boylen, Hart: Meath, by Eileen Brown (08/10/2005)
Trying to find great great grandparents

  Sullivan, Foley: Cork, by Nancy Knox (08/10/2005)
Is there anyone living in County Cork who descends from a Dennis Sullivan and Mary Foley and who had one or two daughters, Mary and perhaps Bridget who emigrated to the US in 1849 from Liverpool on the St. John ? trying to find out whether I still have family back in Ireland and the parish from which my Great Great Grandmother came. Sincerely, Nancy Knox

  Smyth: Antrim, by Harley Smyth (08/10/2005)
We are looking for details of my g/grandfather

  Keane: Waterford, by Gary Sutherland (09/10/2005)
Looking for Thomas Keane

  Hill: Limerick, by pamela ottaviano (10/10/2005)
looking for family of lancelot hill married to Katherine Lloyd 1760s , children Margaret 1767,Averell 1769,Francis 1771, second marriage to Jane Pery in 1774 whose family built Georgian House Estate in Limerick.

  Twamley: Wicklow, by Sherry Twamley (10/10/2005)
Researching George Twamley, b 1825-1826 and siblings.

  McClure: Northern Ireland, by Barbara J Davies (10/10/2005)
Trying to determine birthplace of William McClure born approx 1796 in Ireland, probably one of the northern Ireland counties. Parents were John McClure and Sarah Gillespie

  Spence, Boyd, Montgomery, Wilson, : Antrim, by margaret Adams (11/10/2005)

  Shovlin: Armagh, by maree blight (14/10/2005)
trying to trace my gr. gr. grandmother, her name was ellen shovlin,(think thats how it is spelt she was born in armagh round about 1834, she came to australia,not sure when or on what ship.

  Hodges, Mathweas: Unknown, by veronica (14/10/2005)
from Bolivia, but father´s family were from Uk, i think that from Ireland.

  Newman, Pierce: Cork, by Rebecca Vaught (15/10/2005)
Looking for info on the family of William and Mary Katherine Pierce Newman ca 1840. Any info would be appreciated.

  McCarroll: Armagh, by Francis A. McCarroll (15/10/2005)
Searching for Francis McCarroll, born approx 1825, died in Mt. Forest, Ontario, Canada on August 8, 1855 Native of Co. Armagh Ireland [on his gravestone], Married to Julia Kennedy, had a brother named James McCarroll.

  Rea, Reagh, Rae, King: Tipperary, by Tony Jacobs (15/10/2005)
Family lived in Fethard, emigrated c 1899

  Fowler: Dublin, by Tony Jacobs (15/10/2005)

  Lansdown: Cork, by L. Coutts (15/10/2005)
searching for George Ernest Lansdown who is my Great grandfather born c.1876 or his father Frederick.

  Muckian, Mulroy: Monaghan, by Michael L Muckian (15/10/2005)
Looking for the marriage of my gg grandparents Terrence Muckian and Mary Mulroy in about 1850 before they emigrated to England.

  McCambley, McCamley: Down, by george mccambley (16/10/2005)
Any info about the McCam(b)leys of Blaris

  Toman: Down, by PAT MOLYNEUX (16/10/2005)
He was a stonemason

  Savage: Belfast, by PAT MOLYNEUX (16/10/2005)
She lived in Belfast about 1866

  Hodgins, Ellis, Abbott: Kings, by Beverley McCaughan (16/10/2005)
try to find my G.G.G.Grandparents, George Hodgins & Anne Ellis George was born abt 1777 & Married abt 1800 to Anne Ellis, they lived in Dunkerrin, Kings County & had abt 6 children, one of these children was my G.G.grandmother Mary who married John Abbott in 1837. all the families lived in Dunkerrin.

  Corvan: Armagh, by melanie (16/10/2005)
looking for a agnes corvan who was married to John Scanlan (he died 1909)

  McKeveny, McCaveny: Antrim, by beryl welsh (16/10/2005)
tracing Daniel Mckeveny birth his father Henry Mckeveny

  Appleby: Cork, by Michelle Jackson (16/10/2005)
Julia Appleby born c1837 Orphan emmigrated to australia 1851,Calcutta. married Edmund Ryan.

  Edmund Ryan: Tipperary, by Michelle Jackson (16/10/2005)
Edmund Ryan Transported for life 1846. Married Julia Appleby fro Cork in Tasmania. Came from Thurles. Father William Ryan Mother Mary Fogarty. Siblings, Dennis, James, John, Michael, Thomas Philip and Julia.

  Byrne, finnigan: Down, by Teresa (16/10/2005)
searching for information on my great grandfather john joseph byrne he was a stonemason and married ann maiden name unknown they had a daughter jane born in ireland circa 1882 she came to liverpool and married patrick finnigan th

  Clarke: Antrim, by Irene Taylor (17/10/2005)
looking for any information on the family of Tandy Clarke. His son was Thomas Clarke who married Sarah Walker in Lisburn abt 1847. The family emigrated to NZ in 1865.

  Johnston, Wilson: Cavan, by Patricia Cullen (17/10/2005)

  Hunniford, Honeyford : Armagh, by James Hunniford (17/10/2005)
One-name study on Hunniford and variants

  Bagnall: Unknown, by Maxwell O. Andrae (18/10/2005)
George Smyth Bagnall, b. 1805, Monkstown, St. Francis Church, in Dublin. From Dublin he went to Quebec, Canada, Frampton city, then to Door County

  Fleeton, Totten, : Antrim, by Colleen Trowbridge (18/10/2005)
Looking for any information on James Fleeton and Sophia Totten Fleeton. Married around 1878 in Lower Ballinderry. Moved to Belfast in 1881.

  Carson, Conway: Antrim, by len Collum (18/10/2005)
Am stuck at 1900 with my Granmothers wedding in Belfast to an english army lad called mallard

  Andrews: Cork, by Yvonne Weir (18/10/2005)
Looking for any information. Edith Agnes Andrews.Time frame 1880-1920. Edith Agnes Andrews migrated to London England prior to 1915.

  McCullough, Moorhead, Abernethy: Down, by Bruce McCullough (19/10/2005)
Thomas McCullough of Tullynagee son of James McCullough and Mary Edoms of Tullynagee, married [Jennie, Janet, Jane] Abernethy abt.1790. His son James of Ballykeigle married Elinor Moorhead daughter of David Moorhead and Jane Lowry of Tullynagee in 1843

  Ryves: Any, by E Wells (19/10/2005)
interested in finding Clarissa Ann Ryves - my grandmother, of whom I can find no trace. Tradition has her as coming from Ireland.

  Nodwell, McCombe: Londonderry, by Colleen Trowbridge (19/10/2005)
Looking for any information on my gret great grandparents. Thomas McCombe and Mary Anne Nodwell McCombe. They were from Londonderry. Their children were Matthew, George, Sarah,and Joseph.

  Mullally, ONeill, Tracy, Kean: Tipperary, Derry, Cork, by Lesley Kennedy (20/10/2005)
Looking for info on Ancestries or living family

  Gibson, Corr: Down, by Callaghan Eileen (20/10/2005)
We are looking for information on a person known as Gibson Corr, who painted a watercolour painting of Downpatrick Catholic Church, between 1900 - 1950 . My grandmother Mary Holland nee Machin won the in a church raffle, either before or shortly after the 2nd World war. It has been in the family ever since. He may even have been a local amateur painter, But the painting is very beautiful although somewhat aged.

  Murphy: Dublin, by carol (21/10/2005)

  Hughes, Agnes: Armagh, by Barbara Henshall (22/10/2005)
My grandmothers parents Thomas Hughes and Margaret Agnew circa 1900

  Jones: Wexford, by Denis Hess (22/10/2005)
Looking for Thomas Jones,his father Michael Jones and mother Mary (Tyler) around 1830

  Tighe: Wicklow, Sligo, by Dawn Tighe (23/10/2005)
Patrick Tighe b: abt 1825

  Miller: Armagh, by Lynda Robichaud (23/10/2005)
Requesting info on Davy Miller born 1821 emigrated to Canada in 1840 I have no information regarding parents or siblings.

  Vass: Cork, by ivan vass (23/10/2005)

  Desmond: Cork, by ivan vass (23/10/2005)
trying to trace relatives of WILLIAM DESMOND B.c 1825. He left Ireland and moved to London between 1845 and 1853 , Married Catherine between 1850 and 1860 . I believe he was a tailor by profession. William and Catherine had a son named Maurice who I think was born in England about c 1856.

  Munn: Down, by Gloria (24/10/2005)
looking for information about the children of Mathew & Elizabeth Munn. They had three sons that I know of: Robert b. 1833, James b. 1834, and Mathew b. 1843.

  Adams: Down, by Moira Gregory (24/10/2005)
looking for John Adams and his family. John was born in Clanduff, County Down in 1842. Any information would be greatly appreciated either about him or his parents. His parents may well have come over from Scotland (but on the other hand they too may have been born in Ireland).

  Martin: Westmeath, by Brian Martin (24/10/2005)
Links to parish of Caulry near Athlone now Mount Temple, and any who joined 97th Regiment of Foot The Earl of Ulsters 1835 to 1861.

  Martin: Dublin, by sturge88 (24/10/2005)
any info on Alithea,Emily and Andrew of 12 Upper pembroke st

  Moriarty: kerry, by kerry james (24/10/2005)
looking for Daniel, a hatter born 1795 in Ireland, he is visiting his daughter Ann in Wales at the time of the 1861 census, he has his son Laurence with him who is a merchant seaman

  Drury, Drewry, Magarry: Roscommon, by Rebecca Goring (24/10/2005)
Searching for information on William Drury/Drewry born circa 1800 in Killemaugh (Kilmore?) near Boyle. Married Ellen Magarry (also from Ireland). Joined the Royal Berkshire 66th Regiment in Boyle in 1824. Went with them to Canada, sent to England 1838 and settled in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Children - Dominic, John, William, possibly Ony. Living in Huddersfield in 1841 with family and also a Bridget Drury, Patrick Drury and Weiny Drury - father shown as a Patrick Drury, probably extended family.

  Dunston: Cork, by margaret stamate (25/10/2005)
Searching for Morgan Dunston and William Dunston from Castlehaven West Cork

  Traynor: Unknown, by Ros Rafnson (25/10/2005)
Looking for descendents of Nicholas Traynor/Trainer

  Lawn, Laun, McSwiggan, McSwiggen: Tyrone, by Elaine Beard (26/10/2005)
Any info. pre 1840

  Kerr, McConnell, McCullough: Tyrone, by Jean Brewer (26/10/2005)
Kerr was an Apothecary, Married McConnell, both came to USA about 1880, looking for family membersThey are great grandparents

  Weathers: Cork, by anne pettitt (26/10/2005)
philip weathers was born in Newmarket, came to London probably during the famine.His father was john Weathers.

  Flannigan, Dowds, Minnes: Unknown, by margaret butters (27/10/2005)
my great,great, grandather James Flannigan left Ireland with a Margaret Dowds - they married in Fife Scotland , James Flannigan born in 1843 Margaret Dowds born in 1844 , James Flannigans parents were James Flannigan and Mary Minnes , James was a farmer.

  Feeney, McCorry: Armagh, by mary roy (27/10/2005)
trying to trace andrew feeney and susannah mccorry married 1852 armagh son james feeney born 1854

  McTear, Lindsay, Tibby: Down, by pen (27/10/2005)
Please get int touch if you have these names

  Mearns: Down, by Andrew Mearns (28/10/2005)
My great great grandfather was George Mearns who was a Manager at the Downpatrick Gas Company in 1886. His son, Samuel, born in about 1856 is my great grandfather and moved to England.

  Coote, Johnston: Antrim, Down, by john snelgrove (28/10/2005)
could be to do with the johnston shipping

  Bransfield: Cork, by thomas bransfield (28/10/2005)

  Bligh: Roscommon, by Mick Phythian (28/10/2005)

  Kinser: Unknown, by Gloria Gray (29/10/2005)
Looking for info on Edward & Mary Kinser who gave up daughter Fern for adoption in 1924 in Kansas

  McCall Donachy Ward: Unknown, by Sheilagh Elsy (29/10/2005)
Researching families that left Ireland later 1840`s Felix McCall/ McColl wife Mary nee Donachy daughter Mary born around 1847, also Barnard/ Bernard Ward with son John born 1836 left and went to Northumberland /Durham in 1840`s he may have been a widower

  Meaney: Unknown, by joan pascoe (29/10/2005)
Michael Meaney b 1832 married Margaret Dulanty living in Warrington 1861 and 1866

  Moore, Parker: Tyrone, by Don Davis (29/10/2005)
Robert Moore and Sarah Parker were born in County Tyrone and married in Belfast before coming to Canada.

  McNeil: Unknown, by Sylvia (30/10/2005)
Would like to contact Kirsty Wilkinson regarding Hector McNeil b. 1834 , he was my ggg grandfather .

  Malone: Westmeath, by Kelly Miller (30/10/2005)
looking for information on Daniel Malone born 1642 Westmeath Co Ireland Have his kids and his wife. Am looking for information on parents.

  McClean: Donegal, by Fred McClean (30/10/2005)

  Sturgeon: Down, by sturge88 (31/10/2005)
james Sturgeon 1748/54

  Durnin: Louth, by Nuala Smith (31/10/2005)
Bernard Durnin married Mary Smith 1876 Drogheda.Looking for their parents

  Callaghan: Unknown, by JANET GIBSON (31/10/2005)
Looking for Michael Callaghan

  Kenefick, White: Cork, by Leslie C Hughes (01/11/2005)
Am searching for any information on Andrew Kenefick who married Ellen White. They had 7 children: Thomas, Catherine, Johanna, Mary, Margaret, Ellen and Michael. Michael was born November 30, 1842 in Cork. He is my great-great grandfather.

  Clarke: Mayo, by eileen wells (01/11/2005)
looking for my grandfather thomas patrick clarke born1874 fathers name martin

  Gilbraith: Antrim, by Toni Goundry (01/11/2005)
looking for information about a James Gilbraith

  Fowler: Dublin, by Joan E. Gilday (01/11/2005)
William Fowler died c1856 probably in Dublin but possibly Sligo or nearby

  Cadogan: Cork, by teresa cadogan (02/11/2005)
any info on dennis and mary ann(e) cadogan, or even their sons patrick and michael, patrick moved to australia to live around 1920-30(?)

  Rooney: Dublin, by jayne greaves (02/11/2005)
looking for Peter Rooney born in Dublin in 1911, his family moved to Liverpool when he was quite young.

  Twigg: Cork, by doreen priest (02/11/2005)
looking for birth of bridget twigg born around 1838-1843

  Rice, Dempsey: Cork, by Anna Stephenson (02/11/2005)

  Campbell, McCrystal, McNally, McCrory: Tyrone, by Donna Luzzi (02/11/2005)
Looking for any information on these names from 1800 - 1900

  Kelly: Wicklow, by Paul Kench (02/11/2005)
William Francis Kelly born 1860 c in Bray

  Lanigan: Wexford, by bill lanigan (03/11/2005)
Looking for any relatives of John Lanigan(Born 1799 d 1845 - wife Anne) who lived in New Ross, Co. Wexford and died in Dublin. Also their son Joseph Frederick Lanigan(b 1818 d 1878 - wife Eliza nee Crosby) who ran a rope works(J.F.Lanigan & Co) at 1 Eden Quay Dublin 1858-1878.

  Crosby: Dublin, by bill lanigan (03/11/2005)
Looking for relatives of Thomas Crosby (b 1801 d 1882) who was proprietor of Thomas Crosby & Son, sail and rope mfgrs at 7 North Wall Quay and Sir John Rogerson Quay, Dublin and lived at 62 Amiens St Dublin. Also his children Eliza(B 1836 d 1873 - husband Joseph Lanigan), Thomas Richard, James Joseph, John Crosby.

  Woods: Down, by John Woods (03/11/2005)
My ancestor John Woods was a surgeon in Newry and died in 1851.looking for a date of birth. He married an Anna Ogle and there is a memorial in St Patricks Cathedral Newry.

  Roche: Unknown, by Phyl Webb (03/11/2005)
Looking for the birth of Den(n)is Patrick Roche born about 1896 ? where. Son of Den(n)is Roche, Peat Cutter. Any information welcome

  Rodgers: Derry, by Patricia Mills (04/11/2005)
John and Ann Rodgers married 1829 son Joseph Rodgers born 1846 if you are related or know of any information please contact me. If you know of this person Joseph Rodgers born about 1846 contact me he was from Ireland came to the USA

  Westgate: Donegal, by Heather Tomkins (04/11/2005)
Forebears of Samuel W who came to England circa WW1 & was born circa 1828

  Tomkins: Limerick, by Heather Tomkins (04/11/2005)
Norman Tomkins b.circa 1810 and any ancestors

  Carlin, Grady: Galway, by Mary Takacs (04/11/2005)
John H Carlin, son of Michael Carlin and Sabina Grady born in Kinvara, Co. Galway 17 July 1851. Michael and Sabina immigrated to Wisconsin in 1852. Michael served in the Civil War. Any information on any of thes people would be appreciated.

  Davidson, Currie: Armagh, by Alex Davidson (04/11/2005)
Not sure about the county but told they are on Griffiths Valuation

  Fitzgerald: Kerry, by Siobhan Fitzgerald (05/11/2005)

  Carroll: Dublin, by Siobhan Fitzgerald (05/11/2005)

  Carmichael, Fleming, McKeown, Kyle, Allen, Semple: Londonderry, by Barbara Knapp (05/11/2005)
Robert Carmichael married Elizabeth Allen circa 1842. Cannot find marriage or any information about Elizabeth. George Fleming married Maria Chapman circa 1829. I have no information about Maria Chapman.

  Riordan: Cork, by Mike Riordan (05/11/2005)
Looking for Jeremiah Riordan b. abt 1810

  Casey, Garland: Unknown, by Patricia A Johnson (05/11/2005)
Eugene Casey was born April 1847 in Chicago Cook Co Illinois. This is what he states on various documents throughout his life. On some early censuses (1850 & 1860) he is listed as born in Ireland. His own diary states that he never recalls ever seeing his father. I presume his mother died early as by age 2 he was taken to an aunt in Saint Louis, Missouri and never saw his parents again. The aunt was either Catherine or Margaret GARLAND in St. Louis in 1850. I wondered if one might be a grandmother and the other an aunt. Margaret was the oldest, age 50 of the two Garlands, Catherine was age 20. I have not been able to track the two ladies in St. Louis, but this was a turbulent and active time in the US Midwest. People were moving around a lot. Eugene was on his own by age 9, he says in his diary, and lost track of his aunt.

  Starkey, Murphy: Unknown, by bob murphy (05/11/2005)
robert starkey bn ireland c1844 son of bernard starkey. Daniel Murphy Railway Guard died Liverpool 1869 bn Ireland 1810 husband of Kezia Bowles bn Fairford Gloucs Eng 1809.

  Callaghan: Unknown, by JANET GIBSON (05/11/2005)
Looking for Michael Callaghan; he was born somewhere in Ireland about 1880. His son was John Thomas Callaghan, I think he was born in West Yorkshire.

  O Flaherty, Laherty: Waterford, by Robert OFlaherty (05/11/2005)
Anything on William OFlaherty born 1879 at Kilmacow / Cappagh. Resided at 65 Lower Yellow Road, Waterford. His parents were Laurence OFlaherty / Laherty and Catherine Quinn.

  Barnes: Tyrone, by Pat Barnes (06/11/2005)

  Jessop: Offaly, by GRAHAM JESSOP (06/11/2005)
any info laurence [lawrence ] jessop b 1831/2

  Murphy, Sullivan: Wexford, by anne britland (06/11/2005)
Anne Murphy born abt. 1857 in Ferns or thereabouts died in Wallasey 1923. Married Thomas Sullivan in Wexford .Came to Wallasey Cheshire abt.1903.

  Day, Scallan: Dublin, by anne britland (06/11/2005)
Charles Henry Day married Sarah Scallan. Travelled to Liverpool in 1901 and then sailed to Boston Mass. had my grandfather Noel Richard Day in 1901. Came back to Wallasey Cheshire about 1904. Had a daughter Dorothea Catherine Day in 1906 in Walllasey Cheshire

  Murphy: Cork, by Maggie Brown (06/11/2005)
Looking for details about the early life of Margaret Mary Murphy, born c1887, somewhere in County Cork. By1921 she was in Sheffield, Yorkshire, married to my grandad, Verdon Ryalls. My dad was her only child. He was John William or Bill. We received many letters from an Aunty Peggy altough I was told that my gran was disowned by the rest of her family for marrying my garndad.

  Brassel, Brussel: Unknown, by Elizabeth Martin (06/11/2005)
Looking for ancestors of Margaret Brassel/Brussel bc 1838 lived London

  Newton, Fegan: Unknown, by ann cotterill (07/11/2005)
looking for my grandfather Alfred Martin Newton born 1883 fathers name Alfred. Also looking for my grandfather Joseph Edward Fegan who was married to Annie Elizabeth Brennan and was living in Belfast in 1914.

  Corr: Tyrone, by Karan (07/11/2005)
Looking for CORRs in Cookstown. Peter CORR born 1878 married Margaret COLEMAN. Three children Thomas, Margaret, Kathleen. Thomas had 10 children including my dad Francis (Frankie) CORR born 1933

  Carmody, Collins: Kerry, by Helen Stacey (07/11/2005)
Any Kin of Thomas Carmody bn 1822 m Ellen Collins

  Stringer: Offaly, by Robert Stringer (07/11/2005)
Seeking information on any Stringer family in Offaly (Kings County) mainly 18th/19th century.

  Cronin, Jones, McAuliffe: Cork, by sue billington (08/11/2005)

  Melvin, Melville: Down, by James Melvin (08/11/2005)
any news

  Hughes: Armagh, by Allan Hughes (08/11/2005)
searching for information on Felix Hughes born around 1870 marriage certificate shows name of father as James Hughes who is listed as a Farmer

  Gibb, Kirk: Down, by Katherine Wills (09/11/2005)
Searching for Campbell Gibb Kirk - (Born: 1911) 49 Humber St, Belfast. Parents Campbell Gibb Kirk & Agnes Mckenzie Gibb Kirk (ne. - Mcarthur)

  Wilcock, Corcoran: Cork, by stacey wilcock (11/11/2005)
any information on these 2 families in kinsale cork area

  Cusack, Naughton, Walsh, Morrissey: Cork, by maggie Boland (11/11/2005)
researching the listed names in Ballycotton, Co Cork.

  Murnuian: Unknown, by neil gardiner (11/11/2005)
Is this name real? It is listed on a UK wedding certificate.

  McSweeney: Cork, by Ray McSweeney (11/11/2005)

  Johnson: Unknown, by George V. Johnson 3rd (12/11/2005)
Chas or Thomas Johnson born in Ireland 1825

  Broadley: Antrim, by Nigel Collins (13/11/2005)
Trying to find any details of Broadley family from Belfast c 1800. Charles Frederick John Broadley was born about 1807 in Belfast.

  Dollard: Unknown, by margaret mulcrone (13/11/2005)

  Melia: Unknown, by margaret mulcrone (13/11/2005)
Mary Ann born about 1859 father MICHAEL

  McNulty: Sligo, by carolyn (15/11/2005)
Brisget McNulty married Thomas Lamb around 1816 any info would be good.

  Archdale: Cavan, by carolyn (15/11/2005)
Thomas Archdale born about 1806 would like to know his parents

  Rogers, Ward: Unknown, by carolyn (15/11/2005)
Samuel Ward and John Rogers were mariners. They arrived in Liverpool before 1833 but I have no idea where they came from in Ireland.

  Haran: Sligo, by kathleen greaves (15/11/2005)
harans from coolaney

  Whelan: Queens, by Ellie Wells (16/11/2005)
Researching Whelans from Borris-in-Ossory from about 1826.

  Carroll: Wicklow, by Ellie Wells (16/11/2005)
Looking for Carrolls in Wicklow/Bray from c1850s

  Graham: Antrim, by Malcolm Graham (17/11/2005)
John & Margaret Graham of White Mountain

  Ferguson: Antrim, by Malcolm Graham (17/11/2005)
Anne Ferguson of Belfast-1864

  McGregor: Down, by Malcolm Graham (17/11/2005)
Margaret McGregor-married John Graham @Presby Ch. Boardmills, Aug. 11 1803

  Vallely: Armagh, by Jim Redpath (18/11/2005)
looking for John b 1841 & went to england about 1877

  Mulcahy, Martin: Tipperary, by Mel Cash (18/11/2005)
Looking For John Mulcahy b 1831

  Murphy: Mayo, by Anne Sachs (20/11/2005)
Researching Murphys of Cloontakilla near Bangor Erris

  Cannon: Dublin, by Penny Jones (20/11/2005)
searching for information about the Cannon family who lived in Dublin inthe mid 1900s Father possibly called Edward, may have been a tanner. Children were Bernard, my great grandfather, William, and Catherine who became a nun. All came to live in England. My grandfather, Bernard was Mayor of Lincoln in 1880 or 81,but I know nothing about his parents except that a very old relative used to refer to someone called Uncle Eddy

  Kane: Longford, by Rachel Longhorn (21/11/2005)
My grandad was James b. Barraghbeg Drumlish 1901, he had two brothers Patrick b.1905 and Thomas born in 1907.My grandad never saw his brothers after he left Ireland in approx. 1918/19 he thought they may have gone to America

  Russell: Dublin, by William Mc Walter (21/11/2005)
Trying to find family of Margaret Russell Lived in Dublin1890-1900 Married John Mc Walter Police Officer

  McGreevy: Roscommon, by Roy Tootle (21/11/2005)

  Johnston, McKee, McCullough, Bell : Down, by lynne goulart (22/11/2005)
searching for Joseph Johnston and other family members from Drumgath Parish

  Hodges: Cork, by Eddy Hodges (23/11/2005)
Great grandmother born 1834. Cork

  McIlmoyle, McIlmoyl, McIlmoil: Antrim, by Marilyn Streeter (23/11/2005)
Members of the McIlmoyle family immigrated to North America in about 1774 . It is believed that some members of the family remained in Ireland, Would be very interested to contact any one researching this family.

  Keogh: Dublin, by david keogh (24/11/2005)
compiling family tree dads side-gerald

  Rice, Bollands: Monaghan, by JANE HARVEY (24/11/2005)

  Leach: Limerick, by Beryl Barnes (24/11/2005)
Grandfathers JOHN & SAMUEL PERCY LEACH, I have been told they come from Limerick but that is all I know.

  Otis, Gilroy: Unknown, by John Otis (24/11/2005)
Married in 1852-53 came to US in 1853.

  Reynolds: Armagh, by michael reynolds (24/11/2005)
Joshua Reynolds born in portadown 1813

  Barrett: Dublin, by Gillian Cook (25/11/2005)
Looking for John Henry Barrett born ca1839 Dublin. Father Henry Barrett occupation Publican.

  Alcock: Wicklow, by Terri Alcock (25/11/2005)

  Hodges, Francis: Longford, by Eddy Hodges (25/11/2005)
My great grandmother born 1834,had her first child Joseph in Longford County

  Prendergast, Maher: Tipperary, by Sheila Young (27/11/2005)
Looking for Thomas Maher, born about 1867, had a daughter Katherine, my g,mother who married Micheal Prendergast, 1911. in Kilsheelan, Clonmel, Tipperary. If anyone knows of these families, please contact me. Sheila

  Farrelly, Tevlin: Kildare, by Margaret Johns (27/11/2005)
My great grandfather was Peter Farrelly, a National School Teacher in Clane, Naas, Kildare, circa 1860, he was married to Margaret, formerly Tevlin. I should like to hear from anyone who has information about the family.

  Weames, Hodge: belfast antrim, by mark heeley (27/11/2005)
looking for ancestors of my maternal great grandmother eliza weames parents william johnweames /elizabeth hodge my grandmother was brn belfast 1866

  Yeates: Armagh, by Karen (27/11/2005)
Looking for any information concerning the Yeates

  Smyth ,Vance: Antrim, by Harley Smyth (29/11/2005)
looking for my g/grandfather and his wife,

  Summerville: Fermanagh, by Alan Davidson (29/11/2005)
looking for James summerville, born 1839 in Lisbellaw near enniskillen

  Fairs: Dublin, by Alan Davidson (29/11/2005)
looking for Rebecca Fairs, Born 1844 in Colling Row, Dublin

  Foster, Gillies, Neely: Unknown, by Roberta Foster (30/11/2005)
Looking for any info on Samuel Foster b 1786 , Margaret nee: Gillies b. 1787, four children Joseph b 1821 Alexander b 1828 Sarah b 1830 Samuel b 1832. Emigrated to Ontario Canada around 1853, the 4 children all married in Canada. Alexander married Eliza Jane Neely, daughter of Thomas and Sarah nee Gordon. All born in Ireland, county not known.

  Best, Remington,: Armagh, by Lynda Timmerman (01/12/2005)

  Cassells, Castles: Armagh, by James Cassells (01/12/2005)
Descendants of Verner Castles/ Cassells b1840s and his son Robert Cassells b1862 Family resided inTandragee /laurelvale area Parish Kilmore Townland Tullymore

  Gozzard: Longford, by Linda Hellaby (01/12/2005)
My geat great grandfather Benjamin Edward Gozzard is stated on the census returns as having come from Co. Longford. Is this surname of Irish origin , or is it a mispelling of an Irish surname?Are there any records of Gozzards in Co. Longford?

  Love: Londonderry, by Rose Gibbs (02/12/2005)
Searching for Daniel and Margaret (nee McCool) Magherafelt, Thier children Samuel, Eliza, Sarah and Mary (may be more). Last known date 1868 on Salters Estate. Eliza married Henry Ballagh (Co. Down) in New Zeland.

  Madden: Cork, by kathleen kopsaftis (02/12/2005)
John was born aprox.1850

  Wilson, Johnston: Belfast, by MARTI CHAPMAN (03/12/2005)

  McCrea: Belfast, by Andrew McCrea (03/12/2005)
McCreas who lived in Millfield, Belfast from around 1863.

  Murray, McIlroy: Londonderry, by Elsie Choong (04/12/2005)
looking for any information about my Great Grandparents, Daniel Scott Murray from Limavady and Thomas Henry McIlroy from Newry.

  Donoghue: Offaly, by margaret mitchell (04/12/2005)
Looking for Charles Donoghue 1839-41 father John mother Elizabeth Carroll

  Cowan, Wilkins: Unknown, by shawn cowan (04/12/2005)

  O Grady, Grady, Davitt, Devitt: Mayo, by Phil Muzzall (04/12/2005)
Thomas OGrady b.1846 and Bridgett Davitt or Devitt. b.1844 both appear as a married couple on the English 1871 census, both give their place of birth as Ireland. Their 1st daughter Catherine OGrady was born in Earsdon, nr Newcastle upon Tyne. Thomas remarried in 1887 to Annie Smith and gives his fathers name as Thomas OGrady, farmer. any information gratefully received. Phillip Muzzall.

  Gerrard: Armagh, by Barbara Bonney (04/12/2005)
David Gerrard born Armagh c1830,looking for any information on the Gerrard family. David my gt gt Grandfather married Martha Beatty from Antrim, their 1st child Samuel was born c1860.

  Bewley, Mannering: Roscommon, by Pauline Bewley (04/12/2005)
Searching for any information on the above names Athlone, 1880-1896.

  Corrigan: Louth, by Teresa Pendlebury (05/12/2005)
looking for any relatives of Thomas and Bridget (nee Mc Ardle)Corrigan who lived in Hill St Dundalk before 1881

  Kenny, Kennedy, Bailey, Cassidy: Roscommon, by mariruth a kim (05/12/2005)
john kenny b1827 married jane kennedy b1827 johns parents john and bridget murphy janes parents james and ann

  Brusnahan: Cork, by Sheila Chalmers (06/12/2005)
looking for info on marriage may 11th 1880 kinsale Mary Ann Collins or Couglan and Patrick Brusnahan

  Castello: Westmeath, by joanne carter (07/12/2005)
william castello born abt 1818 mullingar married eliza parton ? from dublin. that was on the 1851 census in birmingham. sons edward b 1842 and charles 1845. williams occupation was a miller i do hope you can help.

  Clark, Clarke, Wilson, Rooney: Belfast, by Maria March (07/12/2005)
Researching Andrew c1832 and James Clarke c1849, possibly lived in York St,Belfast. Name of their Father Robert Clarke.

  Edgoose: Unknown, by Michael J. EDGOOSE (08/12/2005)

  McKay, McCusker, Cosgrove: Down, by Catherine (10/12/2005)
James McKay b1818 s/o Neil McKay and Catherine McCusker/ Cosgrove

  Anglin, Beausang: Cork, by frankfeast (10/12/2005)
searching familly history on my mothers side

  Driscoll: Cork, by Jan Pfitzner (13/12/2005)
Researching Thomas Driscoll - convicted County Cork 1848 - 7 years - sent to Tasmania

  Dale, Beattie: Antrim, by Shirlee Cantwell (14/12/2005)
My Great Grandfathers marriage certificate states he was born in Ballmena and his parents were Samuel Dale and Margaret Beattie.

  Travers, Smith: Wesmeath, by tracey willis (17/12/2005)
Any information on the travers or smith families from clomelon

  Sloane: Cork, by david thomas owen (21/12/2005)
information regarding Sloane family around1870 Cork area

  Walsh, Minihane, Connolly, McCarthy: Cork, by Barbara Walsh (22/12/2005)
My gr gr grandparents are Jeremiah Walsh of Skeagh, Skibbereen, Co Cork, Margaret Connolly from the Skibbereen area, Maria McCarthy of Letter, Skibbereen and Michael Minihane of Ballyally, Skibbereen.

  McFadden, McGlynn, Lavelle, Stanton, McNeeley: Mayo, by Jayne Grant (22/12/2005)
looking for information on any of the surnames listed. These people were from the Westport, Newport and Achill Sound area.

  Semple: Derry, by Jane MacKay (22/12/2005)

  Loughron: Down, by Karen Loughron (23/12/2005)
my ancestor, James Loughron married Bridget Butler in 1842 in Australia. He was born in co.Down. trying to trace his irish ancestry.

  Heffernan, Prendergast: Tipperary, by Fay Butler (23/12/2005)
Daniel Heffernan & Mary Prendergast parents of James Bap 1807,Patrick bap 1815,William bap 1818,Mary bap 1824, John bap 1826..Please contact me if any of these names are in your tree.

  O Sullivan, Coffey: Inch, Dingle,Kerry, by Fay Butler (23/12/2005)
Eugen O Sullivan & Bridget Coffey parents of Mary b abt 1843 & James b abt 1845. Mary went to Australia James to USA

  McNemay, Sweeney: Maybe Northern Ireland, by Fay Butler (23/12/2005)
John McNemay married Marryanne Sweeney son James b Sydney Australia 1841 Sarah b Sydney abt 1845 or 47. Any info on McNemay name very welcome.

  Judge: Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon, by Ward Greene (23/12/2005)
Seeking ANY Judge who moved to Newfoundland about 200 years ago. Rare name in Nfld.,so probably my ancestor.

  McCarthy: Cork, by Berris Aitken (23/12/2005)
my great grandfather Daniel Florence McCarthy who was born in Caher near Bantry, County Cork in 1853/54? He emigrated to New Zealand at the age of 23 in 1876 where he married Isabella McKenzie in 1878.

  Tracey, Morris: Galway, by Shirley Robinson (23/12/2005)
Dates born aprox. 1819/21

  Gunning: Unknown, by L. Hamblin (23/12/2005)

  Barnes: Unknown, by Jerry Barnes (23/12/2005)
James Barnes. Trying to find what county he come from around 1850

  Brady, Conroy: Dublin City, by Teresa Pearcy (23/12/2005)
Looking for any siblings of my grandmother Emily Brady b.1894. Parents Michael Brady and Bridget Conroy. Possibly sister to Emily was Brigid Brady.

  Shanahan: Unknown, by kermashanahan (23/12/2005)
would like to find out more about the name and history

  Henderson: Tyrone, by Diana Medcalf (24/12/2005)
Search for any informat re Joseph Henderson born1812 C.Tyrone . Father Joseph Henderson Mother Martha Hamilton. Our Joseph married Mary Jane Rainey (Rennie) 1840.

  Doran: Armagh, by Maree Stewart (24/12/2005)
Looking for Ann Doran B abt 1834 - Parents Phillip Doran and

  Doran: Armagh, by Maree Stewart (24/12/2005)
Looking for Ann Doran B abt 1834 - Parents Phillip Doran and Catherine Brady

  Campion: Cork, by Joseph Reed (24/12/2005)
Patrick Campion left Ireland on the Ship Manering 1851 I think

  Montgomery: Antrim, by mary cumming (24/12/2005)
looking for information on Robert Montgomery born Farrenscough 1776 county antrim

  Moran , Keaney , Highan , Aikman , McNamara : Mayo, by kath (25/12/2005)

  Murtagh, Mullee, Henry: Mayo, by Julie Harmon (25/12/2005)
Looking for birth, marriage and death info

  Craig, Neeson: Antrim, by Stephen Turner (25/12/2005)
Searching for deatails of a John Craig who married an Ellen (or Helen) Neeson. They had a son called Robert Craig, Robert was born in Portglenone in November 1872, he married a Minnie Olive Clarke, who was from Armagh. Would like to know more about the family, siblings, parents etc.

  Clarke, Wilson: Armagh, by Stephen Turner (25/12/2005)
I would like to find out more about my great grandmother, Minnie Olive Clarke. She was born in about 1871 but I do not know where in Armagh. Her father was called Charles Mills Clarke, mother was Mary Ann Wilson. I do know that Minnie was a survivor of the Armagh Rail Disaster in June 1889. Would love to know if she had any siblings, where she was born etc.

  Plunkett, Cummins: Dublin, by Paula Edgar (26/12/2005)
Michael Plunkett married Clara Cummins, a daughter : Mary Bridget Plunkett (born approx 1855 Dublin) married Michael Joseph Salmon emigrating to Australia.

  Salmon, Baclestly: Westmeath, by Paula Edgar (26/12/2005)
Thomas Salmon married Mary Baclestly pre 1851

  McCard, Tinney: Down, by jeanette mckinnon (26/12/2005)

  Crotty: Limerick, by Polly (26/12/2005)
searching for my great grandfather, Michael David Crotty, immigrated to Australia via Argentina.

  Hamilton, Harrington, Martin, Allen: Tyrone, by Gary Allen Richardson (26/12/2005)
Descendant of Andrew Hamilton, Jr of Mullawinney.

  Wilson, Crawford, Simpson: Tyrone, by Helen Dwyer (27/12/2005)
These families lived within the town of Fintona and Syonfin. Any information would be great,

  Corr: Cavan, by Lorna Dolinska (27/12/2005)
I would be interested in anyone researching the CORRs

  Gass, Rea, Matthews, Herron: Down, by Beverly Brown (27/12/2005)
Looking for info. about these families pre 1900. Rea family from Saintfield area, Matthews family from Ballygally area, Downpatrick, Herron family from Holywood area and Gass family from Belfast and Armagh.

  Valente, Capitona: Antrim, by Tina Baumann (28/12/2005)
Does anyone have any information about the above two families?

  Connors, Coyne, Connelly, Folan, Mannion: Galway, by Karen Connors (28/12/2005)
Looking for any information on the Connors,Coynes,Connelly,Folan,Mannions from the County Galway area

  Fleming, Flemming, Griffin, Griffith: Tyrone, by Janet Flemming (28/12/2005)
Jane, Margaret, Robert Fleming all natives of Tyrone came to Australia

  Fleming, Flemming: Ireland, by Janet Flemming (28/12/2005)
we have a Fleming DNA project for results or contact me to find out more

  Burke: Cork, by Patti A. Burke (28/12/2005)
looking for any info on Burke surname and history of County Cork.My Burkes settled in Louisville area in KY, USA

  Ferguson: Armagh, by Lorraine Bold (28/12/2005)
searching for Martha Ferguson who moved to Dundee Scotland and married Robert Wallace there.

  Hodgins, Ellis, Abbott: Kings, by Beverley McCaughan (28/12/2005)
lookingfor info on my G.G.G Grandparents,George Hodgins & his wife Anne Ellis, George was born abt 1777 & married Anne abt 1800, they lived at Dunkerrin and had about 5 children, there could be more childen, one daughter Mary, my G.G.grandmother married John Abbott in Dunkerrin.

  Donohue, Armitage, McTigue, Tigue, Nyland,: Unknown, by Jack Donahue (28/12/2005)

  McCorry: Amargh , by James McCorry (28/12/2005)
Seeking info on McCorry - James Henry mar Eliza Murphy , children John George, James Henry, Edward (?) William, Daniel, Margueretta,Sophie, Josphe and Marie T. Children born in "Whitehall" Lurgan.

  Pepper: Londonderry, by tony pepper (29/12/2005)
Looking for info on Pepper surname particulary near magherafelt, castle dawson and Annachmore Cp Derry in the 1800.s

  Magee: Down, by Alan Montgomery (30/12/2005)
trying to trace William Magee an Iron Worker

  Montgomery: Louth, by Alan Montgomery (30/12/2005)
trying to trace William Montgomery a shopkeeper in Dundalk about 1867

  Crotty, Ahern, Fudge: Waterford, by pam brown (31/12/2005)
Looking for Daniel Crotty married twice first wife Mary Ahern Dungarvan and Ardmore Waterford

  Hyde, Brown: Cork, by pam brown (31/12/2005)
Seeking information on Michael or Mick Hyde and his wife Margaret Brown a Daughter Mary Catherine Hyde ch at St Marys Youghal 1820 Mary married Thomas Crotty feb 1840 st Marys Youghal cork

  Tierney, Patterson, Hunter, Napier, Robson: Antrim, by Betty Spalding (31/12/2005)
Can someone help me find my ancestors?

  Connor: Down, by Barbara Cross (31/12/2005)
searching for Mary Jane Connor born c.1857 father John Connor mother unknown but surname could be Hagon .mary jane was on the 1871 census for Workington Uk living with her uncle Michael Haegin

  Annett, Shelley: Kildare, by Amy Martin (01/01/2006)
Annett came fr Alyemath and Dounshire, Shelley unknown

  Elliott: Tipperary, by Anne Elliott (01/01/2006)
The Elliott family owned the grocery shop in Cahir round about 1900. Any information on this or about the family would be appreciated

  Devine, Morton: Fermanagh, by Jean Lapthorne (02/01/2006)
Mary Morton b Derrygurdry m Devine

  Boyle: Antrim, by jenny kerr (02/01/2006)
looking for any information on Edward Boyle. He was married to Agnes maiden name mclean and his occupation was listed as a millworker hid daughter also called Agnes is my great grandmother. I would love to contact anyone with information or also could be related.

  Heaney,McNamara: GALWAY, by Jenny (02/01/2006)
Were Butchers in Galway City

  Devlin: Tyrone, by Robyn Rawles (02/01/2006)
Looking for info on Henry Devlin born 1807/08 married Elizabeth Ryle moved to West Kilbride, Ayreshire, Scotland about 1840-1853 Thatcher

  Powell: Clare, by Lynda Gilbert (02/01/2006)
Searching for Thomas Powell born approx. 1828-30 Killaloe Co. Clare

  Duff: Belfast, by Maggie Chapman (02/01/2006)
Any info on the Duff family ost welcome. My grandfather James Duff world for Harland and Wolff. He was a Union founder and retired in 1944. His wife was Jane Quinn.

  Weir: Antrim, by KEITH SCOTT (02/01/2006)
Looking for DAVID WEIR stone mason born about 1770 married ELIZABETH MACILLWAINE son of marriage COCHRANE WEIR married SARAH KERR known children born in N Ireland ELIZABETH (C.1814) DANIEL (C.1816)

  Campbell, McCrory, McNally, McCrystal: Tyrone, by Donna Luzzi (03/01/2006)
looking for the exact parish

  Leary: Limerick, by Mrs Annmarie Leslie (03/01/2006)
Trying to trace the family of Julia Leary, she married a James Savage in Plymouth England

  Gearon, Nagle: Tipperary, by Patsy Whenuaroa (04/01/2006)
My great grandmother left Cahir in 1879 travelling first to Australia then to NZ>her sister Margaret also came

  Meyer, Cummings : Limerick, by Patsy Whenuaroa (04/01/2006)
Frederick Meyer married to Catherine Cummings in Limerick. Travelled to NZ in 1876via Durham (UK). Frederick was a Mariner and appeared to arrive in NZ separately

  Kilcourse: Roscommon, by tom quinn (04/01/2006)
any info on this surname

  Magee: Tyrone, by Stafford McGee (04/01/2006)
Looking for my Grandfather Henry,described as "dock labourer"in Strabane circa 1910/15

  Power: Waterford, by Cathy Hochrine (04/01/2006)
looking for Robert Power, son of James Power and Mary Hally

  Shields: Tipperary, by Cathy Hochrine (04/01/2006)
looking for Terrence Shields married to Ann Ryan supposedly from Tipperary 1800s

  Houston: Antrim, by joe houston (05/01/2006)
originally from butler street, does anyone have any info

  Kirwan: Dublin, by Jack Kirwan (05/01/2006)
looking for my grandfather in Dublin. He was Edmond Martin Hycenth or Heycenth, or Hyacinth Kirwan, born there about 1875 of Samuel John Kirwan, a commercial clerk.

  Moran, Greig: Galway, by Jack Kirwan (05/01/2006)
looking for my great-great-grandparents from Galway, John Thomas Moran, a schoolteacher born about 1810 and Ellen nee Greig, born about 1824.

  Marshall, Luke: Down, by Allanah Martin (05/01/2006)
Trying to trace family members who may have leftBangor, after 1886

  Blair, Madden: Tyrone, by sandra blair (05/01/2006)
looking for Edward Blair who married a Jane Madden.

  McKeown: Ulster, by John McKeown (05/01/2006)
shipwright, around 1840

  Michael Kelly: Galway, by John McKeown (05/01/2006)
Stone Mason, b. 1818

  Quaile, Quayle: Unknown, by John McKeown (05/01/2006)

  Conway: Mayo, by Nadine Taylor (05/01/2006)
Looking for David Conway (born c. 1790)

  Goulding: Cork, by Kellie Gardner (06/01/2006)

  Magee: Tyrone, by Stafford McGee (06/01/2006)
Looking for relatives of my father, Robert James Magee, born in Strabane 10/06/14,his parents were Henry Magee & Margaret Murdock.He was orphaned when very young & sent to live with relatives in England.

  Fairs: Dublin, by Alan Davidson (06/01/2006)
Looking for Rebecca Fairs born in colling row in1844

  Acheson: Down, by gill presland (07/01/2006)
trying to trace wife of george henry acheson, a dr

  Horne, Horan, Reilly: Galway, by mary green (08/01/2006)
looking for descendants of Mary Reilly and John Horne(Horan)

  Anglin: Cork, by frankfeast (08/01/2006)
tracing anglinor beasaung family history from Youghal.

  Speer: Antrim, by Maureen Trafton (09/01/2006)
Looking for any information on Speer family.

  Guthrie, Murray: Unknown, by Maureen Trafton (09/01/2006)
Seeking any information on John Guthrie and his wife Nora Murray

  Menah or Menagh: Antrim, by Peter Coates (09/01/2006)
trying to trace Joseph Menah (Menagh) born around october 1859

  Weatherup, Hagan: Antrim, by C. Hallsworth (10/01/2006)
Any information about my great grandfather Matthew Weatherup, born c1854, and his wife Eliza Hagan, born c1850. They lived in Carrickfergus and had 10 children.

  Flynn, Murphy, Monaghan, Baird: Kerry, by Jeanne A. Flynn (11/01/2006)
Flynn & Murphy were in Quebec in 1826. Monaghan and Baird married in 1850 and came to Quebec at that time or shortly after

  Annett: Down, by Amy Martin (11/01/2006)
William Annett married Jane from Armagh Co. and left for England around 1862.

  Shelley: Cork, by Amy MArtin (11/01/2006)
James Shelley left Ireland for the US, single and fleeing the potato famine.

  Rice, Bollands: Monaghan, by JANE HARVEY (11/01/2006)
looking for any details of patrick rice, born 1847 monaghan ireland

  Patterson, Graham, Stevenson, McClintock: Tyrone, by Ken Maglio (11/01/2006)
William Patterson -cricket player on 1889 Sion Mills championship team.

  Clinton: Westmeath, by Geoff Clinton (12/01/2006)
Have reference to Meedem/Meediam great houses as birth place of Ann clinton in 1825. Farther Arthur and Mother Sarah Noble. At the time Arthur was living and working in Durham UK

  Ruddell: Armagh, by george ruddell (12/01/2006)
ANY information will be greatly appreciated.

  Duffy, Cronley: Cork, by Caroline Griggs (13/01/2006)
bridget, matilda and John 1860

  McCarragher: Armagh, by judith wiltshire (13/01/2006)
Would like any information on the McCarraghers of Armagh

  Sheppard, McCollum: Tyrone, by Patricia McCollum (13/01/2006)
my great grandparents were Alexander McCollum and Sarah Sheppard and they lived in Augnacloy/Rehaghy I found 3 gggrandparents but Benjamin Sheppard is my brickwall he was a Stonemason and he died before Aug 1868 as his wife was said to be a widow on her death certificate I would love to hear anything on either family

  McCarthy: limerick, by michael mccarthy (13/01/2006)
researching William McCarthy,born around 1888 in the limerick area,His wife was Christine Hanna/h born 1888.William had one brother Michael he was a ww1 soldier possibly Royal Munster Fusiliers ,he had two sisters Maggie who married an Ahearn from Killaloe ,and another sister called Bridgette.If anyone has any information on this family can they please contact me.

  Greenham, Star, Molloy: Dublin, by Peter Clarke (14/01/2006)
particularly interested in James Greenham a merchant of Cork Street, Dublin and Inchaquire

  White: Dublin, by Jack Kirwan (14/01/2006)
My great-great-grandfather, Edward White, a marble mason, cwas born in Dublin about 1828, son of Peter White, a slater. Any details of Peter or his family are of interest to me.

  Brunton: Dublin, by Jack Kirwan (14/01/2006)
My great-great-grandfather, James Wilson, married a young Irish woman named Mary Brunton, from Dublin in 1851. She would have been born about 1833 from her age in the 1861 census. Any details of the Bruntons in Dublin are of interest.

  Pollard: Dublin, by Teresa Pearcy (15/01/2006)
Looking for anybody who has connections with Joseph S Pollard and Margaret Lawless ...

  White: Tyrone, by Ruth (15/01/2006)
Trying to find out who WilliamJames White parents where. William White was born Beb1 1866

  McKeever: Armagh, by eithne mooney (16/01/2006)
hi just wanting a further family background

  Barnes: Tyrone, by Pat Barnes (16/01/2006)
Barnes Robert Wife Elizabeth Moved to UK, miner in Northumberland

  Dolan, Doolan, Mchugh: cork, by Carol (16/01/2006)

  Patrick, Lafferty, Duff: Tyrone, by Chris Cipriano (16/01/2006)
looking for resources that my ancestors may be in. They were from Cookstown.

  Hess(e): Wexford, by Helen Hesse (16/01/2006)
Trying to find out what happened to all the hesses that came to Wexford in 1709 from Germany

  Sherlock: Armagh, Dublin, by Douglas Philpotts (17/01/2006)
Interested in any info on a James Sherlock amnd his wife Ann both died in Dublin Feb 1892 and April 22 1882 respecively

  Delmore: Westmeath, by Ritadel (17/01/2006)
Delmore in Westmeath County, around early 1800

  Boyce, McKnight: Down, by neil boyce (18/01/2006)
Seeking any thing regarding WILLIAM BOYCE who married C/KATHERINE MACKNIGHT 1818 in Downpatrick

  Amey: Dublin, by Trina Rae Forsythe (18/01/2006)
Not sure where in Ireland but Nana stayed with her Uncle in Dublin I have been told.

  Fraser: Down, by florence crisp (18/01/2006)
henry adair county surveyor

  Finn: Wexford, by Catherine Martin (18/01/2006)

  Huey: Derry, by DAVID HEDDERLY (18/01/2006)
Anyone have any details on a SPENCER HUEY born Muff(Eglinton)

  charlton / walker: Antrim, by natalie charlton (18/01/2006)
my grandad lived in ireland for a few years and married over there my dad and his sisters were born in ireland before moving to england, grandads name was cecil w charlton known as willie, grandma was isabel nora walker known as nora,, her father was robert walker who i think came from scotland and his wife i think was ellen but i can only guess she was from ireland as thats were they married, nora had a brother known as harry a sister known as joan, another sister mary kathleen (known as katie), my grandma had a son named noel from a man who died, her other children with cecil were kathleen dorothy charlton known as dorothy, robert gilbert walker charlton known as gilbert/bob, elizabeth aurdery charlton known as aurdery, and winifred maureen charlton known as maureen.

  Halpin: Dublin, by ROSEMARY HIGGINS (18/01/2006)

  Maxwell: Galway, by Angela Boreham (19/01/2006)

  Farrell: Longford, by Paul R. Farrell (19/01/2006)
Does anyone know of a Thomas F. Farrell born in Ireland in 1855 ? He came to the US in 1866 or 1867 via the ship Pennsylvania. He traveled with his older sister Catherine who was 18 yo.

  Gawley, Gauley: Down, by Anne Maddocks (19/01/2006)

  Murphy: Armagh, by Anne Maddocks (19/01/2006)
Forkhill, Drumintee area

  McIntyre: Tyrone, by Jeff McIntyre (19/01/2006)
Just starting research. I believe the McIntyre name originated in County Tyrone. ANY McIntyre information would be great.

  Surgenor, Napier: Belfast, by Lynda Weir (20/01/2006)
any information about a joseph surgenor married to margaret nee napier or james napier and susan napier parents of margaret napier born in 1920s

  Armstrong, Loane: Tyrone, by Liz Vining (20/01/2006)
Seeking information

  Mackay: Tyrone, by Maurice Farlie (20/01/2006)
Especially in Strabane during 20th century

  Hyde, Bourrows: Antrim, by Christine Ball (20/01/2006)
Looking for connections to Thomas Henry Hyde and Douglas B. Bourrows married in Belfast 1870

  McAndrews: Mayo, by Pauline M. Rowan (20/01/2006)
Looking for family of Philip McAndrews (mother Mary) who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1850.

  Kilcommons: Galway, Roscommon, by Pauline M. Rowan (20/01/2006)

  Rowan: Mayo, by Pauline M. Rowan (20/01/2006)
Looking for family of Thomas Rowan (Ruane) who emigrated to Dewsbury, Yorkshire around 1850.

  Albin: Armagh, by Connie Wilson (20/01/2006)
Interested to know any information about Albins living in Armagh , possibly in the Kildarton area.

  Duddy, Kelly, McAuley, McCafferty, Cushinan, Mc Co: Tyrone, by Lorna Duddy Olivo (21/01/2006)

  Leonard, Gilmartin, Phillips, Mcdonagh: sligo, by ray wheeler (21/01/2006)
looking for leonard and Mcdonagh connections Leonards were from Everlaun near Bubbabadden.

  Laman, Gates: Belfast, by michele samuels (21/01/2006)
Looking for information on above born 1843 in Belfast who were his parents I only know he married an Eliza possibly Reeve and several children some of whom went to live in London.

  Mackin: Tipperary, by jason mackin (21/01/2006)
my grandfather was from fethard

  Roden: Antrim, by Pauline Roden (22/01/2006)
Searching for descendants and ancestors of both Edward and James Roden of Belfast Marine and Marble traders respectively. Did Edward have a son William who emigrated to England as a horse or cattle trader?

  Ducy, Gallagher: Any, by Mrs P Wale (22/01/2006)
Info on John & Mary Gallagher`s family who left Ireland to go to England abt 1827.

  Cotter: Cork, by Denise Miller (22/01/2006)
Looking for Cotters in the Bantry area.Civil parish Kilmocomage. Church parish Bantry

  Hart, Kelly: Armagh, by Karen Hart (23/01/2006)
Samuel Hart m. Rebecca Kelly March 15, 1840, in Clare Presbyterian Church. Looking for both sets of parents, any grandparents,and any siblings.

  Wright, Wilson, Campbell, Anderson, Brady: Antrim, by Jean Hoffman (23/01/2006)
looking for connections to these people: John, Hugh, William Wright; James, Eliza Jane Wilson; John, Mary Campbell, George Anderson, Bridget Brady

  Cowan: Armagh, by Marlys Nelson (23/01/2006)
Cowan in 1816 in Armagh

  Nowlan: Carlow, by heather maryson (23/01/2006)
John nowlan b. c1791 married a margaret moved to London around 1834

  McDonald: Cork, by gail (23/01/2006)
margret may mc donald husband/david queenstown cork 1900

  Moreland: Munster, by Rod Evans (24/01/2006)
Wm Harrison Moreland : Westropp

  Dawson, French: Cork, by Martin Long (24/01/2006)
Searching for Dawson of Bandon and French of Rosscarbey

  Delorey: Cork, by Sylvia Keeler (24/01/2006)
Any information please, about MICHAEL DELOREY born about 1830 in Mallow. Married Ann Pickton in 1864 in England.

  Halpin: Meath, by Sylvia Keeler (24/01/2006)
Any information, please about MARY HALPIN born about 1839. She married William Henry, a poulterer, in Dublin in 1859. She died in 1919.

  Henry: Dublin, by Sylvia Keeler (24/01/2006)
Any information, please about WILLIAM HENRY. He had a poulterers shop in Mespil Road, Dublin. Born about 1831. He married Mary Halpin , born Co. Meath. He died in 1878.

  Muldoon, Roulston: Tyrone, by James Muldoon (25/01/2006)
Researching family history of Muldoon and Roulston who lived in Castlederg.

  Darrigan: Unknown, by John Hall (25/01/2006)
William Darrigan, from Ireland, appears with his wife Sarah nee Egan on the 1861 and subsequent census having moved to Sheffield. This part of the Darrigan family have lived there ever since.

  O Leary, McSweeney, Dempsey: Cork, by Teresa Perdue (26/01/2006)
Looking for information on the above names

  Dace: Antrim, by rachel bunt (27/01/2006)
John and Mary Dace lived in Ballygoland 1911 had 11 children.

  Watters, Calvert, Rainey, Thompson, Cullen, Grant: Antrim, by fiona campbell (27/01/2006)
Looking for any info on these families who loved in BFS from approx 1850.Watters had a Dairy farm on Falls rd.^ children who married into the above names. Rachel cCalvert is the wife of William Watters who started off the family.

  Shaw, Adair, Mckee: Down, by fiona campbell (27/01/2006)
William Shaw and Adair lived at Comber Cattogs townland in the Beeches farm from around 1820.They were related to the McKees and the Adairs from Ballygraffin?

  Malley: Armagh, by Michael Harrison (27/01/2006)
Trying to trace decendents of Margaret Malley born Armagh 1836 marri ed a septimus Harrison and had five children Agnes,Thomas, John, Walker, and septimus the 2nd,moved to England married in 1862, Margaret may have worked in a pub in Armagh

  Crown: Londonderry, by moyra martin (27/01/2006)
Researching Crown family. Any Info on Crown gratefully recieved

  Kirby: Kerry, by Victor Charles Wedge (28/01/2006)
Trying to trace parents

  Whitehead, McClelland: Cork, by LES CHAPMAN (28/01/2006)

  Brett: Ireland, by colin brett (28/01/2006)
first name nicholas born 1799 married to catherine children patrick 1838 james 1839 john 1841 nicholas 1846

  Hardiman: Galway, by jean martin (28/01/2006)
searching for relatives of patrick hardiman born bulabane 1880

  Boak: Derry, by Stephen Boak (29/01/2006)
Robert Boak (b. circa 1740, Londonderry?), married to a McCormick); family involved in flax farming. Protestant Covenantors. Tracing Scots Irish roots from America back to Ireland, then earlier to Scotland.

  Lambert, Sweetman, Talbot: Dublin, by Teresa Leask (29/01/2006)

  Field: Cork, by rebecca lock (30/01/2006)
William Field born 1831 s/o James, m. in Chepstow to Selina DAVI(E)S 1851

  Young: Armagh, by betty hardie (30/01/2006)
searching for John or william census 1849

  Allingham, Wilson: Donegal, by Donna Marie Allingham Gillan (31/01/2006)

  Harkin: Tyrone, by john harkin (31/01/2006)
castlederg search

  Cleere, Cunney: Tipperary, by yvonne dennis (01/02/2006)
Please contact me re the above families as I have very little info on them. The Cleeres were a sporting family that migrated to the USA and NZ that I know of. The cunney familt one migrated to NZ

  Halligan, McDerrmot: Dublin, by W.Halligan (02/02/2006)
Arrived in Englandbetween 1857 and 1859

  Fox: Antrim, by Sheena Bloomfield (02/02/2006)
Family of my grat grandfather Samual Fox he had brothers William and Joh Fox all born about 1835-1840

  Feeney, McCorry: Armagh, by mary roy (02/02/2006)
trying to trace andrew feeney and susannah mccorry who married in armagh 1st may 1852 this is my gr.grandparents

  Stoop, Stoup: Down, by Matthew Taylor (03/02/2006)
My relatives moved to Peterhead, Aberdeenshire which is where able to pick up the trail

  Dunnigan, L Estrange: Dublin, by Patricia Dunnigan (03/02/2006)
Dunigans thought to have lived here, William and son James. grand dad John M. L Estrange amd sister Harriet Mary also known to have been born here 1883/1884. Before this both sides of the family vanish.

  Murphy, Kelly, Connor, OBrien, Lynch: Cork, by fiorel (04/02/2006)
Seeking information on Margaret Mary Murphy b Queenstown 17 March 1896 Father ? Patrick ,Mother ? Bridget Lynch. Also Mary Kelly, Armagh 1849, Timothy Connor transported to Australia 1803

  Dillon Ward Hessian: Galway, by Hilary horn (04/02/2006)
Roger and Nora Dillon daughter cathleen married Pat ward from Tuan both born 1916

  McGoldrick : Armagh, by Hilary Horn (04/02/2006)
dennis Mcgoldrick customs officer son also denis b abt 1842 in armagh

  Flood: Donegal, by winnie dowling (04/02/2006)
anyone of this name please contact me

  Cummins: Tyrone, by Barrie Cummins (05/02/2006)
Any info on James Cummins,Born approx 1854, emmigrated to New Zealand 1875, Married Elizabeth Jane Quin in Christchurch, N.Z. 8 June 1880. Died N.Z. 1927.Thankyou

  Logan: Roscommon, by pamela powney (06/02/2006)
Does anyone have a Daniel born 1799 or Bernard born 1801 in their tree who left for England before 1941. Daniel is my 4xs G/grandfather.

  Running, Edgar: Armagh, by David Running (06/02/2006)
Any information on the Running families that lived close to Armagh city in the pre 1900 period

  Eakins: Monaghan, by margaret astill (07/02/2006)
my great grandmother is on the english censuses from 1851. born abt 1816 "county monath", married to joseph dexter from shepshed, england.

  Drum, Hazeldean: Fermanagh, by Jenny Stewart (07/02/2006)
Ann Drum was an irish orphan sent to Australia in 1850. She listed her parents as Ann Hazeldean & James Drum, Soldier, of Enniskillen. Any information about her parents in Ireland would be appreciated.

  Havener: Limerick, by MARY DAVIES (07/02/2006)
looking for a Mary Ann Havener born circa 1870 to a supposedly well to do family in the limerick area. she married a William Elijah Davies a soldier, She then went on to have 4 children 3 boys and 1 girl but at the time of the birth of the girl Mary Ann returned to Ireland and left with another child by the name of violet drapper whose father was a journeyman/trader of some standing in the community.

  Toner: Armagh, by kellimac (07/02/2006)
sheila m toner

  McClenaghan, McLannaghan, McLannachan: Ulster, by Nola M. McLenachen (09/02/2006)

  Alkemade: Unknown, by Neil Mowat (09/02/2006)
trying to find details of Nicolaas Maria Alkemade who is beleived to have died in Ireland

  Boal, Gordon: Down, by michael shannon boals (10/02/2006)

  Moore: Dublin, by Anthony Moore (10/02/2006)
looking for information on Moore family living on Fairview Strand, Dublin around 1910

  McGahan: Louth, by Robert McGahan (10/02/2006)
Looking for John McGahan born approx 1838 and arrived in NY, NY 2 July 1849

  Church, Lorimer, Loughrey, Stanton: Derry, by Samuel Raymond Loughrey (10/02/2006)
Information on any of these surnames with connections to the southern part of County Derry

  McGrath: Tipperary, by Rose Trumper (10/02/2006)
Researching Christopher McGrath b1836. Father believed to be Terence.

  Beattie: Down, by marrie (11/02/2006)

  Quaine, Mullane: Mallow, by Jan Brazendale (11/02/2006)
Julia Quaine and varients please.

  Higgins, Kivlehan, Rennick: Sligo, by sandra penney (11/02/2006)
Im looking for any info on PATRICK HIGGINS b.1858 believe to have lived in a farm outside Sligo . His fathers name was JOHN HIGGINS . I know PATRICK came to England and i can account for his life here. I cant find a birth cert for him so i dont know his mothers name . Also searching for information on FLORENCE RENNICK born in SLIGO , i dont know date . She married PATRICK KIVLEHAN c. 1930 . I know they lived in Charles St , Sligo in 1935 . Thats the only info i have .

  Simpson, Johnstone: Tyrone, by iris kydd (11/02/2006)
interested in the Castlederg area

  Menah: Antrim, by Peter Coates (11/02/2006)
looking for information on Joseph Menah born around 1859. Father is James Menah

  Casey, Tiernan, Landers: Louth, by ann ferguson (11/02/2006)
Any information on Patrick Casey or wife Ann Tiernan both born about 1850 Patricks Father is Hugh Casey mother Judith Landers

  Harrington, Collins, Conolly: Cork, by Jill (12/02/2006)
My G G grandparents Cornelius and Ellen (nee Collins) Harrington moved to London from somewhere in Cork. They were born in approx 1811 for Cornelius and 1813 for Ellen. If anyone has any information I would appeciate it.

  Devlin: Down, by Brenda Gill (12/02/2006)
James Devlin bn 1877. Father James mother Mary. Siblings Henry; Catherine; Mary; Frances; John

  Conroy: Wexford, by Pilar Gomez-Sanchez (12/02/2006)
looking for info Thomas Conroy b. 1807 went to Peru d. 1885 Callao

  Hall : Armagh, by Janet Foster (12/02/2006)
Hall family of Copney Townland

  Phillips: Dublin, by Ken Phillips (12/02/2006)
Benjamin Phillips born Dublin c1800

  McKey: Down, by Tony Jensen (13/02/2006)
Hugh McKey was born in Loughbrickland in 1846. He moved with his parents to Glasgow where he died in 1928. I would like to trace his parents who I believe hailed from the parish of Aghaderg.

  Boggan: Wexford, by Lawrence Hughes (13/02/2006)
trying to trace the family of Patrick Boggan. I believe he came from Co Wexford. Patrick married Ellen Murphy in the R c cHAPEL OF GLENBRYAN in the district of OULART. The residence of Patrick & Ellen at the time of marriage was COOLNABOY in Oylgate. Patricks father called Johnwho was a labourer. trying to find out were Patrick came from and if he had any brothers and sisters and any other information about the family.

  Walshe: Dublin, by Sandra Walshe (13/02/2006)
Trying to trace g-grandfather, James Augustus Walshe, born in 1850s

  McLoughlin, Brown : Londonderry, by Sarah Campbell (13/02/2006)
My grandfather William mc Loughlin b16 Jul 1894 . Parents were William Mc Loughlin and Susan Brown. I believe he had a brother ??Tom . Do not know if there were any more siblings . Emigrated to America but soon returned to Ireland ? Susan died in America.

  Weir, Crowe, Hall, Maddill: Monaghan, by Sarah Campbell (13/02/2006)
Anyone with these names in their tree ? Would love to hear from them.

  Meehan, Mccormack : Carlow, by patricia wood (13/02/2006)

  Raverty: Londonderry, by Patricia E. Hess (14/02/2006)
Trying to find info. re. my grand-uncle George Richard Marner Raverty

  Bragg, Golding: Cork, by Jan Leslie (15/02/2006)
Any information relating to George and Hannah, her maiden name was Golding. They had a son called Samual. They lived in Kinsale in 1836. George was a civil engineer. Their son Samual came to live in Queensland, at Bundaberg about 1870.

  Frizzle, Frizdell: Antrim, by margaret Brereton (15/02/2006)
Letitia Frizzle from Portstewart, Antrim. She came to Australia as a servant in 1850, she was born 1/11/1833.

  Young , Morrison, Glass: Armagh, by bettyhardie (15/02/2006)
my greatgranfather

  Quin, Cain, Kane: Down, by Heather Lawson (15/02/2006)
looking for information on John Quin And his wife Eliza Cain/Kane. I know that they had a son Andrew and he was born in Belfast about 1840. The family lived in Newtownards and John was either a Farmer or a Farm Labourer. Andreew married and came to Scotland where he lived for the rest of his live. His parents as far as I know stayed in Newtownards. If anyone has any information please contact me as even a little would go a long way. Heather

  Barry: Down, by Mrs Karen Caine (15/02/2006)
Looking for any details on my great great grandfather William Mansell Barry born mid 1840s in Newcastle, Down.

  McKay: Down, by angie (15/02/2006)
Mckay searching family tree

  McClelland: Armagh, by Nola Barrett (15/02/2006)
William Francis McClelland, born March 29, 1894 in Armagh County, Ireland, immigrated to America, November 1915. I believe his father was John McClelland and have been told they lived in Portadown.

  Quirk, Fitzgerald: Unknown, by marie schoblocher (16/02/2006)
looking for information on Surname QUIRK. Philip QUIRK immigrated to USA in either 1879 or 1883. Philip was born about 1863 in Ireland.

  Hearn, Lyons: Tipperary, by William Cordwell (16/02/2006)
My grandfather, Michael Francis Hearn was born in 1876 in Tipperary. His father believed to be Patrick Hearn. I have Carrick on Suir as his birth place. The Lyons family were cousins I was told.

  Byrne, Murray: Ireland, by Teresa Cooke (16/02/2006)
Does anyone know of a BERNARD BYRNE, who left Ireland for and ended up in CANADA. He had a son JOHN (birthplace given as Nova Scotia). JOHN married ANNIE MURRAY from Donegal in Manhattan in 1906. Their first 3 children were John, William and Bernard Byrne. No trace of them after the 1920 US census. Any info would be very gratefully received.

  Jennings: Unknown, by Wendy Jennings (16/02/2006)
Requesting any information on Thomas Jennings, born around 1833 in Ireland, father was Patrick Jennings. Thomas later married Emma Brown in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, UK. in 1859

  Egan: Cork, by Kathy Egan (16/02/2006)
Looking for ancestors mostly from Cork

  Leahy: Cork, by Kathy Egan (16/02/2006)
Looking for ancestors mostly from Cork

  O Toole: Wexford, by Kathy Egan (16/02/2006)
Looking for ancestors from Wexford

  McMorrow: Leitrim, by Kathy Egan (16/02/2006)
Looking for ancestors from Manorhamilton

  Patrick Welsh or Walsh: Galway, by John Welsh (16/02/2006)
Patrick Welsh or Walsh married Mary Mannion about 1850

  Farrell, Doyle, OHara, Hopkins, McNamara, mc Gould: Unknown, by mary kay jones (16/02/2006)
Sorry, i do not know the county. John Farrell married Mary Doyle around 1850, either in Ireland or the United States. Fruehan is from Bavaria or palantine, i know that is Germany, but she left to come to the United States in 1854 form ireland on the American Union.

  Nester: Roscommon, by MAUREEN TWYCROSS (17/02/2006)

  Toman, Savage, Toole, Hoey: Down, by PAT MOLYNEUX (17/02/2006)
My Tomans were stonemasons

  Kelly: Louth, by Julie Kelly (17/02/2006)
trying to find out more about John Kelly 1827

  Carroll: Antrim, by VALERIA CARROLL (17/02/2006)

  Drain, Letters: Antrim, by Patti (17/02/2006)
Looking for families of Patrick Drain & Lizzie Letters

  Hughes, Sherry: Armagh, by margaret m brown (17/02/2006)
Looking for info on Peter hughes 1848 onwards. He was tennet farmer and live in Corr in the blackwater district in the Eglish parish of Armagh .

  Elwood: Unknown, by Janet Marrs (17/02/2006)
Looking for Malachi Elwood immigrated to US before 1852

  Hassan, Hasson: Londonderry, by Pat Hancocks (18/02/2006)
Flax growers emigrated to North East of England around 1845/49. I have some information on the family but would like to know a lot more any helpwould be appreciciate.

  Devitt, Davitt: Not know, by Pat Hancocks (18/02/2006)
Any help in tracing where this family came from came to the North East of England in 1848 two brother, Patrick and Hugh, Patrick was married, Hugh married Bridget Rooney in 1851 in Morpeth Northumberland , Later the grandchilden of Hugh and Patrick emigrated to the USA. I have lots of information on the family in England but would like to find the Irish connection which county and also trace any of the Devitts still in America.

  Gooravin, Waters, McNally: Sligo, by Donnelly (18/02/2006)
Looking for marriage of Patrick Goooravin to Bridget Water around 1865/75 sligo, marriage of James Gooravin to Teresa Mcnulty Bellysdare 1892 (Gooravin surname variations Gorevan, Goravin Goravan etc

  Steenson, Stevenson: Armagh, by michael lynn (18/02/2006)
i would like to know more about these names

  Keegan: Unknown, by patricia stothard (18/02/2006)
My great grandmother was named ann keegan and lived in the North East of England, Gateshead and Hetton le Hole Co Durham we are connected with Kevin Keegan the footballer. My ggmother married John Hanlon from Ireland what part he came from i do not know.

  Collins: Kerry, by nichola (19/02/2006)
Looking for a connection with other who have the names DENIS COLLINS, JACK COLLINS. I have MARGARET COLLINS born about 1864 in COUNTY KERRY. She married an ENGLISH man and i think because of this the family disowned her.

  Owens: Monaghan, by Clare Hutchison (19/02/2006)
Looking for John Owens born ca 1801

  Hamilton: Unknown, by Clare Hutchison (19/02/2006)
looking for a Margaret Hamilton, born ca 1890 somewhere in Ireland. I believe her parents were John Hamilton and Helen Johnston. Margaret was in Glasgow by 1910 where she married a John Bett, but I know very little about her before this time.

  Doyle: Dublin, by Irene Thwaites (19/02/2006)
Looking for Mary Doyle born circa 1817, married someone called Hanley or Hanlon, then Patrick O Neil

  Finlay: Kilkenny, by Irene Thwaites (19/02/2006)
Looking for my Gt. Grandfather Michael Finlay, died in Dunboyne but may have been born in Kilkenny circa 1843

  Murtagh: Wicklow, by Irene Thwaites (19/02/2006)
Looking for my Gt. Grandfather Michael Finlay, died in Dunboyne but may have been born in Kilkenny circa 1843

  Everan: Meath, by Irene Thwaites (19/02/2006)
Looking for my Gt.Grandmother Margaret Everan, married Michael Finlay in Dunboyne 1862

  Maynard: Unknown, by Heather McDonald (19/02/2006)
Have hit a brick wall . Searching for a Sarah Maynard bn abt 1894 Ireland. Do not know county. Married Lewis Morellini about 1920 possibly Ireland as no sign of them on England and Wales Records. First son John Leslie Moreline bn Sept 1921. Knows no where possibly Chelsea as only baptisim cert and no birth cert. Mother left husband and 4 boys in 1932 and were living in Bethnall Green London. Desprate to find information on the family of my brother in law .

  Mahoney, Kahaun: Cork, by alan mahoney (19/02/2006)
seeking imformation about james or mary mahoney who moved to wales around 1840/1850

  McCracken: Antrim, Down, by Di Comley (20/02/2006)
Searching for descendants of Samuel in or around Belfast c 1840

  Barrett, Welch: Mayo, by christine coyle (20/02/2006)
looking for the birthdate and birthplace of my grt-grt grandmother, the info I have is she was born Mary Barrett, her mothers maiden name was

  Mulcahy: Antrim, by Bernadine Nisbet (20/02/2006)
my gg/gfather was a William Mulcahy from Co Cork who married an Agnes Scott from Antrim

  Millard: Antrim, by Christine P Millard (21/02/2006)
John Millard in army married Jane from Belfast

  Duffy: Monaghan, by Ann Prentice (21/02/2006)
Looking for information on James and Patrick who went to Scotland. Owen who went ot USA and Kathleen who remained at home

  Griffin: Antrim, by Ann Prentice (21/02/2006)
Lokking for any information on James Grffin, his wife mary mccann and their son James griffen who went to scotland

  McShane, Thornton, Flynn, Rafferty: Mayo, by jean old (21/02/2006)
not sure

  Fitzgerald: Cork, by Margaret Rose Parker (21/02/2006)
Mitchellstown Demesne

  Davidson, Currie: Ulster, by Alex Davidson (21/02/2006)
Farm Servants pre 1800

  Dumas: Wexford, by Murray Dumas (22/02/2006)
Looking for Adolphus Dumas 1858 birth

  Loughrey, Church, Lorimer, Stanton: Londonderry, by Samuel Raymond Loughrey (22/02/2006)
Stanton may previously been Stinson

  Mulcahy: Antrim, by bernadine nisbet (23/02/2006)
please anybody who knows of this family William wife Agnes(nee Scott0 from the whitehouse dist later moved to Cheshire

  Wills, Quayle: Antrim, by kieran wills (23/02/2006)
also quayles/quail

  McCann: Armagh, by Tammy Sultana (23/02/2006)
researching Patrick McCann born 7/8/1777in county Armargh, transported to Australia in 1810 aboard the Indian

  Mulligan: Mayo, by Mary W Rogers (24/02/2006)
Any information about MULLIGANS in the RC parish of Charlestown

  O Shea: kerry, by georgina van niekerk (24/02/2006)
looking for my grandmother on my mothers side my mum was born in 1946

  Rourke: Wexford, by Anne Flack (24/02/2006)
Trying to gather lost members of the Rourke Family. My Gt.Grandfather was Patrick Rourke, born Wexfor 1842. His daughter Mary Ann, from his second marriage to Mary Carberry, was my Grandmother. I know his father was Mark Rourke but do not have his mothers name. Any information would be gratefully received.

  Brett: Cork, by Louise (24/02/2006)

  Fee, Edgerton, Archer: Fermanagh, by Henry Lau (24/02/2006)
These families immigrated seperately to Victoria County, Ontario in the 1st half of the 19th century

  Armstrong, Ecclestone: Armagh, by Henry Lau (24/02/2006)
Robert Armstrong emmigrated to either Canada or the US in the 1890s. Other family members, including a sister Alexina Armstrong Ecclestone, came to Canada later.

  Hickey, Murphy: Cork, by Michael Dennett (25/02/2006)
My grandparents migrated to New Zealand

  Cunningham: Down, by rebecca galilee (25/02/2006)
william cunningham marreid Sarah mcclelland, in banbridge1863. he was a shoe maker and the family incl children - augustus, frederick and alfred, moved to Leicester in 1880s, then back 1901 Keen to find any refs to shoe makers with this name, trade or street directories etc. 2nd son, Alfred did change his name to Stuart, in 1918, which poss suggets Scottish links? there are also wexford connections

  Vaughan: Down, by Julia Newman (25/02/2006)
Looking for Vaughan of Quilly, Dromore, Co. Down

  Donovan, Sullivan: London, by Matthew Donovan (26/02/2006)
Interested in Donovans and Sullivans from the East End of London (Stepney, St George in the East area)

  Campbell, Espie, Hughey, Martin: Londonderry, by Gill Campbell (26/02/2006)
looking for pre emigration information on these related families. Emigrated to NZ 1840, came from area around Magherafelt. particuarlry interested in Campbells from this area.

  O Neill, Wren: Cork, by pam williams (27/02/2006)
eugene o neill married ellen wren c 1838

  Hanrahan: Limerick, by ROBERTA MORRIS (27/02/2006)
Born around 1930s moved to East London

  Skelly, Ferguson, Carruthers: Down, by Anne Clarke (27/02/2006)
William Skelly m Isabella Ferguson Carruthers c1874. Details of birth and ancestors sought.

  Moreland: Down, by iain dene (28/02/2006)
seeking details marriage of samuel moreland tomry hannon at donaghadee 05 11 1850

  Gallagher: Donegal, by Lyn Nelson (28/02/2006)
Looking for relatives of Bernard Gallagher and Mary nee McGowan who emigrated to Australia about 1880. His parents were Denis and Mary nee OReilly. Bernards death certificate state Donegal as place of birth.

  Keaney, Feeney: Down, by kath (28/02/2006)
Looking for anything on Michael Keaney born 1897 Mayo & Mary Feeney. Had 5 children born in Down from 1920

  Sullivan, Harrington, Riordan: Kerry, by teresa keech (28/02/2006)
my grandfather was jeremiah sullivan born in clash co.kerry in 1882 and was killed in ww1 but i cannot trace him anywhere

  McRoberts: Down, Antrim, by Melvern M. McRoberts (01/03/2006)
Looking for information regarding great great grandparents William and Jane McRoberts who immigrated to the United States in 1848 on the ship Cramption.

  Cummins: Limerick, by Josephine Hadley (01/03/2006)

  Dowgray: Cork, by nichola pedley (01/03/2006)

  Conroy: Tipperary, by Susan Oconnor (01/03/2006)
Trying to find ancestors from Clonmel.

  Cairns: Longford, by Susan Oconnor (01/03/2006)
Trying to find ancestors

  Kennedy: Fermanagh, by Christina Spencer (01/03/2006)
henry Kennedy he was born in the year 1845 in Fermanagh I do not know what part of the County he was born I have been researching for a number of years.

  Kinney: Armagh, by Leslie Howard (02/03/2006)
Newry area

  McClelland: Armagh, by Gary McClelland (02/03/2006)
Looking for parents, siblinghs, etc. of John McClelland, b, 1818 Co. Armagh, emigrated to Canada in 1837 with his sister Jane, b. 1821. His mother apparently died when he was quite young; according to family history, he recieved a good education.

  McClelland: Armagh, by Gary McClelland (02/03/2006)
Looking for parents, siblings, etc. of John McClelland, b, 1818 Co. Armagh, emigrated to Canada in 1837 with his sister Jane, b. 1821. His mother apparently died when he was quite young; according to family history, he recieved a good education.

  Cosgrave: Mayo, by frank scott (02/03/2006)
info on thomas cosgrove born 1843? in claremorris

  Collins: Cork, by thomas mitchell (02/03/2006)
timithy collins bandan cork

  Boland: Westmeath, by Jan Boland (03/03/2006)
Any research on Bolands at Rosemount/Athlone

  Bookey, McKenna: Westmeath, by Angela Hodges (03/03/2006)
Richard H Bookey of Castlepollard, Westmeath, ran a small school in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, in 1891. He moved to Ireland and I would like to know whether he took his pupils with him. I would also like to know whether Cornelius John McKenna and his wife, Annie, with whom he eloped and subsequently married in 1883, returned to his home in Ireland and started a family there.

  Devlin: Tyrone, by Eileen Cowley (04/03/2006)
My Greatgrandmother was Ellen Devlin who arrived in NZ on the City of Dunedin 1876

  McLean, MccLean: Unknown, by Donald Mclane (04/03/2006)
Looking for info. on Charles McLean who married Elizabeth about 1852 and had a son named Thomas b. 1853 , and came to the U.S.A. in 1853 on the ship HAMBURG ELBE from Belfast, Ireland.

  Stewart, Maher: Dublin, by Mrs Kim Furnival (04/03/2006)
Just starting out on the search. Looking for my ggrandfather Thomas Stewart & ggrandmother Bridget Maher and their respective families. Only info I have to go on is my grandmother - Margaret Stewart born 29.04.1901 at the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. Any info or tips please.

  McCambley McCamley: Down, by george mccambley (04/03/2006)
Any info about the Blaris McCambleys

  Rhetigan: Roscommon, by pinder (05/03/2006)
rachel left ireland in 1848

  Rye: Unknown, by Lynne Muir (05/03/2006)
trying to find any information on my Grandfather Alfred Henry Rye. I believe he was born in Ireland in 1889. He died in Stoke On Trent in 1954.

  Dowey: Monaghan, by Patricia Davies (05/03/2006)
Any time period

  Byers: Belfast, by Julie Hill (07/03/2006)
Richard Byers married Margaret Anderson 1820 in Belfast. anyone recognise this couple?

  Shaw, Bailey: Unknown, by Rosemary Davidson (07/03/2006)
SHAW was supposedly a miller during the famine who helped the starving

  Ferguson: Armagh, by james ferguson (07/03/2006)
Looking for any info on thr Fergusons of Drumbee More c1800 - 1860

  McEvilly: Mayo, by Keith Smith (07/03/2006)
looking at McEvilly emigrants who settled in the Tyneside area of England about 1830 onwards.

  Flood: Meath, by Gloria Kasper (07/03/2006)
born 1785, He married Margaret Martin. From Navan, Meath

  Mawhinney, Gilmore: Antrim, by michelle coxhead (07/03/2006)

  Dolan, Flynn, Rynn, Lee: Leitrim, by Gill Petrie (08/03/2006)
searching for descendants of the above of Drumnafinnila Barr

  McCormick, McNally, Magee: Antrim, by Mary Springowski (08/03/2006)
Searching for my grannys, Mary Ethel McCormick, family in Randalstown, Co. Antrim and Belfast.

  Donovan, Lyons: Cork, by Mary Springowski (08/03/2006)
Searching for my grandfathers family Jeremiah Donovan and Norah Lyons. Also John Donovan in Blarney.

  Blackhall: Tyrone, by ellen parton (08/03/2006)
William Blackhall(blackall) was born in 1793 in Country Tyrone. He was a watchman and married Caroline ?? in Monmouthshire.

  Prendergast, Bourke: Clare, by Sue Ineson (08/03/2006)
Searching for Michael Prendergast who married Ellen Bourke in Kilrush 1857

  Semple, Gore: Kilkenny, by Amelia S Fitzgerald (08/03/2006)
Am looking for an Alexander Semple who was married to Anne Gore.

  Twomey: Cork, by Joanne (09/03/2006)
Michael Twomey Honora Sweeney Cornelius Twomey

  Oulaghan: Dublin, by Mrs Nicola Parker (09/03/2006)
Searching for Oulaghan family from Dublin especially Henry a house painter. His son, Nicholas, moved to Birmingham, England and married there in 1867.

  Donnelly, Gaffney: Armagh, by martina gaffney (10/03/2006)
i would like to trace any connections with these names donnelly is my maiden name and gaffney is my married name

  McAdam, Galloway: Armagh, by Mandy Rhodes (10/03/2006)
Looking for ancestors around Ballybrolly and Keady.

  McNaul: Tyrone, by Mandy Rhodes (10/03/2006)
Looking for links to Strabane, especially the Old Dispensary.

  Russell: Armagh, by Derek (10/03/2006)
Looking for RUSSELL family, possibly from Summer Island, County Armagh.

  Hogshaw: Tyrone, by Keith Taylor (10/03/2006)
Any information on the Hogshaw family from 1850-1920 please.

  Boyle: Armagh, by siobhan hanna boyle (12/03/2006)
researching my husbands family

  Malone: Meath, by peter cluer (12/03/2006)
Lawrence Malone born Dangan c.1810.Looking for parents

  Corry: Clare, by Ron Cullum (12/03/2006)
searching for Patrick Corry abt 1830. Had a son Thomas who moved to Wigan in Lancashire abt 1854 and married Bridget Connor on the 8th April 1877. Any infomation please.

  Morriss: Tipperary, by john morriss (12/03/2006)

  Tirrell: Westmeath, by nancy (12/03/2006)

  Cook, Cooke: Armagh, by Mathew Gedge (12/03/2006)
Looking for any information on John Cook, born approx. 1821, in the county or city of Armagh. Emigrated to Canada probably in the 1840s.

  Patton: Tyrone, by Dan Patton (12/03/2006)
Looking for info on Robert Patton and family who left Tyrone in the 1840s for of the children was Andrew, my GG grandfather

  Collins: Unknown, by Rhoda Bell (13/03/2006)
Great Grandmother from Ireland, name is Margaret Collins birth year 1876

  Nester: Roscommon, by MAUREEN TWYCROSS (13/03/2006)
My g/grandmother was Hannah/Annie Nester born to John & Mary Nester in 1855 Roscommon,she married my g/greatgrandfather William Cox in1873 in Manchester, in the 1901census she is living in Wales then i loose all trace of her,trying to find out when and where she died,

  Colbert, Mooney: Tipperary, by NANCY VIOLET COLBERT (14/03/2006)
searching for Thomas Colbert, son of John Colbert

  Clifford: Cork, by Gail Clifford (14/03/2006)
Looking for Dan or Jeremaiah

  Kane: Antrim, by Gail Clifford (14/03/2006)
Looking for William and Agnes Kane,Farmers from Glenavy,or their daughter Elizabeth born in 1890.

  Clifford: Offaly, by Gail Clifford (14/03/2006)
Jeremaiah and Mary Clifford from Killarney. He was a builder,born abt 1880.His son Daniel married Elizabeth Kane from Glenavy.

  Hyland, Trotter: Armagh, by sandra rowan (14/03/2006)
looking for david hyland born 1827 and ann trotter born 1828

  McMaster: Down, by ian mcmaster (14/03/2006)
looking for William McMaster and his wife Ann who emigrated to Cockermouth in Cumberland, William was born around 1823

  Shanks, Dixon : Down, by Anne Bottiglieri (14/03/2006)
Searching for William SHANKS and family left Co Down about 1818 Maybe older children left a differant times. He could have been married to a Mary SHAW up to about 1800 and then remarried to Sarah DIXON before coming to Canada

  Hearn, MacDonnall: Mayo, by Margaret Haywood (14/03/2006)
Anything on Edward Norman Hearn born 1861 and Mary Macdonnall born Ireland1867-1929 England They married North City Dublin Cathedral on 23.1.1889. They had 7 children

  Devany, Devanney: Mayo, by michael devaney (15/03/2006)
looking for Michael Devany-b/1825-Foxford-Co-Mayo

  Cloonan: Cork, by Linda Shepherd (15/03/2006)
My Gr GRandmother Janet Ellen Cloonan was born/baptised in Macroom. |Cork according to unable to locate her Birth and am interested in finding info on her Father William Cloonan who was a buglar in the 74th Highlanders and stationed at Edinburgh Castle in 1864 when he married his wife in Scitland. His first three children were born in Macroom and then lived in Scotland and by 1881 census was dead with no record. Looking for Irish Cloonans who I can tie William to.

  Mullan: Louth, by lainey mullan (15/03/2006)

  Rogers, Clarke: Cavan, by peter morey (15/03/2006)
seeking descendants of this couple

  Mulligan, Cooke, Boyd, Winslow: Tyrone, by Jo Mulligan (15/03/2006)
Hoping to connect with other Tyrone researchers.

  Maguire: Donegal, by Marcia Maguire Jensen (15/03/2006)
Looking for Bernard Maguire and family. Bernard moved to Glasgow Scotland. He have 4 childen, Tommy, William, Mary and ??

  McCarty: Cork, by Tom Hardy (15/03/2006)
Michael McCarty born in County Cork immigrated to North America some time before 1766. Looking for his birth date and place of birth and his ancestors.

  Frain: Mayo, by Nancy Kopacz (15/03/2006)
Looking for Michael Frain

  O Toole: Wicklow, by Vicki Moss (16/03/2006)
Looking for ancestors by the name of O Toole who married a Isabella Keenan or King in 1866

  Conway, Smythe: Down, by Carol Taylor (16/03/2006)
looking for info on John Conway who married Agnes Smythe they left Ireland for Scotland I know of 2 children John William and Francis they are my grt.grt.grandfather and grt grt uncle we have no other info about this side of the family

  Rogers, Clarke: Cavan, by peter morey (16/03/2006)
james rogers and honora clarke had their family in tattereagh co cavan between 1851 and 1868 and i believe that my great grand mother mary rogers was one of their children. trying to prove that she came to england and married my great grandfather in ash surrey ..I would be pleased if any descendants of james rogers and honora clarke could reply.

  Devine: Tyrone, by bennie devine (16/03/2006)

  Adcock: Kilkenny, by susan skeemer (16/03/2006)
i would like to hear from anyone that knows of people of this name around 1848

  Haran, Carr, Doyle: Sligo, by kathleen greaves (16/03/2006)
Looking for Sligo Harans From Coolaney

  Plunkett: Sligo, by kathleen thorogood (16/03/2006)
Researching Gt.grandfather James Plunkett B.1809married to Margaret ?. They had two children at least, Thomas born.1840 and Bridget born.1838.

  Plunkett: Mayo, by kathleen thorogood (16/03/2006)
researching my Gt,grandfather James Plunkett Born 1809 married to Margaret surname not known born1812 they had at least two children Bridget B.1838 and Thomas B.1840.

  Gracey, Campbell, Curran: Antrim, by CURRAN (16/03/2006)
I am looking for robert gracey born c1840 anne campbell born c1840 and edward curran

  Walsh, Martin: Mayo, by mike potts (16/03/2006)
walsh & martin familes probably originated from mweelish. madden possibly originated from ballina roundfort.

  Lavery, Young: Armagh, by Marda Godsey (16/03/2006)
James Kirk Young, born in Lurgan about 1846, married Arabella Lavery, daughter of Thomas and Lucinda, probably of Ballyblaugh, Shankill Par. Emigrated to Detroit about 1891 with about 8 children. Any response appreciated!

  Callahan, Martin: Armagh, by Jeff Traver (16/03/2006)
William Martin b. 1819 and Patrick Callahan b. 1821 Came to Canada in the early 1840s. I have been unable to get their parents names, as of this date.

  Bagnall, Rutherford, Smyth: Dublin, by Maxwell O. Andrae (17/03/2006)
Llooking for father of John Bagnall of Dublin b. about 1750, d. 1836

  Flannigan, Dowds: Down, by margaret butters (17/03/2006)
any info on them would be very grateful

  McArdle: Armagh, by Joan Wilkes (17/03/2006)

  McConn: Cork, by Sheila Howell (17/03/2006)
Thomas McConn left for US in late 1700 any information would be greatly appreciated.

  McConn: Cork, by Sheila Howell (17/03/2006)
William Alexander McConn left for US in late 1700 any information would be greatly appreciated.

  McConn: Cork, by Sheila Howell (17/03/2006)
James McConn left for US in late 1700 any information would be greatly appreciated.

  McCay: Tyrone, by Maurice Farlie (17/03/2006)
Any information, especially of McCay in Strabane, greatly appreciated

  McDowell: Cork, by Erin Block (17/03/2006)
Looking for any information on McDowells in Cork - not certain when they came to America.

  Bell: Unknown, by Diane Bell (18/03/2006)
Looking for Simon Bell born 01-May-1783. Came to America 1792 when 9 years old.

  Patterson, Tierney, Hunter, Robson, Napier: Antrim, by Betty Spalding (18/03/2006)
Can you help me with these names?

  Costello: Sligo, by valerie cook (18/03/2006)
looking for John Costello. Born 1822. Married Margaret . KKnown to have had daughter named Mary. Val.

  Feehan, Honours: Unknown, by Cathy Nugent (19/03/2006)
trying to find information on Timothy Feehan who married a Mary Honours and settled in South Australia in the 1800"s I beleive he came from Ireland but cannot find a birth or marriage certicate here in Australia

  Speer: Antrim, by Maureen Trafton (19/03/2006)
Looking for any information on John Speer, born abt 1775 in Carmoney; d: 1834 Belfast . Father was Robert Speer b: Scotland 1750 d: Ireland 1833. possibly living in Ballyrobert, County Antrim

  O Brien: Dublin, by val mcphee (19/03/2006)
James Daniel O,brien born 1904, parents unknown

  Gilligan Meehan: Clare, by John Stanley (19/03/2006)
Most of my ancestors seem to have come from the Ennis area

  Harrington: Cork, by Chris (19/03/2006)
John Harrington, born Cork 1800 looking for parents & family

  McNally, McAnally: Antrim, by Karen Hughes (20/03/2006)
Seeking McNally/McAnally from Ballyclose/Cullybackey area.

  Campbell: Antrim, by Sheila Graham (20/03/2006)
looking for M.grandmother; Margaret Campbell from Carnlough. DOB ?1870.

  Hurst Howard Clegg: Dublin, by tessa reeves (20/03/2006)
looking for Harry Hurst born India but ran away from home in Dublin when a teenager father also Harry Hurst a soldier, appparantly used to go back to Dublin regulary in later years.

  Cinnamond, Donnelly: Antrim, by Lyn Cinnamond (20/03/2006)
any information about the Cinnamond family circa 1800 County Amtrim

  Herron, Neill, Marshall: Down, by Eileen Neill (20/03/2006)

  Traynor, Trainor, Hillen, Trolan, Lennon: Armagh, by Sharyn trainor (21/03/2006)
Looking for William Traynor born approx 1855 married Catherine Hillen born approx 1857. Moved approx 1875 to Liverpool, then Workington - had 10 childrenCatherine, Edward, William, Anna Maria, Susanna, Michael, Patrick, Martha Ellen, John Stephen, Charles. In 1881 had 4 lodgers Michael & Patrick Trolan, John Lennon and Bernard McCornill ...potentially also from Armagh?

  Caffrey: Cavan, by AMANDA CLASPER (21/03/2006)

  Sullivan: Cork, by jan butcher (21/03/2006)
Looking for relatives of Margaret Sullivan, born c.1834, Cork. Came to England and married Philip Lincoln. They lived in Essex. Does anyone have an ancestor in their tree who left Ireland and came to England? her gt gt g/daughter.

  Rae: Wexford, by Patricia Bolton (21/03/2006)
looking for Louis rae, Richard rae

  McClean: Down, by Emma-Jane Gilmore (21/03/2006)

  Kellaway: Dublin, by william john kellaway (21/03/2006)
ancestors that may live here

  Dowgray Dougray Duggary Dougherey: Donegal, by Dorothy Dowgray (22/03/2006)
Seeking the above variations of the Dowgray surname in Donegal in the late 18th century ,early 19th century.Family has links into Renfrewshire in Scotland.

  Craig, Richardson, Reynolds: Down, by Sandra Hall (22/03/2006)
Any info on James Craig Farmer/Butcher from Gilford

  Keenan: Offaly, by christine ann lyons (22/03/2006)
From killcormac

  Bond, Malcolm, Nowlan, Perry, Sherwin: Dublin, by Jennifer Hall (22/03/2006)

  Shearing: Limerick, by Howard Gordon Shearring (22/03/2006)
William was married to Catherine Duggan, a Roman Catholic b Cork in c1810/11. He said he was born Limerick in 1812/13. They moved to Bermondsey, London c 1830s. Surname in London varies so Irish spelling uncertain. May have brothers Michael and Henry, b Ireland c.1810 and linked to Mulcahy family. Does anyone have else have links with Bermondsey or Southwark?

  Tracey, Kelly, McKelvie, Goldie: Fermanagh, by Deborah Robertson (22/03/2006)
John Tracey married Elizabeth Kelly on 16th April 1874 in Enniskillen, Elizabeth Kelly was previously married to John McDermid, John Parents were John and Mary Tracey, Elizabeth parents were Patrick Kelly and Rose McCourt! William McKelvie was born 1831/1832 in Enniskillen to parents Patrick McKelvie and Bridget Goldie, any information on these peolple gareatly appreciated! Thankyou!

  Gilmore: Dublin, by Nichola (23/03/2006)

  Ferguson, Cunningham, Irwin, Erwin, Irvine, Smith: Londonderry, by Fiona McDonald (23/03/2006)
Researching ancestors in the Limavady and Ballykelly are of North County Londonderry

  Magill, McGill, Young, Hall, Truesdale, McMahon: Down, by Fiona McDonald (23/03/2006)
Researching ancestors in the Hilltown and Rathfriland area of South County Down

  McDonald, MacDonald, McDonnell, McIlroy, O Neill: Down, by Fiona McDonald (23/03/2006)
Researching ancestors in the Newtownards area of North County Down

  Harbinson, Lawther, Rolleston, Halliday: Antrim, by Fiona McDonald (23/03/2006)
Researching ancestry in the Doagh area of County Antrim and in Belfast from the 1870s

  Lutton, Simons, Hobson: Armagh, by Fiona McDonald (23/03/2006)
Researching my husbands ancestry in the Moy area of North Armagh

  Murphy, Cochrane: Antrim, by Fiona McDonald (23/03/2006)
Researching my husbands Murphy ancestry in Glenarm and Cochrane ancestry in Ballybogie Ballybogey near Ballymoney

  Cloonan: Cork, by Linda Shepherd (23/03/2006)
My Gr Gr Grandfather was William Matthew Cloonan who was stationed at Edinburgh Castle in 1864 when he married his wife Helen Docherty. He was a Bandsman/buglar in the 74th highlanders and his marriage certificate says he was born in Ireland. His first three children were born in Cork between 1867-1870 and then his next 5 children were born in Edinurgh. Scotland to which he registered their births. Then in 1881 is wife Helen is a widow and their is no record of his death etc. There is only a limited number of Cloonan records in Scotland and I had hoped that with him and his father Matthew Cloonan being born in Ireland there would be something somewhere. I have basically hit a brick wall with this line.

  Fitzroy, Hopkins: Wexford, by Laura Perry (23/03/2006)

  McSoriliey, McSorley: Tyrone, by Pam Blackburn (24/03/2006)
any information on James McSoriliey who immagrated to Australia around late 1800s

  Gatward: Down, by Colin Gatward (24/03/2006)

  Healy: Cork, by Joanne Brentari (24/03/2006)
searching for the birthplace of my gggrandfather, Edward Haley (Healy) who emigrated to the US in 1852 as a 14 year old servant.

  Mccann, Walker: Antrim, by Claire Monaghan (24/03/2006)
Looking any information on my Grandparents familys particularly the McCann family.

  McCabe: Monaghan, by Thom McCabe (24/03/2006)
Looking for information on Felix McCabe, born about 1778, Dawson Grove, Cootehill, County Mohaghan.

  Lymbery: Waterford, by Janine Chappell (25/03/2006)

  Roycroft: Carlow, by Janine Chappell (25/03/2006)

  McMullin: Down, by Janine Chappell (25/03/2006)

  Gillon, Sherlock: Kildare, Dublin, by Janine Chappell (25/03/2006)

  Finnegan: Waterford, by Janine Chappell (25/03/2006)

  Donnelly: Armagh, by Janine Chappell (25/03/2006)

  McDermott: Cork, by Dwane Parker (26/03/2006)
Interested in a Patrick (married about 1837) or a John Thomas born 1848

  Pigott: Wicklow, by Margaret Condell (27/03/2006)
Information sought on Pigott family, Blessington. Francis Pigott & his sons - Francis & Thomas, daughters - Jane, Sis (?). a grandaughter of son Francis!

  Harty, Lynch: Armagh, by Shannon Rog (27/03/2006)
trying to find family farm in County Armagh

  Welden: Dublin, by susan henniker (28/03/2006)

  Irwin, Jackson: Monaghan, by Denise Burley (28/03/2006)
Anyone got any info for Irwins of Feragh or Jackson of Mullyknock please?

  Clarke: galaway, by Annette Smales (28/03/2006)
Peter Clarke b.1851. Emigrated to yorkshire and married Mary Ann Gaugham ? from co. mayo.

  Fennel, Jones: Limerick, by Mary Wilson (28/03/2006)
Looking for Bridget Fennnel of Rathkeale Limerick around 1830ish Daughter Mary born about 1860 Married name Jones who had two boys michael and John and also two girls Mary and Amy georgina.Bridget also had son Thomas about 30 in 1880

  Stoker, Dunlop: Cork, by Sheila Chisholm (29/03/2006)
looking for information on a Maria Stoker (1823) who married Patrick Whealy then James Dunlop

  Dagg: Dublin, by Susan Psaras (29/03/2006)
Hello, looking for a William Dagg born c1875 and all I know is he had a Daughter Eileen Sarah Dagg in 1908 she went on to Marry in 1928 to a A. Acraman in Essex.

  Sullivan: Cork, by Courtney Kessler (29/03/2006)

  Bradley: Unknown, by aileen sugden (30/03/2006)

  O Brien, Healey: Limerick, by june mcalpine (30/03/2006)
jeremiah obrien married mary ellen healey in australia i 1882 jeremiah was from limerick hi parents were andrew obrien and bridget hayes any infomation would be appreciated

  Burke: Kerry, by Catherine Walsh (30/03/2006)
Iformation on Johanna, William Hanora, Mary, Andrew Catherine born between 1862 - 1874 Castleisland & surrounding areas

  Maloney, Maher: Tipperary, by joan lienhardt (30/03/2006)

  Hammill: Louth, by joan lienhardt (30/03/2006)
james hammill b.1843

  Boden, Bowden: Down, by joan lienhardt (30/03/2006)
ann boden/b.1850-1

  McKernan: Armagh, by Robert McKernan (30/03/2006)

  Farrelly, Tevlin: Kildare, by Margaret Johns (30/03/2006)
seeking descendants of my great grandparents, Peter Farrelly and Margaret Tevlin, who lived in Clane, Naas, Kildare, abt 1860. He was a national schoolteacher in the village. They had 8 children: Mary b. 1856, Eliza b. 1857, Anne b. 1859, Patrick b. 1861, Joseph b. 1862 my grandfather, Lucy b. 1863, Judith b. 1865, Peter b. 1870. After the death of my gt. grandmother, my gt. grandfather Peter Farrelly remarried Julia Coffey. They had four children, Philip, Julia, Richard Joseph, and Patrick, and moved to Kildare City. From Maggie

  Roche: Galway, by sean roche (31/03/2006)
my father was born in tuam co. galway and trying to trace his ancestry

  Fee: Fermanagh, by sean roche (31/03/2006)
my mother was born in tempo, co. fermanagh and trying to trace his ancestry

  Colman, Boyle: Mayo, by peggy grewcock (31/03/2006)
any info please

  Mulholland: Antrim, by Art Mulholland (01/04/2006)
Looking for Bernard born 1800 =/- 5 yrs

  Young, Maguire: Cork, by susan oconnor (01/04/2006)
trying to find info. re. youngs and maguires of cork. richard young and mary maguire married in 1826 in cork.

  Lehane : Cork, by kathleen cann (01/04/2006)
searching for Jeremiah Lehane he was a solider with 16th hospital corps in 1860 married too Margaret nee Casey they had three children Mary Ann ,John Frances,and Margaret in 1861 his wife Margaret was born in Galway,Jeremiah was born in Newmarket

  Gambon: Waterford, by Carol Gambon (01/04/2006)
looking for Michael Gambon born around 1870. In 1891 he was a Tailor in Liverpool. Married Marion(unknown surname) possibly in Irland. Back in Liverpoool they had two Children. Francis Edward in 1893 and Albert in 1896.

  Boner, Bonner, McGinty, Friel: Donegal, by Marianne Bonner (02/04/2006)
Searching Family members from County Donegal--BONER/BONNER, McGINTY, FRIEL

  McCarthy, Cassidy: Armagh, by Veronica Thomas (03/04/2006)
John McCarthy born 03/01/1891 married Annie Cassidy born 1892 in Armagh. They had four children, two boys, two girls - Matthew, John or Jack, Susan, Bridie. Matth

  Hamilton, Corbett, McDowall: Down, by Margaret Boyle (03/04/2006)
Looking for information on James Hamilton his wife Margaret McDowall married around 1841, children Agnes Ann, James and William. Agnes Ann married William Corbett in 1866 in Dromara

  Fluke: Armagh, by Gail Fluke Deslauriers (03/04/2006)
looking for information on Henry Fluke b. 1800 or on any other Flukes from armagh any information would be greatly appreciated

  DeVinny: Antrim, by Karyn DeVinny Olson (04/04/2006)

  Cuthbert, Groves, Kemp, Fenton: Wexford, by Karyn DeVinny Olson (04/04/2006)

  Mathers, Walker, Graham, Engelson: Armagh, by Diane Harman-Hoog (04/04/2006)
Looking for ancestor of Charles Mathers b 1815, Elizabeth Walker, abt 1850, David Graham abt 1830, Jeanie Engelsen abt 1830

  Montgomery: Dublin, by Diane Harman-Hoog (04/04/2006)
Looking for ancestors of Hugh Campbell Montgomery b 1899 in Dublin

  Lyons: Unknown, by Lizelle Trauernicht (04/04/2006)
I would like to know the meaning and origin of the surname Lyons

  Cairns, Ewart: Down, by Diane Kearns (04/04/2006)
Looking for marriage date of James Cairns and Agnes Ewart, probably around 1900-1903

  Fox, Hamilton, McCallum, Hetherington, Wood , Dowe: Unknown, by Jan Dowie (04/04/2006)
Trying to trace counties, although I think Hamiltons came from Antrim. Others unknown

  Kerr, Bowes: Antrim, by Deborah Rogers (04/04/2006)
Looking for family of Margaret Bowes married to Thomas Kerr about 1831 Antrim. He was from Down. Imigrated to the USA about 1850. Margaret born 1809 Antrim Thomas born 1811

  Kerr, Bowes: Down, by Deborah Rogers (04/04/2006)
Looking for information and family of Thomas Kerr born County Down Ireland 1809. Died in Missouri 1904. He married Margaret Bowes of Armagh, Antrim in 1831. They came to the Us in about 1850

  Elliott: Unknown, by Anne Reed (05/04/2006)
John Edward Elliott was born in Ireland about 1839 in Ireland. He died in 1869 in Australia, while serving with the Victoria Mounted Police. searching for any information about him or his family. A reply would be appreciated.

  Hallesy: Kerry, by ralph hallesy (05/04/2006)
my grandfather was born 1877 in Killarney, moved to wales had 5 brothers daniel jack michael patrick samuel any info please

  Welch, Welsh: Dublin, by Julia Corbett (05/04/2006)
My grandmother Annie Theresa was born in Dublin approximately 1855/6 I believe she had at least one sister called Sarah who married George Hall in England and had a son Edward born in Dublin 1871

  Williamson, Hawthorn: Down, by Sue Stewart (05/04/2006)
I@m looking for info on the family of James + Eliza Williamson who left Downpatrick for Liverpool between 1843 + 1846. !!

  Brannigan, Mcmullin: Armagh, by lesley stennett (05/04/2006)
looking for any info on frances brannigan and margaret mcmullin both born around 1837 i believe in armagh

  Farrell: Cavan, by John Farrell (05/04/2006)
To find date and location of birth ofJohn Farrell born c1870. Parents James Farrell and Mary Mc Ardle.

  Ormsby: Unknown, by Ellen Howell (06/04/2006)
We have some information that states our ancestor came from the area named Carrickfergus. Would apprecaite any information relating to the Ormsby name.

  Mooney, Payton: Unknown, by Jenny Thomas (20/06/2008)
Trying to find Michael Mooney born 1855?

  Ireland: Unknown, by Lori Rudd (20/06/2008)
unknown male (born 1740 in Ireland) and unknown female (born 1744 in Ireland) died at sea circa Sept. 14, 1772 after giving birth at sea to baby girl on Sept. 14, 1772 given name of Sarah B Ireland. She later married in KY, USA and is buried in Indiana, USA. died 1843

  Guest, Kidd: Tipperary, by Glenda Morgan (21/06/2008)
John Guest brn cira 1831/2

  Browne: Ballycastle, by Yvonne Browne (21/06/2008)
I look for the family history of the Browne Family from Ballycastle Co Mayo

  Carroll: Armagh, by Sharon E Anderson (22/06/2008)

  Quinn, Webb: Laois, by Jean Booy (22/06/2008)
Searching for Bridget Quinn, mother of Rosa Quinn born in Borris in Ossory in 1808. Also Henry Webb who married Rosa Quinn,.

  Gannon, Harney: Westmeath, by Teresa Armstrong (24/06/2008)
All info. regarding Gannon family or Harney family c.1910 onwards from Athlone. Cannot find info about John Gannon, Annie Harney (b.1888 ), their children Michael, Bridie, Frank, Patrick, Mary or Kathleen (killed in road accident in her teenage years ) Do not know dates of birth but believe Michael was eldest, born 1912.

  Keenan, Mulligan: Armagh, by mrs margaret farmer (24/06/2008)
there was a relative with the name alexander

  McWilliams: Tyrone, by Kate Hall (25/06/2008)
looking for George born abt. 1816

  Kirkpatrick, Harron, McClay: Donegal, by pat tedder (25/06/2008)
Looking for a Joseph McClay Trumman East 1820 to 1870s

  FitzPatrick: Unknown, by patricia (26/06/2008)
Trying to find relation of William & Honora Fitzpatrick. Had a son born in Wicklow name daniel in 1806. Daniel married Margaret Kelly

  Patrick Black: Dublin, by brian black (28/06/2008)

  Cambell, Murray: Dublin, by caroline murray (29/06/2008)
my dad was born as samuell cambell to sam and mauve and was addoptid by murray family does any one no ofeither familys?

  Masterson, Conlin, Docherty, Marron: Unknown, by ANNE MASTERSON (29/06/2008)
trying to build fam tree

  McCormick: Down, by theresa gillan (30/06/2008)
looking for gawin mccormick born after 1860

  Hamilton, Narey: Mayo, by David Robinson (01/07/2008)
Seeking details of Marriage of James Hamilton and Catherine NAREY or similar and the birth of their children William and Thomas c1855 - 1860

  Ferguson: Tyrone, by lucinda hughes (01/07/2008)
looking for information on Patrick Ferguson whose son Joseph was married to Lucinda Park in 2nd Presbyterian Church Cookstown 31 Dec. 1846

  Kennerk: Dublin, by ann edwards (01/07/2008)
need to findany info on my relatives

  Cinnamond, Donnelley, McKenna: Antrim, by Lyn Cinnamond (01/07/2008)
Lenox Cinnamond and his Family and Phillip Donnelly

  Spencer, Brophy: Laois, by Steven Spencer (02/07/2008)
Looking for info on Henry Spencer b.1812 and Ann Brophy b.1820 in Rosenallis area of County Laois. He was a Stonemason by trade. Both persons Roman Catholic

  Doran: Unknown, by jacqueline (05/07/2008)

  Quinn, Pardy, Barry: Limerick, by James Quinn (05/07/2008)
Looking for Quinn family

  Kenny, Resevich: Unknown, by josephine charker (05/07/2008)
help badly needed

  McNamara McMahom, Nolan: Clare, by Andy Leach (06/07/2008)
Information on Margaret McNamara born November 1869 who was the daughter of Mary McMahon and James McNamara, granddaughter of Somon McMahon and Hanora Nolan

  Kennedy, Punch: Limmerick, by Andy Leach (06/07/2008)
Information on Michael Joseph Kennedy born 02 February 1866 in Limmerick son of Dennis Kennedy and Mary Punch. Immigrated to the USA about 1890

  Browne: limerick, by browne (06/07/2008)
knocklong/knockcarron area in particular

  Magill: Antrim, by cherry rawcliffe (06/07/2008)

  Sampey: Unknown, by Christina Kirtley (07/07/2008)
just getting started

  Traynor, Sheehy: Meath, by Dan (07/07/2008)
Looking for James Traynor who married Bridget Henry around 1830. They emmigrated to Kentucky, USA. Childeren were James, John and Mary. Only Mary was born in IRE.

  Cummins, McCoy: Wexford, by ROSE CHAPPLE (07/07/2008)

  Boxwell, Boxell: Wexford, by Veronica Mensch (07/07/2008)
All occurances of these and variants for a One Name Study

  Oldham: Dublin, by Sheila Oliver (09/07/2008)
Looking for information of my grandmother born Lilly (Lillie) Oldham in Dublin 21.04.1887

  Glory: Carlow, by Faye Larkins (10/07/2008)
Trying to find anything about Elizabeth Glory

  Oldham: Dublin, by Sheila oLIVER (10/07/2008)
George St John Oldham born 1819 Dublin - information required of any brothers he had.

  O Rourke, McMahon: Limerick, by Beverley Fraser (12/07/2008)
19th century onwards

  Kiernan, Lee, cosgrove: Cavan, by Jacqueline Lynch (13/07/2008)
Great granmother resided in Longford, cavan. Elizabeth Kiernan she died abt 1963.Trying to retrace my family roots ie her father and mother

  Burns: Unknown, by Georgina Din (14/07/2008)
Infor required regarding Susan born 1922, Kathleen (poss Katherine) and their father Bernard

  Lawrenson: Wicklow, by Brian Lawrenson (06/04/2006)
also Laurenson

  Harrington, Collins, Lane: Cork, by Jill Eaton (06/04/2006)
Looking for Cornelius Harrington and his wife Helen (possibly Ellen or Eleonor). He was born in 1813 and she in 1815. They came to England around 1852 and had two sons. Cornelius born in England in 1854 and James born in Ireland in 1859

  Hoy: Antrim, by Melissa Clifford (07/04/2006)
Looking for info on Saml Hoy born late 1700

  Connelly, Carroll: Cavan, by Brian Connelly (07/04/2006)
Trying to trace the families of John Connelly or Connolly and William Carroll who emigrated to Dundee, Scotland, probably in the 1850s. They are believed to come from Cootehill and Bailieborough respectively

  Craig, Richardson, Reynolds, Sweet: Down, by Sandra Hall (07/04/2006)
Any info on above names. James Craig butcher from Gilford

  Coulter, Campbell, Ewing, Hannigan: Tyrone, by Sandra Hall (07/04/2006)
Any info.

  Bowden: Down, by Mark Kratina (07/04/2006)
Samuel or William Bowden

  Gault, Cunningham: Antrim, by dawn (08/04/2006)
looking for robert and eliza jane cunningham

  Hart: Dublin, by Michele Ellis (08/04/2006)
looking for Susannah Hart born 1822 in Dublin

  Grimes, McMullen: Roscommon, by Sharon Mickelborough (08/04/2006)
Unable to find ANY data on Edward Grimes m Mary McMullen (?) abt 1813; both imigrated to Australia aboard "Hooghley" dep Ireland Nov 5 1827 believe Edward member of Royal Veterans Company . Mary b abt 1798 Parents Michael Millon (?) Honorah Kennedy. Any infor prior marriage appreciated.

  Buckley: Kilkenny, by Lance Buckley (09/04/2006)
Trying to locate any info re (my Great Grandfather) James Buckley b. July 1853 to parents Richard & Mary Buckley (nee Garvey). James arrived in Australia in 1869

  Feltus: Unknown, by Connie Mannes (09/04/2006)

  Wilmott: Limerick, by Rhonda Briggs (10/04/2006)
looking for John Wilmott 1870s

  Coyle: Donegal, by Rhonda Briggs (10/04/2006)
looking for John Coyle 1830s

  Gregg: Cork, by Brian Gregg (10/04/2006)
My grandfather Edward Gregg was born about 1889 supposedly in Cork, Ireland. He came to New York in the USA and married my grandmother in December 1914. My father was born Sept 1915, but his father was not living with them. The only info I have on Edward is that he was a fireman, and his parents were John and Kate.

  Emery: Fermanagh, by Ann Emery (10/04/2006)
searching for the emery family in fermanagh

  Coulter, Simpton: Tyrone, by Isabel Lefebvre (10/04/2006)
Seeking any information on David Coulter b abt 1823 married to Jane Simpson 1855 in Clogherney, Tyrone.

  Lusk: Down, by Joy Hammond (11/04/2006)
Searching for ancestors & decendants of Arthur Lusk 1714-1808 Captain Royal Navy

  Welsh: Kilkenny, by beryl welsh (11/04/2006)
Looking for James Welsh born 1836/37 a coalminer His father was James also a coalminer mother not known

  Mckeveny: Antrim, by beryl welsh (11/04/2006)
looking for parents of Daniel McKeveny born 1823/28 parents Henry McKeveny Alice McCann Farmers

  Kelly, Boyle: Ireland, by Andrew Kelly (12/04/2006)
History of Kellys

  Kelly: Australia, by Andrew Kelly (12/04/2006)
History of Kellys in Victoria/New South Wales in Donald(township in Victoria) & Finley/Jerildere (townships in New South Wales)

  Droney: Clare, by lorraine ross (12/04/2006)

  Boylen, Kelly: Cork, by Linda Boylen (12/04/2006)
Needing look ups for the marriage of these in Mitchlestown

  Murray, King, Duke, Patterson, Brannigan, Darby: Down, by martin murray (13/04/2006)
if anyone has any info please contact me

  Ryan, O Brien,, Butler: Tipperary, by Leonie Fromhold (13/04/2006)
trying to trace the ancestors of Timothy Ryan & Kate O Brien from Parish of Inch. They had one son who died young and the 3 or daughters who were sent to Australia, passage paid, by a cousin John Butler when their parents died, around 1850?

  MacDonald: Down, by Kate Stacey (13/04/2006)
First foray in researching family tree - Bangor & Newtownards area

  Shaw, Woods: Down, by Julie Martin (13/04/2006)
Lookinf for descendants of Sir Robert & Lady Margaret Woods

  Beasley: Kerry, by Lora Faye (13/04/2006)
searching for Beasleys from the Listowel area of County Kerry

  Stevenson: Antrim, by james charles stevenson (16/04/2006)
help, where do i start!!

  Mcshane, Thornton, Rafferty, McHale, McConnell: Cavan, Mayo, by jean old (16/04/2006)
can anyone help me regarding the above names.

  Hughes, Moore: Armagh, by Paul Hughes (16/04/2006)
Peter and Elizabeth have traced to Liverpool UK but now find that both came from Ireland either Amagh or Meath?

  McGlone: Unknown, by Denise Erin Haviland (17/04/2006)
Catherine McGlone 1856-1949 m-Bridget Crown f-Frank McGlone spouse-Terrance McGowan

  McGowan: Unknown, by Denise Erin Haviland (17/04/2006)
Terrance McGowan 1856/7-1897 spouseCatherine McGlone

  McGlone, McGowan: Unknown, by Denise Erin Haviland (17/04/2006)
Catherine McGlone according to family lore was wanted by authorities for the burning of a mill in N. Ireland. She married Terrance McGowan and they lived for a time in Manorhamilton, Leitrim where he was a stoneworker before coming to America in 1889.If any names or stories sound familiar, please contact me.Am interested in finding out where in Ireland my great grandparents were from and if they really were the felons they were made out to be!

  McDonald, Gunness: Armagh, by Fred MacDonald (17/04/2006)
Need info on John McDonald m Elizabeth Gunness both born about 1804

  Walsh, Dowd, Flaherty: Kerry, by jackie walsh (17/04/2006)
Searching for relatives in the Cloghane ,Dingle area

  Joyce: Galway, by ross mcgaw (17/04/2006)
william joyce 1853 vandeimans land, Connemara

  McGaw: Armagh, by ross mcgaw (17/04/2006)
my grandfather joshua mcgaw

  Hughes: Armagh, by Paul Hughes (17/04/2006)
Looking for John T. Hughes born? 1854 elder brother to Peter Hughes

  McGurl, Board: Longford, by Gilbert McGurl (17/04/2006)
Seeking information on Michael McGurl and Ann Board b 1810, who married by 1836. Children born in Ireland John (b1835-1837),Mary (b1838-1840). They Immigrated to the US c/a 1839-40.

  Selwood, Sellwood: Dublin, by KEN NEWMAN (17/04/2006)
Search for William Selwood born approx 1885

  South: Limerick, by Nancy Watkins (18/04/2006)
Any information please!

  Moore: Armagh, by Nancy Watkins (18/04/2006)
Any information re: Dunlop Moore, from Lurgan, please.

  Lanigan, Lanagan: Belfast, by MaryAnne Bland (19/04/2006)
looking for information on my Great Great Grandparents James and Sarah Lanigan could be spelt Lanagan who I beleive came from Belfast and by 1851 were living with their children in Liverpool Lancashire England I have been unable to establish when they crossed the channel to England but I have found them on the 1851 England Census at Ancestry I feel sure there was family who remained in Ireland and are probably trying to trace James and Sarah the Great Grandaughter of James and Sarah 4th child who married in Liverpool and then immigrated to South Africa and became Rand Pioneers of Johannesburg I now live in Brisbane Australia but the great grandchildren of James and Sarah are still alive in South Africa one of them being my father

  Quigg-Henry: Belfast, by Judith Wills (19/04/2006)

  Orr, Cranston: Armagh, by Margaret Jordan (19/04/2006)
My great-grandparents, James Orr and Elizabeth Cranston were married in Lurgan on 27/12/1879. Am trying to trace parents of James.

  Orr: Armagh, by Margaret Jordan (19/04/2006)
My grandparents James Orr and Margaret Foye were married in Lurgan on 23/07/1919. We are trying to trace one of the witnesses, George Orr, as my mother cannot recall an uncle George.

  David Kennedy: Lisburn Antrim, by Raymond Arthur Kennedy (19/04/2006)
All information on David Kennedt & Family including his Dad

  Jilges, Basquill: Mayo, by Janet Thomas (19/04/2006)

  Addison: Derry, by Rita Addison-Hawthorne (20/04/2006)
Trying to research George Addison, b 1732 in Waugh Parish.

  McMemara, McNemara: Clare, by David Kibble (20/04/2006)
Looking for family of Mary McMemera (or McNemera) born Co Clare about 1831 married George Pettet and moved to England.

  FitzSimons: Armagh, by eileen francis (20/04/2006)
friend of patrick gerard fitzsimons DOB 10/11/24 who recently died 17/04/06. any family members out there

  Cairns: Dublin, by cindy ford (22/04/2006)
Looking for birth or baptism records for Victor George Cairns born in Dublin May 1887

  Morrow, Scullion, Magennis, McStravick: Armagh, by Geraldine McGibbon (23/04/2006)
researchingthese surnames as part of my family tree

  Gawley: Antrim, by gawley (23/04/2006)
looking for francis gawley born 1829, father bernard?

  Hurley: Cork, by gawley (23/04/2006)
patrick hurley born co cork in 1844,father lawrence

  Roseborough: Antrim, by Helen Greffard (24/04/2006)
Alex. Roseborough and Margaret Wallow left Antrim in 1767 for South Carolina. Wish to learn more about this family: the father, Patrick Roseborough, was born about 1682 in Scotland.

  Carmichael: Northern Ireland, by Marvin V. Carmical (24/04/2006)
Looking for anything on a Joshep Carmichael born about 1792 in Northern Ireland. Left aboard a ship 12 years old & came to America, North Carolina in 1804.

  Moore: Dublin, by Anthony Moore (25/04/2006)
Dublin City

  McLoughlan: Galway, by Judy Heath (25/04/2006)
Migrated to Australia in early 1800s, may spell name differently

  Service: Down, by Jean Harding (25/04/2006)
looking for parents of robert service b 1775 Patrick Down

  FitzRoy, Hopkins: Wexford, by Laura Perry (25/04/2006)
My Grandfather was born 1879 in Wexford (James Hopkins FitzRoy) to parents, Joseph Fitzroy & Emma Hopkins Fitzroy. Where did they come from and where did they go? I have yet to find a mention of them anywhere!! Please help!

  Beresford, Moore: Antrim, by maureen oneill (26/04/2006)
two brothers john and james beresford married two sister mary and margaret moore also looking for info on william hanna and jane moore

  O Boyle, Walls, McLarnon, Smith, Gormley: Antrim, by maureen oneill (26/04/2006)
family lived in carrickhill place --baker st and tasmasinia st

  Wilson: Dublin, by Patricia Etchells (26/04/2006)
searching in particular for Barney Wilson thought to have lived at 6 Stone View, Dublin. Possibly married at Dublin castle in 1918

  Crosbie: Cork, by Ron (26/04/2006)
lived there up until about the beginning of the american civil war. immigrated to the south in the US. still relatives in ireland/county cork

  Rutherford, Lilburn, Brown: Armagh, by Helen Rutherford Willcox (26/04/2006)
I would like further information about Thomas Rutherford and family , warden St. Columbkill church in Sixmilecross 1838;, son Dr. David John Rutherford M.D. F.R.C.S from Edinburgh university, practiced Newtownstewart, later to Shetland Isles, m. Julia Lilburn of Dungannon. Son Thomas Victor m. Janet Agnes Sloane of Lerwick Shetland Isles. To Canada 1880s. Any information welcome. Will trade info.

  Henry, Cousins: Armagh, by Greg Bradshaw (27/04/2006)
Searching for ancestors of James Henry, b.1805 Tandragee, and his wife Jane Cousins, b.about 1805. They had six children, the last of whom died as an infant. The family sailed to Australia in 1841/42 aboard the Manlius from Greenock. Both James and Jane died on the voyage of typhoid fever. The children all survived the journey and were brought up by an aunt. Have lots of info about later generations in Australia, but would like to know more of their Irish ancestry.

  Stanex, Strannex: Antrim, by Eileen Stanex (27/04/2006)
Are there any members researching the Stanex, Strannex family. do you have any information.

  Armstrong, Strong, Donaldson: Armagh, by Bill ARMSTRONG (28/04/2006)
Moved to England about 1860

  Brown: Down, by Mary Lou Brown (28/04/2006)
James Brown who was born in County Down we think born June 22, 1846. He came to the U. S. when a young man. Would love to find family still in Ireland .

  Walsh, Moore: Antrim, by Sharyn Walsh (29/04/2006)
searching for relatives of James Moore, b. 1839 in Ballyboland and Agnes Greer (Green) b.1841 in Templepatrick

  Moody, Shannon, Hopkins: Northern Ireland, by dmoody (29/04/2006)
any information would be greatful

  Fairfield, Hayes, Moorehead, McAnulty: Down, by Yvonne heather Lascelles (29/04/2006)
Researching Fairfield in the Killyleagh area and Moorehead the Banbridge area.

  Carpenter: Westmeath, by Elizabeth Carpenter (29/04/2006)
Carpenter, Hugh married 1867 aged 37yrs to Catherine Boylan. Lived at some point in Tullystown where they had 3 children Mary, Ellen and Michael born 1870. Searching further info on Hugh especiawlly place of birth, death and year of death.

  Hogobie: Sligo, by Barbara Trevor (30/04/2006)
James Hogobie briefly appeared Liverpool 1843, married Margaret Simcock. Both disappeared. Sligo has Hogobie links. Is he there?

  Stedmond: Unknown, by Pam Springle (02/05/2006)
Am looking for a Kate Stedmond born 1896/7. may have lived in Ballymena

  Brudenell: Limerick, by ann songhurst (03/05/2006)
i know george married mary mccabe in dublin in 1850 and went to england ,but any info on his father william a farmer ?

  Farrell, Farrelly, Ross: Unknown, by Lori Wright (03/05/2006)
Peter Farrell born about 1825 married Ann Ross born about 1830. Both emigrated to Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York US. Daughter Anna, son Patrick. Surname eventually became Farley. May have come from County Mayo, Limerick or Cork. Believe Ann and Patrick emigrated in 1882 from Liverpool when Patrick was about 1. Any info on family in Ireland greatly appreciated.

  Carberry: Unknown, by Angela Carberry-Holt (04/05/2006)
looking for my greatgrandfather Richard Carberry. He was born about 1839 in Ireland county unknown. He moved to Salford, Lancs, UK married or partnered Catherine Lynch had 3 children registered their suenames as above and Carbury and Carbery.

  Walsh: Cork, by Marie OLeary (05/05/2006)
John James Walsh - 1901 Census

  Geary: Down, by diane merrett (05/05/2006)

  Horgan: Cork, by Geoffrey Horgan (05/05/2006)
searching family of my late father Daniel Horgan born 25/08/05 in Cork. Son of Patrick Horgan said to have been a Blacksmith

  Wills: Dublin, by roberta cotton (06/05/2006)
trying to find margaret wills born 1883

  Cassidy: Armagh, by Bob Cassidy (06/05/2006)
Searching for info on Peter Cassidy born Ireland 1824 died Sunderland UK 19 October 1894.

  Cassidy: Down, by Bob Cassidy (06/05/2006)
Searching for info on Peter Cassidy born Ireland 1824 died Sunderland UK 19 October 1894.

  Sullivan, Harrington, Riordan: kerry, by teresa keech (06/05/2006)
trying to trace any of my ancestors,mainly from tralee ,listowel a,d ardfert

  McKeown: Antrim, by Phil Lines (07/05/2006)
Born c1840 son of Henry McKeown.

  Williamson: Antrim, by Phil Lines (07/05/2006)
Jane Born c1840 daughet of Arthur WILLIAMSON

  Lavery: Antrim, by Beth Hudson (08/05/2006)
Looking for information on: John born: Feb 1867 Emigrated to USA 1886

  Woodgate: Tyrone, by Ken Toll (08/05/2006)
Trying to find origins of any WOODGATEs in Ireland - especially Co Tyrone.

  Lowe, Delaney: Armagh, by eleanor calabrese (08/05/2006)
researching these families prior to 1850

  McHarg: Down, by pFane (09/05/2006)
James McHarg born abt 1800 Ireland m Janet Boyd abt 1823 in Ireland. They had 4 sons: Hugh born abt 1825 Newtownards, James born about 1831 in Ireland; William born about 1831 Ireland and Charles born 1838 (probably Ireland) and 1 daughter Jane born 1838 Ireland. All of the children went to Glasgow , Scotland so presumably the parents emigrated as well. Any information welcome.

  Quigg: Belfast, by Judith Wills (09/05/2006)
Looking for info on Henry Quigg-b circa 1800

  Wallace: Antrim, by dorothy sabin (09/05/2006)
hugh wallace married margaret wilson 1863

  Caffrey, Leonard, Fagan: Meath, by Sheila Shanley (09/05/2006)
Anyone of above names in Meath area?

  Roche: Unknown, by Kathleen Perlman (10/05/2006)
Nicholas F. Roche, born 1845; Father: William, Mother, Margaret; emigrated to the U.S. 1865, lived in New York State. Any ideas appreciated.

  Parsons, Trevers: Limerick, by Barbara Giberti (10/05/2006)
Looking for information on these two families marriage of George Parsons Esq and Elizabeth Trevers around 1868

  Dunbar: Antrim, by magdalene banks (11/05/2006)
has anyone info on a charles or daniel dunbar born 1822 -1827?

  Butcher, Butchers: Dublin, by David Holes (11/05/2006)
Searching for one Ellen E Butcher (possibly Butchers), born Dublin circa 1838, emigrated to England circa 1863, gave birth to daughter Annie (Ann/Anne) on borad HMS Adelaide, possibly en route to England.

  Smith: Cork, by Jo-Anne Smith (14/05/2006)
looking for Cornelius Smith ,who was born January 7,1814.Came to America in 1828, alone.Some of the family believe that he changed his last name to Smith when he came to America. He was reported to be a cousin of Thomas Lincoln-Abraham Lincoln father.Both of his parents were born in Ireland.

  Hurley, Collins, Walker, Dunley: Cork, by Mary Carman (14/05/2006)

  Shields, McDiarmid, Slavine, Gallagher: Donegal, by Joanne Cowie (14/05/2006)
trying to find information on John Shields married to Marjorie McDiarmid around (1840) and Patrick Slavine married to Mary Gallacher (around 1832) possibly in Letterkenny

  Campbell, Ritchie, Graham: Northern Ireland, by samantha graham (14/05/2006)

  Magwood, Rodgers: Armagh, by Jayne Magwood (14/05/2006)
Looking for relations of Joseph Magwood son of James Magwood and Mary Ann Rodgers. Joseph born 1867

  Tracey: Galway, by Shirley Robinson (14/05/2006)
anyone help

  Connell, McCarthy: Cork, by Wendy Connell (14/05/2006)
reserching my Irish family, and have now come up with Mary Ann McCarthy. Would love to know more about her. Her husband was a tailor in Cork, his surname was Connell

  Caveney: Roscommon, by Pauline Carroll (14/05/2006)
Seeking information on Luke & Mary Caveney who along with their children were evicted from Ballykilcline and sailed on the ship Progress to Liverpool on the 25th April 1848.

  Brady: Armagh, by Donald J. Dent (14/05/2006)
Patrick Brady and his wife, Catherine Murphy lived in County Armagh. Those children born in Ireland immigrated with their parents to America between 1845-1850. Those children included twins Patrick and Michael. Patrick Brady was my grandfather. searching for any information on births, marriages, including their ancestry.

  Owen, Weyburn: Dublin, by Rona Seabrook (15/05/2006)
these are brick walls in my search for my genes

  Austin: Mayo, by carol luckman (15/05/2006)

  Vallely: Armagh, by Jim Redpath (15/05/2006)
researching John born c1841 migrated to England bet 1875 and 1880

  Taylor, Curran: Londonderry, by M Hatchman-Smith (15/05/2006)
Henry Joseph Taylor and his wife Mary Taylor [nee Curran] they may have other children but i only have the name of their daughter Margaret Taylor who was born c1877 in Derry Margherfelt Ireland. Margaret arrived in Qld Australia c1894 , Margaret married a farmer.

  O Malley, Walsh, Gill, Brothan, Kerrigan.: Mayo, by Mary Marshall (15/05/2006)
A lot of my ancesters seem to have left very little clues. The O Malleys Of Kilmeena Circa 1830 married a Gill. The Kerrigan and Walsh families left no trace after 1873. Any news would be welcome.

  Cannon: Dublin, by Penny Jones (15/05/2006)
searching for any information on Edward Cannon born about 1820 who may have been a tanner living in Marrowbone Lane, Dublin. Had two sons Bernard and William and a daughter Catherine, possibly another daughter Marian or this may have been his wifes name. I believe he was married twice and am also researching their names and families

  Wiley, Wylie, Bell, Mcnaugher: Donegal, by margret wylie (15/05/2006)
family farms in Derryvane from 1767 to date any info on the above familes please

  Balfour, Lunney: Fermanagh, by Penny Skehan (15/05/2006)
Looking for birthplace of John Balfour (RIC) son of James Balfour(RIC) maybe born Galway or Belfast

  Ford, Havey, Drugan: Galway, by Lois Dean (15/05/2006)
Can anyone suggest any Townlands where these names were popular so that I know where to concentrate my search?

  Scullion, Morrow: Armagh, by Geraldine McGibbon (15/05/2006)
The Scullion Family reseaching lived in Derry add Lurgan The Morryow family from Derrymacash

  Liggett: Tyrone, by joy liggett (16/05/2006)
Looking for relatives of Jame Robinson Liggett father Joseph born approx 1826

  Barrett, Reilly: Cork, by julia oldridge (16/05/2006)
grandfather/andrew barrett

  Shay: Unknown, by Sharon Lozier (16/05/2006)
Parker Shay Born in Nova Scotia Canada but his father was from Ireland. I have no name for his father or mother. They moved to Canada some time before 1824. Does anyone have the name Shay from Ireland spelled this way?

  Collins, Mulry, Mulny: Galway, by Joan Harrison (16/05/2006)
Marriage wanted of Michael Collins and Mary Mulny or Mulry

  McGivney: Sligo, by Joanne Brentari (16/05/2006)
searching for information on my gggrandfather Patrick Givnin who I believe was born a McGivney in Ireland in 1824. He emigrated to the US around 1850 and setteled in Pennsylvania.

  Monaghan, Clarke, Richards: Mayo, by Andrew Smith (16/05/2006)
looking for William Monaghan and Mary Clarke (born 1863 and 1866) and Michael Monaghan and Patrick Clarke, there fathers, supposedly from Mayo, possible cou;ld be Rosscommon

  Kenny: Sligo, by Thomas Kenny (16/05/2006)
Patrick Kenny and wife Barbara Earley, parents of James, Parish of Easky, Carrowpadeen.

  Farrin, Farren, Ferrin, Farran: Meath, by Joyce Lucas (17/05/2006)
looking for the parents of Patrick Farrin, born about 1700. The earliest record of him is 1721 when he married in Ipswich, MA USA. He is said to have come from Dublin around 1718. I suspect he came as an indentured servant. His first child was named Edward (Edmund) and his second was named John.

  Moore, Brady: Louth, by JOAN THOMPSON (17/05/2006)
John Francis Moore was born in Drogheda in 1869, looking for any relations or information

  Todd, Mc Knight, Everitt, Gordon, Scott, Neill: Antrim, by Yvonne Heather Lascelles (17/05/2006)
Researching names from the North Belfast area of County Antrim

  Dreaper, Draper: Cork, by Yvonne heather Lascelles (17/05/2006)
Looking for information on Benjamin Dreaper, Farmer from Cork abt 1880.

  Cavanagh: Tyrone, by Bev Chapple (18/05/2006)
Ishmeal and Margaret Cavanagh son John Cavanagh born 1822 country Tyrone John came to Australia aboard the ship Runny Mead

  McKell, Gamble: Unknown, by Shona Hides (18/05/2006)
trying to find Irish connections in the family. I know I have Irish relations who came over to Scotland.

  Digges, Sandys, Blackstock: Galway, by john gozzard (19/05/2006)
Seeking information on De La Warr (Delaware) Digges and his associated families from Kiltormer and Laurencetown

  Henley: Unknown, by dennis henley (19/05/2006)
Trying to trace Patrick Henley and son Daniel [born 1843]

  Skelton: Antrim, by Larry Eslinger (19/05/2006)
Anne Marie Tulips listed "skelton" as a name of interest. How do I contact her?

  Orr, Stuart, James, Sinnett, Atcheson: Tyrone, by Kaireen Morrison (20/05/2006)
Seeking descendants of the above names. Have information to share.

  Curran, Jones, Newport: Armagh, by Brian Curran (20/05/2006)
George Curran m. Sarah Jones 1837 in Loughgall

  Callaghan, Kiernan, Ritchie: Kerry, by keren callaghan (22/05/2006)
cannot trace any of these back further than salford and liverpool, as have no info on where born! John Patrick Callaghan B 1845, father John Callaghan Bookkeeper.

  Kinney: Armagh, by Leslie Howard (22/05/2006)
Edward C.Kinney, farmer and miller lived at Lisdrumgullion/Newry and had 2 daughters,Mary Ann and Sophia. Mary Ann married Henry Grant

  McGuinness: Cork, by Catherine Tucker (23/05/2006)
researching my family tree. My G Grandfather Thomas McGuinness born1861 came to England (Leeds) but I believe he was born in Cork. His father was Stephen McGuinness born1840, we think the family had a small farm in Cork. Can anyone help?

  McGowan, Dearin: Mayo, by patrick mcgowan (23/05/2006)
looking to find were patrick mcgowan was born , he was born in 1814 and he was married to margaret dearin, they had 5 children and they went to scotland in the late 1840s

  Sheerin: Westmeath, by Barbara (23/05/2006)
My great grandfather Edward Sheerin, born 1837, married Mary, moved to Philipstown with my grandfather Edward Sheerin 1875-1946

  Stafford: Wexford, by jane smith (25/05/2006)
looking for staffords of adamstown james, bridget,margaret,peter and mathew 1900t

  Barry: Antrim, by Phil Patterson (26/05/2006)
Trying to track down my mums side of the family

  Patterson: Down, by Phil Patterson (26/05/2006)
Trying to track down my dads side of the family

  Mills: Ireland, by Susan Walker (26/05/2006)
Seeking info about my grandfather Ernest Mills who lived in Dublin and died c.1918 aged 35,

  Kearney, Lee, Lawrence.: Dublin, by Eric Thomas Makin (26/05/2006)
looking for info On Kearney family married into Lee and Lawrence families

  Cannon: Dublin, by Penny Jones (27/05/2006)
Searching for Cannons in Dublin 19th and 20th century Possibly Marrowbone Lane. Edward Cannon born 1814, wifes name unknown, children Bernard, Catherine, possibly Marion and William

  McMorrow: Leitrim, by clare robertson (29/05/2006)

  McDowell, Brett, Carey, Dooley, Rodgers: Clare, by Tom McDowell (29/05/2006)
Searching for information on McDowell and Brett in Clare

  Townley: Louth, by Claudia Steindl (30/05/2006)
My ancestor was John Fox Townley, born 1794 in Ireland. He was connected to Townley Hall in some way, which I have found is in County Louth. His mother was Scotch and his father English, according to family lore. He emigrated to America about 1812. I have found nothing and would love to learn something about this Irish connection.

  Duke: Cavan, Cork, by Claudia Steindl (30/05/2006)
My Duke ancestor was John Philip Duke, born about 1824 and emigrated to America about 1849. He was supossedly born in County Cavan; however, may have ended up in County Cork. His father was a surgeon and apothecary? whose name was Thomas Gregory Duke.

  McGreevy: Roscommon, by Frank McGreevyk (31/05/2006)
A McGreevy DNA Project has been initiated to connect branches of the clan. For more information please contact Paul McGreevy

  Lane: Cork, by jacki lane (01/06/2006)
looking for information about my great grandfather who apparently served in the Irish Constabulary. He joined the Irish Guards during WW1 & then went on to Hong Kong. His fathers name was Denis Lane & apparently he was a farmer, he had passed away by 1916.

  McKernan, Luckey: Monaghan, by Margaret Field (01/06/2006)
John McKernan married Jane Luckey about 1825. Protestant. Drumsnat Church of Ireland? Farmed in the townland of Glear. Son William joined Royal Irish Constabulary in 1848. Migrated to Australia 1855

  Flynn, Keohane: Cork, by JAN UPTON (01/06/2006)
Searching for information on Mary Ann Flynn born Murragh 1864and James born Enniskeane 1871,Parents William Flynn and Johanna keohane. Mary Ann died shortly after giving birth to my grandfather, William .Ican find no trace of her death and I suspect she may have changed her name to give the impression that she was married.

  Carroll: Dublin, by j formby (01/06/2006)
looking for james born about 1860 he was a tailor

  McShane, Thornton, Mchale, Raffery, McConnell: Mayo, by jean old (04/06/2006)
Any Information

  McShane, Thornton, Mchale, Raffery, McConnell: Donegal, by jean old (04/06/2006)
Any Information

  McShane, Thornton, Mchale, Raffery, McConnell: Cavan, by jean old (04/06/2006)
Any Information

  Conlon: Roscommon, by Joan Carney (04/06/2006)
Patrick Conlon Left Ireland for Australia in 1847. visiting Ireland in June in hopes of tracing his history

  Dillon, Hayes, McNamara: Clare, by Loretta Satterly (08/06/2006)
My GGGrandfather Patrick Dillon came from Corofin. In Australia he married Jane Hayes who was from Kilfenora. Anyone out there who has connections and can help?

  Rush, Mckenna, Haggerty, French: Unknown, by Annette Wilkie (08/06/2006)
looking for any info on above names

  Mountain, Meany: Cork, by kathleen cork (09/06/2006)
my Great Grandparents were James Mountain and Margaret Meany. They were well known in the Blackpool area of Cork where they lived and raised a large family. Mary Mountain, one of their daughters, was my Grandmother, she married Edward Robinson, a Royal Marine from England in 1905, they lived in quarry Lane, which is now called St Johns Square. Their children were Edward and Molly. If this information means anything to you then I would love to hear from you.

  Moore: Ireland, by Allison Burgess (09/06/2006)
hi. my name is allison. researching my family tree and have come to a dead end. James Moore b. 1814 d. 1902 is who looking for.

  Quinn: Tyrone, by Evelyn Coutts (10/06/2006)
Looking for great-great grandparents Mary Quinn nee Fitzpatrick dob circa 1830 and John Quinn from Londonderry dob circa 1830

  Hannan: Unknown, by Cyndy Hannan (12/06/2006)
ANDREW HANNAN born unknown about 1833. Married to Hariet about 1860. Children Alfred George 1865, Charles James 1861, Emily 1870. Info on birth and marriage please

  Casson: Dublin, by Shaun Clarke (12/06/2006)
William Casson born cica 1884 in William St Dublin or any other Cassons

  Cunningham: Down, by denise cunningham (13/06/2006)
searching for information on John, Ellen Cunningham, son Arthur - transported 1823 to Tasmania

  Keane. Kain, Kane: Galway, by jenny kain (13/06/2006)
Hi,trying to find the parents of Michael Kain/Keane he married a Catherine Cunningham ,His children were born in Taune Galway , and they imigrated to Australia. I dont know if Michael and Catherine came with them.Does any one know of this family?

  Gormley: Unknown, by Kathryn Gormley (14/06/2006)
searching for Familly tree

  Moran: Louth, by Steve Cranny (14/06/2006)
Any info on Bridget Moran and her family , Born Dundalk c1869

  Mackin: Down, by Steve Cranny (14/06/2006)
Seeking Birth/Mariiage info on Owen Mackin (mariner) born c1854

  Leitch, Wallace, McCook: Antrim, by Wallace James Kirkpatrick (16/06/2006)
John Kirkpatrick married Jane Wallace (calc both born abt 1775-80),Their son John married Margaret Ann (Peggy Leitch) Est born abt 1820 .Desperatley need more information on both ladies ,their siblings, parents,and ancestors

  Duffin, Dunlop: Antrim, by Eileen Lewis (16/06/2006)
My grandmothers name was Rosina Duffin known as Ena in her family she married James O Hanlon from Co. Down she was born on April 16 1904 in Ballycastle to William and Mary Duffin, she had 3 brothers William Patrick and one adopted brother named Tony

  O Hanlon, Doran: Down, by Eileen Lewis (16/06/2006)
My grandfathers name was James O Hanlon he married Rosina Duffin from Co. Antrim he was born on Oct 21 1902 in Kilkeel toPatrick and Mary O Hanlon, he had 3 brothers Patrick John and Edward?

  Morrissey, Cummins: Waterford, by David Skinner (16/06/2006)
Moved to Cardiff from Waterford about 1851

  Patrick Dodd: Dublin, by Ian Beckett (17/06/2006)
Married to Anne Connolly -seeking relatives

  Michael Cotter: Cork, by Ian Beckett (17/06/2006)
Transport to Sydney 1830 - seeking relatives

  Kerason: Dublin, by Ian Beckett (17/06/2006)
Seeking relatives of Mary Kerason -circa 1780

  Quinn: Fermanagh, by Nigel Osborne (19/06/2006)
Looking for info on Jane Quinn. Believed to be born Billick, Fermanagh abt 1842. Father Possibly Patrick Quinn. She arrived in England before 1866 when she married my Gt Gt Grandfather Charles Smitherman

  Welch: Cork, by Mrs Jackie Elston (19/06/2006)
gggrandfather from galway or Cork,lived in BHam UK with family during 1880 to aprrox 1901

  Cassidy: Kilkenny, by donna bozkurt (19/06/2006)
any info would be very helpful

  Wallace: Donegal, by Gwen Backhouse (20/06/2006)
looking for details of Matthew Wallace born in 1834 in Glenella Donegal. He later married Dora and moved to Woodford in Essex. If anyone has any details please contact me.

  Hart: Dublin, by Michele Ellis (22/06/2006)
Trying to find Susannah Hart born in Dublin in 1821 and married in England in 1834

  McCutcheon, Shields: Down, by Vivienne Ray (23/06/2006)
My grandparents were Jane Green Shields and Hugh McCutcheon. They lived in Belfast and my grandfather died in 1956 aged about 76 but I have no birth or marriage details for them. He was an iron worker.

  Brown, Farrell: Dublin, by Cathy Gill (25/06/2006)
searching for relatives of Michael John Brown or Dora Farrell, married and in Dublin at time of daughter Kathleens birth 1896. Kathleen migrated to Australia in 1926. Was housekeeper for Dr J Breen in Dalkey up until that time.

  Donnelly: Dublin, by Marie-Therese Green (28/06/2006)
trying to trace Margaret Mary Donnelly, she was born at the hospital in Lower Baggot Street, Dublin on 9th January, 1940. Her mother was Grace Donnelly. Margaret Mary was illigitimate and given up for adoption. As a Roman Catholic it is likely her adoption was handled by the Parish Priest or a Convent.

  McAneny: Tyrone, by Jo Stone (29/06/2006)
Sons Patrick and Michael emigrated to New Zealand in 1841. Birth records show Patrick was born in Ballix Co. Tyrone. Does anyone know where this is? Contact for McAnneny family in 1849 was C Macfarlane of Gorton Co Tyrone. Does anyone have any knowledge of this person?

  Lavery: Armagh, by Beth Hudson (29/06/2006)
looking for info on John Lavery born February 1867. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1886, possibly on the ship Umbria.

  Conroy: Unknown, by LISA CONROY (29/06/2006)

  Flaherty, O Donnell: Galway, by susan hancock (30/06/2006)
I have a great gr father who was james flaherty married to margaret o donnell from galway

  Danehy, Maloney, Phaley: Dublin, by Theresa Green (30/06/2006)

  Elwood: Antrim, by Mary Harder (01/07/2006)
looking for information on my gggrandmother Ellen Elwood. She was born in 1837 married James Murphy and later was married to John Rooney...

  Taaffe: Louth, by mary harder (01/07/2006)
looking for any information on Michael Taaffe and his wife Mary Harmon they were born abt. 1820. Their son James J. Taaffe was my gggrandfather he was born between 1847 and 1850. He emmigrated to the USA in 1860...

  Taaffe: Sligo, by mary harder (01/07/2006)
looking for any information on Michael Taaffe and his wife Mary Harmon they were born abt. 1820. Their son James J. Taaffe was my gggrandfather he was born between 1847 and 1850. He emmigrated to the USA in 1860...

  Downey: Cork, Mayo, Down, by Mary harder (01/07/2006)
looking for information on my ggggrandparents Michael Downey (born abt. 1800) and his wife Ellen Ryan(born abt. 1801)emmigrated to the USA before 1847....any information would be greatly appreciated

  Collins: Mayo, Cork, by mary harder (01/07/2006)
looking for information on my gggrandparents Patrick Collins (born abt. 1820) and his wife Mary Conley(born abt. 1820) emmigrated to the USA before 1850...any information would be greatly appreciated

  Daly, Daley, Griffin: Clare, by annette hall (01/07/2006)
looking for marriage; Michael Daley to Bridget Griffin; 1838 Enistymon.

  Toomey, Twomey, Pigot, Picket: Cork, by annette hall (01/07/2006)
Margaret Twoomey b. abt 1860; parents John Twomey and Mary Pigot.

  McIlroy, McKeown, McChesney: Belfast, by Elsie Choong (01/07/2006)

  Murray, Deighan, Docherty: Londonderry, by Elsie Choong (01/07/2006)

  Cullen: Armagh, by Helen Fox (01/07/2006)
Joseph Cullen and his wife Margaret [Laurison] They came from the Rich Hill area of Armagh.

  Dillon: Unknown, by betty dillon (01/07/2006)
lookin for thomas dillon maried margret quinn not sure if married in ireland moved to England Widnes I think Thomas was born 1844 in Galway Ahascragh.

  McCaffrey: Fermanagh, by Christine Young (02/07/2006)

  Auld , Aull: Armagh, by Laurie Thompson (03/07/2006)
William Auld was a srorekeeper in Newtownhamilton in the 1800`s

  Spence: Down, by robert spence (03/07/2006)
my grandfather was born in 1881 his name was john (jack)albert spence he came to canada in 1897 from liverpool on the ss.vancouver would like to find his family in ireland

  Cantwell, Brennan: Kilkenny, by clair reed (04/07/2006)
i an lookin for information on William Cantwell born 1888 and elizabeth cantwell nee brennan born 1889

  Hannigan: Cork, by nora field (04/07/2006)
seeking info on William Hannigan born 1866 county cork parents Daniel Hannigan and Mary Walsh

  Walsh: Dublin, by Anne Walsh (05/07/2006)

  Hallman: Unknown, by hollie hallman (05/07/2006)

  Lagan, Scullion, Mooney: Derry, by Maryanne Butler (05/07/2006)
Information on Henry Scullion had daughter Sarah Jane from Lurganagoos b Aug 1863 married John Lagan from Drummuck b 1860 or 1861 another daughter Mary Scullion married Bernard McKee 1890 Lavey and think there was a son Jugh Sculliion would like info on him. John Lagan had a sister Sara Ann b abt 1863 who married a Bernard Mooney 1884 at Lavey Chapel. Would appreciate any info.

  ONeill, McCarthy: Cork, by Gerald ONeill (05/07/2006)
Searching for James ONeill married Ellen McCarthy

  O Brien: Cork, by edy ford (06/07/2006)
James O Brien, and Father. Trying to find out the parish father obrien was from and when he left ireland

  McKenna: Cavan, by josephine mckenna (06/07/2006)

  Jordan, Bingham, Pyers: Wexford, Dublin, by june martin (09/07/2006)
Looking for information about Robert Edward Jordan, Christopher Jordan, Esther Bingham and Robert Jordan from Wexford who married Jane Pyers

  Sturgeon: Ireland, by anyia (09/07/2006)
Armagh, Antrim & Down

  Dowling: Dublin, by thurza adams (10/07/2006)
William & Terence Dowling - both sent n.s.w. au. 1830-1831 convicts family wanted

  Dallan, AdyeCurran, Becker, St Lawrence: Dublin, by Eveleen Gillmon (10/07/2006)
Am looking for any information about the above families in the period 1750-1900

  deLacy, deLacey, Lacy or Lacey: Limerick, by Dane Eugene Lacey (10/07/2006)

  deLacy, deLacey, Lacy or Lacey: Dublin, by Dane Eugene Lacey (10/07/2006)
I have a copy of The Roll of the House of Lacy by DeLacy Bellingari

  deLacy, deLacey, Lacy or Lacey: Cork, by Dane Eugene Lacey (10/07/2006)
I have a copy of The Roll of the House of Lacy by DeLacy Bellingari

  Orr, Liggett: Tyrone, by Elizabeth Perryman (10/07/2006)
Could anyone give me information regarding Andrew Liggett of Dungannon and Sarah Orr of Ballynakelly

  McAtamney, McPeake, Sammon: Derry, by Ro Hein (10/07/2006)
Each family emmigrated to Canada in 19th Century.

  Phibbs, Butler, Caulfield: Roscommon, by Deb (11/07/2006)
Phibbs in Tulsk Butler & Caulfield also same area

  Woodside, Davison: Down, by Patricia Berry (12/07/2006)
looking for the family of Isaac Woodside born around 1814-1816. He emigrated to Liverpool England sometime before 1841.

  Higgins, Donnelly, Comer: Mayo, by Patricia Berry (13/07/2006)
trying to find information on James Higgins born 1870-1875 Mary Ellen Donnelly born around 1877 and the family of William Comer born 1900 in Prescot and died 1986 in Ballyvary Co Mayo.

  Horgan: Cork, by anne faulkner (13/07/2006)
I have found a ww1 medal MICHAEL HORGAN who served with royal dublin fuseliers and the royal engineers.

  Leape: Offaly, by joseph leape (13/07/2006)

  King-Parks: Down, by John Long (13/07/2006)
Geraldine born c.1892 to Henry KP and Mary Murphy

  Grogan: Offaly, by Eric Johnson (13/07/2006)

  Daley: Kerry, by Doyle August (13/07/2006)
John Daley; labourer 26 married in Wellington, NZ on 13/09/1879 and trying to find out about his ancestry

  Doyle, Doile: Carlow, by Doyle August (13/07/2006)
Catherine Doyle or Doile 22 married in Wellington, NZ on 13/09/1879 and trying to find out about her ancestry

  Apjohn, Upton: Dublin, by Robert Peplar (14/07/2006)
Any information from the 1800s would be appreciated.

  Toomey, Lancy: Cork, by Yvonne Toomey (15/07/2006)
Mortimer Toomey m: Margaret Lancey c.1790. Only known child, Jeremiah Toomey, b: c.1798. Any information would be much appreciated.

  Kerins: Sligo, by James Joseph Kerins (15/07/2006)
looking for links to Sligo wher my Great Grandfather was born in ballymote

  Plummer, Pounden, James: Wexford, by Sandy Fice (15/07/2006)
Primarily searching Plummer and Plumer in the Bunclody and Camolin areas in the 1750 to 1900. Hoping to share info.

  Bradford: Armagh, by barb clayton (16/07/2006)
Does anyone have a link with Alexander Bradford born Armagh 1830? He came to Australia approx.1851.

  Wyatt, Wall, Crosby: Kildare, by Cheryl Welch (16/07/2006)
looking for relatives of Maureen with either of the surnames above her father name wasto my knowledge Phillip Crosby

  Leslie: Dublin, by frank leslie (16/07/2006)
looking for bernard patrick leslie born 27 jul 1863 son of patrick leslie mother (nee mary keane)

  McSweeney, Meagher: Cork, by Tricia (18/07/2006)
Searching any info on my grandmothers parents, David McSweeney and wife Mary Meagher of Mallow, would have lived approx. 1855 to 1915 range. Their children were Mary, Teresa, Kathleen, Patrick, David and Michael.

  McIldoon: Down, by Neville Ormerod (18/07/2006)
Looking for information associated with the MCILDOONs of Ballymacarrett -1800s

  ONeill, McCarthy: Cork, by Gerald ONeill (19/07/2006)
Searching for James ONeill married to Ellen McCarthy

  Steele, Wray, Doherty, Moore: Tyrone, by Rita Tyrrell (19/07/2006)
Robert Steele b C 1844 m Mary Ann Moore b C 1846 migrated to Dunedin N.Z. 1874

  McKee: Armagh, by helen (19/07/2006)
looking for relatives of samuel mckee and mc farlane families

  Leahy: Down, by Debbie Smith (19/07/2006)
researching the family tree of Amy Leahy b 14/7/1916 d sep 2000 from Downpatrick.

  Grogan: Kilkenny, by Lalita Carlton-Jones (20/07/2006)
Looking for any info. on Patrick Grogan born c. 1802 in Durro and joined the Grenadier Guards in 1817.

  Lally: Longford, by Lalita Carlton-Jones (20/07/2006)
Any info. on Thomas Lally and family living in Templemichael late 1700s.

  Deasy, Delahunty: Cork, by jennifer lindsay (20/07/2006)
trying to find charles deasy who married bridget delahunty, they came to england about 1830,and settled in croydon surrey

  Gaughan, Hinnigan: sligo, by Alexina Willers (20/07/2006)
the family moved to burnley lancashire approx 1860-65

  Coulter, Campbell: Tyrone, by Sandra Hall (21/07/2006)
Any infoon these names from clougherny

  Mulholland: Dublin, by Terri Wilson (21/07/2006)
News of Cornelius. Father of Thomas Patrick

  Deery: sion mills, by mary duffy (21/07/2006)
looking for relations of my fathers family

  Allen, Fitzsimmons: Dublin, by Lorraine Allen Hughes (22/07/2006)
searching for the marriage of Peter Allen and Sarah Fitzsimmons, about 1822, probably in Dublin.

  Conner,Hagan,Bradly: Down, by barbara cross (23/07/2006)

  Presho, Mullen: Unknown, by graham presho (23/07/2006)
any help finding records of them in 1790-1810

  O Flaherty, Duggan: Cork, by Celina Fagg (23/07/2006)
These surnames are respectively my grandfathers and his mothers maiden name. He died in the 1940s sometime in Cork. He was one of the Defenders of Murphys fort but I have no info about my great grandmother. I think she was Joanna?

  Wright, Bennett: Down, by Lorraine Harris (25/07/2006)
trying to trace James Wright and Elizabeth Bennett who left Ireland in c1857 for Australia.

  Ankins: Unknown, by Mrs Maureen Sharpe (25/07/2006)
looking for g.grandfather William Ankins born 1858 and a tailor, married Alice Russell and were in Hastings, Sussex where my grandmother was born in 1884.

  Byrne, Kelly: Carlow, by RICHARD WILCOX (25/07/2006)
Seeking information on Patrick Byrne and Anastasia Kelly married Bagenalstown c.1888 and issue b.Bagenalstown thereafter and ancestry.

  Stoker: Dublin, by john stoker (25/07/2006)
anything of the stokers

  Brennan, Finnegan, Cunningham, Gilroy: Sligo, by margaret hall (26/07/2006)

  Kelly, Phelan, Treacy: Tipperary, by margaret hall (26/07/2006)

  Treacy: Galway, by margaret hall (26/07/2006)

  Rowell: Dublin, by Heather Bellefontaine (27/07/2006)
Looking for information about my grandparents, Mary and Joseph Rowell

  Robinson: Antrim, by Cecile Tyman (27/07/2006)
Looking for the family of Margaret M Robinson who emmigrated to Canada 1916

  Waldie: Louth, by edward mckenna (28/07/2006)
any information on James Francis Waldie and his family who possibly moved from Glasgow to Drogheda, or nearby , in or about 1899. His second daughter Amy Kathleen Waldie was resident in Piltown, from at least 1907 to 1912. James Waldie died in Bodmin Cornwall in 1914. He was a coal exporter by trade when he died and had previously been a coal exporter in Glasgow until he was declared bankrupt in 1898.

  O Lalor: Queens, by leonie (28/07/2006)
any info on daniel o lalor anne pearson died at poormans bridge john o lalor elizabeth turner or decendents from county leix

  Barrett, Behan: Dublin, by Michelle Barrett (28/07/2006)
looking for any information on the barrett family, a thomas barrett born abt 1874 i think south dublin city or any details. Also for a James behan born abt 1874 from the marrowbone lane area of dublin

  McHale, McShane, Thornton, Rafferty, McCann: Mayo, by jean old (29/07/2006)
i looking for information on norah mchale who married a john thornton and also arthur rafferty who married roseann jackeney

  Watson: Monaghan, by Evelyn Cochrane (30/07/2006)
Thomas watson born Carrickmacross Count Monaghan about 1840 married in Ayrshire Scotland to Agnes Hair in 1860

  Taylor, Fulton: Tyrone, by audrey taylor (30/07/2006)
both names from cookstown and had childen born 1908 to 1917

  Tighe, Brennan, Hartney: Dublin, by john tighe (30/07/2006)
i need to compile family tree

  Egan, Raidy: Kerry, by Janine Paul (30/07/2006)
Carberry Egan, born May 1820, came to USA @ 1837 & marries Margaret Raidy ,Rady,Ready, who had been born in Rathkenny in 1838. She was the daughter of Patridk Rady & Ellen Stack.They lived in Ohio, Kentucky & finally Indiana. Poss brother Martin, born 1827, who marries Mary Tierney travels closely with them. Trying to determine the parents of Carberry. His sons are: Peter, John & William

  Nelligan, Keane: Kerry, by Janine Paul (30/07/2006)
Denis Nelligan & his wife Johanna Murphy, with their son John, born @ 1850 come to USA via New Orleans in 1850 & settle in Kentucky. Owen Fitzpatrick lives with them for almost 20 years. What relation ? Son John marries Johanna Keane, Cain, Kane daughter of Jerimiah Keane & Mary O Connor. Johanna has 3 other sisters who travel to Kentucky with her: Mary, Alice & Hannah. Name of Townland?

  McCarthy: Cork, by Janine Paul (30/07/2006)
Siblings, Denis, Abby, Margaret, Florence, John & poss Charles travel to USA & are in Kentucky by mid 1850s. Parents Michael McCarthy & Margaret Downey. What Townland?

  Bourne: Dublin, by Lia Bourne (31/07/2006)
My great(x4) grandfather, James Bourne was born in Dublin,Ireland. From records he was born around 1804. He later emigrated to Samoa and there he met his wife -they had 5 children:4 sons and 1 daughter.who were all born in Samoa. Does anyone have any info on James Bourne from his early days??? his parents etc.

  Wray, Hyde: Tyrone, by Cathie Jo Jones (31/07/2006)
Looking for any ancestors of Thomas Wray who married Jane Hyde. Had children, Ellen, John, Hamilton, David, Rachel and Jane who all immigrated to the U.S.

  Murphy, Kearney: Armagh, by Anne Maddocks (01/08/2006)
Looking for ancestors of Francis Murphy of Dromantee and of his wife Rose Kearney of Adavoyle

  Whaley, Whalley: Unknown, by Dixie Northcott (02/08/2006)
Sarah Whaley married Joseph Carter 1808 in Ireland before coming to the United States.

  Haughey: Armagh, by Joan Clark (02/08/2006)
My grandmother, Margaret Haughey, was born around 1897 and came to Canada. She settled in Montreal. Her parent died when she was young and left the city of Armagh to live with cousins in the country. She had a younger sister. looking for information about her.

  Barnes, Waters: Tyrone, by Robert Barnes (03/08/2006)
Information on Robert Barnes, Born Tyrone approx 1832

  Russell: Waterford, by david russell (03/08/2006)
would like to find any information on patrick russell born abt 1840,s. also had a son michael russell born 1876 ,25 mayors walk waterford city.

  Coleman, McKernan: Antrim, by Doyle August (04/08/2006)
Michael Coleman and Mary McKernan were married in the Parish of Glenavy in July 1946; trying to find parents and siblings of both people

  Mclauchlan, Mclaughlin, Duffy: Londonderry, by Airini H. Chase (04/08/2006)
These two are my great grandparents who were married in londonderry probably in the 1800s their son Daniel was married in NZ in 1884. My maiden name was Mclauchlan. I noticed that when my Father died his surname was spelt Mclaughlin .

  Devenny: Unknown, by Janice Mason (04/08/2006)
Trying to find ancestry of devenny family who came to Australia in 1800s

  Tighe, Kelly: Dublin, by john tighe (04/08/2006)
any information welcome

  Murphy: Armagh, by Orvill & Judith Paller (04/08/2006)
looking for a Samuel Murphy born between 1690 and 1727 who moved to England. Information that I have indicates that he would gone to Westminser, London, England.

  Corry: Clare, by Bernadette Graham (05/08/2006)
My grandfather Patrick Joseph Corry born 1874c

  Flanagan: Roscommon, by Bernadette Graham (05/08/2006)
Flanagans of Elphin, Roscommon left Ireland 1840

  Flaherty, Chapman: Unknown, by Beverley Moore (06/08/2006)
Edward John Flaherty (b1791) m. Sarah Elizabeth Chapman (b1796) on 13.9.1812. They emigrated to Western Australia on the Gilmore, which I believe left UK and picked up passengers in Ireland. There names are on the passenger lists.

  Orr, Swail: Down, by Helen Morehouse (07/08/2006)
This is my brick wall. I have them once they leave Ireland and arrive in Canada, but nothing before that.

  Frazier, Fraser: Sligo, by Helen Morehouse (07/08/2006)
I have three names and one birthdate. No date of departure nor of arrival in Canada.

  Cummins: Limerick, by Gwen Pheasant (07/08/2006)
Looking for John Patrick Left Ireland approx 1920 married in wandsworth to Lilian gurtrud Bown

  Brady, Conboy, Rooney, Thorpe, McDorey, Pollard: Dublin, by Teresa Pearcy (07/08/2006)
Dan Brady was my Gt Gt Grandfather. A widower, he died April 1894, from Synge St. Dublin City. Who was his wife and children? descended from Michael Brady one of his children. Please contact me if he is your ancestor too.

  Brady, Conboy, Rooney, Thorpe, McDorey, Pollard: Dublin, by Teresa Pearcy (07/08/2006)
Michael C. Brady c.1856-1927 married to Bridget Conboy. Lived in Coolmine and Dublin City. At the time of his death in 1927 he lived at 25 Charlemont St. Dublin City. I have some family info to share if you are descended from Michael and Bridget Brady too.

  Brady, Conboy, Rooney, Thorpe, McDorey, Pollard: Dublin, by Teresa Pearcy (07/08/2006)
John Carey and Jane Hearnchens,? cannot read Jane’s surname. They were sponsors at the Baptism of Martha Jane Brady, my Grandmother’s sister, in April 1884 at St. Kevin Church, Harrington St, Dublin. Did John Carey marry another of their sisters? Was Jane Hearnchens maiden name Brady? How do these people connect to my relatives? Can anybody help please?

  Brady, Conboy, Rooney, Thorpe, McDorey, Pollard: Dublin, by Teresa Pearcy (07/08/2006)
Looking for info on Emilia Brady. She was a sponsor for Geraldine Margaret Thorpe, in 1908 at St Kevin RC Church in Dublin, who’s parents were Joseph and Martha Jane Thorpe, nee Brady

  Brady, Conboy, Rooney, Thorpe, McDorey, Pollard: Dublin, by Teresa Pearcy (07/08/2006)
Thomas Pollard, Plaster of 20 Bolton St, Dublin in 1868 Dublin Directory, was my Gt Gt Grandfather. Looking for other descendants. Teresa

  Brown: Fermanagh, by Bob Brown (08/08/2006)
Searching for ancestors of Samuel Fawls Brown, born about 1801 in Fermanagh. He married Catherine Fraser of Cavan in Cavan in 1830. They immigrated to New Brunswick in 1846-47.

  Fraser: Cavan, by Bob Brown (08/08/2006)
Searching for ancestors of Catherine Fraser, born in Cavan about 1800. She married a Samuel Fawls Brown of Fermanagh in Cavan in 1830. They immigrated to New Brunswick about 1846-47.

  Taylor: Down, by Laurence Taylor (08/08/2006)
Looking for any relatives of Thomas R. Taylor, born in Sep 1845 and emigrated to the USA in 1866.

  Taylor: Antrim, by Laurence Taylor (09/08/2006)
Searching for any relatives or information about Thomas R. Taylor, born 1845 and emigrated to the USA in 1866.

  Horgan: Cork, by Geoffrey Horgan (09/08/2006)
Searching for decendants of Patrick Horgan born about 1865 and Margaret Horgan born about 1865, married 2nd March 1889 at the Catholic Cathedral Cork. Margarets maiden name was Forde, Patrick was a Blacksmith .I have traced eight of the children including my father Daniel Joseph born 25/08/1905, the eldest being Patrick born 19/12/1889. I have eightin number but there is a gap between 1896 and 1903.

  Bracken: Sligo, by Colin.Brown. (10/08/2006)
Looking for a William Bracken born 1832

  Rogers: Cavan, by Mary F. Kelly (11/08/2006)
Looking for family of Patrick Rogers and Mary Martin in Bailieborough Area

  McLatchey, Ritchie: Derry, by Rosalie Stewart (11/08/2006)

  O Connor: Galway, by Glenda Pickering (11/08/2006)
This is my only link to my family. Andrew was my gt grandfather.

  Esmond, Esmonde, Bolger: Wexford, by Frances Carey (11/08/2006)
Martin Esmond e father John mother M argaret Bolger or mary bolger these details of my name and email are correct martin came to australia victoria in 1857 to the gold fields.

  Higgins: Mayo, by Liam Higgins (12/08/2006)
From the carnacon area

  Finnerty: Offaly, by karen finnerty (13/08/2006)
searching for family

  Nunan: Cork, by Kate Nunan (13/08/2006)
Am researching Maurice James Nunan b 1805 in County Cork I believe. Emigrated to Australia in 1840 with wife Elizabeth Johns and 6 children aboard Birman to Adelaide. Would like to hear from anybody researching Nunan family at all.

  Cusack, Gregg, Gillespie: Clare, by Adrian Gregg (14/08/2006)
would like to trace the Cusack Family ( Margaret) who married Richard Gregg C1820 in Ennis

  Gillespie: Unknown, by Adrian Gregg (14/08/2006)
Trying to find the family of Mary Jane Gillespie who emigrated to Australia in 1848 onboard the Mohamad Shah with her two sisters,Mary Jane married Henry Gregg in Adelaide Sth Australia in 1855

  Bradford: Armagh, by Barb (14/08/2006)

  McIntyre: Belfast, by Jess McKenna (14/08/2006)
Looking for McIntyres in Belfast before 1871

  Fox: Unknown, by samantha (14/08/2006)
searching for information on my great, great grandfather Patrick I. Fox born in Ireland in 1855, moved to Durham married Mary in 1875, worked as a miner and died in 1888.

  Hines: Cork, by Alan Hart (15/08/2006)
Trying to trace Kathleen or Fanny Hines born 1869 in Cork area

  Walsh: Dublin, by Frank McCormick (16/08/2006)
Catherine Walsh(e) b. c1859 City of Dublin, m. John Kenny 22July 1877 Liverpool, father John Walsh(e) .

  O Keefe: Cork, by michael OKeefe (16/08/2006)
just starting search for grand parents

  Sinclair, Newell, Atkins: Dublin, by lambert (17/08/2006)
Researching into my grandparents 1800 to presant day

  Dermody: Kilkenny, by MRS TERESA BATE (17/08/2006)

  Carlin, Carling, Carroll: Mayo, by Margaret A Moore (18/08/2006)
Carlins left Ireland in 1835 to Quebec

  McQuilkin: Antrim, by Wendy McQuilkin (19/08/2006)
Lookin for any info on McQuilkin in the co. Antrim area

  Bryan: Unknown, by Rebecca Bryan Crow (19/08/2006)
looking for Hiram Bryan

  Dowzer: Wicklow, by Linda Carew (20/08/2006)
Ally Dowzer, convict sent 7 years to VDL

  Gillen Gillan Gillian: Unknown, by Jean Herbert (20/08/2006)
searching for ancestors and descendants of James Gillan born abt 1817 in Ireland (place not known) and his wife Mary Murphy born abt 1820 in Ireland (place not know). In 1851 they were shown as visiters in Leeds Yorkshire where they settled. They are my direct descendants.. Any information as to this couple would be gratefully received.

  Songhurst, Clarke, Lynch, Stack: Limerick, by Pauline Del Bono (20/08/2006)
Gggrandma Clarke born Sligo married English soldier William Songhurst who became a butler in Ireland.

  Songhurst, Clarke, Lynch, Stack: Sligo, by Pauline Del Bono (20/08/2006)
Gggrandma Clarke born Sligo married English soldier William Songhurst prob Offaly who became a butler in Ireland.

  Songhurst, Clarke, Lynch, Stack: Cork, by Pauline Del Bono (20/08/2006)
William Stack b 1821from Listowel. Was a policeman in Cork. Any info on Listowel Stacks appreciated.

  Songhurst, Clarke, Lynch, Stack: Kerry, by Pauline Del Bono (20/08/2006)
William Stack b 1821 from Listowel. Was a policeman in Cork. Any info on Listowel Stacks appreciated.

  Songhurst, Clarke, Lynch, Stack: Sligo, by Pauline Del Bono (20/08/2006)
Sarah Anne Clarke born 1827 Sligo married English soldier William Songhurst prob Offaly.

  Songhurst, Clarke, Lynch, Stack: Westmeath, by Pauline Del Bono (20/08/2006)
Patrick Lynch born prob Clonmellon 1819 married Rosa prob London. Any on Clonmellon or Westmeath Lynches appreciated.

  Berry: Londonderry, by Gord Berry (22/08/2006)
From Londonderry, Killifaddy & Magherafelt.

  McNamara, Doyle: Wexford, by Jacqueline McKenzie (22/08/2006)
John & Ellen McNamara, nee Doyle, married 11 August 1832 in Glynn Barntown, Wexford.

  Armstrong: Antrim, by Scott McKay (22/08/2006)
William F. Armstrong born ~1870 in Five Mile town, came to Massachusetts,USA in 1889. His wife susan who was born in 1873 came from N. Ireland. as well. . Thankas Scott

  Gaffney: leitrim, by elcalabrese (23/08/2006)
looking for descendants of Laurence Gaffney, born approx 1811.

  Nolan: kerry, by elcalabrese (23/08/2006)
looking for descendants of Kitty (Kate) Nolan born approx. 1870 emmigrated to USA approx 1888

  Low, Lowe: Armagh, by elcalabrese (23/08/2006)
looking for descendants of John Low(e) emmigrated to US approx 1860

  Bradford: Armagh, by barb clayton (23/08/2006)

  Monaghan, Bradley, Campbell, McKeigney, McQuade: Tyrone, by Agnes Monaghan (23/08/2006)
Am very new to this and not sure how best to carry out my search.

  Glancy: Unknown, by sue cheng (24/08/2006)
my ggggrandfather was patrick glancy born ireland 1834,married to mary mckay and went to dunfermline scotland and had 2 sons patrick and john.I do not know what county he came from.His father was patrick glancy married to bridget calman.

  Norris, Pennington: Antrim, by christine shelmerdine (24/08/2006)
looking for SAMUEL NORRIS born 1820-23 in Belfast. He was a seaman and when he marreied my g.grandmother ELIZABETH PENNINGTON he was a widower. They had two children in ireland HUGH and SAMUEL, they then moved to Liverpool and finally Oldham in Lancashire.

  Cummins: Galway, by helen semmens (24/08/2006)
looking for bernard and his son thomas henry. anything at all BD&M

  Welton, Whelton, Connolly: Cork, by keith welton (24/08/2006)
loking for a patrick welton and ellen connolly from courtmacshery area timoleague lislevane clonakilty b around 1821-1826

  Lynch, Patterson: Unknown, by Beryl Flynn (24/08/2006)
Bridget LYNCH married Joseph PATERSON c. 1825 in Ireland. They migrated to Coatbridge, Lanark c.1845-50.

  Blide: Meath, by Traci Blide (24/08/2006)
Researching Patrick Blide who immigrated from Ireland to US around 1842

  McCabe, McShane: Armagh, by Tina Mulvey (24/08/2006)
My Grandfather William McCabe c.1896 brought up by his grandparents or godparents, Michael and Mary McShane, who were married at Carrickcruppen chapel Camlough 1866.

  Droney: Clare, by lorraine ross (25/08/2006)
seeking droneys from clare

  Hyland: Wicklow, by theresa osborne (25/08/2006)
my mothers name was martha hyland born 1918 in wicklow her mothers name was florence she had one brother named andrew.

  Anderson: Armagh, by Charmion McKitrick (25/08/2006)
Search for the John Anderson family from Derryscollop. Children included Sarah, Ellen, Thomas, William, Caroline, and Harriet that I know of. Associated families including Donnelly of interest too.

  McAtamney: Antrim, by patricia (25/08/2006)
Seeking any info on Mary McAtamney born circa 1875,(Antrim or Derry) married William Carr(unable to locate certificate)possible parents Lesley McAtamney & Nancy Mc(c)loy,siblings Catherine (c,1873)married a James Kilpatrick 1894 in Newcstle upon Tyne,also brother Felix McAtamney c1877,possible birthplace Antrim or Derry,any info welcome!

  Hughes, Sherry: Armagh, by margaret (25/08/2006)
Looking for info on my g.g. grandad Peter Hughes who was tennent famer in Corr and Aughantarragh between 1840 and at least 1878 he was married to a Catherine m.s Sherry and they had the following childern that i know of my great grandad Patrick born 1852 . Henry born 1854 and Isobella born 1866 . I have been over to IRELAND a few times now and have found the land my family once had i can not find any thing about Peter or Catherine .

  Goodwin, Quin: Tyrone, by margaret (25/08/2006)
looking for info on Patrick Goodwin who was married to Mary Quin the had 2 daughter that i know of Mary born Tyrone in 1854 and Jane also born in Ireland . The family settle in Renfrewshire Scotland and both Jane and Mary married in 1877 St Joseph Church Milton GLASGOW . Mary married Patrick Hughes and JANE married Henry Hughes .Mary and Patrick were my great garnd parents . i not been able to find out any thing about the family when they were in .

  Sullivan: Cork, by sandra miller (25/08/2006)
Looking for Grandparents Ella Agnes Sullivan b.1889. Father, Denis, Mother Anne, Sister Hester Teresa - skibbereen area

  Kennedy: Tippary, by sandra miller (25/08/2006)
Looking for Grandparents Lawrence kennedy Born 1854 wife Helena Mary Van kempen

  Plunkett: Mayo, by kathleen thorogood (25/08/2006)
Looking for Connections to James or Thomas Plunkett, my Gt.grandfather and grandfather, James was married to a Margaret and brought his family to U.K including his daughter Bridget : during the famine.

  Beck: Down, by Val Hunter (25/08/2006)
Looking for Ann Jane Beck born approx 1863

  Logan: Antrim, by kris (25/08/2006)
searching for my grandmother born Margaret Logan Sept. 24 1892 Belfast Ireland. Her parents names were William Logan and Mary Jane Conn. Kris

  Haylock: Unknown, by amelia ross (26/08/2006)

  Armstrong, Crowe, Kelso: Antrim, by Joyce White (26/08/2006)

  Ewing, Fisher, Wallace: Donegal, by Joyce White (26/08/2006)

  Armitage,Blackwell: Tipperary, by janet Hermann (26/08/2006)
My mothers grandparents came from tipparry to canada. Her great grandmother lost her husband while crossing the ocean, had her first born at sea. I think they landed in nova scocia.

  Winning: Cavan, by Leith Toll (26/08/2006)
searching for information on Robert and william Winning

  Wiggins: Cavan, by Joy Hudson (26/08/2006)
Looking for Joshua born about 1839 or his father Samuel Wiggins

  Thompson: Unknown, by mavis symonds (26/08/2006)
trying to trace my Irish Heritage, both Charles and Rhoda Thompson apparently were born in Ireland they are my g grandparents on my mothers side.

  Duffy: Monaghan, by john watson (26/08/2006)
looking for bernard duffy 1828

  Henderson: Tyrone, by Diana Medcalf (27/08/2006)
searching for death of Martha Hamilton Henderson wife of Joseph Henderson (farmer Co.Tyrone

  Davitt: Dublin, by Teresa Davitt (27/08/2006)

  Daly: Westmeath, by Daphne Cameron (27/08/2006)
My great great grandfather Joseph Daly was born approx. 1855 at Mullingar, Westmeath. His Parents were Thomas Daly and Annie Fitzsimmons. Joseph, his wife Mary and two children plus his brother Patrick, sailed to New Zealand in 1875. Any information on the Daly family appreciated.

  Hearne, Heron: Cork, by Daphne Cameron (27/08/2006)
My great great grandmother Mary Anne Hearne was born approx. 1857 at Kilkernny, County Cork and sailed to New Zealand. Any information on the Hearne family appreciated.

  Delany, Delaney: Unknown, by Daphne Cameron (27/08/2006)
My great great grandmother Annie Maria Delany was born approx. 1855 while sailing to Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Her parents were John Delany (Farmer) and Eleanor (nee McDermott) I do not know where in Ireland they came from but left Ireland due to the potato famine?? and started a new life in South Africa, later sailing on to New Zealand (approx. 1863). Any information on the Delany family appreciated.

  Cawley: Unknown, by Jean Hammond (27/08/2006)
researching Edward Cawley born 1836 in Ireland (County not known), married Ann Johnson in Manchester in 1857. Any information will be gratefully received.

  Gaffney: Unknown, by Aisling Gaffney (27/08/2006)

  Wilson: Armagh, by maureen quince (27/08/2006)

  Lyness: Armagh, by maureen quince (27/08/2006)

  Rocks, Campbell: Armagh, by Susan Hancock (28/08/2006)
Does anyone know of Rocks or Campbell families circa1820-1830, a James Rocks married a Sarah Campbell of Armagh, both RC, they had a son called Percy (later Peter) Rocks born 1839 in Armagh.

  Dermody: Kilkenny, by MRS TERESA BATE (28/08/2006)

  Worling, Worlin: Tyrone, by mark hanney (28/08/2006)

  Johnston, Wadsworth: Cavan, by Pam Richardson (28/08/2006)
Alexander Wadsworth & James Johnston of Aghaway, Larah, Co Cavan are my gt gt grandfathers

  Armstrong, Bones,Greenwood, Eaton, McKibbin,McKay: Antrim, by RAY JONES (28/08/2006)
Look forward to hearing from people with similar interests.

  Garvin, Houston, Mitchell: Londonderry, by Lyn Majury (28/08/2006)
any help is much appreciated

  McCormick McNally Magee Donovan: Antrim, by Mary Springowski (29/08/2006)
Grandmother was Mary Ethel McCormick born 1898 to Sarah McCormick. Illegitimate. Father James McCormick? Family in Randalstown, Cookstown Junction and Ballymena. Magees the family that raised her. Had a restaurant in Belfast.

  Hoey: Dublin, by JOSEPH HOEY (29/08/2006)

  Clarkin, Larkin: Cavan, by Jan Sexton (29/08/2006)
Looking for Clarkin in Lurgen, Virginia Co Cavan

  McCay: Tyrone, by Maurice Farlie (29/08/2006)

  Canty, Kingston, Toomey, Feeney: Cork, by Peter Whittam (29/08/2006)
Looking for Jeremiah Canty and Sarah Kingston

  Henry, Tormey, Queeney, Hogan: Armagh, by James Henry (29/08/2006)
any information on these names they came to the usa in or around 1833-34

  Walsh: Kerry, by Robert Walsh Fister (29/08/2006)
Need info on walsh from about in co kerry, Patrick came to usa in about 1850 and settled in central ky.

  Michael Fannon: Tullow, by Gloria Brown (29/08/2006)
Trying to trace anyone inthe Fannon family

  Cunniffe, Rabbitte: Galway, by Eliza Tordella (30/08/2006)

  Winston: Roscommon, by Eliza Tordella (30/08/2006)

  Loughron: Down, by Karen Loughron (30/08/2006)
My ancestor, James Loughron came from Newry in Co.Down in the mid 1800s to Australia. trying to trace his relatives in Ireland.

  Collins, Sheehan: Cork, by valerie collins muzio (30/08/2006)
looking for timothy &bridget collins. came to usa 1872 any info would be greatly appreciated

  Winston: Roscommon, by Eliza Tordella (31/08/2006)

  Cunniffe: Galway, by Eliza Tordella (31/08/2006)

  Rynn, McKeown, Callaghan: Leitrim, by M Peden (31/08/2006)

  Kilgarry: Unknown, by john gavin (31/08/2006)
to Lisa Howard message-mother kilgarry, aunt workman. any use?

  Culbertson: Tyrone, by Thomas Culbertson (01/09/2006)
Where would Bullaughmore, or Bullamor or Bullamore be in County Tyrone?

  Brady, Murphy, Conboy, Stafford, Rooney, Thorpe Po: Dublin, by Teresa Pearcy (02/09/2006)
Looking for any connection to my Gt Gt Grandparents Dan Brady c.1810 and Marie Murphy. Dan died in Dublin City in 1894 a widower. I have no other details on Marie Murphy. Dan and Marie had at least one child, Michael Brady who was married in Rathmines RC Chapel in 1872. Whitnesses were Michael Brady and Ellen McDermott. Does anybody else recognise any of these names? Please contact me if you do.

  Gately, Walsh, Crowhurst, Gilbraith: Roscommon, by Audrey Marie Gately-Behm (02/09/2006)
Searching for Patrick Gately born 1823 and Joseph Michael Gately,born 1852 any information will help

  Butler: Kilkenny, by anne arnold (02/09/2006)
searching for siblings and parents of James Butler, born 12Aug1838 im Kilkenny, Ireland. He married Leah Rosalia Stockham in Dyersville, Iowa in April, 1883 and died there 7Dec1923. Please e-mail me if you have info!

  Collins: Down, by Sandra L. Kieffer (03/09/2006)
B: 10/31/1811 and need to find ancestors

  Henry: Unknown, by Debbie VandeVoort (03/09/2006)
Looking for any information on Patrick Henry, born about 1842, not quite sure where, perhaps Londonderry. He married Caroline Sheldon who was born about 1848 in Tipperary. The only information I have obtained in from 1881 in Durham, England. My Grandfather, John Henry was born in Durham in 1881, but I can not find anything more on any of these people.

  Sheldon: Unknown, by Debbie VandeVoort (03/09/2006)
Looking for any information Caroline Sheldon who was born about 1848 in Tipperary. She married Patrick Henry, born in 1842. The only information I have obtained is from 1881 in Durham, England. My Grandfather, John Henry was born in Durham in 1881, but I can not find anything more on any of these people.

  Clements, Lee: Kildare, by richard (04/09/2006)
looking for records of thomas clements and mary lee

  Clements, Lee: Tyrone, by richard (04/09/2006)
looking for records of thomas clements and mary lee

  Clements, Lee: Londonderry, by richard (04/09/2006)
looking for records of thomas clements and mary lee listed on different counties as they seemed to move around before settling in kildare

  Foley: Cork, by nancy henson (06/09/2006)
anyone know of a foley who married a hayes from drimoleague

  Morley: Unknown, by Dawn (06/09/2006)
Abigail Morley born in Ireland in 1832, she married in England to a William Hudson, Abigail died arond 1857 in England, her fathers name was James Morley born around 1800.

  Allen: Cork, by jacqueline grismer (07/09/2006)
Researching William J.Allen , Julia Allen, Ellen Allen immigrated to USA in 1906/1907 from Schull

  Delaney: Kildare, by Fraser Mitchell (07/09/2006)
John Delaney D.O.B. possibly May 1860. Father, Danial Delaney,blacksmith. By 1881 John was In the Welsh Div of Royal Artillery in Pembrokeshire. Any info on siblings?

  Finn, Fisher: Tipperary, by Dale Shales (07/09/2006)
Patrick and Mary went to Australia and where married at Bathurst NSW.

  Conway: Cork, by JOHN CONWAY (07/09/2006)
Searching famility tree of John Conway born Mallow County Cork circa 1859. Married a lady called O BRIEN. They had at least 5 children, Michael, Mary, Tim, Margaret and John (my grandfather born 1890).

  Coyle, Manion: Roscommon, by Phillis T. Manning (08/09/2006)
Searching for info on Winifred Coyle Manion and Patrick Manion who migrated to the Boston area in 1849.

  Winston, Cunniffe, Lyons, ,Brennan, Rabbitte: Galway, Roscommon, Mayo, by Eliza Tordella (09/09/2006)

  Gallagher: Mayo, by juan patricio gallagher (09/09/2006)
john patrick Gallagher

  Dunn, Dunne: Cavan, by Ruth Rooney (10/09/2006)
grgrandfather Thomas Frances

  Collins: Not Known, by Myra Margaret Shields (10/09/2006)
Does anyone know of the whereabouts of any remaining relatives of Daniel Owen Collins, born in Northern Ireland and died in Birmingham in 1964 at the age of 46?

  Hickey, Hurley: Cork, by Julia (11/09/2006)
Seeking information re John Hickey b. c 1843 in Rillmene Co.Cork and Catherine HURLEY b. c1843/5 in Haireck Co.Cork.

  Rogers: Unknown, by Mary F. Kelly (11/09/2006)

  Boyle: Unknown, by Mary F. Kelly (11/09/2006)

  McElroy, Dunnavan: Unknown, by Constance Hicks (11/09/2006)
looking for Robert McElroy wife Mary Ann Hamilton migrated to Canada and had a son Robert born in Canada in 1833

  Gray, Jamison: Unknown, by Wanda Heller (12/09/2006)
trying to discover where my ggrandfather immigrated from in Ireland. He was born in 1850-1851. HIs name is Robert Jamison

  Gough: Meath, by Clare Warn (12/09/2006)
Looking for information Julia Gough born 1839, Parents Thomas Gough Julia McDonald believe they came to Australia.

  Timoney: Tyrone, by Caroline (12/09/2006)

  Collins: Cork, by Jacquelyn Collins (13/09/2006)
Last name on tree is Frank Collins and I know the family is from Cork originally and Not sure if they came to England in the potato famine

  John Molone : Cork, by James F. Malone (14/09/2006)
Looking for family with last name of MOLONE who was born around 1810-1814. He came to USA in the 1840,s & married Bridget Manion.

  Hughes: Antrim, by Gordon Hughes (15/09/2006)

  Parry: Limerick, by Miriam Saunders (15/09/2006)
looking for information about William Parry

  lindsay: Cavan, by michael lindsay (15/09/2006)
Iam trying to find my grandads roots.His name was fredrick lindsay & thats all i no.I would like to no more about him.Iam the only one to keep the Lindsay name going here in grandfather left his buitifull ireland and came to liverpool.Why?

  Freeberne: Unknown, by Mandy Barnes (15/09/2006)
Hi, My fathers name was Freeberne and I believe his father came over to England from Ireland. My fater died two years ago and trying to trace his relatives. I believe my father also had a son before he married my mother it is my aim to find this son.

  Bates, Lowry : Tyrone, by Mary Mailler (15/09/2006)
Interested in exchanging with any descendant related to these families.

  Levingston: Dublin, by Peter Whitehead (17/09/2006)
looking for a marriage, which would of taken place in and around the early 1800s. Richard Levingston married Ann (maiden surname unknown). The marriage could of possibly taken place in Dublin.

  Higgins, Donnelly, Comer: Mayo, by Patricia Berry (17/09/2006)
trying to find information on James Higgins Born 1870-1875 He had a sister Ann born around 1864. I think they both emigrated to Haslingden England prior to 1891. Mary Ellen Donnelly emigrated to Liverpool prior to 1898 and she married a Thomas Comer of Prescot Lancashire in 1898 and had a daughter Margaret in 1899 and son William in 1900. William went back to Ireland and died in 1986 in Ballyvary Co Mayo. Thomas Comer died in 1900. Then Mary Ellen Comer married James Higgins in 1902 in Prescot Lancashire. They became my grandparents. Any information on these families would be appreciated.

  De Botte: Dublin, by bridget de botte (17/09/2006)
any info on the surname de botte

  Brennan: Dublin, by henry brennan (18/09/2006)

  Moran: Leitrim, by Rosemary Moran (18/09/2006)

  Stevenson: Tyrone, by carol (19/09/2006)
searching for family members of James and Jane stevenson who resided @ 15 ohio street, County Tyrone in 1911.

  Mc Alister, Barrett, Coulter, Hanna: Down, by Betsy Harper (20/09/2006)

  Dixon, Dixie: Wexford, by Thomasina Kellythorn (20/09/2006)
Looking for any information on any Dixon or Dixie of Gorey Co Wexford.

  McCamley, Haughey, Murray, Trodden, McCauley: Down, by Kim Talbot (20/09/2006)
Please contact me you link into any of the names. McCamley is in Newry and Haughey is in Aughagon

  Ross: Galway, by Joanna Smith (21/09/2006)
Looking for parents of Hamilton Ross, born 7 Sept. 1775, in Galway.

  Keappock, Clarke: Cavan, by Patricia Smith (21/09/2006)
Could Mary F Kelly, John Clark, Peter Morey Gred Rodgers please contact me re Clark, Rogers research

  Lawlor: Limerick, by coleen Ann Scalesi (22/09/2006)
Grandfather-William Lawlor married-Molly Callahan, had 10 or 11 children, including my father Kevin, born 1921

  Montgomery: Galway, by Janice Oliver (22/09/2006)
Searching info on my Great grandmother.

  Gault, Cunningham, Boyle, McCarthy: Antrim, by dawn bird (23/09/2006)
all moved to australia

  McGinnis: Unknown, by Joan McGinnis Brooking (23/09/2006)
Although we know our family came from Ireland, we have no written proof, of a county, etc... The earliest name I have is Joseph McGinnis 1793-1858 but no birth place. Their son Jonathan Beal , born 11-25-1822 in Crawfordsville, Indianna, USA. this is our earliest record. Brothers came from Ireland but no written proof or names.

  McKinzie, McClure-Norman: Unknown, by Dawn (24/09/2006)
trying to research my family history and these two names I dont have much information on

  Kane: Unknown, by JOYCE JOHNSON (24/09/2006)

  Forest, Forrest: Unknown, by kay rimmington (25/09/2006)
my 4x grandad was born in ireland in 1811 found him on 1841 census in sheffield england so he moved here before my 3x granddad was born in 1838 dont know where he was born.

  Maginnis: Armagh, by malcolm maginnis (25/09/2006)
details of family

  Reilly, O Reilly, Bannon, Sullivan, Motherway: Cavan, by Timothy Reilly (25/09/2006)
Francis O Reilly and Catherine Bannon wed in Kildallan Parish area approximately 1864-65, Mary Anna b. 18656, Francis b. 1869, Charles 1870 and my g.g.da Owen in 1873, looking for any info on all mentioned

  Farrell: Antrim, by Lindsay Johnstone (25/09/2006)
Looking for info any either Thomas Farrell born c1853/54 or his father John Farrell born c1800 - 1830ish and married a Margaret McGowan.

  Holland: Dublin, by John Holland (25/09/2006)
Searching for information on my great grand father John Holland born in Dublin in the 1850s

  Keilty: antrim&down, by patricia (26/09/2006)
patrick born 1878 any info

  Murphy, Donohoe, Shevlan: Mayo, by Anne Sachs (26/09/2006)
researching Murphys and Shevlans of Cloontakilla, Donohoes ofBlack Sod Bay

  Lundy, Clarke: Armagh, by Audrey Austin (27/09/2006)

  Mead: Down, by Warren Stoddart (27/09/2006)
researching Kathleen Mead, could be variations in spelling. Info tells me that she was born Balmacara County Down circa 1890. No parents names available. She married Harold Louis Donergani.

  Kirkpatrick ,Wallace,Leitch: Antrim, by Wallace James Kirkpatrick (27/09/2006)
My GGG Grandparents were John Kirkpatrick and Jane Wallace .Looking for ancestral family members i.e siblings ,parents etc.Also looking for the family of Margaret (Peggy) Leitch who married John and Janes son John.

  Pickering, O Hare, Murphy, Obrien: Armagh, by Ann Marie Perry (27/09/2006)
James Pickering married Mary OBrien assumed in Armagh, date Feb 6th 1856, but location unknown. He was born in England and settled in Mullaghbrack, Armagh around 1864. any information on this family and decendants would be appreciated. Catherine OHare nee Murphy born in Tullyvallen near Newtownhamiltion, married in Crossmaglen. Lived in liverpool and returned to Aughencurk after husband John OHare died around 1901.

  Kean, Doyle,O Kane, Kane, McArdle: Down, by mary cuthbertson (27/09/2006)
looking for any family with regard to the surnames.The towns they lived in wereNewry,Greencastle,Magherafelt and Either Castlebellingham orCastleblayney.

  Horan: Mayo, by sally dillon (27/09/2006)
patrick was born in mayo1840-41 to michael horan and winifred?

  Brett: Dublin, by Michael Thompson (27/09/2006)

  Linn/Lynn, McQuade, McQuaid, Smith, Barr, Madden: Tyrone, by Elizabeth McQuade (27/09/2006)
Barnard and Terence Linn from Shanmaghry, Co tyrone

  Linn/Lynn, McQuade, McQuaid, Smith, Barr, Madden: Monaghan, by Elizabeth McQuade (27/09/2006)
Michael McQuade/McQuaid and Janet Dixon, Thomas McQuade and Mary Bruce

  Linn/Lynn, McQuade, McQuaid, Smith, Barr, Madden: Down, by Elizabeth McQuade (27/09/2006)
John Smith and Margaret McCartan left Co Dowin c1820 with children, John, Patrick, Sarah.

  Linn/Lynn, McQuade, McQuaid, Smith, Barr, Madden: Derry, by Elizabeth McQuade (27/09/2006)
James Barr, Master Butcher daughter Cecilia married John Deignan c1889

  Swinell, Wilgar: Belfast, by Karen Jones (28/09/2006)
looking for Frank Robert Swindell and Elizabeth Wilgar

  Wallace, Wilson: Antrim, by dorothy sabin (28/09/2006)
hugh wallace margaret wilson left Ireland about 1872

  Barron: Donegal, by margaret putland (28/09/2006)
edward hugh barron

  McKendrick: Donegal, by Shirley Butler (28/09/2006)
searching for the Birth of Elizabeth McKendrick B C1827 in Letterkenny also a brother Thomas B C1829 Parents George and Esther (Park) McKendrick. Esther may have been born in Donegal C1800 Parents George & Margaret Later went to Paisley Renfrewshire

  Park: Donegal, by Shirley Butler (28/09/2006)
Searching birth Esther Park BC1800 Parents George & Margaret Park any information Esther married a George McKendrick C1825 Later went to Paisley Renfrew Scotland

  Pender, Donnelly: Wexford, by Elizabeth Perrott (28/09/2006)
Trying to locate details of greatgrandparents born in Wexford but loved to Liverpool 1870/80s

  Mackin, McGagy: Dublin, by Sylvia Anna Petrie (28/09/2006)
trying to fin d the marriage of the above circa1840

  Scully, Daily, Daly: Cork, by Tracey Jones (28/09/2006)
Searching for Jeremiah Scully, Ellen Dailys parents. Jeremiah & Ellen left Ireland abt 1848 with their sons Dennis & Patrick for St Helier, Jersey. Cannot find their deaths in Jersey, would like to find their parents. If anyone can help.

  Farrell: Armagh, by Linda Graham (28/09/2006)
Looking for ancestors of Jane Frances farrell born in Keady 1895

  Brice, St. Leger: Dublin, by Mary Richardson (28/09/2006)
Thomas BRICE m. Honora ST. LEGER, probably in Dublin, and emigrated to USA in 1804.

  Mccoubrey: Down, by Peter MacCoubrey (28/09/2006)
Looking for any McCoubrey from any County

  Cronin: Cork, by Val Hunter (28/09/2006)
Looking for Daniel Cronin (farmer) and daughter Honoria Cronin b 1841/3 both from Cork, she travelled to England with a military family sometime around 1860, her employer, the captain, got her pregnant and then threw her out, she ended in the House of Charity in London, her child being put into a Boys Refuge. I need to find her Irish roots

  Burke: Roscommon, by Thomas Burke (28/09/2006)
John Burke born 1840. His fathers name was Patrick Burke

  Durney: Wexford, by Thomas Burke (28/09/2006)
Ann Durney born in Gorey. Fathers name was Patrick Durney

  Warren: Dublin, by Kevin Noble (29/09/2006)
Philip Warren born Dublin about 1807

  McCay: Tyrone, by Maurice Farlie (29/09/2006)
My tree has plenty of gaps.

  Hannah: Unknown, by Debbie Flynn (29/09/2006)
William HANNAH b.1773 brickwall. Married in Isle of Man in 1811 and stayed there until his death but cannot trace siblings/parents/exact date of birth or where he was from....

  Lowry, Bates, Campbell, Duncan: Tyrone, by Mary Mailler (30/09/2006)
Seeking descendants of these family from Donemanagh, Drogheada Parish 2nd Presbyterian.

  McKernan, Rooney, Cummings: Tyrone, by Siobhan Broomfield (30/09/2006)
From Coalisland / Pomeroy area

  Kerr, McConnell: Donegal, by Jean Brewer (30/09/2006)
This couple left Ireland about 1880

  Stewart, Morrison, Irwin, : Londonderry, by Maureen Stewart (30/09/2006)
Any info please, farmers in Dungiven/Bovevagh Areas

  Cox: Fermanagh, by Maureen Stewart (30/09/2006)

  Paterson, Patterson, Singleton: Armagh, by Sheena Bradshaw (01/10/2006)
Elizabeth Singleton m Thomas Paterson, Lurgan 1858

  Ryan, OBrien, Butler: Tipperary, by Leonie Fromhold (02/10/2006)
researching family history of Timothy Martin Ryan, married to Katherine OBrien. They had one son, died young & 3 or 4 daughters, who were sent to Australia, passage paid, by a cousin, John Butler, after the death of Timothy and Katherine.

  McCarthy: Unknown, by kathmoon (02/10/2006)
Searching for origins of Margaret McCarthy, born c1828. Had moved to Kent, England by 1849 when married John Loveck/Lovick

  Lovick: Unknown, by kathmoon (02/10/2006)
Searching for birth of Ann Lovick born c1867. Parents John Lovick and Margaret, nee McCarthy also born Ireland. By 1881 was living in Kent, England. Possibly married James Malkin in 1892

  Mullen, Kelly: Dublin, by Malcolm Hipple (02/10/2006)
My grandmother was Sophia Elizabeth Mullen, daughter of James Mullen and Mary Kelly. She was born in 1864 in Dublin and married at St Mary church Dublin in 1887.

  Stewart: Armagh, by Heather Pegg (03/10/2006)
Im trying to find parents of william stewart born 1800 to1820

  Quinn, Fitzpatrick, Maxwell: Tyrone, by Evelyn Coutts (03/10/2006)
Looking for great-great grandparents Mary Quinn nee Fitzpatrick dob circa 1830 and John Quinn from Londonderry dob circa 1830

  Lawlor, Lawler: Kilkenny, by Theresa Lawlor (03/10/2006)

  Kelly: Leitrim, by Theresa Lawlor (03/10/2006)

  Sands, Ginty, Conway: Ireland, by janet hall (03/10/2006)
Tracing the above names but do not know what part of Ireland

  Mcdermott, Rourke, Loughran: Dublin, by ursula harold (04/10/2006)
Mainly interested in Loughrans who went to Carlisle in Cumbria aound 1860s

  Riordan: Cork, by Ann Twite (04/10/2006)
Timothy John born about 1831 to John, a house plasterer of Cork City. Timothy was apprenticed to his uncle Timothy, a carpenter, in 1848 but was in London by 1851 and married to Jane Bignall by 1854.

  Whelan: Cobh, by Arlene McGann (04/10/2006)
Great Grandfather born Cobh approx 1844, pilot, son John Whelan born 1871, married 1917 to Ellen Mahony

  Hanratty, Henretty, Daly: Offaly, by norman parr (04/10/2006)
john henretty?(born co meath abt 1831 ) married catherine daly (born abt 1836) 1854 tullamore kinks county.would like any info about either especially johns father micheal,bothwere poicemen?

  Delaney, Cunningham: Unknown, by norman parr (04/10/2006)
charles delaney ist wife mary cunningham ended up in jarrow co durham, any info please.

  Carson: Cavan, by susan carson (05/10/2006)
william carson born 1821 any relatives

  Lundy, Clarke: Armagh, by Audrey Austin (05/10/2006)
parents children

  Moynihan: Cork, by priscilla Moynihan (05/10/2006)
Looking for Bart or Batt Moynihan whose son Timothy married a Teresa Mahoney.

  Keeney, McNeils: Donegal, by Sarah Pacey (05/10/2006)
Anyone aware of any of these names?

  Rainey: Lisbon, by Jean Wilson (05/10/2006)
grandpa was william/twin/walter/

  Duffy: Monaghan, by john watson (05/10/2006)
any duffys or hoppers

  O Hara: Antrim, by Linda Chapman (06/10/2006)
Trying to trace John O Hara 1800 s

  Campbell: Tyrone, by Anthony Edward Lunn (06/10/2006)
Im looking for Edward Campbell and family his son Francis was born in Tyrone 1841/42 and married mary finlay and resided in Consett Co. Durham England and Died in Darlington Co. Durham

  Rainey: Lisbon, by Jean Wilson (06/10/2006)
william&walter any information on their parents as they would be my great grandparents,walter emigrated to america from belfast app 1914

  Riley: Dublin, by Lois Hopkins (06/10/2006)
James Riley 1808

  Mclaughlin, Doherty: Donegal, by John Mclaughlin (06/10/2006)
Searching For Relations in Malin

  Gordon, McAskie, Fyffe, Orr: Tyrone, by simone parkinson (06/10/2006)
major brick wall tracing the Gordon part of this family line. Bogged down at David Gordon, b. abt 1770. Daughter Betty was heir to Whitehouse, Castlederg, Tyrone

  Matchett, Mayes: Antrim, by Ruth Evans (07/10/2006)
My grandmother, Sarah Matchett, was born in Belfast in 1899, parents William Matchett and Elizabeth Mayes. I believe Elizabeth came from Aghalee and worked as a ladys maid. The family moved to England in 1901 and never spoke of their families left in Ireland. Any information would be most welcome.

  Jenkinson: Sligo, by D Sankey (07/10/2006)
Jenkinson Co Sligo. Believed to be Gulielmus otherwise William born about 1842 Wife Thyrza born about 1842. Daughter Thyrza went to Nottingham England married Henry Godward.

  Whan, Quinn, Mallon: Tyrone, by Joan Hansell (08/10/2006)

  Campbell: Ulster, by Brian Campbell (09/10/2006)
any information on Patrick and isobel Campbell my grandparents whom had three boys one my father Thomas

  McVicker: Antrim, by gaye ryan (09/10/2006)
My grandfather, Hugh Alexander McVicker, born 15.6.1868 at Bushmills, migrated to Australia late 1800s he possibly had 3 siblings, Robert Mary and Samuel, any info appreciated.

  McNamee: Louth, by Ian Reid (09/10/2006)
William McNamee married 1854 Dundalk

  McGivney: Cavan, by Joanne Brentari (09/10/2006)
searching for information on Patrick McGivney and Mary Ann (Kane) McGivney. He was the son of John and Bridget and she was the daughter of Patrick and Bridget Kane. Patrick McGivney was born in County Cavan in 1824 and died in Pennsylvania, USA, in 1893. Mary Ann was born in 1832 and also died in 1893. They were my gggrandparents.

  Moran: Clare, by Tracie Burns (10/10/2006)
looking for any information on Thomas Moran born abt 1833 Clare. He died Australia 1919 and had been 64 years. I assume that means he left Ireland abt1855. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  Corey: Tyronne, by maria nieman (10/10/2006)
james and margaret corey

  Smyth, Farrington: Dublin, by Debra Stone (10/10/2006)
William Smyth married Elizabeth Farrington lived at Breffni, Dalkey circa 1890

  Boyce, Neville, Mountcashel: Cork, by Frances Newberry (10/10/2006)

  Casey, Tiernan, Landers: Louth, by ann ferguson (10/10/2006)
Any information on Patrick Casey or wife Ann Tiernan both born about 1850 Patricks Father is Hugh Casey mother Judith Landers

  Reid: Offaly, by June doherty (11/10/2006)
gurtavalley shinrone

  Tinney: Unknown, by morag mccallum (12/10/2006)
where is stranorla

  Quinn: Unknown, by carolyn parent dubois (12/10/2006)
looking for irish towns with owen and margaret quinn

  Castles, Black: Armagh, by Rodney Castles (12/10/2006)
Hoping for info on both above, believe born around 1910.

  Cosgrave: Dublin, by karen johnson (12/10/2006)
looking for my dad, thomas joseph cosgrave,

  Casey, Linfoot: Tipperary, by pauline millward (14/10/2006)
looking for any connection to William Pa trick Casey & Georgina Linfoot of Tipperary. I know of one daughter Mary Ellen Casey who came to England, settled inKingston upon Hull and married here. It is her parents interested in and any information would be most helpfull. Mary Ellen was born in 1887 but that is the only information I have on dates.

  Horne, Horan, Reilly: Galway, by mary green (14/10/2006)
looking for the family of mary horne b 1855 ballinasloe

  Field: Cork, by rebecca lock (15/10/2006)
William Field b. 1831 Cork s/o James Field - may have sisters Margaret/Mary ? Married in Chepstow, Wales 1850s to Selina Davis

  Donohoe, Behan: Dublin, by bill coburn (15/10/2006)
date and place of marr.of thomas donohoe to margaret behan

  Roche, Hannigan: Mayo, by anne williams (16/10/2006)
Thomas Roche /Roach b c 1849 Mayo son of Mark Roach, and Mary Hannigan daughter of James and Dora Hannigan b c 1854 Mayo. Any info welcomed.

  Farren: Donegal, by Mike (16/10/2006)
searching for the Farren family roots in Donegal. I had grandparents James and Mary from Shrove near Greencastle and Moville. They lived from around 1900 until the 80s. Their parents were called John and Elizebeth though I dont know where they were from or lived. The family still live in Shrove today.

  Mitchel, Mitchell: Down, by Eileen Smith (16/10/2006)
Trying to trace relatives.

  Hesse, Hess: Wexford, by Helen Hesse (16/10/2006)
Trying to gather some info about the HESSES of Old Ross county Wexford.

  Hopkins, Burke: Galway, by Patricia Willcox (17/10/2006)
Bridget Hopkins, dau of Thomas Hopkins (a butcher) and Bridget Moore born about 1836 born in Dunmore, Galway, although on Immigration papers states native place and county to be Kilcudden, Galway. Is there a village, town or area called Kilcudden?

  Shore: Dublin, by Bronwyn Langridge (18/10/2006)
Francis Arundel Shore Thomas Robert Shore Anna Maria Shore Mary Thomasina Shore Thomas Robert Silver Shore Marian Elizabeth Shore Caroline Frances Shore Thomas Teignmouth Shore all these people are connected to us

  Herbert: Dublin, by Bronwyn Langridge (18/10/2006)
Henry Moncton Herbert and Jane Barlow married in Dublin in 1804 any info about these two p[eople would be very nice

  Healy, Morooney: Cork, by Timothy Healy (18/10/2006)
Researching Healy,Youghal area, 1840s

  Quigley: Unknown, by james david quigley (19/10/2006)
info where my grandad was born.-named edward patrick quigley in about1872

  Council, Counsell: Dublin, by jill parrish (19/10/2006)
searching for any information about my ggrandfather John Council b1808 Ballinalea .In 1825 he joined army and in 1849 he left army and lived in Maidstone Kent.Iwould love to find any information about his family .

  Council, Counsell: Wicklow, by jill parrish (19/10/2006)
Looking for information about my gggrandfather John Council who was b 1808 Ballinalea .He joined army in 1825 and left it in 1849 when he then lived in Maidstone Kent.

  Fox: Dublin, by jill parrish (19/10/2006)
tryng to find some information about my ggggrandparents b c1790 his name was Owen.they then moved to Wales by 1827 and lived in Brecon and Bedwelty,where he was a Tinplate Worker

  Holland: Cork, by michael hopley (19/10/2006)
john born 1846 father thomas any info

  Orr, Haughey: Down, by Linda McBirnie (19/10/2006)
My grandfathers and Great granparents who emigrated to Glasgow

  Gilmore: Antrim, by Stephen Horner (20/10/2006)
trying to find informationon JANE GILMORE & her parents etc. born at CARRICKFERGUS 1861-1863

  Toal, Toole: Mayo or Down, by Christina (20/10/2006)
I have located Patrick Toal born 1863-66 moved to Liverpool around 1881 and married an Irish girl named Bridget Hannaway. Keen to find rest of Toal family.

  Murphy, Ward: Dublin, by katrina ryan (20/10/2006)

  Foster: Cavan, by Rachel (21/10/2006)
Am researching Thomas Foster born 1842 and his parents James and Jane. If anyone has any information about them, their marriage or parents, please contact me.

  Pollard, Lawless, Brady, Conboy, Murphy, Staford: Dublin, by Teresa Pearcy (21/10/2006)
Looking for anybody connected to my Gt GT Grandfather Thomas J Pollard, a Contractor, living at 18 Bolton St Dublin in 1880, 1884 and 1891. Prior to that , number 20 and 10. My Grandfather James Pollard was born at no. 18 in 1889.

  Clinton: Dublin, by mary (21/10/2006)

  Raftery: Mayo, by Alicia Cole-Hunter (21/10/2006)
Looking for decendents of Antony Raftery, I am, are you?

  Stack, Lane: Cork, Limerick, by Vicki Russell (22/10/2006)
Searching for John Stack and William Lane

  Kirk: Kildare, by Kathleen Perina (22/10/2006)
Catherine Kirk b.1823c moved to Manchester area 1840and married George Barden in 1845 Ashton

  Barrett: Sligo, by Kathleen Perina (22/10/2006)
Thomas, b 1827, married in Holywell, to Celia Murphy b Mayo

  Norman, Saunders: Kilkenny, by Shelly Brown (23/10/2006)
Patrick Norman & Elizabeth Norman daughter Catherine went to America, all the rest of her family went to Australia

  Hoban: GALWAY, by PATRICK CAIRNS (23/10/2006)

  Rountree, Doherty: Armagh, by helen manson (23/10/2006)
trying to find my GGGrandparents Ann Doherty born 1851 she married a Henry Rountree born 1850 dates for marriage given were 15/2/1868 5/12/1867 and 5/12/1868 they said they were married in Kildalton.I believe Anns Parents were John Doherty and Sarah Neilson. Henrys parents were William Rountree and Mary Cori. Ann and Henry left Ireland and moved to Glasgow sometime around 1870 does anyone recognise this family

  McNamara: Mayo, by john mcnamara (24/10/2006)
I wish to rearch McNamara`a from Co Mayo

  Collins: Monaghan, by Lynn Carter (24/10/2006)

  Bonnie, Bonney: Dublin, by tina bonnie (24/10/2006)

  Welch, Murtaugh: Meath, by Rita Henderson (25/10/2006)
searching for any information on Thomas Murtaugh b. abt1811 and Bridget Welch b. abt1815 in Meath, Ireland

  Fitzgerald: Navaan, by Carol Ann Fitzgerald (25/10/2006)
My Uncle Jimmy, where are you?

  Donohoe: Meath, by Bill Coburn (25/10/2006)
Place and date of birth,poss.1892,of Thomas Donohoe.Parents Thomas Donohoe/Mary Coughlin.

  McGaughy: Armagh, by Sylvia Anna Petrie (26/10/2006)

  Mackin, McGaughy: Down, by Sylvia Anna Petrie (26/10/2006)
looking for the birth reord og their son John c 1840/1

  Mackin, McGaughy: Tyrone, by Sylvia Anna Petrie (26/10/2006)
looking for the birth reord og their son John c 1840/1

  Mackin, McGaughy: Fermanagh, by Sylvia Anna Petrie (26/10/2006)
looking for the birth reord of their son John c 1840/1

  Mackin, McGaughy: Antrim, by Sylvia Anna Petrie (26/10/2006)
looking for the birth reord of their son John c 1840/1

  Mackin, McGaughy: Down, by Sylvia Anna Petrie (26/10/2006)
looking for the birth reord of their son John c 1840/1

  Killrow: Roscommon, by val green (26/10/2006)
looking for info on Patrick Killrow, farmer born around 1800 i think, had a son William Patrick Killrow born in 1830 who in 1857 married Mary Ann Martin, know they went to London but not sure when!!

  Kirkwood, Giblin, Coffle: Down, by veronica st hilaire (27/10/2006)
any information on the names mentioned would be greatly appreciated, all 3 families originate from county down but ended up in england whitehaven and durham areas.

  Daly: Dublin, by rachel cooch (27/10/2006)
Researching James Daly, who lived at 1 Wood street, Dublin South in 1915. also his wife mary nee kempson.

  Watters: Armagh, by YVETTE EAST (28/10/2006)

  Courtney, Agnew, Callen: Armagh, by Jimmy Courtney (28/10/2006)
Any information on Courtney or Agnew in Armagh welcome

  McGinlay: Antrim, by pauline bradford (28/10/2006)
searching for mcginlay familys in antrim

  Leitch: Antrim, by pauline bradford (28/10/2006)
searching for leitch family in antrim

  Granleese : Fermanagh, by Betty Meurant (29/10/2006)
My grandmothers maiden name.

  Boulger: Dublin, by darren boulger (29/10/2006)
looking for any information about my great great great grandfather Thomas Boulger. he married Marry Anne Fox and lived in Dublin,D.O.B +D.O.D unknown for both ,or when they married. They had a son Patrick Andrew Boulger D.O.B 26/11/1885 Dublin who moved to Glasgow Scotland then to Australia.It is unknown if Thomas had any other children.

  Canney, Laughlan: Donegal, by Isabel Brown (29/10/2006)
John and Margaret had a son Samuel abt 1842. All b Ireland.

  Mulcahy, Holohan: Tipperary, by David Holohan (29/10/2006)
interested to search for Mulcahys who live in the area of Clogheen, Co Tipperary. I also have an ancestor, Michael Joseph Holohan who lived in Sydenham, London during the 1930s and had a son, Michael James Holohan, b. 1932, born to Mary Mulcahy, b. circa 1908.

  Dunne : Tipperary, by Kathryn Porter (30/10/2006)
looking for thomas Dunne born cira. 1869 Clonmel left for america cira. 1897

  Mahony, Mahoney: Cork, by kathryn porter (30/10/2006)
Looking for grandmother born about 1903 first name kathleen (Kitty)

  Mccann: Unknown, by pamela dale (30/10/2006)
Hi all Iam looking for a Samuel McCann born abt 1811/12 moved to Liverpool in the early 1850s.He may be from the Warrenpoint area and was a ships watchman he married to Ellen [no surname]they had 5 children william, eleanor,john,sarah,and james all born in liverpool.

  Healy, Scanlan: Cork, by Timothy Healy (31/10/2006)
Anyone researching Healy family from the Youghal area.My connection:Patrick Healy-Son,Michael John Healy,b about 1847.Michael migrated to London where he married Honora Hannah Scanlan in 1866 at St Georges,Southwark.

  Denford, King: Cork, by Shirley James (01/11/2006)
George Emanuel DENFORD and Mary Grace KING living at Ardravinna near Skull early 1900 until 1930

  Ellis: Clare, by Paul Ellis (01/11/2006)
Info on Charles Patrick Ellis born about 1858 in Clare. His Father Richard Ellis Exciseman died before 1896. Might have been near Cliffs of Moher. Not much to go on with but that is all I have.

  Scraggs: Unknown, by sandra smith (01/11/2006)

  Guynan, Guinan: Dublin, by Maureen Patricia Winter (01/11/2006)
searching for Thomas Albert Guynan or Guinan born approx 1866, supposedly in Dublin area.

  Jennings: Down, by faye wilson (02/11/2006)
trying to find frederick jennings born around 1930 and moved to england and worked for BT as an engineer in the birmingham area , had a sister that lived in erdington birmingham and had up to 1968 4 boys and 1 daughter, please assist as he is my natural father.

  McGonigal, Higgins, : Donegal, by Nancy McGonigal (02/11/2006)
Searching for anything regarding the surname McGonigal

  Kenmuir, Curran, McIntyre: Down, by Aaron McIntyre (02/11/2006)
Anyone with information for any of the above surnames in the Lisburn area or County Down or Antrim please contact me. very interested in one Alexander Kenmuir who opened a clock shop at 38 Market Square Lisburn c1845, any info would be much appreicated

  McAree: Antrim/Belfast, by bill day (02/11/2006)
Am Reseaching my Grandfather John McAree (1880) History

  Ahearn /Hickey: Cork, by Timothy W Ahearn (02/11/2006)
Prior to 1907, the couple were photographed in Fermoy in the P.Stritch studio.

  Menah: Antrim, by Peter Coates (02/11/2006)
looking for a James Menah (surname may be slightly different) a Carter who had a son Joseph in 1859. Joseph went to England in the 1890s

  Mullen, McKinley, Murphy, Clarke: Armagh, by Eileen Busby (02/11/2006)
Looking for Thomas Mullen & Ann McKinley in Armagh and John Murphy and Elizabeth Clarke in County Down

  Pollard, Quigley, Lawless: Dublin, by Teresa Pearcy (02/11/2006)
Thomas and Mary (nee Quigley) Pollard had the following children born in Dublin, Ireland. Mary Anne 1864, Mary Bridget 1866, Thomas Richard 1867, William Francis 1870, Michael Stephen 1871, and my Gt Grandfather, Joseph c.1865. Are they your relatives too? Teresa

  Hughes, Agnew: Armagh, by Barbara Henshall (03/11/2006)
Hoping to find info on my great grandpartents Thomas Hughes and Margaret Agnew.

  Burns: Carlow, by sheila adderley (03/11/2006)
researching family of andrew burns b county carlow 1835,wife bridget b 1840 children john-sarah-ellen b in ireland mary james margaret b in liverpool

  Stewart: Antrim, by Verne R. Horton (03/11/2006)
Seeking info re Alexander Stewart - DOB 1675 - Ballymena

  McCarter, Rodgers: Londonderry, by Pat Russell (03/11/2006)
Alexander McCarter born Tirbracken

  Rodgers, McCarter: Londonderry, by Pat Russell (03/11/2006)
Mary Ann Carrigans is on the marriage certificate

  McMurtry, Patton, Rankin: Antrim, by Susan Walker (04/11/2006)
Seeking info about these families

  Connolly, Zehender: Dublin, by John Connolly (04/11/2006)
Looking for information reguarding a John C Connolly and Connolly the Brewer in Dublin. John Philip was in Liverpool, England around 1844. He was born about 1830. His father, John C. Connolly, married Anna Maria Jane Zehender from France. Dont know where or when. I assume they were in Ireland.

  Hardy, Moody: Louth, by donald hardie (04/11/2006)
looking for these gggrandparents for 5 years with no luck

  Maurice Dempsey: Wexford, Carlow, by Thomas H. Dempsey, Jr. (04/11/2006)
I believe he was killed in the 1798 uprising

  McKeague, Wiley: Cavan, by Neva McKeague (05/11/2006)

  Waters, Watters: Carlow, by vivienne watson (05/11/2006)
Information on Owen Waters, Kilcloney

  Rourke, O Rourke: Wexford, by Anne Flack (05/11/2006)
My gt.grandfather, Patrick Rourke was married in Wexford Town but i cannot find his birth in the Wexford register. He was a butcher by trade, as was his father Mark and uncle Edward. Mark and Edward are shown in Griffiths Valuation, in the parish of St Iberious in Wexford town. I belive this is the slaughter house they had off Main Street. Any information as to where they lived prior to Wexford Town would be very helpful. Anne

  Fletcher, Butterworth, Shean: Cork, by Jane Shean (05/11/2006)

  Kennedy, Conroy: Wexford, by elsie (05/11/2006)

  Collins: Cork, by Helen Neill (05/11/2006)
Timothy Collins born 1844 in Abbeystrowey near Skibbereen, married Catherine Chandler from Donegal

  Costello, Shankey, McClintock, McGrady, Payne: Dublin, by carla swisher (05/11/2006)

  McGrath: Limerick, by Janette McGrath (06/11/2006)

  Dennis, Journey: Unknown, by Cathy Elder (06/11/2006)

  Callahan: Cork, by Mary Palmer (06/11/2006)
Looking for John or William Callahan or Callaghan between 1869 & 1900

  Burke: Kerry, by GLORIA THIENEL (06/11/2006)
JACK BURKE THE IRISH LADany information please on the famous bare knuckle fighter my gg uncle. Born Killarny Sept 10th 1861

  Veacock, Morgan, : Laois, by Kate Sigrist (06/11/2006)
Lived in Durrow, emigrated to England about 1851

  Nugent, Quigley, Murphy, Toal, Mackin: Armagh, by Helen Belcher (06/11/2006)
Looking for information on Nugents & Quigleys from Tandragee. Also Toals & Mackins from Tandragee. Possibly Murphys, too - or from Scotland.

  Aston: Dublin, by Sharon Dunn (08/11/2006)
Looking for James Aston birth date. Born in Dublin around 1824

  McGaw: Down, by jane quinn (08/11/2006)
searching for john and his brother james(jim)any info on them john my great grandad who left ireland ended up in liverpool until his death in 1921 but came from newry??

  Moore: Unknown, by peter floyd (09/11/2006)
looking for marriage of Patience Moore and Henry Floyd circa 1862 Ireland

  Brett: Unknown, by colin brett (09/11/2006)
looking for details of nicholas brett born 1799 ireland married to catherine born 1815 had 4 sons patrick 1838 james 1839 john 1841 nicholas 1846 all six came to nottingham between 1836 to 1850

  Wallace, McAteer, Lucas, Turbitt: Tyrone, by Aileen Maxwell (09/11/2006)
Researching Wallace family from Pomeroy, McAteer & Lucas from Dungannon, Turbitt from Eglish.

  Linskey: Unknown, by Robert L. Irby (10/11/2006)
Born 1830, county unknown

  McTeague, Montague: Londonderry, by TRACI MONTAGUE (10/11/2006)

  hartnett, : Cork, by edward ashton (10/11/2006)
parents of mary hartnett who married thomas ashton at st anns church shandon cork 1st may 1872

  Weymes, Wymes, Wymbs, Wyms, Wemyss: Sligo, by Miceal de BHUIMH (10/11/2006)
Any information on the above in Ireland

  Jinright: Unknown, by kelly jinright (11/11/2006)

  Morrisson: Cavan, by lorraine Rowe (11/11/2006)
looking for John Morrisson c1840

  Lovett, Austin, Jones, McDuff, Duggan: Kerry, by Siobhan austin (11/11/2006)

  Rooney, McSharry: Sligo, by Anne Davies (11/11/2006)
Any information on Patrick Rononey or Mary McSharry of Ballintrillick.

  McNickle: Tyrone, by Jerome C. McNichol (11/11/2006)
Looking for Patrick & Mary McNickle

  Stephenson, Andrew: Unknown, by Barbara McCormick-Grassa (12/11/2006)
Born 1829

  Davison, Davidson, Irwin: Armagh, by Judy Davison (12/11/2006)
William, Robert, Sarah Davison sailed from Liverpool to NYC Nov 1849; settled Sandy Creek Twp., Mercer Co PA. Came from Co Armagh. Seeking info aso re Robert Irwin family of Co Armagh.

  John Lambley: Unknown, by Ray King (12/11/2006)
John Lambley born c1806. any info re Lambley name.

  Mugford, Wayt, Humphreys, McConnell: Dublin, by Alison Toivonen (13/11/2006)
Looking for information on the family of Violet Mugford who married Frederic Montague E Humphreys April 1914 in Drumcondra. She had 2 sons Frederic W & Donald.

  Daly: Cork, by Ms. Mary-Alice Bortz (13/11/2006)

  Bracken, Murphy: Down, by Maureen Bracken (15/11/2006)
Any relations of Anna Murphy from Warrenpoint area born 1909 or Eugene Bracken born 1911

  McAndrew: Unknown, by Charlene Rousseau (15/11/2006)
searching for ancestor information pertaining to a Thomas McAndrew. Born 1854 in Ireland. He immigrated to the US in 1874 and married Bridget Gerrity in 1880. They resided in Scranton Pennsylvania according to the 1900 US census. Any information regarding his ancestors would be very helpful and appreciated.

  Mc Mahon, O Brien, Gavin: Clare, by Patti Martin (16/11/2006)
looking for parents of William Gavin died 1834 Fishers Gate, married Alicia O brien 1815 in Cork.any info about his family before this time much appreciated.

  Purcell: Kings, by Audrey (16/11/2006)
Looking for family of John Purcell, Farmer, wife Catherine, daughter Eliza or Elizabeth Purcell born 1831 Kings County. Eliza immigrated to Victoria Australia where she married John BROWN in 1854. Marriage cert states born Kings County, usual residence Cape of Good Hope, had children then immigrated to New Zealand

  Brown: Antrim, by Audrey (16/11/2006)
John Brown b abt 1827 Co Antrim, parents John Brown, Surveryor and Sarah. John Brown b1827 married Eliza PURCELL 1854 Bendigo Australia where he was a Mounted Police Sergeant, so immigrated before 1854. Had children in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia before immigrating to New Zealand sometime between 1863 and 1870.

  Reddy: Westmeath, by Audrey (16/11/2006)
James REDDY married Anne FARLEY. Daughter Anne REDDY born about 1846, married John HOURIGAN of Limerick in Queensland, Australia in 1868 and died 1919.

  Farley: Westmeath, by Audrey (16/11/2006)
Anne FARLEY married James REDDY. Daughter Anne REDDY born about 1846, married John HOURIGAN of Limerick in Queensland, Australia in 1868 and died 1919.

  Hourigan: Limerick, by Audrey (16/11/2006)
Thomas HOURIGAN married Margaret HAYES. Son John HOURIGAN born about 1842 possibly Doon in Limerick, married Anne REDDY born abt 1846 Westmeath, married in Toowoomba, Queensland in 1868 and had 6 known children

  Mills, Jameson: Dublin, by Susan Walker (16/11/2006)
Amy infomation appreciated: Joseph Mills )caterer in Dublin 1870 - 1900) and Rodger Jameson (with daughter Mary Anne)

  Forde: Mayo, by Susan Walker (16/11/2006)
William Forde Farmer Mayo

  McAnespie: Belfast, by Susan Walker (16/11/2006)

  Henry, McHenry: Dublin, by Irene Rees (17/11/2006)
Thomas Henry/McHenry fathered by William McHenry and Mary Kennedy in abt 1820/1824 was mygg grandfather and I know of him here in Australia, but I cannot trace him in Ireland. The only information I have is from his Marriage and Death Certificates which both said Dublin. Any information gratefully received

  McHale: Unknown, by lynn sinclair (17/11/2006)
my fathers great grandad came from pontoun is there any mchales still living there

  Taaffe: Armagh, by marian hughes (17/11/2006)
From Lurgan

  Lindsay: Kerry, by Jacqueline Lindsay (18/11/2006)
18-19th century

  Massy. Dawson: Tipperary, by Jacqueline Lindsay (18/11/2006)
Ballinacourte at Clonbeg

  McGlynn, Donnelly: Unknown, by Roxanne Hernandez (18/11/2006)

  Conkey, Mcloughlin: Down, by Theresa Conkey (18/11/2006)

  Scott, Robert Lee: Tyrone, by Jesse Waylon Scott (18/11/2006)
Born feb28 1837. My grandfather 4 gens back\

  Corcoran, Harkin, Clarke: Leitrim, by John B Scholey (19/11/2006)
Searching for any information of the above familys who moved to Wakefield West Yorkshire England in the 1850s and 1860s

  Wharton: Belfast, by deborah scott (19/11/2006)
searching for wharton in belfast area around 1854

  Devine: Dublin, by joyce harper (19/11/2006)
Catherine and John Devine, a couple, left dublin around 1845-1847 and arrived in chatam kent in 1847 when their eldest son was then moved to central london where my great great grandmother was born.

  Mackin: Armagh, by Liz McMahon (19/11/2006)
trying to find information on my maternal gradmothers family. The Mackin family lived at Mackins Farm in a place called Cullyhanna in County Armagh.

  McGuckin: Londonderry, by Sylvia Anna Petrie (19/11/2006)
trying to find ancestors of Hugh Mcguckin married c1856/57

  Manning: Cork, by Graham Manning (20/11/2006)
Searching for any info on David MANNING marr Mary MCSWEENY 24.11.1847 known children of marr JOHN 1851 HONORA 1853 DANIEL 1856 MARY 1858 could be one more girl

  Farrelly: Dublin, by Hilary Dalton (20/11/2006)
Try to find information on Mary Farrelly born 1887 married Harry Jones 11th Hussars 15 April 1912

  Mcniff: Sligo, by Maureen barnes (20/11/2006)
I would like any information on this name

  Murphy: Cork, by edward ashton (20/11/2006)
any relations of ellen murphy, she married henry spring of the 14th hussers, in 1872.

  Gillespie, Blevens, Martin, Irwin: Armagh, by John Sewell Gillespie (21/11/2006)
Robert Gillespie b. 1779, Mary Blevens b. abt. 1782-1788, and family emigrated to Canada in 1840. Looking for info on same and ancestors of. Probably Charlemont or Navan area.

  Dillon: Unknown, by mary cipriano (21/11/2006)
any information would be greatly appreciated

  Reilly: Dublin, by mary elizabeth cipriano (21/11/2006)
patrick j reilly ,g grandfather any information would be greatly appreciated, born approx 1835

  Dillon: Unknown, by mary elizabeth cipriano (21/11/2006)
any information would be greatly appreciated. james charles dillon, g-grandfather, born approx 1848.

  Quigley: Dublin, by james david quigley (21/11/2006)
parents of edward patrick quigley- born in dublin in1874

  Costello, Quinlan: Roscommon, by Annette McGinn-Roberts (21/11/2006)
Looking for JOHN MAGAN,had son JAMES.arrived LIVERPOOL about 1850.Any one have any Family with these names?

  Costello, Quinlan: Tipperary, by Annette McGinn-Roberts (21/11/2006)
Looking for any COSTELLO family.PHILIP COSTELLO/COSTELLOE married MARIA QUINLAN about 1855-60 Went to LIVERPOOL about 1860.

  Rigney: Offaly, by Annette McGinn-Roberts (21/11/2006)
my Gt -Gt GrandfatherJAMES RIGNEY had daughters MARY ANN married SHAUGHNESSY,BRIDGET married JAMES MAGAN in LIVERPOOL 1854.Any one have RIGNEY family in OFFLAY?Any Information at all please.

  Cray, Bryne: Carlow, by Annette McGinn-Roberts (21/11/2006)
My Gt Gt Grandfather RCHARD CRAY married CATHERINE/KATE BYRNE about 1860 Kate is down on the 1881 cencus as being from Co CARLOW.

  Callary: Unknown, by marsha broyles (22/11/2006)

  Hayes: Unknown, by Deborah hobbs (22/11/2006)
michael hayes born 1847 moved to london married mary jones

  McCann, Bennison, Carew, Corcoran, Neill, Coyle: Armagh, by angela (22/11/2006)
Family of Joseph McCann m. Isabella Bennison. Joseph born 1833 approx and died 1911, occupation surveyors draughtsman. Married in Armagh? daughter, Isabella born 1881 in Carrickfergus Cecelia born Dublin 1883 where family settled. Isabella Bennisons father may have been a dr. Samuel Bennison ? She died in London in 1916. Possibly one of many children. have still to find the marriage certificate.

  Dane: Fermanagh, by Brian DANE (23/11/2006)
Any information welcome

  Lennond: Westmeath, by Margaret MILNE (23/11/2006)
John LENNON born c.1818 Streamstown

  Delaney, Delany: Queens, by Margaret Milne (23/11/2006)
John DELANEY born c.1833

  Moor: Queens, by Margaret MILNE (23/11/2006)
Eliza MOOR b.c1833

  Dawson: Antrim, by sonia stewart (23/11/2006)
looking for a wiliam dawson born 1831 married a mary (hawthorn) had two sons and two daughters, so far william was a stonemason in 1891 in durham uk they are not in uk census until 1881 some of the children were born in scotland one james in cumberland uk.

  Thyne, Kerin: Clare, by Joy Todd (24/11/2006)
Anyone with an interest in these names please contact me

  Quinlan: Tipperary, by Deirdre Quinlan (24/11/2006)

  Rowley: Mayo, by Martin J Coffey (24/11/2006)
John Rowley B Swinford abt 1825

  Hagarty: Clare, by Martin J Coffey (24/11/2006)
Ann abt 1825 ( married John Rowley went to US)

  Coffey: Cork, by Martin J Coffey (24/11/2006)

  Esler, Black: Antrim, by Steve Lutz (25/11/2006)

  Hanney: Galway, by carol hanney (25/11/2006)

  Monaghan: Galway, by Jerome Ebacher (25/11/2006)
Looking for ancestors of Patrick Monaghan(c. 1810)

  Creighton, Rogers: Dublin, by Michael Foote (26/11/2006)
Has anyone come across a Mitchell Angelo Creighton who was married to Mary Rogers, both from Dublin and born in the 1830s

  Cherry, Sennat, Sinnot, Sennett, Lappin: Armagh, by Anne Mask (26/11/2006)
looking for information on the above families who left Armagh for Quebec aound the time of the potato famine

  Miscampbell: Unknown, by Jean Wilkinson (26/11/2006)
I looking for William Miscampbell born c.1832 moved to Barrow in Furness Lancashire and died c. 1880 married Elizabeth Hull nee Peterson also born in Ireland who I cannot find.

  Menary: Armagh, by paul menary (26/11/2006)
Any information about menary formly of wesley place, Lurgan, co. Armagh. would be appreciated.

  O Neill: Cork, by Dan O Neill (26/11/2006)
Researching Grandfather

  Conroy: Tipperary, by susan cummings (26/11/2006)
From clonmel, arrived in liverpool, england about c1840

  Young: Unknown, by susan cummings (26/11/2006)
richard and mary young arrived in england after 1840 with children william, mary, john and rosannah.

  Cairnes: Longford, by susan cummings (26/11/2006)
briget cairns born in longford according to england census returns. she married william conroy in ireland before sailing to england about c1841

  Kiernan: Meath, by Joe Harvie (27/11/2006)
searching for relatives from ballivor, meath

  Cooley : Dublin, by David Rowe (27/11/2006)
Looking for any information about the Cooley family in Dublin prior to c1860.

  Gillick: Cavan, by Aideen Byrne (27/11/2006)
any info on Gillicks from Killinkere??

  Pyburn, Draper: Cork, by Marjorie (27/11/2006)
Please forward any known info about Richard Pyburn and Mary Draper that you may have looing for history of my grandparents.

  Mullen, Prussia: Monaghan, by alan hepworth (27/11/2006)
isacc prussia and catherin mullen,left ireland about 1830,can any one identify with these two people does anyone know the prussias

  McCormack, Cormock, MacCormack: Killarney, by Hilary Cox (27/11/2006)

  Johnstone: Fermanagh, by Lena Brosnan (29/11/2006)
Any info on a Adam Johnstone born about 1804, Enniskillen. He was a farmer. His fathers name was James Johnstone. Adam was married twice, 1st to ________Brown, & had 2 children Ann Jane & James. 2nd wife Margaret McFadden & had 10 children, Elizabeth,William, Margaret, Selena, Matilda, Frances Ann, Arabella, Sarah,Emily & Adam. Adam and his family came to Australia about 1864.

  Kelly, Hickey: Unknown, by Pat (29/11/2006)
Looking for Thomas Kelly married to Honora Hickey, son John Kelly born 1849, John immigrated to New York sometime before 1877, John married Margaret Gertrude Coupe in Manhatten New York Aug 1877

  Wall: Kilkenny, by Barbara Coleman (30/11/2006)
Michael Wall

  Franklin: Tipperary, by Barbara Coleman (30/11/2006)
Edmund & Honora Franklin

  Parr: Roscrae, by Barbara Coleman (30/11/2006)
Annie Parr

  Forde, McDonough: Roscommon, by VirginiaFordCreely (30/11/2006)
Searching Bernard Forde Married to Catherine McDonough Parents to Michael and Patrick Ford

  Tevlin, Farrelly: Meath, by Margaret Johns (01/12/2006)
My gt. grandparents, Peter Farrelly and Margaret Tevlin originated in Co. Meath in the early/mid 1800s. They moved to Clane, Co. Kildare, around 1850, where Peter Farrelly was a National Schoolteacher. Does anyone know of this family?

  Merrigan, Gilmartin: Unknown, by mike wines (02/12/2006)
Not sure of County Merrigans in particular Thomas Arthur Stanley and Maureen Evelyn both born between 1922 and 1925. Gilmartins believed to have moved to Glasgow around 1870s

  Ward, Hefferson: Galway, by Charles T Norman (02/12/2006)
Looking for details of Michael and Ellen Ward (nee Hefferson) living in Newcastle, Galway in 1870 withw children including Mary Ellen. John and Margaret.

  McCowell: Tyrone, by Shayne Moon (03/12/2006)
My ggggrandfather was born in 1815 in County Tyrone according to his 1910 Canadian death record.

  O Keefe: Unknown, by Shayne Moon (03/12/2006)
My ggrandfather was born in 1862 in the East Indies to an Irish military family. I know nothing else about them.

  O Brien: Waterford Fourmilewater, Ballycarberry., by cathrina moore (03/12/2006)
Patrick and Catherine OBrien my great grandparents want to trace my family tree

  Carroll: Westmeath, by Michael Taylor (03/12/2006)
my g-grandfather, George Dennis Carroll enlisted in the British 70th Regiment of Foot in Westmeath in 1870 at the age of 20. His father was Michael Carroll.

  Fullerton, Miller: Armagh, by brian swan (03/12/2006)
MARGARET ANN FULLERTON (father JOH N ) married 7/1/1858 CHARLEMONT church LOUGHGALL. to WILLIAM MILLER (55th regiment a foot) . father FRANCIS MILLER . MARGARET brother was JOHN FULLERTON who married ANN DOURASS born INDIA . looking for any imformation of these families or WILLIAM regiment . hit a stone wall trying to find out any imformation on my IRISH FAMILY

  Farrelly: Dublin, by Hilary (03/12/2006)
Researching family of Thomas Farrelly & Roseanne Kelly born c.1860 lived in Kilmainham area.

  O Connor, Hanley: Limerick, by Pat OConnor (04/12/2006)
Rathkeale, born around 1875

  O Connor, Hanley: Limerick, by Pat OConnor (04/12/2006)
Elizabeth Hanley Married Patrick OConnor lived in Rathkeale around 1900

  Carbery: Wexford, by Ian Watson (04/12/2006)
Seeking information on Sgt-Major John Carbery of the Militia & family 1850s -1900 in Wexford

  Steele, Wray: Tyrone, by Rita Tyrrell (05/12/2006)
This Steele, Wray family lived in Strabane. Robert emigrated to Dunedin, New Zealand in 1874. Eliza Jane Wray had an address 12 Castle Place, Strabane.

  Toomey: Wicklow, by julie (05/12/2006)

  Sisk, Sesk: Waterford, by Zita Sesk (05/12/2006)

  Sisk, Sesk: Cork, by Zita Sesk (05/12/2006)

  Elliott: Antrim, by ruth wilkins (05/12/2006)

  Lindsay: Armagh, by andrew millott (06/12/2006)
was an engineer / surveyor

  Trouten, Webster: Armagh, by John A Trouten (06/12/2006)
Richard Trouten married Mary Jane (Anne?) Webster in Milltown, Armagh on 14 Aug 1879 (or 1877). Looking for verification and and any other ancestral records.

  McGuckin: Londonderry, by Sylvia Anna Petrie (06/12/2006)
Looking for the parents of Hugh McGuckin of Ballinderry

  Leahy: Dublin, by Merrillees (06/12/2006)
John Joseph Leahy born ?1850 in either Cork or Dublin and died in Manchester in 1927. Married in Manchester 1880 Ellen McGowan (?machinist or dressmaker) daughter of Thomas McGowan (?engine driver). The couple went to Philadelphia in 1880 or 1881 but returened ?2 or 3 years later to Dublin. Their eldest son Francis Eugene was born. In 1885 John Joseph Leahy joined the firm of Guiness and worked as a cooper there till ?1907. interested in finding out more about the father of John Joseph whose name was Patrick Leahy and was also a cooper and his mother.

  Fergus: Mayo, by Saoirse Fergus (06/12/2006)
Hi 2 all d ferguses!

  McNickle: Tyurone, by Jerome C. McNichol (07/12/2006)
Any information on James McNickle born in the 1814-1816 time period

  Munkittrick: Louth, by Howard Malleson (07/12/2006)
Alexander went from Liverpool to New York in 1845. He was born in 1811 or 1810. searching for his paremts and details of his wife, Margaret.

  Hutley, Burns, Murphy, O Reilly, Dugan: Antrim, by Kathleen Hutley (08/12/2006)
Please forward any info you might have.

  Mullin, McDonald: Tyrone, by Nigel Parker (08/12/2006)
Alexander Mullin b 1879 Drain, Dunamanagh, parents John and Mary nee McDonald

  Hoban, Robinson: Mayo, by Thomas Patrick St.Clair (08/12/2006)
Looking for anyone related to Mary Hoban, sisters Catherine, Sabina and Lizzy. Al born around 1890 around Ballinagh, county Mayo.

  Granleese: Fermanagh, by Betty Meurant (11/12/2006)
Allof his family

  Surplice, Surphlis, Patterson, Montgomery: Fermanagh, by Mary Russell (11/12/2006)
Information for Richard Surplice/Anne Patterson m Sug 17 1803 Callow Hill C of I, Derrylin. Ancestors and descendants, principally son Edward b 1810 m Hannah Montgomery.1838 emigrated to London Ontario 1940. Montgomery father unknown.

  Carroll: Westmeath, by Michael Taylor (11/12/2006)
George Dennis Carroll enlisted in the british 70th Regiment of Foot in Westmeath (probably at Mullingar Barracks) in 1870. the regiment landed in India the following year and he never returned to Ireland. His father was Michael Carroll. I would appreciate any leads

  Pickens, Hogg, Blair.: Antrim, by Frank Moden (11/12/2006)
any info app.

  Mularkey: Sligo, by Dorothy (12/12/2006)
looking for Patrick Mularkey son of Michael Mularkey and Catherine Kelly

  Sliney, Kennedy, Power, McGrath, Fitzpatrick, Berg: Waterford, by helena Ashton (12/12/2006)
Dungarvan is the town where all my family seem to have sprung from. I`d love to hear from anybody with any leads to any of my names!

  Mulvenna, Morrow, Mcmullan: Antrim, by Kathy Tiffen (13/12/2006)

  Presho: Monaghan, by alan hepworth (13/12/2006)
is there any one with the name prusia or presho,who can identify with my 2xgreatgrandfarther and grandmother isacc prusia or presho and catherine mullen,could have been living in clones around1826,then moved to wigan england

  Carolan: Louth, by Edward D Carolan (14/12/2006)
Just starting , new.

  Carney: Mayo, by roy allsopp (14/12/2006)
registration of births in Kiltimagh 1860 -1870

  Donovan: Cork, by Ian Baddeley (15/12/2006)
Family of Christina,madge and Tess

  Devoy: Kildare, by Gerry Coburn (15/12/2006)
Looking for information on the family of my Grandfather Laurence Devoy, born in Broadleas(e), Ballymore Eustace, Co Kildare circa 1880+

  Boyle: Louth, by Gerry Coburn (15/12/2006)
Looking for information on the family of my Grandmother Brigid Boyle, born in the Kilcurry area of Dundalk circa 1884. She had at least two sisters - Catherine and Mary - and one brother Owen. She married Laurence Devoy of Co Kildare.

  Conley: Tyrone, by Jen (15/12/2006)
My great grandmother was Margaret Conley (born in Tyrone, approx. 1875 - she moved to the United States in about 1884 - age 9. Looking for any relatives, home in Tyrone, etc.

  Cullen, Orr: Derry, by George Cullen (15/12/2006)
Any info on my G/G/Grandfather Hugh Cullen born c1820 to Agnes Orr, possibly around Coolcalm.

  Higgins: Unknown, by Patricia Oldham (16/12/2006)
looking for James Higgins born abt 1852 Ireland married Hannah Jones 1876 in Stourbridge Staffordshire looking for any information on them.

  Brazel: Unknown, by margaret anderson (16/12/2006)

  Fisher: Down, by bruce fisher (17/12/2006)
trying to trace family of robert charles fisher born 1853 co. down. father,s name robert fisher occupation listed as land steward c. 1884

  Callaghan, O Connor, Costell: Cork, by jenny (17/12/2006)
just starting on my irish descendants

  Ginivan, Ginevan, ginnevan: Tipperary, by phyllis robinson (18/12/2006)
Looking for this name in mid 1800,s from Aherlow

  Keenan: Armagh, by Lynne Evans (18/12/2006)
Arrived Brisbane Aust 20/11/1864 - born c1842 - mother Mary Black

  Devoy: Kildare, by Gerry Coburn (18/12/2006)
Researching Devoy family of Ballymore Eustace with special emphasis on Laurence Devoy, my grandfather, who married Brigid Boyle from Kilcurry, Dundalk, and then moved family to Dundalk. Son Peter and daughter Margaret both born in Ballymore Eustace.

  Haslett: Londonderry, by Maureen Stewart (18/12/2006)

  Boyle: Cavan, by ann anderson (18/12/2006)
looking for my ggrandmother ann boyle born around 1849 her father was john boyle and her mother mary mccafferty this is all the info i have except ann came to scotland

  Hassell, Duke, Simcock: Cork, by Mike Hills (19/12/2006)
Seeking the ancestors and family of Isaac Hassell (c 1815 ) and Amelia Duke (c 1825) who I think were married in Cork about 1841.

  Costelloe: Tipperary, by robert costello (19/12/2006)
patrick costelloe agent approx 1840-1850

  Sullivan, McCarthy: Cork, by Denise (19/12/2006)
looking for john sullivan born 1818 married a julia, moved to whitechapel about 1837 but kept returning.also looking for a william McCarthy born cork and daughter elizabeth born queenstown 1846ish

  Roche, Roache, Murphy: Wexford, by Rose Hulmes (20/12/2006)
Matthew Roche from New Ross, born c.1860. .

  Wilson: Tyrone, by Joyce Foote (20/12/2006)
Looking for information re Andrew Wilson b c 1806. Dungannon, apparently killed in an accident 1852, had 3 sons, James,Henry, and Daniel. Andrew was an engineer & surveyor.

  Burke: Tipperary, by betty (20/12/2006)
my great grandfather john burke born 1825 and left ireland about 1850 to new york state on on to fitzroy harbour ontario canada and then to maynooth ontario where he died april 15 1895. parents and any other information greatly appreciated.

  Gilmour: Leitrim, by Wendy Barnes (21/12/2006)
looking for info on the parents of William John Gilmour born Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim

  Corbett: Unknown, by Lorraine Ronalds (22/12/2006)
Am searching for Captain Charles F. Corbett who was married to Frances A. they had six children in the U.S. They were my g g grandparents.

  McWilliams: Down, by marie mcwilliams (22/12/2006)

  Maguire: Tyrone, by kathleen OHara (23/12/2006)
do you know john maguire of trilick

  McWilliams, Barkley: Down, by marie mcwilliams (23/12/2006)
ernest mcwilliams son of john mcwilliams and margaret barkley was born july 1903 groomsport down immigrated to australia in 1922 .ant information regarding decendants would be most welcome

  Dunn: Antrim, by Trevor Dunn (23/12/2006)
a Dunn of Slimero, carrickfergus, Raloo area, if you want any information on this area please contact me.

  Myers: Cork, by Margo Middlemiss (23/12/2006)
Looking for the family of Patrick Myers, bn Cork. He married ann Coyle and was a farrier

  Wellwood, McDowall: Belfast, by Deborah Ray (23/12/2006)
looking for birth/marriage of Moses Wellwood, c. 1780(birth)/1805(marriage) or so and all of his children with wife Jane McDowall. All were born in Belfast and moved to Scotland by 1845. Parents remained in Belfast to the best of my knowledge.

  Bready: Down, by Deborah Ray (23/12/2006)
looking for birth of Thomas Bready about 1839 to Joseph Bready and his wife Mary Johnstone, as well as their marriage about 1838 - may be near Pendle

  Mccomb: Down, by Deborah Ray (23/12/2006)
looking for birth of Stewart McComb about 1804 as well as his marriage to Sarah around 1833 near Pendle, County Down

  Mayo, Mea, Mee, May: Mayo, by Jayme (23/12/2006)
Just looking for information regarding these families and hopes of findong out they tie with my ancestors

  Conarty: Cavan, by Teddy Meyer (24/12/2006)
looking for any information on Edward Conarty

  Daly, Gallager: Roscommon, by kaye allcock (25/12/2006)
Looking for Patrick Daly & Bridget Gallager

  Prendergast: Cork, by Maura Clavering (26/12/2006)

  Coffey,Hickey, Shepherd: Cork, by Martin J Coffey (26/12/2006)
Cornelius Coffey+ Catherina Hickey =Jeremiah Coffey + Catherine Shepherd G.G Grandparents and G Jeremiah b1863 Boherbue 1 of 9 children,C Shepherd sisters Mary,Liz,Marg. Brothers Bill=twins Martin and Terrance from Limerick

  Dalmeny: Dublin, by Donald Dalmeny (26/12/2006)
Seeking any reference to the surname Dalmeny in any location

  Dickson, Robinson: Armagh, by Mary Lou Fry (27/12/2006)
Richard or Dicky Dickson married Sarah Maccaughly of Lisnisky in abt 1814. searching for family connections. they had 10 children John,Rachel,Richard,William John,Alexander,Isaac,Maray Jane, Eliza Jane. Richard or Dicky mar. Elizabeth Bridget in Warringtown ? and had 6 children. they immigrated to Ontario,Canada. Their eldest dau. Sarah Jane married and lived in Chicago.

  Reen, Leader: Cork, by Susan Laycock (27/12/2006)
Looking for ancestors of Daniel Reen and his wife Elizabeth Leader both born about 1832, Newmarket, County Cork.

  Menagh: Down, by julie caplan (27/12/2006)
John and Jane Menagh (born 1806) moved to West Derby, Liverpool in about 1837. They had 7 children. They were my great great great grandparents. Looking for any information about their ancestors.

  McCarthy, Fitzgerald: Cork, by Nicola Gibbon (27/12/2006)
Searching for family of William McCarthy b. 1897 St.Marys Parish, Doneraile. mothers name , Kate. He was raised by grandmother Margaret. His father is unknown. Also any information about Jack the devil Fitzgerald, lived in Doneraile around 1900.

  Mahen: Clare, by Nicola Gibbon (27/12/2006)
searching for Matthew Mahen, emigrated to Liverpool abt. 1850.

  Geraghty: Mayo, by MickeyG (27/12/2006)
looking for any Geraghtys from Belmullet

  Kerr, Bowes: Down, by Deborah Rogers (27/12/2006)
Looking for infomation On family of Thomas Kerr born 1811 county Down Ireland. Died 1909 In Sullivan County Missouri. Married Margaret Bowes in County Down about 1831. I do not know if he or she had any family left or if they imigrated with brothers or sisters or if they had family left in Ireland. If this info is close to anyones information please contact me as stumped.

  Rown, Cunningham, Barr: Londonderry, by brian farrell barr (28/12/2006)

  Daly, Feery, Feeny: Westmeath, by Sean Troy (29/12/2006)
James Daly and Emily Feery/Feeny (births of children registered under both names). James Daly d.1949. RC. 14 children-have found registered names of 10. looking for James and Emily on the 1901 Census with no success. Would like to find on 1911, please Believe James is from Westmeath or Tullamore area. Emily may be from Rahugh area. Need info to establish age and place of birth etc.

  Tuke, Robinet: Wicklow, by Malcolm Travis Crellin (29/12/2006)
Henry John Tuke shipowner agent to wicklow mining co.Slaters Directory 1856

  Kennedy: Tipperary, by Daisy Lyons (30/12/2006)
Looking for Patrick Kennedy born 1811 Ballinderry died 1873 Rotherham, Yorkshire, England. He married Margaret Unknown b 1816 in Co Tipp and died 1885 in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England. Together they had children Patrick b1838, Sylvester b1842, John b 1845 and Michael b1849. These sons were all born in Ballingarry or Ballinderry Co Tipp, and were followed by a daughter Annie b1854 Rotherham. The family came to England between the births of Michael and Annie. If anything rings a chord, do get in touch as at a loss as to how to search

  Lyden: Mayo, by Tom Lyden (30/12/2006)
Looking for details of Timmothy Lyden born between 1800 - 1815 ish.

  Welch, Weltch, Welsh: Cork, by Katherine L. Nicholson (30/12/2006)
Looking for any information on a Joseph Dodridge Weltch or Welch, born Feb. 20, 1840. Could have brothers named Henry, James, Thomas. Maybe a sister named Polly.

  Bastable, O Sullivan, Ryan: Cork, by mary summers (31/12/2006)
any information greatly appreciated

  Callan, Lawlor: Dublin, by James Callan (31/12/2006)
Researching my parents,both born in Dublin fathers name Callan mothers name Lawlor. Can you help?

  Kennedy: Wexford, by elsie (31/12/2006)
my granfather was born in wexford in 1800 have no info on him

  Gawley: Antrim, by valerie gawley (31/12/2006)
I have a francis gawley from Lisburn, born 1829ish looking for brothers or sisters

  Nagle: Cork, by Ron Nagle (31/12/2006)
Currently in Pennsylvania in USA. Have a Richard Nagle from Cork, fought inthe American Revolutionary War, settled in Cambria County Pennsylvania. Had a brother Henry. Born in 1744 in County Cork.

  Tighe: Dublin, by Pamela A Hunter (01/01/2007)
James Tighe from Dublin City, transported to Australia in 1832 aboard the convict ship Dunvegan Castle

  Dennehy, Whelan: Limerick, by audrey trimble (01/01/2007)
my grandfather born about 1870 was a coachman in limerick married bridget whelan my father james anthony dennehy and family left for england about 1920

  McWilliams, Holiday: Armagh, by Susan Teichroeb (01/01/2007)
Looking for birth records for MARGARET -Maggie- McWILLIAMS FERGUSON, born abt 1872 in Co. Armagh. Married Robert Walter Ferguson. Emigrated to Canada before 1895 to York, Ontario. Mother was Mary Jane Holiday, father was James McWilliams. Bore at least 6 children in Canada: Mary Jane, Agnes, Annie, Robert, Grace, Pearl. Died in York, Ontario Canada 22 Nov 1915.

  Thompson: Tipperary, by Vickie Bennett (02/01/2007)
Looking for i